Don't belong to me.


Jax turned his head and let a smile grace his face. "Hey man," he greeted.

"Congratulations, brother."

Jax returned the hug he got and smiled bigger. "Thanks, man. It feels good." It wasn't a complete lie.

"Any news?"

Jax turned his head again at the new voice. He shook his head. "Not yet. They said she's doing goof though so far, her and the baby are both doing good."

"That's good, Jax. Let me know, huh?"

Jax nodded. "I will."

His hair was rubbed and he got a kiss on the forehead. "You're having a baby today, kid! I love it!"

Jax laughed, shaking his head as he watched both men walk off. His smile soon faded though, being left alone with his true feelings.

Yes, he was proud and he was excited. He was becoming a father for the second time today. The child he and Tara made together was about to enter the world. But... he was here. Locked up, not with her, not with them. It'd been a long time in here so far, and he knew the days weren't about to start passing any faster now. And he had many more to come before the men of SOA were going to released.

He hated this, being away from his life, his girl, his kids. He hated not being there for his youngest son's birth. He knew Gemma and the boys, the hospital too, would take care of her, that they had been, but it wasn't him. It wasn't him doing his job. And he felt awful for it.


Jackson peered up at Clay. "Hey," he said back.

"It's going to be alright," he told him, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Tara's going to be a great mom. There's no question about that."

Jax smiled. A true one, but a sad one. "She already is."