Hello, it's me PokeRescue18! This fanfic marks the long-planned crossover between ToAru/YuGiOh! Yes, this is a spiritual sequel my "A Certain Duelist's Dream" series. Perhaps I should call this "A Certain Duelist's Series"; what you readers think?

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"We need to get away from them!"

It was midnight on the rooftops of a super-metropolis known as Academy City. A man and a woman from a group known as Skill Out were running for their lives. On each of their bags held a pre-made deck, complete with duel disks. As they ran and jump from rooftop to rooftop, they were being pursued by two people whose faces were obscured by the darkness.

"Dammit, we reached a dead end!"

It seemed misfortune has entered into the equation as the two thieves realized that the next rooftop that they were about to jump to was too high and they found themselves cornered.

"It seems you two reached the end of your line." A loud, male soprano voice echoed.

"S-stay back!" The man shouted. He reached for his bag, grabbed the duel disk and put the pre-made deck on the duel disk; his partner-in-crime did the same. "Who the hell are you two?!"

After those words were said, the moon appeared over the night sky. The moonlight revealed the pursuers in front of the Skill Out thieves. A teenage boy and a girl were glaring at them; the boy was wearing a school uniform colored green and yellow while the girl was wearing a blue-colored school uniform.

"You're just only a bunch of kids!" The woman boasted. "It'll be easy beating the two of you!"

"Really?" The girl replied. "First, you two snuck into a confined warehouse, and then stole the products inside. I find that repulsing."

Suddenly the boy snickered; this enticed the girl to look at the boy, as if to explain to her why he was snickering.

"I have a better idea, Revelry," The boy suggested. "Why don't we beat these guys in a duel using the same decks and duel disks that they stole? If they win, they can leave and keep their stolen goods."

"And if they lose, they'll have their butts kicked back to Anti-Skill and have the stolen goods returned," The girl finished, and the she grinned. "I like the sound of that plan, Isaac."

"Hahaha, if it's a duel you brats want," One of the thieves declared as he and his partner readied his duel disks. "Then, bring it on!"

"Gladly!" The boy exclaimed. "You two will pay dearly for this thievery!"

The sound of duel disks whirling marked the start of two duels covered up by the light of the midnight moon.


A few minutes later . . .

"Go Vorse Raider, attack their monster!"

"Go forth, Gene-Shaped Warwolf!"

The monsters that were summoned by the Skill Out thieves lunged at the heroes and their monsters.

"We won't allow that to happen!" Isaac exclaimed. "Are you ready for this, Rev?"

"You bet," Revelry grinned. "I activate a counter-trap, Negate Attack!"

"I also activate a trap, Waboku!" Isaac followed.

"Whaat?" The man exclaimed. "You fended our attacks like that?"

"That's totally not fair!" The woman added.

"For a bunch of thieves, I bet this is your first time dueling, am I right?" Isaac smirked, causing them to gulp nervously. "I take that as a yes. Now, it's our turn! We draw!"

"And we'll start by tuning our monsters!" Revelry exclaimed. "I synchronize my level 2 tuner Deep Sea Diva with my level 5 Dragon Ice!"

"I also synchronize my level tuner 2 Esper Girl with level 3 Serene Psychic Witch and level 3 Hushed Psychic Cleric!" Isaac declared.

As the monsters line up for the synchro summon, the tuner monsters dissolved into green rings, and those rings lined up with the non-tuner monsters, who dissociated into orange stars.

"Mustering bonds within the earth, a new powerful Dragon will spread its wings and destroy those who denied it victory! Synchro Summon! Destroy, Scrap Dragon!"

"The freezing winds of the north will howl wildly to break the frozen mirror! Shatter and encrust your foes in a blanket of everlasting blizzard! Synchro Summon! Awaken, Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier!"

As the two synchro summons was complete, the moonlight was obscured by the shadows of the dragon-type synchro monsters. This made the dragons looked more terrifying to the unfortunate Skill Out thieves.

Scrap Dragon | Type: Dragon/Synchro | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 8 | Atk: 2800 | Def: 2000

Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier | Type: Dragon/Synchro | Attribute: WATER | Lvl: 7 | Atk: 2500 | Def: 1700

"We activate the effects of our dragons!" Revelry shouted. "Gungnir allows me to discard 1 card to the Graveyard to destroy your Gene-Shaped Warwolf."

"Scrap Dragon allows me to destroy one card I control and 1 card my opponent controls," Isaac grinned. "Therefore, I destroy my facedown card and Vorse Raider!"

"Ack, this isn't supposed to happen!" The man exclaimed.

"We were only instructed to steal these for our boss!" The woman added.

"It really doesn't matter; what you two did is stealing and it's a crime we can't just overlook!" Isaac declared. "Go Scrap Dragon, direct attack with Scrap Meteor!"

"Finish this duel, Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier! Absolute Zero Blast!" Revelry shouted.

The two attacks hit their marks and the two Skill Out thieves were knocked out, their life points were reduced to zero.

"Well, we overdid it," The boy known as Isaac said. He went to the fallen thieves and grabbed the decks and duel disks. "These poor saps were dueling using Normal Monster decks, decks that are suited for beginners."

