A/N: All things change.

Music inspirations: Band - Freelance Whales, the song Location, from their album Weathervanes.

Rating is M: These words of mine are for 16plus, may have trigger issues, language.

Ownership: I don't own Glee, Dalton by CP Coulter. I own Scott and Tay, my OC's, I own my imagination.

This piece is a mixture of Tay thinking things through with …, sorting himself out with someone's death...

~ Missing Scott, Missing Finn Hudson ~

* We recently lost a much loved Glee star.

* Grief is a personal experience, nothing will be the same again.

* I'm an Optimist. I've lost family members and have first hand experience with death.

* If you were here before, and then left because of my writing style? Why didn't you say something to me.

*Such as a review or pm.

*All things change *

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