Sometimes Derek worries about how used he is to climbing through Stiles' window. Although, it's probably less of a worry and more of an 'Oh my God, what am I doing with my life?' kind of thing. He's lost track of the amount of times he's climbed through Stiles' window. To be honest, the main reason he neglects the doorbell is that he enjoys Stiles' shocked expression when Derek takes him by surprise. The only problem is, Derek usually counts on the fact that Stiles will be alone.

Derek drops through the window. It kind of really sucks that Scott is the first one to notice him. He locks eyes with Scott, hoping he's not going to make some kind of inappropriate comment.

"Is this some kind of booty call?" Scott asks, causing Stiles to cough, choke, spin around on his computer chair and nearly fall off. Attractive, Derek thinks wryly, watching Stiles seat himself back on the chair looking extremely red.

"That would imply that he actually called me in advance." Stiles chokes.

For some reason, both Scott and Stiles are looking towards the printer. It could be because of the really annoying noise it's currently making — seriously, Derek wouldn't be surprised if it started twitching and fell to the ground — but he's not so sure. Scott and Stiles may be idiots, but they wouldn't look guiltily at a printer that was making too much noise.

"You need a new printer." Derek remarks, laughing to himself at Stiles and Scott's worried looks.

Stiles scoffs, "Says the guy who lived in an abandoned house in the middle of the woods for two years."

Derek glares at Stiles and Stiles glares right back. Come to think of it, this happens a lot.

"I can, uh, leave?" Scott says hopefully. Both Stiles and Derek snap around to look at him. "Yeah, I'm gonna leave."

"Don't forget to take your homework." Stiles yells at him, indicating his head towards the printer like he thinks Derek can't see him. Derek will definitely try and find out what it actually is later. Maybe have sex with Stiles first, though.

Scott smiles brightly to indicate he's understood and grabs the paper before getting out of the room as quickly as possible, which is pretty quick. Derek is left alone with Stiles in the room — finally. There's an awkward pause which entails both of them staring at each other's lips; which, come to think of it, also happens a lot. That is, until one of them decides to take initiative and just fucking kiss the other. Derek supposes it's up to him to take initiative today.

He doesn't really think about the fact that he's crossing over the room before he's practically straddling Stiles in his chair. He presses his lips roughly to Stiles' lips and fists his hand into Stiles' hair, feeling for when Stiles opens his mouth slightly, before Stiles pulls back slightly.

"Is this how you say hello?" Stiles asks. "Because I'm thinking you should just say hello, like, forever."

"Shut up and kiss me." Derek growls; Stiles hastening to obey.

With Stiles, Derek's never really sure if they're kissing or wrestling. Stiles is still on the chair but it keeps tilting precariously and if Derek wasn't so focused on Stiles he'd probably be a bit worried that the whole thing would tip over. He can feel Stiles' hands on the base of his neck, Stiles' lips and tongue pressing against his own and he leans forwards even more—

And the chair falls. Derek sees Stiles' shoulder fall back onto the mouse and then the printer starts whirring. It feels like a cartoon, the two of them suspended in the air before they fall to the floor, Stiles somehow twisting enough that his head doesn't knock against the computer table and Derek not doing anything at all because seriously what the fuck.

They land on the floor, Derek on top of Stiles and Stiles looking stunned from the fall. Derek rolls over onto his side to join Stiles on the floor.

"Serious case of déjà vu right now." Stiles says. "Is that just me?"

Derek lazily cuffs him on the arm.


The two of them lie there for a moment, the sound of the printer in the background. Derek remembers wanting to see what it was. He stands up, Stiles groaning at him to stop moving, and walks over to the printer.

"Why does Scott's homework have my name on it?" he asks.

Stiles looks shocked, worried and terrified all at the same time. Although, maybe it's just one emotion that Derek doesn't know of yet. "Don't read that."

Derek begins reading, his face completely emotionless. "Pros and Cons of Sleeping With Derek Hale." he reads aloud.

Stiles looks as though he's torn between bolting from the room and grabbing the list from Derek, but he does neither. "Don't be mad." he says. "Please don't be mad."