"Yeah, it's just not fair that these guys stole these," The girl known as Revelry replied. "People are going to earn money just for these and these thieves ruin the effort."

"Let's just cuff them and leave the rest to the Anti-Skill after we're done," Isaac suggested. "Man, I'm going back to bed after this."

As the duo finished cuffing the unconscious thieves, Revelry began to stare at the distance. Isaac noticed this and began to approach her.

"You know, we're among the first duelists here in Academy City," Revelry said while looking at the city streets below.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right," Isaac agreed as he scratched his head. "Academy City is beginning to change; it's all because of the card game known as Duel Monsters."

"Ever since the higher-ups allowed Duel Monsters into Academy City, people have been purchasing more of those cards," Revelry added. "Soon, some of those people will learn on a few secrets on the card game."

"I get it, but we should let the people discover this fact for themselves," Isaac replied. "Having Duel Monsters in Academy City may bring forth more positive outcomes than the negative ones."

"Isaac, I hope you're right," Revelry smiled as she looked on the full moon. "Indeed, it has just only begun . . ."

A Certain Duelist's Personal Reality

Chapter 1: Introduction to Duel Monsters!

"Man, what a day."

These words were uttered by a certain unfortunate boy by the name of Touma Kamijou. He was a student in a futuristic-looking metropolis known as Academy City. As he goes by his everyday schedule, little that he know that a certain card game would soon make an impact on him and the rest of his friends.

"Excuse me; can I have your attention, please?"

Touma turned around and saw a young woman wearing a clerk uniform. She was holding a small piece of paper in her hands.

"What is it?" Touma asked.

"We are having a lottery in our store," The girl explained. "You're one of the lucky one hundred people to ever receive this lottery ticket! Please accept it and come to our store!"

"Ah, I don't know what to say about this," Touma stammered.

"Please, this is only once-in-a-lifetime event," The girl insisted. "Trust me; it will be worth your time!"

"Alright, I'll come with you," Touma reluctantly agreed.

"Okay!" The girl beamed at him as she grabbed his hand. "Please come with me!"

"Whoa, please slow down!" Touma yelled as he was dragged by the girl to the store.

"Why did I even agree to come here anyway?" Touma muttered as he arrived at the store.

Being an unfortunate person, Touma Kamijou seemed to regret this day among all others. He even doubted that he would win the so-called lottery that this store has. As he walked around the store, he glimpsed at the posters that the store was advertising. It seemed that they were endorsing some sort of card game to the public; the name of that card game is "Duel Monsters", at least that's what he could read from the posters.

"Hey Kami-yan, what brought you here?"

Touma turned around to see two familiar boys from the certain high school that he attends. They are Motoharu Tsuchimikado and Aogami Pierce. Tsuchimikado was a blond-haired boy that was wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian-themed shirt that exposed his chest, while Aogami was a blue-haired boy with his eyes seemingly closed.

"What are you two doing here?" Touma asked.

"It's quite obvious Kami-yan," Tsuchimikado replied. "Nyah, we were coaxed by a cute salesgirl while she handed the two of us tickets for the lottery."

"So, you two were goaded here, is that what you two are saying?" Touma reiterated.

"That's right, Kami-yan," Aogami said while waving his hands back and forth. "And many of the other participants are girls which makes this lottery so much fun!"

"Please, you're not helping at all," Touma sighed. "Let's just see if anyone wins this lottery at all-"

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming!" A female spokesperson announced through a microphone. "Now, we will get the lottery started! Everyone, please hold on to your tickets as we randomly select the lucky participant's lottery number."

Touma hesitantly looked at his lottery ticket for its number; it was 131084. Touma began to sweat profusely as he realized the numerical significance of his lottery ticket.

"Whoa Kami-yan, that ticket number has really got some bad mojo," Tsuchimikado grinned.

"Yeah: 13, 108, and 4," Aogami added. "Those are really unlucky numbers all scrunched up in one ticket number."

"Curse my damn luck," Touma muttered silently.

"At last, we have a result!" The female spokesperson suddenly announced. "The winning lottery ticket number is: 131084!"

Everyone began to chat on who got the winning ticket while Touma just stood there, shocked at the revelation.

'W-what am I gonna do?' Touma thought. 'Should I go there and claim my prize? Or should I stay here motionless until someone else takes it instead? I-I can't decide on which!'

"Oi Kami-yan," Tsuchimikado grinned. "It seems that you have the winning lottery ticket."

"Could this be true?" Aogami spoke. "Is Kami-yan's misfortune running out? Or this is a precursor to a more unfortunate fate?"

"Oh please, you two are so corny," Touma lamented. "Oh well, I guess I should receive the prize, whatever that is."

"Oh, it seems we have a winner!" The female spokesperson shouted. "Please come to the stage!"

As Touma walked his way to the stage, people have been muttering about him. It was very unnerving for Touma; as he looked back, he saw Aogami and Tsuchimikado cheering him. It wasn't motivational for Touma to say at least.

"You must be the lottery winner," The female spokesperson asked. "What is your name?"

"Uh, my name is Touma Kamijou," Touma hesitantly replied.

"Well, congratulations Mr. Kamijou for winning the lottery!" The female spokesperson declared.

"So, what is the prize for this lottery anyway?" Touma asked.

