Chapter sixteen

'Does that mean you never meant to fall pregnant with Evan?' a man yelled.

'I didn't even know it could happen, but no, I didn't. The moment I found out I was happy about it, I was just concerned about everyone finding out, if they would accept it or not. Naturally I had to tell Draco, I was worried about that, but he was like me, happy about being a parent.'

'So Charlie, do you think you'll see about getting pregnant if you have to be cut open to give birth?' Bill yelled making all the Weasley's laugh and shake their heads.

'Right now I don't have anyone, but if I found someone I wanted to settle down with, then…maybe. Harry, how much did it hurt?'

The crowd broke into hysterics, 'Worse than the cruciatus curse, worse than the killing curse. Well, you can't understand that as I am the only person to live with that, but let me say when I woke up after that curse, blimey I was in pain. So to answer your question, yes, it's the worse pain you will feel.'

'Don't scare him Harry, he'll never give me a grandchild,' Molly yelled.

'Harry screamed so loud I thought I would end up deaf. I had to hold him down so he wouldn't move, so he yelled right in my ear,' Draco smirked.

'It's your turn next time babe, remember that. Oh but I think our son needs feeding, so I have to call it a day, it was great to see all of you and thank you for turning up. Remember what I said, if you don't like this and you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all. Treat us how you want to be treated, respect us as we will respect you,' Harry gave everyone a wave, then stepped back into the marquee with Draco, Narcissa, Severus, Minerva, Kingsley and Charlie, Draco placing Evan back in Harry's arms. But within a few minutes the rest of the Weasley's entered, along with all Harry's friends and a man that put his arm around Kingsley.

'You are wonderful Harry, I can't believe how well that went. When you first said you were gay I thought a riot was going to start, but everyone listened to what you had to say and they heard you,' Kingsley gave Harry a small hug as he was holding his son.

'I was surprised how well it went Kingsley, but I was worried about you.'

'How did you know about me anyway?'

'Just instinct I think, I saw things, the way you move, talk, everything and those robes, they scream gay,' Harry chuckled.

'Hey, there is nothing wrong with my robes.'

'Sorry Kingsley only a gay bloke would wear them, but then again, I'm gay and I wouldn't wear them,' Charlie said.

'Alright, let's forget about my robes.'

'I heard a few comments, they didn't like it but out of respect for what you did Mr. Potter they will not say anything against gay men. I'm Ashton by the way,' the man with his arm around Kingsley held out his hand and Harry shook it.

'It's Harry, Mr. Potter makes me feel ancient.'

'I heard similar Harry, some saying it was still against nature but you did save our world so they won't say anything.' Molly said.

'I think that's why it has gone so well. If it was Charlie that came out, I don't think it would have been as accepted as it is. Charlie might have fought that night, brought all those extra people that turned the fighting in our favour, but it was Harry that had faced Voldemort time and again just to finish him in the end. When you said we all fought to live in a world where we don't have to be dictated to, I saw a lot of nodding heads. We did all fight so we could choose how we live, not how Voldemort wanted us to live. So even though a lot will still see us as wrong, having Harry Potter admit his gay will make people think twice about saying something,' Kingsley said.

'It was Minerva's suggestion and when I thought about it, she made sense. I am different to how everyone thought I was, but I still don't like the fact that I'm considered the hero when all of you and a lot of other people helped win our war. But I thought okay, if they see me as a hero, then I'm going to use that to get my point across, to let everyone know that we did not chose this. Who in their right mind would chose to be in the minority, it makes life harder.'

'So that letter you wrote was a lie?' Hermione asked.

'Not all of it Hermione, only the part of leaving to go overseas, I was with Draco when I wrote that. Before I found out I was pregnant I was having a hard time, I did consider leaving and I did consider ending it. I was in love with Draco and thought I could never be with him, so everything was getting to me. I wasn't sleeping well, I was having nightmares again, I kept thinking was it worth it. I know it was, it gave everyone a chance at a good life for a while, but I just wasn't coping with it all. Then I started to feel worse, tired all the time, I was sick, couldn't keep anything down. That's when I went to see Madame Pomfrey, oh blimey was I in shock when she told me. I saw the look on her face and knew she didn't like the fact that I was gay, so I panicked wondering what I was going to do.'

'That's when Harry spoke to me. I open the door and before I can say anything he shouts that he needs help. So the first thing we did was go tell Draco. Once they realise they were going to be parents, they decided to be together and just stay hidden. Harry went out with blond hair once, he uses a glamour to hide his scar, got contact lenses. Those three things kept him from being recognised and that's how they were going to live their life, hidden away from the rest of the world, forever.'

'So that day I heard you say Harry, you were really talking about Harry Potter, not some friend.'

'Yes, sorry Hermione, but you surprised us. Harry had been using the name John while we were out. But that day mother drags me out because I was feeling useless. Harry was going through some bad mood swings and I couldn't help him. So I was trying to figure out something to buy him that would cheer him up.'

'I remember Molly's mood swings, the shed came in handy,' Arthur smirked.

'Yeah, Harry would be laughing one minute, crying the next, yelling at all of us for no reason, then trying to race me off the next. We all had to be careful what we said to him. Severus was the one examining him all the time, one to make sure Harry and the baby was fine and the other to document everything, so he used to cop more than me or mother. Severus would calmly ask Harry how he was feeling and I have never heard anyone swear like Harry.'

'Yes, not something I'm used to hearing but I also had to ignored the fact he would call me a something greasy haired bastard, I didn't want to say the other word.'

'Harry, you didn't say that to professor Snape, did you?' Neville asked.

'That and worse Neville. Ask Mrs. Weasley, you can't help what you say and you don't even realise you're doing it until later, then I would just keep apologising to Severus, Narcissa and Dra. But Charlie boy, are you going to do it, give your mother a grandchild, go through agonising pain, mood swings and think you're as big as a hippogriff, that no one loves you and your ugly, sometimes you wet yourself when you laugh, oh the fun of pregnancy,' Harry said making everyone break up laughing as Charlie went white. Molly who knew exactly how it feels, everything that Harry said was true, but she realises that if Severus and Poppy work together, then maybe all her children will give her grandchildren someday. If Charlie did, that came down to Harry doing what he has always done, brought out his bravery to do what was right. She hoped just like a lot of people standing around, that today might be a very important day in the wizarding world, a day that the people finally accepted gay relationships.

The end: