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…and they lived happily ever after


Six years later


I watched Izzy preen, twirl, twist, bend and admire herself in front of the full-length mirror with a mix of amusement and exasperation. She's been at it for almost an hour and I was getting exhausted just by watching her.

She brushed off invisible lint from the bodice of her dress and turned to me, "How do I look?"

We were in the church's bridal suite, just waiting for the ceremony to start and I only wanted to get it over with.

I waddled over to one of the large cushiony armchairs and sat down gingerly. I was starving, my ankles were swollen, and my feet, which Izzy had forced into a pair of too tight three inch heels, were killing me. I'd kick them off, but then I'd never get them back on again. I smoothed my pale green dress over my protruding belly, and felt a kick against my hand. Yeah, that's right Quinten, you agree with mommy don't you? We were expecting a boy, to Jace's great relief and had decided to name him after my father. Fingering the ring that I wore around a chain around my neck, thanks to my stupid sausage fingers, I took comfort in the weight of it in my hand.

I looked up, cocking my head as if first noticing her. "You look fine," I shrugged with feign disinterest, internally grinning as I teased her. But the truth was that she looked exceptional. Izzy had always been beautiful, but now she was much more than that. The top of her dress, covered in tiny, circular, reflective, golden sequins stretched from her left shoulder and across her chest, leaving her right shoulder bare. Her slim waist was defined by a wide, satin ribbon. The skirt had decorative wrinkles in the shape of stars and ended just above her knees.

I felt a small pang of envy, but pushed it away. I could hardly blame her for me being almost eight months pregnant, and had to wear a dress the size of a tent. A cute tent perhaps, but a tent nonetheless.

Izzy glared at me and stomped her eight inch heeled golden sandals. "Fine? That's all you're gonna say?"

I giggled. "You look great, Iz."

She huffed indignantly. "That's more like it. I've worked hard on this day, showing a little appreciation wouldn't kill you."

I rolled my eyes at her whining, but had to give her right. This whole thing wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for her, in more ways than one. I couldn't even see my own feet, no less plan a whole wedding. The men weren't any help either, with the possible exception of Magnus, but he and Alec hadn't returned from their European trip until yesterday, so she had to do without his help.

My stomach rumbled loudly, making me scowl at the face Izzy made. I'd ordered a sandwich almost an hour ago. It should've been here by now.

As if reading my thoughts the door to the suite banged open and a little dark haired whirlwind ran inside, the bag from Taki's clutched in his small hands. "Clary," Ian squealed in delight. "I got your sammy right here."

I reached out for the brown paper bag with embarrassing excitement. I dug into my peanut butter and pickle sandwich with gusto, and groaned when the flavors exploded in my mouth. "Thanks, I needed that," I mumbled to my baby brother around a mouthful of bread. Ian had just turned six, and next month it had been five years since my dad and Blay adopted him. He was the cutest boy I'd ever seen, and everybody loved him from day one. He had dark brown curls, just a few shades lighter that dad's hair and his eyes were bluish-green.

We were closer that siblings normally was with that big of an age difference and he was fiercely protective of me. When Jace and I announced that we were having a baby, Ian had nailed him with a glare and placed his tiny fists on his hips, "You're lucky I'm only five, or I would've kicked your butt."

Dad had looked insanely proud and ruffled his hair. "That's my boy."

I devoured my sandwich in less than thirty seconds and patted my belly. "Quinten says thank you, too."

"Ooooh, can I talk to the baby?" Ian practically jumped up and down with enthusiasm. "Can I Clary, can I?"

I was about to answer when Izzy butted in, "Oh hell no. You're not getting your sticky boy fingers anywhere near her dress," she scrunched up her nose and grinned, showing him that she was joking…mostly.

He stuck out his tongue at her and hold up his hands. "See, Auntie E.T. They're clean."

I giggled. Dad never stopped calling Izzy evil twin, and Ian had called her Auntie E.T since he was three.