"Didn't you read the poster outside the store?" The female spokesperson smiled. "The prizes are: two pre-made Duel Monster decks along with several staple cards and two duel disks."

"I won what?" Touma uttered.

"You are among the first customers to win not just two pre-made decks of the card game Duel Monsters," The female spokesperson explained. "But also, you won these two duel disks! You should be proud!"

"I-I really don't know what to say," Touma's voice faltered. "Anyway, I appreciate these."

Suddenly, Touma's eyes caught the swaying hands of a cuckoo clock, and his eyes bulged at the direction of the hands of the clock. It was already 5:30 pm. He was supposed to go back to his dormitory, where his hungry freeloading roomate was waiting for him.

"Oh crap! I'm already late!" Touma exclaimed. "T-thanks for these prizes, but I really need to go home! I'm so sorry!"

Touma left the store as fast as he could, carrying the prizes with him. That confounded nearly everyone in the store, including the female spokesperson. Aogami and Tsuchimikado just grinned at the sight of Touma leaving the store in a hurry.

"Wow, Kami-yan sure is fast when he's in a hurry," Aogami commented.

"Nya, it's totally justified," Tsuchimikado agreed. "After all, he has one very hungry mouth to feed back at his student dorm."

"Touma, where are you now?"

A girl stared at the window, watching the clouds float across the sky. Her full name was Index Librorum Prohibitorum, but her name was shortened as Index.

Index had waist-long silver hair and green eyes. She was a not as tall as the others of her age, and she may have given an impression that she was younger for her age. She was wearing a white nun's habit, which was temporarily fastened together with large safety pins. Furthermore, Index has a vast appetite that only a few other people could comprehend, much to the chagrin of her roommate.

She was staring on a window within a student dorm in District 7 of Academy City. Yet, it was not Index's room.

"You think that Touma's coming home, right Sphynx?" Index asked her pet cat that was lying on the window.

Sphynx was the name of the cat in that student dormitory. Some time ago, Index found Sphynx in an abandoned litter box and decided to keep him. One of the cat's eyes opened to look at Index, and it let out a soft mew. It seemed to be saying, "Just relax; he'll be back, like always."

"I-I'm back," A voice said aloud at the door. Index instantly recognized the voice and rushed to the door. As expected, Touma Kamijou has arrived home.

"Touma! Where have you been?" Index asked while baring her teeth. "I'm starving and I've been waiting all day!"

"Please Index; forgive Kamijou-san for all of his transgressions!" Touma pleaded. "It's not only that, I won some prize at the lottery!"

"What sort of prize?" Index asked curiously. "Is it cake?"

"I don't think the prize is a cake," Touma answered. "One of the prizes is two pre-made decks of a card game Duel Monsters."

Touma put the prize boxes on the small table for Index to see.

"You can open the boxes while I cook dinner," Touma said to Index, which she responded with a nod.

As Touma began to cook dinner for both of them, Index began to open the boxes, curious as to the contents inside. As she opened the cover of the box, she saw two decks inside. One deck was labelled "Synchron, Touma Kamijou" and the other was labelled, "Spellbook Spell Counter, Index". Index was curious at first as to why these gifts had their names in them, but her eyes caught sight of the little pamphlet that was also inside of the box. The title of the pamphlet was "The Complete Guide to Duel Monsters".

One dinner later . . .

"So Index, what do you think about the prizes that I received?" Touma said to Index.

"I find it strange," Index replied as she wiped her face with a tissue paper. "The decks were specifically had our names on it?"

"Really? I didn't notice," Touma raised one eyebrow. "I didn't even bother to open the prize box when they gave those to me."

However, Index slammed her hands on the table, causing Touma to jolt slightly in surprise

"Hmm, although it's quite hard at first, but I'm interested at Duel Monsters," Index grinned. "I read the instruction manual completely."

"So, do you want to play?" Touma asked.

"Touma, of course I want to play!" Index replied. "We need to equip our decks and duel disks first."

"Right, I'll get those," Touma said as he inspected the box. "Wait, how come there's only one deck and duel disk left?"

"I already took one of those already!" Index replied as she showed Touma her duel disk loaded with her deck.

"Such misfortune," Touma lamented. As he looked inside the prize box, he realized what Index said to him moments ago was true. He saw a label that said "Spellbook Spell Counter, Index", and then he glanced at the label of the remaining deck that said "Synchron, Touma Kamijou". Why were their names on the labels? Did someone deliberately handed these items over to them? However, Touma did not have the time to ponder over these questions and he grabbed the deck, inserted it onto the slot of the duel disk and equipped the duel disk.

"I'm ready when you are Index," Touma said. "Shall we start the duel?"

"Absolutely!" Index replied.

The two duel disks whirled loudly and had the decks were automatically shuffled.

Touma: 4000

Index: 4000

"So, what happens next?" Touma asked.

"According to the manual I read, we're supposed to draw five cards from our decks," Index answered.

"Okay," Touma acknowledged as he and Index drew five cards from their decks. "What's next?"

"Either one of us has to go first," Index replied. "This is usually decided by coin toss or a six-sided die."

"That's okay," Touma said. "Since you read the manual, I guess you should go first."

