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Goodbye – Avril Lavigne

Remembering you – Steven Curtis Chapman



August 18th 2011

Clary looked down the street for maybe the billionth time, but there were still no sight of Jace. Tears started pooling in her eyes, but she blinked them away furiously, blaming the stray drops of water on her cheeks on the thunderous rain.

Perfect. Gloomy weather to match my attitude.

But what did she expect; after all it was she who broke up with him a week ago.

Clary stared over her shoulder at the orphanage behind her that had been her home for the past fifteen years, and then turned back towards her friends.

Her soaked red hair hung heavily down her shoulder and she clutched her raincoat tighter around her.

"He´s not coming is he?" her voice broke at the end and she swallowed hard.

Izzy did nothing to hide the tears that spilled from her eyes as she huddled under her purpleumbrella. "I´m so sorry, Clary."

Clary looked back to the building behind her again. It held so many memories within its ivy covered walls, the original welsh slates on the roof chipped – looking ready to fall.

This was where she met Jace twelve years ago. This was where she truly felt what it was like to be abandoned for the first time, when he was adopted by the Lightwoods four years later. This was where he picked her up for their first date, where he kissed her for the first time, where he first told her he loved her and where she had to tell him they were over.

Oh god, she remembered the look of betrayal and heartache in his eyes when she said the words…

He didn´t even stay long enough to listen to why she had to do it.

She was leaving.

Today was her sixteenth birthday, which made her too old to stay at the orphanage. They were sending her to a place across the country. It was called the Institute. How reassuring didn´t that sound.

How could she ask him to wait for her if she didn´t know if she could ever come back.

Clary had no other choice but to break his heart, and her own in the process.

She didn´t bother to try and stop the tears that streamed down her face anymore. They would only keep coming.

The car that waited to drive her to the airport arrived and Alec and Simon helped her with her luggage. Fifteen years in this place and everything she owned could fit inside two small duffels. She fingered her most prized possession. The thin gold necklace that Jace gave her for her fifteenth birthday.

"I can´t believe that you´re leaving," Simon wiped his wet cheeks with the back of his hand, which was just as wet. "Who else will let me talk about comics for hours at end?"

Cary merelyshook her head in response and hugged him tightly. He returned the hug than backed away, letting Alec have his turn.

He pulled her under his umbrella, and the rain on her coat soaked his otherwise dry sweatshirt. "I´m gonna miss you, Short-stuff," he whispered against the top of her head.

She nodded and hugged him back.

Last but not least was Izzy, her best friend. They squeezed hard – neither wanting to let go. "Please stay, Clary," she cried. "Maybe mom and dad could adopt you too."

Clary managed to smile through the tears. "I don´t think I could live with being Jace's sister."

The driver honked impatiently. She sighed and tried to pull herself together.

"This is not good bye," she glanced down the pothole ridden road one last time, than sagged in defeat. He really wasn´t coming. "I´llcome back," she swore to them. "It might have to wait until I´m 18, but I will come back." Clary closed her eyes and forced out the final sentence. "Tell him I love him, okay. If you can get him to listen, please tell him that. Make him understand. You have too, Isabelle," Clary told her, solemnly staring into her eyes.

She hugged them all one last time, climbed in the car and buried her face in her hands and cried her eyes out.

That's why she never saw the boy than came running around the corner through the pouring rain - with his wet golden blonde hair plastered to his forehead and his t-shirt clinging to his chest like a second skin - towards the orphanage as the car drove off.

"Clary!" Jace shouted, but it was too late. She was gone. It felt like his heart was ripped out of his chest. He could feel Izzy's and Alec's arms around him but he shrugged them off.

"Clary will come back some day," Izzy whispered. "She promised us."

He wanted to scream that she had promised to love him forever,so her words meant nothing to him. But instead Jace put his hands up in front of him and his eyes burnt with tears that would never be shed. "Don´t," he had to clear his throat before he could continue. "Don´t say her fucking name again. Ever." He started walking home.

"Jace, stop," Izzy pleaded with him. "She will write to us as soon as she can. Then we can write back to her. You can tell her that you were too late, but that you came."

He turned around to face her again and glared at her with all the anger and pain he felt. "Don´t you dare tell her that," he gave Simon and Alec the same look. "Do you hear me? Don´t you fucking dare!"

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