Legacy 104: Halliwell Family Values

Part 4


When Phoebe Halliwell woke up, she found herself lying on a cold rock surrounded by darkness. She turned her head saw a torch next to her, which spread a faded light across the cavern. She tapped into her empathic powers and tried to sense if there was someone around by searching for emotions. However, she felt nothing. As she tried to move and get up, she groaned in pain. Suddenly, she heard something and she looked into the darkness. The Source emerged from the shadows.

Phoebe could not believe she was looking at the face of her son, the child she believed vanquished so long ago. At the time, she had convinced herself that it had never been hers, that it was pure evil just like the Source, now she was started to doubt herself.

"Don't bother using your powers." The Source said. "In this cavern, your magic will not work."

"Why keep me prisoner, why not kill me?" Phoebe asked as she sat up.

"I may have some use for you." The Source replied.

"I don't believe you." Phoebe said. "The true Source would not have hesitated for a moment."

"So what do you believe?" The Source asked. "That somehow, deep inside, your son is still here? Don't fool yourself, witch."

"So who or what are you exactly?" Phoebe asked.

"I am the Source." The Source proclaimed. "The true essence of evil. Each time you have vanquished me, that essence has survived and moved on to a new host."

"A host?" Phoebe asked.

"Yes, when the essence is expelled from one body, it moves into another." The Source said. "There is will grow until it can merge with the host and take control."

"What you mean with merge?" Phoebe asked concerned.

"It means that every time I enter a new body, I am the same essence, but not the same person." The Source explained. "My essence merges with the host and the two become one, two personalities merge as one, though in the end, the essence is always in control."

Phoebe gasped at the realization of what that meant and tears welled up in her eyes. "Cole." She whispered as she remembered her first true love.

"You realize now, don't you?" The Source stated with an evil smirk. "All these years you blamed Cole for becoming the Source, yet deep down he never had a choice. He was consumed by the essence, he became me."

"But he loved me." Phoebe said as she looked at him defiantly.

"Yes, when I merged with his personality, that was the only thing I could not erase." The Source replied in an annoyed tone. "So I adapted, I used the love you shared to conceive a powerful heir, a perfect vessel in case my physical form was vanquished again."

"But I saw what happened. I was there." Phoebe said confused. "After the Seer stole my child, the power overwhelmed her and vanquished them both. There is no way the child could have survived."

"But he did, as you can see with your own eyes." The Source claimed as he raised his hands. "The child you discarded so carelessly survived."

"How?" Phoebe asked distraught.

"I think I have entertained you long enough." The Source stated and turned around.

"No, you owe me an answer!" Phoebe called out as she leaped up. "You knew I was coming, you kept me alive for some reason, so tell me."

"I owe you nothing!" The Source called out furiously as he raised his hand and telekinetically grabbed Phoebe by the throat.

Phoebe coughed as she was lifted up into the air and nearly suffocated. Suddenly, the Source released her and she fell on the floor, gasping for air. She looked up at him and saw him staring down at her furiously. She did not understand, his anger seemed to reach further than she had anticipated, as if there was a deep anger and pain there all aimed at her. She wondered if it was truly the Source in there, or if he was not as in control as he claimed to be.

"Is my son still alive?" Phoebe eventually asked.

"It doesn't matter, not for long." The Source said. "I have a crowning ceremony to prepare for. You will make a fine sacrifice as a symbol of my power. In the meanwhile, I will show the answers you so desperately crave. See the truth you have denied for decades."

The Source waved his hand and Phoebe fell over into a magical slumber. She was telekinetically lifted from the ground and placed back on the rocky table she had woken up on. The Source walked over to her and placed two hands on each side of her temples. A red burning light emerged from his hands.

"Witness the past as you so desire." The Source stated. When the light faded, the Source stepped away and retreated into the shadows while Phoebe was trapped inside the visions in her mind.


Prue Halliwell smiled contently as she watched Matt take a bite of the sandwiches they had brought. He looked back at her and covered his mouth as he smiled. It seemed perfect. It was beautiful day and they were in the park, lying on a blanket on the grass. Anyone who would pass them, would think they were an average couple enjoying the beautiful day with a romantic picnic. However, they were not normal, and they were not a couple. As much as she wanted it, she needed to remind herself that it could never be. Her smile faded as she lied down on her back and looked at the sky.

"What is bothering you?" Matt asked as he lied down next to her.

"Nothing, and everything." Prue replied. "All of this seems so perfect, but we're just fooling ourselves."

"Do you think it was a mistake?" Matt asked.

"No." Prue replied as she looked at him and wrapped her hand around his. "I am glad that we get to have a day like this. It is just hard thinking about how it will end."

"I know what you mean." Matt replied as he looked back up at the clouds passing. "Even though I am dead, you make me feel like I am living for the first time."

"What about Caroline?" Prue asked.

"Perhaps we could have had something great, but we never got the chance." Matt replied. "But if it were not for her, I never would have met you."

"And what makes me so special?" Prue asked with a smile.