"Okay, I'll go first," Index smiled. "I'm entering my Draw Phase. At the start of either player's Draw Phase, the turn player is allowed to draw one additional card from the deck."

Index drew her sixth card. She paused as she momentarily examined her drawn card.

"I'm currently on my Standby Phase," Index explained. "Certain card effects can be activated on this phase. After that, I proceed to Main Phase 1."

"I see," Touma nodded. "So, what happens on Main Phase 1?"

"During the Main Phase 1, the turn player can Normal Summon, Tribute Summon, or Set a monster," Index answered as she slapped a card on her duel disk. "I'll give a demonstration: I normal summon Magical Exemplar."

A dimensional gate appeared in front of Index, and from that vortex stood a new female spellcaster emerged from the magician's side of the field. She had long, black hair that reached to her shoulders, and she was wearing a long-sleeved green robe adorned with magical runes and symbols.

Magical Exemplar | Type: Spellcaster | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 4 | Atk: 1700 | Def: 1400

"That was informative," Touma remarked. "Can you do anything besides normal summoning?"

"You can also set a card in the Spell/Trap zone in either Main Phase," Index answered. "If the card you just set in your Spell/Trap zone is a Trap card, you cannot activate it on this turn and you need to activate it on the next turn, provided the conditions are met."

"I get it," Touma acknowledged. "Is there anything else you can do on your turn?"

"Since this is my first turn, I cannot declare an attack," Index said. "Also in Main Phase 1, you can activate a Spell Card from your hand or from your Spell/Trap zone. So, I activate a spell card, One Day of Peace!"

As soon as Index activated the spell card, two orbs adorned with the Spell Counter symbol appeared and began to revolve around Magical Exemplar.

Magical Exemplar | Spell counter(s): 2

"One Day of Peace?" Touma questioned. "What kind of card is that?"

"Touma, One Day of Peace allows both of us to draw 1 card, and neither one of us takes damage until the end of your next turn," Index answered. "I'll just end my turn from here."

"Okay Index, it's my turn," Touma declared. "Draw!"

As he drew his sixth card, Touma grimaced at the cards in his hand. All of them were statistically weak and even the monster cards weren't strong enough to overpower Index's monster, in which he silently cursed his misfortune.

"Index, I'm in Main Phase 1, right?" Touma asked. "Can I do something else besides a normal summon?"

"Touma, didn't you listen to what I said earlier?" Index scolded. "If you can't normal summon, you can just set a monster card from your hand in facedown defense position."

"Like this, Index?" Touma sets a monster card in facedown defense position. "Uh, I activate a spell, Shard of Greed!"

Magical Exemplar | Spell counter(s): 2 +2 = 4

"Then, I set two cards," Touma continued. "And I'll end my turn from here."

"Touma, it's my turn," Index declared as she drew her card. "Yes!"

Touma was perplexed as to why Index smiled as she looked at her drawn card.

"I'll show you the power of the Prophecy Spellbook deck," Index explained. "For example, I activate a quick-play spell, Spellbook of Judgment."

A crescent-like symbol appeared on the field; it was adorned with numerous crests of different colors. At the same time, two more Spell Counters began to appear on Magical Exemplar.

Magical Exemplar | Spell counter(s): 4 + 2= 6

"Next, I activate a field spell, Magical City of Endymion," Index resumed her play.

As soon as Index activated that spell card, Touma's student dormitory began to change. Soon, the background was changed into a magical citadel akin to the artwork of the spell card. Touma was even surprised that his right hand didn't even negate this effect. A glowing orb appeared on the crescent symbol and two more Spell Counters began to appear on Magical Exemplar.

Spellbook of Judgement | No, of Spell Cards activated: 1

Magical Exemplar | Spell counter(s): 6 + 2= 8

"By the way, you can activate more than one Spell or Trap card in your turn," Index said. "I activate another spell card, Spellbook of Secrets."

From Index's Spell/Trap zone, a magical book materialized from thin air. The book began to open on its own, flipping the pages back and forth and so on. And a Spell Counter has appeared on the top of the citadel and two more on Magical Exemplar.

Spellbook of Judgement | No, of Spell Cards activated: 2

Magical City of Endymion | Spell counter(s): 1

Magical Exemplar | Spell counter(s): 8 + 2 = 10

"The effect of Spellbook of Secrets is for me to add a 'Spellbook' Spell card except itself" Index explained. "I'll add Spellbook of Power from my deck. Oh yeah, I can only activate Spellbook of Secrets once per turn."

"I don't get it," Touma scratched his head. "Why did you say you can only activate that card per turn? I also saw that text in the Spellbook of Judgment earlier."

"Touma, the clause 'You can only activate this card once per turn' is implemented to prevent players from abusing the effects of that card," Index answered. "Try to imagine the implications if there was no such limiter."

Touma gulped as he began to understand what Index said to him. True, it seemed there are cards out there that could become potentially overpowered if there was no limiter added in the card text.

"Another thing I forgot to mention is that our monster cards can have effects written in them," Index added. "For example, Magical Exemplar has the ability which states each time a Spell Card is activated, place 2 Spell Counters on this card."

"Yeah, that might explain the orbs revolving on that monster," Touma pointed out. "What is the purpose of those Spell Counters?"

