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Caroline squeezed her legs together and whimpered pitifully, fighting against the wave of lust sweeping over her body. Nearly two days since Silas had laughed in her face and issued this vengeful curse, Caroline was going out of her mind. Every cell inside her was suffused with want; yearning for a release that, as hard as she tried, Caroline couldn't find.

It was humiliating, as Silas had no doubt intended it to be.

When it had started, Caroline had been furious, seething at the untamed arrogance of the ancient witch who had nerve to violate her like this. She loathed the lack of control over her own feelings and actions. Even Damon's abusive compulsion of her back in her human days hadn't rendered her so completely enslaved to an outside influence like this.

As the hours had passed however, and the knots of desire burning in her darkest places flexed and grew in strength, Caroline found she had no energy to spare maintaining that level of righteous indignation. It was all she could do to keep her concentration on anything other than the downright painful level of frustration she was burdened with.

For the first 36 hours Caroline had turned off her phone and locked herself into her house. The thought of confessing to any of her friends what Silas had done to her made her want to die; she would rather suffer alone. After all, nothing he had done to any of them so far had lasted for that long. It hadn't taken long for Caroline to realise the agonising truth that, no matter how Caroline touched herself or what racy fantasies she allowed to flow through and overtake her mind, her orgasm was utterly beyond her reach. Even worse was that the more she tried, the hotter her desire burned.

She had tried everything to take her mind off it, hoping it would go away like Klaus's pain had miraculously disappeared when she'd distracted him. When sundown rolled around on the second night, Caroline had been forced to admit defeat and, desperate for something to end this embarrassing and uncomfortable situation, managed to pull herself together enough to head into town. It was almost funny, she had thought as she glanced in the mirror on her way out of the door: this was probably the only time Caroline Forbes had ever got ready to go out in the space of ten minutes, but it was possibly the hottest she had ever looked. Caroline knew her eyes were blown with lust, her cheeks flushed with her arousal and her skin had that mid-sex glow about it. All in all, she had barely looked decent. All Caroline could pray was that she found what she was looking for without bumping into anyone she knew.

If it had been possible, Caroline would have driven to somewhere outside of Mystic Falls, but she knew full well she was barely in a condition to operate a vehicle as things were. She'd decided the over 21's club on the far side of town would have to do: at least she knew none of her friends even hung out there and she could compel the doormen to allow her entry. It was Saturday night, and it wouldn't take Caroline long to find a man willing to take care of her very serious needs. Forcing herself to push any thoughts of her sexy hybrid estranged-lover from her mind, Caroline had tugged her dress into place and headed out to get laid.

It hadn't worked.

Two hours and three rounds with a hot as fuck pre-law stud called David had Caroline literally growling and cursing in agonised frustration. She'd gone all out and made sure David did everything that usually had her coming like a freight train- all to no avail. Caroline didn't even vaguely have it in her to fake her pleasure for the man's ego. With a quick bout of compulsion to ensure David forgot the freaky blonde who'd dragged him out of the club and climbed him like a tree before they even got back to his mid-town apartment, Caroline was on her way.

With legs that were practically trembling with the effort of focusing on movement, Caroline felt, for the first time, genuinely scared of what this might do to her. The raw need thrumming inside her bones was taking over her mind and all she could think of was how badly she needed to come. Even now, sitting in the car again and squeezing her legs closed to feel some friction, it was all she could do not to reach her hand back inside her sopping wet panties and start the fruitless task again of attempting to stimulate her clit to orgasm. She was already missing the feel of David filling up that throbbing space between her thighs. The guy had been useless in the face of Silas's magic but Caroline's intense need had been momentarily and minutely dimmed as she'd taken him inside her.