"Oh, I don't know." Matt replied casually. "Perhaps the fact that you're beautiful, smart and caring. You saw me when nobody else could, and you helped me in more ways than you know."

"Well, keep going." Prue said as she nudged him.

'I'd rather do something else." Matt replied as he rolled on his side and looked at her.

"So what is stopping you?" Prue whispered.

Matt smiled and leaned in to kiss her. As his lips touched hers, Prue let go of her concerns and let herself be swept away in the moment. With their lips locked and their tongues intertwined, Prue moved slightly to the left and Matt moved until he was almost lying on her, while supporting himself with one hand in the grass. Prue wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, while Matt let his other hand move over her stomach up to her chest. Prue smirked and let her own hands slide down his back and started lifting up his shirt.

Suddenly, Prue's phone started ringing and she groaned annoyed. Matt stopped and let himself roll off her in the grass. She wished she had put the damn thing on mute, as it was a perfect way to ruin the moment. She rolled on her stomach and grabbed the phone from her purse.

"Who is it?" Matt asked.

"My sister, Penny." Prue replied. "And I got several messages from Chris. Apparently, there is something going on. They want me at the manor."

"One of those family emergencies you told me about?" Matt asked.

"Probably." Prue replied. "I am sure they can handle it."

"No, you should go check on them." Matt said as he dragged himself up to his knees. "What is something is really wrong?"

"What about you? And us?" Prue asked.

"We still got tonight." Matt replied. "What if you go to your family and I will make us a romantic dinner back at your apartment? You will meet me when you can."

"Dinner, huh?" Prue remarked with a smile. "You really do crave food, don't you?"

"Hey, as long as I have solid form, I might as well enjoy it." Matt replied.

"Alright, I'll try to hurry." Prue said she grabbed her purse and searched for her keys. "Take my keys and I will call you as soon as I can."

"Don't keep me waiting too long." Matt replied. "Otherwise I might turn into a pumpkin."

Prue smiled and gave him a kiss goodbye. She then quickly grabbed her stuff. As she started headed out of the park, the moment of bliss she had been feeling started to fade and her old concerns returned. She headed through a couple of trees and when she felt sure nobody could see her, she disappeared in a beam of pink light.


Later in the afternoon, Chris Halliwell arrived back in the manor in a column of orbs. Because he felt tired, he headed to the kitchen to make himself some coffee. However, when he arrived in the kitchen, he saw Wyatt had beaten him to the punch. His older brother was just pouring in a cup and held out the pot when he noticed Chris.

"Hey, do you want some?" Wyatt asked.

"Yeah, thanks." Chris said as he sat down at the counter.

"No problem." Wyatt replied as he handed him another cup. "So I saw you texted the others to meet us here. Something going on?"

"I found a way to vanquish the Source." Chris replied.

"What?" Wyatt asked surprised. "Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"I was going to tell you along with everyone else." Chris replied. "In order for this to work, we all need to work together."

"I am actually glad you're back." Wyatt said after a moment of hesitation. "We still need to talk."

"God, not this again." Chris called out annoyed as he stood up. "I really don't have anything to say about this right now."

"Good, then listen for a change!" Wyatt snapped at him. "One way or another, you are going to hear what I have to say and we are going to work this out."

"Alright, fine." Chris said as he threw up his hands. "Let's just get this over with."

Before Wyatt could get a chance to talk, the brothers suddenly heard the front door slam shut and a moment later Penny and Henry appeared in the kitchen. Chris actually felt a little relieved they were there, though Wyatt let out an annoyed sigh. Whatever he wanted to discuss, it was obvious he wanted to do it in private. Chris wanted to grab his coffee, though he froze when Payton suddenly appeared next to him in white wisps.

"Wow, what is going on?!" Wyatt asked confused.

Payton sighed and quickly filled them in, explaining that she had been turned into a spirit due to personal gain over a spell she had cast, though she ensured them it was only temporary. Chris discovered it made him worry, not because she was a ghost, but because it could potentially mess up his vanquishing plan. A moment later, he hated himself for realizing that was the first thing he worried about, instead of his cousin's wellbeing. He really was becoming too obsessed. Perhaps Noah and everyone else was right.

"Where is Prue?" Chris eventually asked.

"Did someone say my name?" Prue asked as she appeared in the kitchen in a heart-shaped pink light.

"Hey sis, how is it going?" Penny asked with a smirk. "Where is the boyfriend?"

"Well, actually…" Prue began.

"Can we please talk about this later?" Chris asked annoyed. "I actually had something important I wanted to discuss."

"Okay, fine." Penny replied annoyed.

Chris headed out of the kitchen and entered the dining room, where he asked everyone to sit down. When everyone was seated, Chris called Noah and the whitelighter appeared in a column of orbs, holding an ancient looking scroll.

"Did you get what we need?" Chris asked.

"Got it." Noah replied as he held up the scroll.

"Wait, what is Noah doing here? Chris, what is going on?" Penny asked.