"The Spell Counters serve many purposes; don't worry, I'll show you one example," Index explained. "Once per turn, I can remove any number of Spell Counters from Magical Exemplar to Special Summon a Spellcaster-Type monster from your hand or Graveyard whose Level is equal to the number of Spell Counters I removed. I remove 4 Spell Counters to special summon Strength of Prophecy."

Magical Exemplar | Spell counter(s): 10 - 4 = 6

Another spellcaster monster materialized in his side of the field as soon as the magician played the monster card. The spellcaster was a red-haired woman adorned with armor that exposed her midriff. Also, she was carrying a lion-shaped axe as her weapon of choice.

Strength of Prophecy| Type: Spellcaster | Attribute: FIRE | Lvl: 4 | Atk: 1500 | Def: 1400

"I activate the effect of Strength of Prophecy," Index declared. "Once per turn, I can return 1 'Spellbook' Spell Card from my graveyard into my deck to select one face-up spellcaster monster on the field. That monster's attack is increased by 500 points and its Level is increased by 1. I return 'Spellbook of Secrets' to my Deck and select Strength herself."

Strength of Prophecy| Atk: 1500 + 500 = 2000 | Lvl: 4 +1 =5

"And then, I activate Spellbook of Power," Index continued with her play. "I'll target Magical Exemplar, and she gains 1000 attack points until the End Phase."

Magical Exemplar | Atk: 1700 + 1000 = 2700 | Spell counter(s): 6 + 2 = 8

Magical City of Endymion | Spell counter(s): 1 + 1= 2

Spellbook of Judgement | No, of Spell Cards activated: 3

"Now, I'm going to enter my Battle Phase," Index explained. "During the turn player's Battle Phase, the player can declare attacks for each of their monsters; usually, each monster can only attack once per Battle Phase."

"So, you're going to attack my monsters?" Touma iterated.

"Yeah, I'm supposed to anyway," Index replied. "So Magical Exemplar, attack Touma's facedown monster."

Magical Exemplar started to conjure energy orbs, aimed at Touma's facedown monster. The monster card was flipped face-up; the card was Quillbolt Hedgehog.

Quillbolt Hedgehog | Type: Machine | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 2 | Atk: 800 | Def: 800

"In addition, if the monster targeted by Spellbook of Power destroys an opponent's monster by battle," Index elaborated. "I can add 1 "Spellbook" Spell Card from my Deck; I choose to add Spellbook Organization."

"Damn my rotten luck," Touma muttered. "Index, since I don't control any monsters, what happens next? Will I get attacked directly?"

"Touma, you're absolutely correct; if the opponent has no monsters, the monsters of the turn player can attack the opponent directly," Index replied. "Therefore, Strength of Prophecy attacks you directly!"

Strength brandished her axe before lunging at Touma. As for Touma he quickly activated one of his facedown cards before Strength's attack reached him.

"I activate a trap, Scrap-Iron Scarecrow!" Touma declared. "I'll target Strength of Prophecy, negate her attack, and this trap card will be set facedown."

As the trap card took effect, Touma instinctively raised his right hand just as the metal scarecrow materialized in his side of the field. Strength's axe collided with the scarecrow, and the shock waves reached Touma's right hand; a sharp cracking of glass was heard and the shock waves dissipated.

"Wow, you sure seem to get the hang of the game," Index complimented.

"Thanks," Touma returned the compliment. "I'll do my best to learn this game."

"Well then, I'll set two cards and end my turn," Index sets her remaining cards in her hand. "During my End Phase, the Spellbook of Judgment activates. I'll add 'Spellbook' Spell Cards from my deck to my hand, up to the number of Spell Cards activated after this card's resolution, except 'Spellbook of Judgment'; then, I'll Special Summon 1 spellcaster monster from my deck whose Level is less than or equal to the number of 'Spellbook' Spell Cards added from my deck."

Index added Spellbook of Wisdom, Spellbook Star Hall, and Spellbook of the Master from her deck, since three spell cards were activated after Spellbook of Judgment, bringing her cards in hand to three. And then, Index special summoned Justice of Prophecy from her deck.

Justice of Prophecy | Type: Spellcaster | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 3 | Atk: 1600 | Def: 400

"During your End Phase, if I have activated a 'Spellbook' Spell Card previously this turn," Index stated. "I'll banish Justice of Prophecy to add both 1 Level 5 or higher LIGHT or DARK Spellcaster-Type monster and 1 "Spellbook" Spell Card from my Deck. I choose to add High Priestess of Prophecy and the Grand Spellbook Tower from my deck."

"So, is it my turn, Index?" Touma asked, which Index responded with a nod. "Okay then, I draw!"

Shard of Greed | Greed Counter(s): 1

'Wow, I can't believe Index managed to add five cards due to that Spellbook of Judgment and Justice of Prophecy,' Touma analyzed Index's field. 'It's obvious from her play that Index has prepared a trap. Due to my misfortune I can fall for it if I'm not careful.'

"I normal summon Junk Synchron," Touma declared as he performed his normal summon for this turn.

A dimensional gate appeared in Touma's field. From the gate appeared a yellow-clad warrior. The warrior monster pulled a lever on its back and the engine built on that monster began to start up.