Caroline gritted her teeth as another intense bout of horniness made her hyper-aware of the feel of her bra against her tight, hard nipples. Before she knew what was happening, she had burst into tears. It was a horrible, strange feeling being so turned on and so miserable at the same time, crying while the inner walls of her pussy contracted uselessly around nothing. Caroline knew she had reached breaking point. There was barely any dignity left to preserve and, even though the rational part of her mind questioned her sanity at what she was about to do, Caroline was piloted by instinct at this stage. There was one person she knew who might be able to help her and, God help her, she was too desperate not to ask the Original Hybrid to take pity on her. At this stage, it was either this or call Stefan—a thought that made Caroline shudder for entirely different reasons. At least Klaus was depraved enough to take something like this in his stride. Sure, his ego would love it a bit too much, but Caroline was well beyond caring and, even if Klaus ridiculed her to the whole town afterwards, really there didn't seem to be another option.


'Caroline,' Klaus answered his phone immediately as she dialled him. 'Why are you phoning me from inside your car on my driveway?'

Damn hybrid super-senses, Caroline cursed silently. Having managed to drive to the Mikaelson mansion without causing any major traffic collisions, she just needed to start this conversation with a little more distance than a face-to-face with Klaus provided. She should have known Klaus would be aware of her as soon as she got within a mile radius of his home. Desperately willing herself to keep it together a short while longer, Caroline rushed to explain herself as clearly and firmly as possible.

'Please don't come outside, Klaus. I know it's weird, just—'

'Caroline? What's wrong love?'

Klaus's honeyed British accent caused another instantaneous rush of wetness between Caroline's legs and she couldn't completely suppress a tortured moan. Naturally, Klaus heard that too.

'Are you injured?' he demanded, sounding confused and—maybe—something else from the more angsty end of the spectrum of difficult-to-pin-down Klaus emotions. Caroline was far from in the mood to linger on that right now.

'I need your help,' she admitted, hating the neediness in her voice. This was possibly the most pathetic she had ever felt since becoming a vampire. Impressive when one considered the stiff competition; in the past year alone Caroline had been subject to a brutal reconditioning attempt by her own father, tortured by werewolves and had her neck snapped by Hayley The Backstabbing Were-Whore.

'Ok,' Klaus was saying. Caroline knew that he must be really exercising self-control not to step outside the house. 'You know I'll help you, love. So why don't you want me to see you?'

'It was Silas,' Caroline whispered, hating herself more because of the shiver of erotic pleasure Klaus's voice had caused to run down her spine. She gave in to the need to pant until she could get her breath back. God, if this was over the phone then she dreaded getting within touching distance of the hybrid. It had been difficult enough over the past few months to ignore her growing attraction for the charming, playful, knowledgeable parts of Klaus that were at times almost captivating. It would be too easy to forget that he had driven away the boy she loved out of cold, sadistic vengeance, after murdering Tyler's mother no less. It would be too easy to forget everything—all the lives and loves destroyed by Klaus—when he started letting her behind the Original Douchebag mask to see the full fucking rainbow of personality traits that made up this millennia-old creature. They were barely at the start of a tentative state of truce—albeit that Klaus had made it clear his crush on her was still alive and kicking—and now this was happening.

It seemed to the blonde vampire like a big cosmic fuck you for all the effort she had put into not being seduced by Klaus.

Klaus, who was—holy shit, Klaus was standing in the doorway of the mansion, staring strangely at her as she gasped for breath in her driving seat. He was, to Caroline's lust-addled brain, even more incomprehensibly delicious to look at than usual. Her eyes immediately picked out the necklaces peeking out from Klaus's thin, cream-coloured Henley, before her gaze travelled back up to that lightly stubbled jaw line.

'What has Silas done to you?' Klaus asked, hanging up the phone since Caroline's vampire ears could quite easily pick up his voice across the twenty or so yards between them.

'I— um, he...oh, God...' Caroline trailed off. Embarrassment was searing through her so fiercely that Klaus could surely read the horror on her face. Deciding to rip off the bandaid, metaphorically speaking, Caroline stepped out the car and vamp-sped across the driveway until she was right in front of Klaus. The hybrid's eyes widened as he quickly scanned her from top to bottom, probably checking for injuries but no doubt seeing exactly the truth of the situation. Caroline remembered the girl in the mirror earlier and she would bet any money she looked even more of a reluctant sex-kitten now—the picture of wanton desperation. It was beyond mortifying. 'I—' she tried again, but ended shaking her head terrified as she met Klaus's eyes.

