Entering the town Sam parked the impala outside a motel, heading inside to grab them a room, and leaving Dean in the car with Kacey who was sleeping. He returned quickly, and they gently moved her into their room, lying her on one of the beds.

"How do you think this works?" Sam asked after a long silence.

"I don't have a clue man, this is way beyond my hunter know how, as far as I know angels don't exist, but hell if demons do then why not angels," Dean replied running his hand over his face.

"Bobby said that they were seen only by those on the brink of death, which means only Kacey would be able to see them."

"Except your circumstances are a little different to the others who have seen us," came a voice from behind them.

Sam and Dean both stood with their guns raised, staring at the man who had appeared out of nowhere, and edged a little closer to Kacey who was still out cold on the bed.

"Who are you?" Dean inquired.

"My name is Castiel, and I'm here to help... your friend gave her like knowingly, and I wish to return the favor by allowing her to live."

"Just like that?" Sam added suspiciously.

"I am an angel of the lord, we believe that any self sacrifice deserves rewarding, but not many walking this Earth, would give their life so selflessly in order to protect not only loved ones but also strangers as well."

"What will the repercussions be?" Dean said not wanting Kacey's sacrifice to be for nothing.

"There will be none, I will make Kacey better but everything she did will still hold."

Dean looked at Sam then over at Kacey before nodding at Castiel, and watching as he moved to Kacey's side, placing two fingers on her forehead. They both watched as a light shone throughout Kacey, and Dean saw Kacey's entire body relax as the light swept over her. Soon Castiel removed his fingers, stepping back from Kacey who already looked a lot healthier, and turned to the brothers.

"Is that it?" Dean asked expecting more than that.

"It is done, she will wake up in an hour or two fully healed," Castiel assured them.

"What can we do for you in return?" Sam inquired.

"Nothing, but I will be around keeping watch over you all, what you do is important and I'll help you out as much as I can."

"Thank you," Dean added as Castiel disappeared.

Dean spent the next two hours sitting on the edge of the bed opposite Kacey, watching her closely and thinking about what had happened. She finally woke up ten minutes after Sam had left to get food, smiling when she saw Dean and realized she felt better.

"Hey superman," Kacey mumbled causing Dean to look up from where he had his head in his hands.

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

"Healthy actually... what happened?" Kacey asked sitting up on the bed.

"Angels happened... well one angel...Castiel," Dean replied moving to sit beside her.

"Did you say Castiel?"

"Yeah, why do you know that name?" Dean inquired.

"When I was younger my dad always made me pray, and Castiel was the name of the angel that I prayed to," Kacey explained as Dean took her hand and entwined their fingers.

"Maybe this was all just another part of that destiny of yours," Dean whispered.

"Perhaps but I'm starting to think that maybe you and Sam are my destiny, hunting with you guys... I know that sounds stupid, but everything seems to involve the two of you."

"We'll always be around if we can be, you don't have to worry about that," Dean assured her.

Kacey smiled before leaning in and kissing Deans cheek, as Sam walked in carrying food.

"Hey Kace," Sam said smiling and putting the bags down so that he could hug her.

"Hey," Kacey replied.

"Let's eat," Dean stated with a grin.

"I'm starving," Kacey added sitting at the table with Sam while Dean handed the food out.

They ate in silence allowing Kacey to adjust to being well again, and then headed to be having salted the windows and doors, to keep out any demons that decided to make a move. Kacey shared a bed with Dean, cuddling into his side and using his chest as a pillow, with his arms wrapped securely around her. She slept well, waking up to find Dean sitting with Sam at the table, researching and talking.

"Morning," Dean said smiling when Kacey joined them and nicked a piece of bacon off of his plate.

"Morning to you to, does my bacon taste good?"

"It tastes even better because I know it's yours," Kacey teased leaning over to look at the laptop screen, "What we got?"

"We're just checking up on some of the omens, that don't fit in with the ones from the battle. There's only a couple, but they're pretty close together, so we're going to go and check it out," Dean explained pointing to the screen.

"Where are they showing up?"

"Lawrence, we haven't heard from our dad or Shane since we left them, so we understand if you don't want to come," Sam added.

"I'll come, I'm a hunter, and my dad isn't going to stop me from doing what I do best. When are we leaving?"

"In about an hour, so you'll have plenty of time to get ready, and eat something first," Dean said.

Kacey nodded before heading into the bathroom for a shower, and letting the water run over her, relieving the tension from her muscles. She got changed, then headed out to join the others again, finding a plate of food waiting and a cup of coffee. It didn't take her long to demolish the food, feeling extremely hungry, and energetic. They soon hit the road, heading towards Lawrence, and Kacey couldn't help but be nervous about seeing her dad if he was still there.

When they finally arrived in Lawrence, Kacey stuck close to the boys, and allowed them to take the lead. With the battle averted, or at least postponed for the time being, they had time to concentrate on some of the less threatening demons. Of course, all demons were dangerous but not all of them wanted world domination, and a few just wanted a chance to co-exist with humans. Kacey didn't enjoy exorcising demons back to hell, nor did she get a thrill out of damaging the human being possessed, but it had to be done and Kacey knew that.

"Lets get started, and talk to the people that made the reports, before we try to create a list of potential demons," Dean suggested.

"Okay, you and Kacey take the first three on the list, and I'll take the last three."

Dean agreed, and they split up, heading to the first persons house. Three hours later, they had finished all the interviews, and were now sitting in yet another motel room.

"From what I've heard from the interviews, I would guess that we're dealing with straight forward possession," Kacey said, "Every single person that flipped was described as nice, normal individuals, but something made them snap."

"I'd have to agree, nobody snaps that quickly, especially from nice to cold blooded killer in the matter of seconds... we have some exorcism rituals to do."

"How do we even find them?" Sam inquired.

"I can help with that," Castiel stated from behind them making them all jump.

"You really need to learn to knock before you do that, or wear a bell around your neck," Dean suggested, "Kacey this is Castiel."

"I know you, not just your name, you knew my mum," Kacey mumbled staring at Castiel.

"I knew your mother well, but she was not the reason I hung around, that was for you... when your dad first told you about the supernatural world, you prayed asking for a guardian angel, and you got me."

Something about him pulled Kacey in, telling her that she could trust him, and accept him into her... well their lives. She watched Dean, Sam and Castiel discussing a possible plan, and all Kacey could think was 'I have all my boys right here by my side'. They didn't know what was coming next, or what they would have to deal with, but she did know that they had each other, and they always would.

Kacey couldn't help but smile when Dean looked over at her, however her smile dropped when the door was kicked in revealing Nora Haywood...


Authors Notes

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