"I asked Noah to help me look into something." Chris explained. "I have come up with a plan to make a move against the Source. A preemptive strike before he comes after us again. We're going to vanquish the Source on our terms."

Everyone reacted confused and worried, though it was Wyatt who broke the silence. "Chris, this is crazy, the Source is too powerful. Anything we attempt now is dangerous enough to get us killed."

"So you would rather wait until the Source comes after us again?" Chris replied.

"Well, no, but…" Wyatt mumbled.

"Okay, just tell us the plan first, we can decide afterwards." Prue suggested.

"It is actually quite simple. Out main problem is that we don't have enough power. So we bring back the nexus, summon the Source, trap him in a crystal cage and vanquish him." Chris explained in a matter-of-fact manner.

"Okay, that sounds a bit too easy." Henry remarked. "Or am I missing something?"

"How would we even bring back the nexus? It was destroyed." Penny added.

"Uh, actually it was banished, not destroyed." Noah interrupted and placed the scroll on the table. "The Elders have provided us with a spell to bring it back."

"Wait, I thought the nexus is a force of nature, a spiritual focus point. How can be bring something like that back?" Payton asked.

"I shall explain." Noah said. "Chris, do you have a map of the city and a marker or something?"

"Sure." Chris replied.

Chris waved his arm and telekinetically orbed a map and a red marker on the table. Noah thanked him and grabbed the marker before starting to draw on the map. When he finished, he put the cap back on the marker and put it away. He walked across the table and placed the map in the middle. A pentagram was visible on the map.

"Alright." Noah said as he cleared his throat. "Payton is right, the nexus is a focus point of spiritual energy. It is located in the center of the five elements. We got earth, wood, metal, fire and water." He explained as he moved his finger across the map. "And right in the middle of those five elements, we have the manor."

"Yes, we all know that." Penny remarked.

"True, but here is the interesting part." Noah replied. "The original nexus was a natural focus point, and your ancestors build the manor exactly on this spot to access and guard the nexus. Your mothers used a spell to banish the nexus, and with this spell, you can bring it back."

"How?" Chris asked.

"Well, in order to bring it back, you will need to channel all five elements on their various spots around the city." Noah explained as he pointed at the five spots. "Each of you has to go to one of these points and cast the spell at the same time, while one remains at the manor and finishes it."

"So we will have to time it perfectly." Chris concluded.

"Yes, down to the minute. After the spell is cast, the elements will connect for a short moment." Noah replied. "If one of you is too early or too late, the spell will fail."

A silence fell over the room and Chris wondered why everyone was not more… anything. They barely seemed to react to this amazing news. They had a chance to go after the Source, so why were they not jumping at the chance to take him down? He felt like he was missing something.

"So what do you think?" Chris asked.

"I don't know. It seems like a huge risk." Prue said. "We've never done anything like this. Sure we have encountered demons before, but to go on the offensive like this? I don't know, it feels like tempting fate."

"I would love to get rid of the Source, but I think Prue is right." Penny added. "I mean, it took nine of us to take down Shax, we barely survived Barbas and now you want to go after the Source himself?"

"But with nexus on our side, we will be stronger than ever." Chris replied annoyed. "We have no idea what the Source is planning next, we might never get a chance like this again."

Chris looked around for support, though everyone seemed hesitant. Eventually, it was Wyatt who stood up. "I am not sure if this is the best idea we have, but it is at least something we need to seriously consider. Chris may be right, we might never get a chance like this again." Wyatt stated.

"Well, perhaps we should ask mom and aunt Paige." Payton said doubtfully. "I mean, they have faced him before. They might know what to do."

"Well, your mother is here." Wyatt suddenly said, as if he had forgotten about it before.

"What do you mean?" Prue asked confused. "She is in New York."

"No, she is here." Wyatt said. "She was just here an hour ago, she needed the Book of Shadows."

"Was something wrong?" Payton asked concerned.

"She said everything was fine." Wyatt replied. "But now that I think about it, I don't think I heard her leave."

"I got a bad feeling about this." Prue said as she stood up. "Mom would never show up like this without telling us. I am going to check on her."

As Prue headed up the stairs, Penny and Payton exchanged concerned looks and followed her. A moment later, the others followed them as well. Chris sighed as he looked at the map on the table. Things were not going as planned at all. He decided to follow the others up to the attic. When he got there, Phoebe was nowhere to be found. He noticed Prue looked at the Book of Shadows and walked up to her.

"Something has to be wrong." Prue stated.

Chris looked at the page in the book and saw it was open on a page called "To Find a Lost Love". Why would she be looking at a spell like this?" He asked confused.

"I don't know, but I get the feeling something is very wrong." Prue replied as she stared at the page. "Has anyone tried calling her yet?"

"Her phone is out of service." Penny replied as she put away her phone.

"Try casting the spell." Payton suggested.

Prue nodded and started chanting the spell. As she did, white orbs started swirling around her and she started to disappear. Suddenly, there was a blast of fire and Prue was thrown back into some furniture with a scream. Clearly something did not want them to reach her.