Stiles feels like hours past before Derek answers, but in reality it can only be seconds. He can't believe his life is turning into an episode of Friends (although Stiles has always pictured himself more as Rachel than as Ross). He mentally makes a note to never take Scott's relationship advice ever again.

"Why would I be mad?" Derek asks.

Stiles pauses for a moment, wearing his best 'are you for real?' expression. "Dude, have you ever watched Friends?"

"The negatives aren't about me, stupid. They're about you." Derek tells him. Stiles has always known Derek to be emotionally stunted but it surprises even him how long it takes Derek to speak again. "I..."

"Spit it out." Stiles urges him on, wishing that he was falling in love with someone who could say what they were feeling without wearing a look that made them look constipated.

"I like you, you idiot." Derek blurts out, a flash of something that looks like regret showing on his face for a second. "I didn't want it to come out like that."

The only thing Stiles can think is how bloody typical this is. To be honest, he doesn't even know how either of them function when they're both so fucking clueless and not exactly gifted in the romance department. But, then again, Derek's said it and Stiles can only really reply in one way.

Before he knows it, his lips are on Derek's and they're fighting for dominance — a fight that Stiles is pretty sure he isn't going to win but takes part in anyway. It's not as though losing is a hardship or anything. Thankfully, the bed isn't too far away and so they manage to get there pretty quickly, shedding clothing as they go.

"I can't believe how stupid we are." Stiles breathes, snatching some air before leaning back into Derek.

"Speak for yourself." Derek growls playfully, his claws appearing and scratching Stiles slightly. "Sorry." he grunts.

"Did you even fucking read the list?" Stiles asks. "That's a definite pro."

At this point, the two of them are shirtless, Derek on top of Stiles and the only word to describe it is perfect. Hands trembling, Stiles reaches down to Derek's trousers and unbuttons them, knowing that although they've done this before, it's different this time. Derek shifts a little, helping Stiles take his own trousers down until all that stands between them is their boxes.

"I feel like I should make a list." Derek teases, his hand moving down to remove Stiles' boxers.

Stiles moans against him. "Only if you get completely naked right now." he orders, Derek hastily complying and pushing Stiles down onto the bed, straddling him, his cock already hard. "Pros first?" Stiles says meekly.

"Can I say 'I fuck Stiles and it's fucking awesome?'" Derek says mockingly.

Stiles flushes bright red. "Scott came up with the wording."

"Please don't mention Scott while I'm trying to have sex with you." Derek cringes.

"Noted. Maybe you should get on with the whole having sex with me thing?" Stiles pushes. Derek's lips are on his neck and, okay, that's good too. Stiles will definitely have a bruise in the morning, and his only reaction is God, yes. Everyone who has a thing for marking should definitely date a werewolf at least once in their life, Stiles decides.

"Are we dating now?" Stiles blurts out. "I mean, we don't have to go out. We can do domestic shit like order Chinese and stay in watching dramas on Netflix and we can cook together maybe and—"

"Yes, God." Derek tells him, pulling away for a second to grab some condoms and lube from Stiles' bedside drawer. "That'd be a pro to add to my list."

"Along with what, exactly?" Stiles asks coyly. He's getting a list out of Derek if it kills him.

"Your face." Derek teases. "That's pretty perfect. And the way you kiss me." Okay, so maybe Derek can do romance. Stiles watches as Derek lubes up his fingers, tensing slightly in anticipation, even though he knows he should relax.

Derek slides a finger in and Stiles lets out an involuntary moan. Still, it's better than their first time when Stiles squeaked slightly — even though Derek swore that it was okay, once he managed to stop choking on his laughter. Derek smiles at the noise and begins opening Stiles up, Stiles' legs moving out further for him.

"You let me make you coffee." Derek tells him as he pushes in another finger, scissoring them slightly inside of Stiles. "And you're smart. You notice things."

Stiles is almost silent beneath him, apart from the breathless gasps that Derek always manages to get out of him. He wants to try and formulate a response but he has no idea what he should say. "I am pretty smart." he murmurs. Hearing Derek's laugh, he tries to look offended. "Your fingers are inside me, I'm not very coherent right now!" he says indignantly.

