Chapter one

After saying goodbye to Remus and Tonks, he also sat with others that died that he knew. Harry would talk to them, hold their dead hands, kiss their forehead before moving on to another. He knew people was watching him, he knew photos were being taken of what he was doing, but not once did anyone say anything or disrupt him while he thanked the people that died by making the ultimate sacrifice. Right after speaking with Dumbledore's portrait, Harry had spoken with McGonagall and Kingsley. He told them about Snape and asked that his body be removed from the shrieking shake, he also asked Kingsley to allow Draco and Narcissa Malfoy go, then explained how they both helped Harry which gave him the chance to finish Voldemort. He also handed over Snape's memory to McGonagall, for proof of what Snape had been doing but also they would get to see exactly what everything was about. So Kingsley agreed with Harry because he knew the young man would not ask something so important like releasing the two Malfoy's unless it was the truth, but Kingsley did have Lucius Malfoy taken away and when he did that, he saw Narcissa and Draco Malfoy actually look relieved the moment he was out of their sight.

While the Weasley's were waiting to work on details about removing Fred's body, Harry stepped over to the Malfoy's who were still sitting together and Harry thought they looked shocked.

'Mr. Potter, I don't know how to thank you for speaking with the minister about us,' Narcissa stood up, 'Thank you.'

'It was the right thing to do Mrs. Malfoy, you helped, you did the right thing in the end, that to me told me everything I needed. So I think you deserve a second chance, a lot of people deserve that now.'

'You have given my son and I that chance, we will not let you down, again, thank you.'

'You're welcome,' Harry turned to Draco, 'Do you think we could speak in private?'

'Yes, of course Potter,' Draco looked at his mother, 'If you want to stay you can, or I'll meet you later mother.'

'I might head home Draco, then get ready to sell that place. We can finally buy something we both like,' Narcissa hugged her son, 'Put all animosities behind you Draco, it's time to be ourselves.'

'I will mother,' Draco let his mother go, 'Where do you want to speak Potter?'

'Mrs. Malfoy, I'll try not to keep your son long and he'll be safe until he gets home,' Harry gave a tired smile before leading Draco into one of the old classrooms that survived the fighting. He closed and sealed the room before facing Draco Malfoy, 'There's a few things I want to say to you Malfoy. The first is thank you for not identifying me at your home.'

'It's the least I could do Potter, but I knew you would escape if you got the chance, you always did. So I had to give you that shot to put your plans into action, whatever they were. But I have to thank you, you saved me in the room of requirement, something that surprised me actually.'

'There's only two people I would have let die like that, Voldemort and Bellatrix, now they're both dead. But I couldn't let you died and that leads to this, there's something personal I want to say as well and I'm hoping you will be honest with me. I know neither of us have ever really been honest with each other, but it's different now, we can finally have the life where we don't have to worry about what he will do. I think it's time to say what we want, do what we want because all of us could have died here last night. So here goes,' Harry took a couple of steps until he was standing right in front of Draco, 'Even though the magical world does not accept gay men, I'm gay and I have fancied you for years, but tried to hide it by making everyone think I hated you. Now even though nothing can come of this, you're straight for one but also it's not accepted, so I need to keep this secret, so I hope you can keep my secret. I just wanted you to know how I feel.'

Draco sighed in relief, 'I'm not straight, I'm gay and did the same thing. I have liked you for so long but I had to make sure no one picked up on anything. So we both have to keep this secret. But you are right, it's not accepted so nothing can come of this. Tell me this though, you sealed the door, right?'

Harry grinned, it was the first time in so long that he had felt like smiling, 'Yes, why?'

'Oh why indeed Potter,' Draco smirked, then took his wand out and instantly a large bed appeared in the middle of the room, but also the windows were blackened out, 'If this is the only chance we have, let's not waste a minute of it.'

'I like the way your mind works Malfoy,' Harry chuckled and he might be tired but he was not going to waste his only change of having the man he loved, so he quickly undressed as Draco undressed, 'I knew it, you are beautiful and your skin is flawless,' Harry ran his fingers down the pale chest of Draco Malfoy then his fingers circled each nipple, 'I always knew you would look this good.'

'Even though I thought you would be, you are gorgeous Harry, your skin is so tanned, you have muscles that I never knew about apart from the obvious muscle,' Draco smirked again, 'I want you badly,' Draco's hand wrapped around Harry's cock just as Harry's hand wrapped around Draco's, 'Oh your hand feels good.'

'So does yours but I want this now, I want you. I have fantasized about this for so long.'

'Fantasized, maybe you will have to tell me about those,' Draco grinned, took his hand away, removed Harry's hand from him then pushed him back onto the bed, climbed on top then joined his lips to Harry's before joining their bodies.

Harry and Draco were both on their sides staring at each other, 'Even though I wish things could be different, we both know it can't,' Harry sighed but ran his finger along Draco's cheek.

'No, it can't,' Draco kissed Harry then stood up and started dressing, 'Even though I was making light of this, it meant more than you'll realise.'

Harry also got up and started to dress, 'Same here,' Harry sighed, 'That was my first time, I always knew I wanted it to be with you,' Harry sighed again, 'My heart feels like it's breaking into pieces right now and I don't want to say goodbye to you.'

Draco heard Harry's voice break, he took Harry's hand and placed it on his face but could see a shimmer of moisture in Harry's eyes.

'My heart is breaking Harry, but we know what would happen if we tried to stay together. We can't do that even if I wish I could have you with me forever,' Draco kissed Harry very tenderly, 'Goodbye Harry, take this with you, I love you, I have loved you for years.'

Harry let out a small sob, 'I love you too,' Harry hugged Draco, 'Goodbye Draco,' Harry let him go, quickly unsealed the room then ran and he never stopped running until he was outside trying to stop these feelings from taking over. He squatted down, looked at the grass and thought of the one he had lost, the one he loved over anyone else. Harry knew if things were different, if they were other people, if they lived in a different time and a different place, this could have ended far differently than how it did. But they didn't live in a different time or place and they were Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, so Harry knew this was it. He sat there quietly saying goodbye to the only person he would ever love and knew the life he was going to be living would be a lie, but one he had to live.