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''That's it, careful, careful,'' Ed gently coached, still holding tightly to the seat of the bicycle. It had taken a little longer to teach Izzy how to ride a bike than it had with Clark, but she had finally got the hang of it.

''Daddy, let go. I can do it.'' Izzy says, determinedly.

''Alright, alright. I'm letting go.'' Ed keeps his hand on the seat a bit longer and then releases it. ''I'm right here, if you need me,'' he calls out, keeping his watchful gaze on her. He watched as she went down the driveway, made a wide turn, and start back up with the biggest smile on her face. She made a few more laps around the driveway, giggling to herself. Ed smiled proudly at his daughter. On the fourth turn, however, he noticed a slight wobble, and within seconds, his baby was on the ground. He ran to her side, just as she had started crying. Picking her up, he walked over to his car. ''Shh, shh, baby, it's okay. I'm here.'' He placed her on the truck, and opened the door to get a first-aid kit. Cleaning the cuts hurts me just as much as it hurts her, he thought, putting aside the cleansing pad and putting a bandage over the cuts. When he was done, he picked her up again, and walked to the porch swing and sat down. He started to swing lightly back and forth, humming lightly.

''Daddy, can you sing the boo boo song?'' Izzy asked, looking up from her position on her dad's lap, once she had calmed down.

''Sure,'' he said, stroking her cheek. It was amazing how with one look, she could turn him into a pool of melted butter, but he would do just about anything to stop her from crying.

''I see you've have a boo boo

And I know it stings

I see you've have a boo boo

And that saddens me

What is that I see, my firefly

Are those tears, in your eyes

Well, the hurt is only temporary

And wounds will heal with time...''

Ed trails off as he looks down at Izzy. Her head rested just beneath his shoulder and her little arms wrapped tightly around his right arm. He bends down to lightly kiss her forehead and gather her more securely in his arms. ''Sweet dreams, my firefly,'' he whispers, carefully standing up and walking into the house.