Junk Synchron | Type: Warrior/Tuner | Attribute: DARK | Lvl: 3 | Atk: 1300 | Def: 500

"When Junk Synchron is Normal Summoned," Touma explained. "I'll target 1 Level 2 or lower monster from my Graveyard, and Special Summon it in face-up Defense Position; its effects are negated. I bring back Quillbolt Hedgehog."

Junk Synchron pulled the lever to its engine once more. And then, Quillbolt Hedgehog was brought back into the field. Then, Touma realized that one of the cards in his hand could help him turn the situation around; he decided to use that card and hoped that this tactic would work.

"From my hand, I activate the effect of Doppelwarrior," Touma explained. "When a monster is Special Summoned from my graveyard, I can special summon Doppelwarrior from your hand."

Doppelwarrior | Type: Warrior | Attribute: DARK | Lvl: 2 | Atk: 800 | Def: 800

"Touma, Junk Synchron is a tuner monster," Index explained. "By using a tuner monster and a non-tuner monster, you can summon a synchro monster whose level equals to the sum of the synchro materials."

"I see; thanks for the info Index," Touma acknowledged. "Now, I'll tune the level 3 Junk Synchron with the level 2 Doppelwarrior!"

Immediately, Junk Synchron dissociated into two green rings; the rings surrounded Doppelwarrior, who dissociated into six orange stars.

"Synchronized wills become a new kind of power! Become the link that surges upon! Synchro Summon! Let's go, Junk Warrior!"

As the synchro summon was completed, a new synchro monster appeared on the field. Junk Warrior flew up in the air and raised its right fist, as if it was ready for battle.

Junk Warrior | Type: Warrior/Synchro | Attribute: DARK | Lvl: 5 | Atk: 2300 | Def: 1300

"The effect of Junk Warrior and Doppelwarrior will start a chain," Index stated. "Since Junk Warrior's effect is mandatory, it will be resolved after Doppelwarrior's effect."

"Okay, when Junk Warrior is Synchro Summoned, it gains ATK equal to the total ATK of all Level 2 and lower monsters I control," Touma read the card texts. "And if Doppelwarrior is sent to the Graveyard as a synchro material monster: I can special summon 2 Doppel Tokens in attack position."

Doppel Token| Type: Warrior | Attribute: DARK | Lvl: 1 | Atk: 400 | Def: 400

Junk Warrior | Atk: 2300 + 800 + 2(400) = 3900

"Index, I'm gonna battle now," Touma declared. "Junk Warrior, attack Strength of Prophecy! Scrap Fist!"

Junk Warrior dashed towards Strength of Prophecy, its right arm clenching as it tried to punch out the spellcaster monster. The attack managed to hit its mark, destroying Strength of Prophecy and inflicting Index a certain amount of battle damage.

Damage calculation: 3900 - 2000 = 1900

Index: 4000 - 1900 = 2100

"Ow! That wasn't nice, Touma!" Index complained. "That attack hurt a lot!"

"Sorry if I got all out like that, Index," Touma scratched his head. "I was just caught in the excitement. I'll set one card facedown, and I'll end my turn from here."

"Hold it, Touma," Index interrupted. "I activate my facedown quick-play spell, Spellbook Organization! I'll look at the top 3 cards of my Deck, and then return them to the top of my Deck in any order."

Magical City of Endymion | Spell counter(s): 2 + 1 = 3

Magical Exemplar | Spell counter(s): 8 + 2 = 10

As Index looked at the top three cards of her Deck, Touma noticed that a smile formed in her lips as she examined her three cards. Touma gulped as she returned the three cards back to her deck.

"Okay, it's my turn!" Index declared as she drew her sixth card. "I activate a spell, Spellbook Star Hall!"

Suddenly, the field shifted from outside of the Magical Citadel to a huge chamber. In its center is a magical stone that can absorb magical energy.

Magical City of Endymion | Spell counter(s): 3 + 1 = 4

Magical Exemplar | Spell counter(s): 10 + 2 = 12

"I activate the effect of Magical Exemplar once more," Index continued. "This time, I remove 2 Spell Counters to special summon Frequency Magician from my hand."

Magical Exemplar | Spell counter(s): 12 – 2 = 10

Frequency Magician | Type: Spellcaster/Tuner | Attribute: LIGHT | Lvl: 2 | Atk: 800 | Def: 400

"A spellcaster tuner monster?" Touma muttered. "Don't tell me-"

"You're not the only one who can perform a synchro summon," Index declared. "I tune the level 2 Frequency Magician with the level 4 Magical Exemplar!"

Frequency Magician nodded and transformed into two rings, followed by Magical Exemplar, who dissociated into four orange stars.

"Scattered winds of the magical storm, I call upon your power to unleash the ultimate magical maelstrom! Synchro Summon! Gather up those Spell Counters, Tempest Magician!"

When the synchro monster entered the field, Touma could recognize that the synchro monster was basically Magical Exemplar recolored black, and she seemed to carry a sinister-looking scythe. Also, a Spell Counter began to float above her.