'Ok, love,' Klaus said, steadily, reaching to support Caroline by her shoulders. At the contact, Caroline moaned and allowed herself to fall forward and rest her dampening forehead against Klaus's shoulder. She couldn't bring herself to care that Klaus's body tensed quickly, undoubtedly in shock at her uncharacteristic willingness to touch him. Caroline was more concerned with the lean, hard muscles she could feel underneath Klaus's shirt, as she steeled herself not to press herself more firmly against him.

There was a whoosh of displaced air and Caroline was being settled down onto a wide, comfortable sofa in Klaus's private study before she even fully realised he had picked her up and brought her inside the mansion. Klaus crouched on the floor in front of Caroline and levelled a concerned gaze at her that betrayed nothing of their deeply twisted history of enmity and assassination plots.

'You have to compel me,' Caroline blurted out, pleased that she could still remember the idea that had prompted her to seek out Klaus for help.

'What?' Klaus's eyes widened fractionally, once again. If this kept happening they were going to end up Disney-huge, soon enough. 'Compel you to do what? Caroline, you haven't even explained to me what's going on yet.'

Caroline whined in embarrassment and closed her eyes so she didn't have to look him in the eye as she told the (extremely abridged version of the) story.

'Silas showed up a couple of days ago and tried threatening me again about getting Bonnie to do his evil bidding. I may have been a bit reckless. Words were said. Witchy curses were invoked. And now...' Caroline gestured sadly down across her own body. She shifted uncomfortably on the sofa as her clit started throbbing in earnest again; she blamed that on the intoxicating scent of Klaus's shower soap wafting across the small gap between them. 'NowI'mpainfullyhornythewholetimeandIcan'tgetoffat all.'

'What did you say?' Klaus practically coughed, seeming to suddenly need to stand bolt upright and take a couple of steps back from the sofa before he cleared his throat.

Caroline brought her hands to her face briefly, as if that would make a hole in the ground appear for her to fall into and escape this situation.

'This is so humiliating, Klaus,' she said, miserably, braving a peek at him through her fingers. 'Please don't mock me.'

'I'm not,' Klaus said, dropping back down in front of her again. He licked his lower lip nervously, which of course sent Caroline's womb into a vicious dance of joy, but he had his game face on again at least. The Original Hybrid Alpha With A Good Plan And A Bad Attitude face, as Caroline privately thought of it.

'I'm not mocking you, love,' Klaus repeated. 'I'm just trying to understand.' He glanced over her body again. Caroline felt her skin turn to gooseflesh everywhere his gaze landed. 'I can see you're, well, very aroused, Caroline,' he said, carefully. 'So, you're saying that this has been going on since...'

'Thursday night,' Caroline groaned. 'Please compel me already.'

'Caroline, I genuinely don't mean to offend so please forgive my impertinence, but,' Klaus's eyes burned intensely, 'have you tried taking care of the problem, um, personally?'

'Oh my god!' Caroline raised her arms to her head and grabbed at her hair in distress. 'Yes, Klaus! Do you think I would have chosen to turn up here and speak to you about this truly horrifyingly embarrassing situation if I could just rectify this by spending some quality time with my Rabbit?'

A small part of her brain wondered if she'd really just admitted to Klaus that she used a sex toy, but it was drowned out by the larger, currently more hormone soaked parts.

'I have tried everything,' she paused and glared meaningfully at her would-be-saviour, 'and I mean everything I can possibly think of. I can get excruciatingly close, but no fucking cigar. I have thrown away my last scrap of dignity and practically jumped some stranger's bones tonight, like some kind of bitch in heat.' Caroline cringed as she remembered her behaviour, noting from the annoyed set of Klaus's jaw that he didn't seem to be terribly impressed either. Well tough shit, he wasn't the one who had to live through it. 'The guy was hot, he was hung and we did everything that usually, you know, works. Nothing.' She threw her hands up again, gesturing angrily. 'Nothing!'

'Sweetheart,' Klaus began, tersely, but Caroline wasn't done.