Suddenly dad ran into the room, panting heavily, "Hey nalla, have ya seen…?" his eyes landed on Ian, now sitting on the armrests of my chair, whispering secrets to my stomach. Dad let out his breath in a loud whoosh with relief, bent at his waist and placed his hand on his thighs. "Ya know ya're not 'possed to run off like that, nallum," he gasped.

"But daaaaad," Ian said in a whiny voice. "You said that pregnant women get super bitchy when they're hungry and not fed fast enough, but at least they're not as bad as when they're PMS-ing"

I cocked my brows and shot dad a glare. "Oh, really? Is that so?" I noticed that Izzy was also glaring at him from the corner of my eye.

"Awww, fu…dge, nallum… Why did ya have to tell 'er that? It was a secret between us men."

Ian shrugged, "But you shouldn't have secrets from the ones you love."

I ruffled my little brother's hair and kissed him on his forehead. "That's right, baby," I crooned. "It's a good thing you have your other daddy to teach you some manners."

Dad opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, as if he was trying to come up with something to say. He scowled, "We don't have no time for this now. There's a weddin' goin' down, an' ya're gonna be late if ya don't hurry the fu…dge up."

I laughed as dad struggled with trying not to curse in front of Ian.

The boy jumped off the armrest and down on the floor. "Come on, come on. Everybody's waiting," he started pulling on dad's arm, dragging him out of the suite.

Dad relaxed and grinned, knowing he was saved by the bell, for now… Or at least saved by the six year old, "Yeah, that's our cue to leave, see ya ladies up front," he pressed a quick kiss to my forehead and ushered Ian out of the room.

I arched my back to push myself up from the chair, smoothing down the dress again until it covered everything that needed to be covered. I moaned when I felt Quinten's toes between my ribs and put some pressure to that spot, trying to get him to move his feet.

"I swear, if you pop out that kid today I'll get him addicted to sugar from the moment he grows his first baby teeth," Izzy threatened, and from the look in her eyes I could tell she wasn't kidding.

"It's eight weeks left," I scowled, irritated. It wasn't the first time she'd made a threat like that. "Stop pestering me about it. I'm sorry that I'm pregnant today of all days," tears filled my eyes and I blinked furiously. Stupid hormones.

"I know I don't mean it like that," Izzy come up to me and gave me a hug. "It's just… this day… ugh! I think I'm gonna throw up!"

I stroke her back, "I know, Sweetie," I murmured. "We should go, we don't want to be late."

She linked her arm in mine and together we walked to the door. "You know, shotgun wedding are just soooo white trash."

I rolled my eyes and patted her hand that rested in the crook of my elbow. "Yeah, I know."

"Come on," she tugged me forward and we started walking towards the altar, "everyone is waiting."

By the tone in her voice I could tell that she thought about the ones that weren't there. Maryse and Robert Lightwood had passed away little over a year ago, in a car crash. Their three children had been devastated, but Izzy had taken it the hardest. It took the rest of us almost six months to get her out of the apartment that she shared with Simon.

The wedding march started playing as we reached the hallway outside of the chapel. Both Izzy and I let out our breath and beamed at each other. "Are you ready?" she asked me.

"Yes," I squeezed the hand I was still holding. "Are you?"

"Yeah, let's do this."

Arm in arm, we started towards the aisle, and as soon as I looked up and met Jace's eyes everything else fell away. He was all I could see, not the guests in the pews, not my family, not Simon or Alec that stood next to him at altar. Just Jace.

The way to him felt like it went on forever, when in reality I was in front of him in less than a minute. Our eyes stayed locked together and I placed my hand over the ring that hung from my necklace. It had been two years since he slipped it onto my finger in this very church and in less than two months we were going to be parents. My heart swelled inside my chest from the love I felt for him.

I forced myself to look away from him and glanced at Izzy. No one was able to tell that she was three months pregnant.

I smiled and turned towards the minister just as he started the ceremony. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood in holy matrimony…"

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