Tempest Magician | Type: Spellcaster/Synchro | Attribute: DARK | Lvl: 6 | Atk: 2200 | Def: 1400 | Spell counter(s): 1

"When Tempest Magician is synchro summoned; 1 Spell Counter is placed on her," Index explained. "Also, I reveal Spellbook of Wisdom, the Grand Spellbook Tower, and Spellbook of the Master in my hand to special summon High Priestess of Prophecy from my hand."

The three Spellbook Spell cards began to glow white, and the eponymous spellcaster monster appeared on the battlefield. Her holographic debris went through the vortex and a new female spellcaster emerged from the vortex. The spellcaster was beautiful; she had rose-colored hair and she was carrying a Spellbook in her hand.

High Priestess of Prophecy | Type: Spellcaster | Attribute: LIGHT | Lvl: 7 | Atk: 2500 | Def: 2100

"I activate the effect of the High Priestess of Prophecy," Index declared. "Once per turn, I can banish 1 'Spellbook' spell card from my hand or graveyard to target 1 card on the field and destroy it. I choose to banish the Spellbook Organization in my graveyard to destroy Junk Warrior. Go, Spellbook Insight!"

High Priestess looked briefly at Junk Warrior before she recited a verse from her Spellbook. Suddenly, a magic circle appeared around Junk Warrior, and then the machine imploded, scattering its debris in the field.

"I'll battle!" Index exclaimed. "Tempest Magician, attack one of the Doppel Tokens! Spell-weaving scythe!"

Tempest Magician lunged at one of the tokens in an attempt to slash the token monster.

"I activate Scrap-Iron Scarecrow!" Touma countered.

Suddenly, a rusty old scarecrow appeared in front of Touma; the scarecrow blocked the incoming attack of Tempest Magician that was aimed at the Doppel Token.

"Touma, I'm not finished!" Index pouted. "High Priestess of Prophecy, attack the token! Prophetic Wisdom Blast!"

High Priestess recited from her Spellbook, and a magic circle appeared in front of her. Then, a laser fired from the magic circle; it was aimed at helpless Doppel Token, which was blasted to smithereens soon afterwards.

Damage calculation: 2500 - 400 = 2100

Touma: 4000 - 2100 = 1900

"Tch, such misfortune!" Touma exclaimed as he took the battle damage.

"Now I enter my Main Phase 2," Index smiled. "I activate the second effect of Tempest Magician. Once per turn, I can discard any number of cards to place 1 Spell Counter on a monsters I control for each card I discarded. I discard the remaining four cards in my hand to place 4 Spell Counters on Tempest herself."

As Index discarded her entire hand, four additional Spell Counter orbs floated around Tempest Magician.

Tempest Magician | Spell counter(s): 1 + 4 = 5

"Now, I can activate the final effect of Tempest Magician!" Index gleamed. "I'll remove all Spell Counters on the field to inflict 500 points of damage per removed Spell Counter."

Magical City of Endymion | Spell counter(s): 4

Tempest Magician | Spell counter(s): 5

Spell Counter total: 9

"Wait, there are nine Spell Counters currently on the field," Touma pointed out. "That means- such misfortune!"

"Yup, 4500 points of damage will be dealt to you," Index smiled.

All of the spell counters that were revolving around the field were merged together into an orb, and Tempest Magician threw the orb high up in the air and swung it towards Touma using her scythe like a baseball bat. Touma only had seconds to react before the Spell Counter orb would hit him.

"I-I activate a trap, Breakthrough Skill!" Touma countered. "I'll target Tempest Magician; her effects are negated for the rest of the turn."

As the deadly Spell Counter payload drew closer, Touma Kamijou instinctively raised his right hand. The moment the Spell Counter orb touched his right hand, a loud ping was heard and the orb shattered from existence. However, this caused Touma to lose his footing and fell to the ground.

"Touma!" Index exclaimed. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Touma scratched his head. "I didn't expect the attack to be so strong."

"Thank goodness, although I absolutely didn't see that coming," Index admitted. "I'll just end my turn."

Touma gulped as he just narrowly avoided an imminent loss. He narrowed his eyes of the top card of his deck as he reached his right hand for it.

"Right, I'll shatter this illusion of fear and draw!" Touma declared as he drew his card.

Shard of Greed | Greed Counter(s): 1 + 1 = 2

"I activate the effect of Shard of Greed!" Touma said aloud. "I'll send this card with 2 or more Greed Counters to the graveyard to draw 2 cards."

As he drew two additional cards, he realized the cards he drew might score him a win in this duel. Considering that Index was on the advantage, he had to use those cards this turn or risk losing on his very first duel. Also, he still has a Quillbolt Hedgehog and a Doppel Token on his field, which may help on this combo.

"I send Level Eater from my hand to the graveyard to special summon Quickdraw Synchron from my hand," Touma started his play.

Another Synchron monster appeared on the field. This time, it resembled a stereotypical description of a cowboy. As the special summon was successful, the machine-type monster grabbed its two pistols, twirled it, and placed those back on its holsters.

Quickdraw Synchron | Type: Machine/Tuner | Attribute: WIND | Lvl: 5 | Atk: 700 | Def: 1400

"Quickdraw Synchron can be substituted as the tuner monster for the Synchro Summon of a monster that lists a 'Synchron' monster as a Tuner," Touma read the card text again. "Okay, I'll tune the level 5 Quickdraw Synchron with the level 1 Doppel Token and level 2 Quillbolt Hedgehog."