'Do you think I want to degrade myself by acting like the town slut?' Caroline demanded. 'This is agony. I can't control myself at all. I hate Silas—he's violated my feelings and my hormones and, just, all of me! I feel like I'm going insane. I am so turned on it hurts. I ache and I want and all I can think about is getting some m—'

'Caroline!' Klaus interrupted, thankfully before she could take that particular thought to its conclusion. 'Calm down, love, try to calm down a bit.' He took the distressed blonde's face in his hands and tilted her gaze to meet his own, holding her there with the gentlest of touches. Caroline took some deep breaths and let herself centre on those clear blue eyes.

'Do it,' she whispered, willingly handing herself over to Klaus—someone she would never at one time have believed she would trust with anything—to take control of her mind. Caroline hated compulsion more than almost anything, but this torture was unbearable and it had to be stopped. She needed to be free, and ironically she placed her hopes on Klaus's compulsion to make that happen.

'What exactly do you want me to compel you to do?' Klaus asked softly, still grazing his thumb against Caroline's cheek. He obviously wanted to leave this as much in her control as possible, which she would probably be grateful for later, when she could concentrate on anything except the flames of desire consuming her from inside out. 'I mean,' Klaus smiled a little, 'we don't want to do any permanent damage to your libido. That would be an unforgiveable sin.'

'Just make it stop, please,' Caroline begged.

'Ok, alright love,' Klaus promised her, his voice soft and soothing. As Caroline gazed impatiently into his warm, expressive eyes, Klaus let his pupils dilate and suddenly Caroline felt the world fall away as his compulsion took hold. Even though she had asked for this, the young vampire found she was unable to quell the fear that gripped her when her whole being succumbed instantly to Klaus's power. She was losing herself in Klaus's gaze; his to bend and shape to his will. 'Caroline,' Klaus was saying, and the strength of his voice vibrated through her body, tangling and knotting around her vital organs, seeping into her skull and thickly coating every thought she had ever had. 'You will do exactly as I say.' Caroline nodded, accepting his instruction completely and without hesitation. 'You are strong enough to fight against the feelings that Silas has tricked your mind into believing are real. You will reject these feelings right now. Your body is not overcome with lust—right now you are not physically aroused. You are calm, comfortable and in control of your body. You are in fact completely physically sated. Silas has no influence over your sexual desires or arousal.'

Caroline felt a strong pulse of power hit her as Klaus seemed to gather and push his compulsion onto her. Then the hybrid blinked, and his eyes returned to their normal, less hypnotic state. He settled back on his heels and tilted his head thoughtfully.

'How do you feel?'

Caroline took stock of herself, as she was abruptly released from Klaus's compulsion. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the ache between her thighs, the hyper-sensitivity of her skin, and the frissons of pleasure leaping through her body that kept her nipples permanently hard little peaks. Opening her eyes once more, she studied the fullness of Klaus's lips and groaned when she realised she still had the overwhelming desire to suck on his lower lip until his mouth opened for her, hot and wet against her tongue.

'Oh noooo,' she whined, in a strange mix of despair and excitement. 'It hasn't worked, I'm still—oh God, Klaus, I—'

Unable to contain herself a second longer, Caroline slid forward into Klaus's lap and nearly cried as her breasts found delicious friction against the taut planes of his chest.

'Shit,' Klaus muttered, inelegantly, as he got an unexpected lap full of Caroline. He couldn't believe that Silas's magic was strong enough to override his compulsion. 'I've got you, love.' He rearranged them at lightning speed so that his knee was pressed between Caroline's legs, leaving her free to grind as she needed to. Caroline was past rational thought, gratefully taking the minimal relief he offered, wantonly writhing against Klaus's jean clad thigh and whimpering at the stimulation. 'Let's try a different approach,' Klaus growled, using one hand to balance Caroline and the other to grip her chin and pull her eyes back to his own. Once more, he drew her into his gaze and released his compulsion with full force.

'Come, Caroline,' Klaus commanded, voice rough with his own desire. 'I want you to come for me right now.'

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