"Want to change that?" Derek growls. Much to his displeasure, Stiles bursts out laughing. "What?" Derek demands.

"That line makes me feel like I'm in a bad porno." Stiles wheezes.

"Shut up, Stiles." Derek says, pulling his fingers out from Stiles and grinning slightly at the noise Stiles makes when he does.

"Do I talk too much during sex?" Stiles asks cheekily as he watches Derek tear open a condom.

"You talk too much, period." Derek grunts. Stiles is about to formulate a disgruntled reply when he feels Derek push into him. "That shut you up."

Stiles doesn't even bother talking, only twists his hands into Derek's hair and moves alongside him, noticing how their bodies move in sync with each other, Derek's lips wandering and Stiles battling between lying back and feeling Derek and summing up the strength to tilt his head up slightly to watch Derek at it. In the end, he settles for pulling Derek back up to his lips and kissing him. Stiles' inner monologue seems to turn into a poet and he thinks things like how it seems like when he's with Derek, nothing else exists, and how he wouldn't give up what he has with Derek for the world. He wonders if Derek thinks the same, or if Derek has some kind of angsty, 'woe is me' inner voice going on. He makes a mental note to ask.

"You're pretty quiet." Derek observes. Yeah, there's definitely a 'woe is me' inner monologue going on in there.

Stiles laughs a little and draws him back into a kiss, feeling Derek thrust inside of him, once, twice more, and feels Derek come and himself follow seconds after. Derek pulls out slowly and collapses on the bed next to him, chest heaving. Stiles' hand moves down to Derek's and his fingers brush against Derek's hand before he feels the older man hold his hand tightly.

"We should probably shower." Derek murmurs.

Stiles stares at him incredulously. "And get out of bed? We should just cuddle instead."

And although Stiles hears a sigh from beside him, as Derek curls himself around Stiles, he's pretty sure that there are no complaints from either of them.

Stiles wakes up to see Derek standing at the foot of his bed. Blearily, he rubs sleep from his eyes, shifting a bit in discomfort as he regrets not showering last night.

"I'm getting Twilight flashbacks." he tells Derek. "You're doing that creepy stare thing again."

Derek is holding a piece of paper, he now realises. Stiles leans up on his elbows to try and get a closer look. "Is that..?"

"I wrote the cons while you were asleep." Derek says, somehow managing to keep a straight face whilst doing so, even as Stiles falls back onto the bed.

"It's too early for this." Stiles groans. "And I have dried come, like, all over me."

Derek makes a disgusted face. "You should have showered." he tells him. "That's one of your cons. You refuse to move after sex."

"I do sometimes!" Stiles tells him. "If it's urgent."

"Or for a second round." Derek adds dryly. "Your Dad is the Sheriff and that scares me."

Stiles opens his mouth as though he's about to object, but after a few seconds closes it again. He tries to ignore his resemblance to a fish blowing bubbles, but that's never been an easy thing for him.

"You tell Scott everything." Derek tells him. "It's weird."

"I don't tell Scott everything." Stiles replies. "I tell him important things about my life. And all the details. Okay, so maybe I try to scare him by talking about my sex life but that's only revenge for overhearing him having sex with Allison one time and that was fucking—"

"And you talk too much." Derek says, a smug look on his face.

Deciding there's only one way to shut the older man up, Stiles leaps out up onto his feet and, standing on the edge of the bed, kisses Derek hard. He wraps his legs around Derek's waist and feels Derek kiss him back roughly.

"Maybe you can get up in the mornings." Derek murmurs. "I don't think I've ever seen you do that before."

"I probably missed some cons off the list." Stiles mutters. "Like the fact that you're somehow alive and awake in the mornings. How are you even human?"

"Technically, I'm not." Derek tells him.

Stiles elects to ignore Derek's response, even though he's correct. "And you're pedantic and grumpy and you're probably too old for me."

"Definitely too old for you."

"I don't care." Stiles says, letting Derek push him up against a wall and kiss him until his lips are sore and bruised. And, wow, there certainly are a lot of pros to dating a werewolf. Especially Derek Hale.

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