Suddenly, a shooting gallery adorned with the silhouettes of various Synchron tuner monsters appeared in front of Quickdraw Synchron. As it began to spin rapidly, Quickdraw Synchron fired on the shooting gallery; the bullet mark appeared on the silhouette of Junk Synchron. Afterwards, Quickdraw Synchron transformed into 5 spinning green rings, and encased the Doppel Token and Quillbolt Hedgehog; both of them dissociated into four stars in total.

"I gather the energies that will awaken the great champion! Break all illusions to create a powerful new force! Synchro Summon! Rise up, Junk Destroyer!"

As the synchro summoning was complete, a four-armed warrior rose to Touma's field. Each of its arms balled into fists as it assumed its battle position.

Junk Destroyer | Type: Warrior/Synchro | Attribute: EARTH | Lvl: 8 | Atk: 2600 | Def: 2500

"When Junk Destroyer is Synchro Summoned, I can target and destroy cards on the field, up to the number of non-Tuner monsters used as Synchro Material Monsters for this card," Touma stated. "Since I used two non-tuner monsters, I'll destroy both High Priestess of Prophecy and Tempest Magician! Go, Tidal Sweeping Fists!"

An orb of immense energy materialized in two of the arms of Junk Destroyer, and the warrior threw the orbs at High Priestess of Prophecy and Tempest Magician. The energy orbs destroyed the High Priestess and Tempest Magician upon contact and Index was speechless as she could only watch as her cards being destroyed.

"Let's wrap this up!" Touma shouted. "Junk Destroyer, attack Index directly! Energy Knuckles!"

As Junk Destroyer fired its fist-shaped projectiles at her, Index couldn't help but smile as she accepted her loss in the duel. As the attack reached her, she was knocked down to the ground at the impact of the direct attack.

Damage calculation: 2600 – 2100 = 0

Touma wins.

"Index, are you okay?" Touma ran towards Index and held her in his arms.

"Touma," Index muttered with her eyes closed. "I'm . . . so hungry."

"What?" Touma replied flatly. "Index, we just ate dinner earlier. Now you want to eat again?"

"But Touma, the duel we had made me hungry really, really bad!" Index complained.

"No way Index," Touma sternly replied. "We're on a budget today and I can't afford to cook any more meals for tonight!"

"Touma!" Index opened her eyes and lunged at Touma, biting him at the back of his head.

"Arrgh!" Touma screamed at the top of his lungs. "This isn't what I have in mind! Such misfortune!"

"It seems that Academy City has welcomed the game of Duel Monsters with open arms."

Inside the confinements of the Windowless Building, Aleister Crowley began to read various feedbacks and statistics on Duel Monsters. However, he sensed that someone had arrived in the building, and that person was a familiar spy he knows all too well.

"Ah, it's you, Motoharu Tsuchimikado," Aleister said emotionlessly. "What brings you here to my abode?"

"Explain this to me Aleister," Tsuchimikado showed to him a deck and a duel disk. "Why did you introduce Academy to Duel Monsters?"

"Calm yourself," Aleister replied coldly. "There is no need to be alarmed."

"As you know, Duel Monsters is mostly based on a breed of dark magic called the Shadow Games," Tsuchimikado pointed out. "Do even realize the repercussions it will do to Academy City?"

"I've already deduced most of the outcomes before making that decision," Aleister pointed out. "In a remote case a rogue magician uses Duel Monsters to play Shadow Games; I already have a trump card in mind."

"Are you saying that you're using Kamijou again?" Tsuchimikado retorted.

However, Tsuchimikado's question just made Aleister to grin widely in response.

"AIM diffusion 517," Aleister simply replied.

"Don't you mean . . . the Academy City Duel Tournament?" Tsuchimikado took off his shades in response.

End of Chapter

There you have it, this chapter one of this official crossover! I want to incorporate the elements of the current metagame (March 2013) into this story. For those who are savvy on the YuGiOh meta, you readers may expect the appearance of Evilswarm and/or Dragon Rulers in this story, I assure it.

This fanfic is partly inspired by the fan-vid series called, とある戦符(カード)の決闘魔物(デュエルモンスターズ); just copy and paste the title on a search engine.

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In a remote area in District 7, a silhouette of a being began to materialize in the real world. The shape of the silhouette was feminine and as the materialization was complete, it was clear that the being was a girl. She had long, blue hair that ended in the opposite sides to her head, and she wore a white sleeveless dress with red highlights on the collar, along with detached sleeves. Her legs were covered in a black stockings and she was wearing red shoes.

"Where in the world am I?" The girl asked herself. "What is this place?"

Suddenly, the girl felt a strong gust of wind blowing past her. Then, she noticed a card that was carried along by the wind. She managed to grab the card and examined it.

"Effect Veiler," The girl muttered as she examined the card. And then, she looked at the glass window of the building next to her and looked at her reflection and the card back and forth. "This can't be . . . I'm Effect Veiler?"

To be continued in . . .

A Certain Duelist's Personal Reality

Chapter 2: Duel at the Meeting Place! Touma vs. Mikoto!

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