All right! Hey! I am so excited to write this fanfic basically it's a Fic on Obi-Wan if he was sent to the Agri-corps and the dire consequences that follow. Whoops! I say too much?:P

I will try to update of course that will also depend on how many people want to read my work but bear with me I will try my best.:)

Now enough of me bantering (points at chapter below) Mwahahah this author apologizes in advance for the way she will abuse her characters.


Darkness and Light, Light and Darkness what in essence is the difference between the two? Is not Darkness the lack of Light? Is not Light the lack of Darkness? Passion and lack of passion, lack of passion and passion, can one judge the difference between the two if they did not try to at least once embrace both?

How can one compare two flavors of Bantha milk if one has only tasted one? How can one compare two distinctly different flowers if they are as different as the climates on Tatooine and Hoth? If one flower is a deep hue of purple and smells like morning dew while the other a dirty brown used in Herbal remedies can we deem judge the difference between the two?

How can a Jedi judge a Sith? Granted passion leads to the dark side yet what about Love? Love is a strong all-consuming feeling. Can love not replace the anger as a fuel source for a Sith? And what of the Jedi? Is not their love and compassion for all beings that which urges them to excel? What then is a Jedi but a hypocrite? What then is a Sith if it purposely uses the Darker feelings to fuel itself for power? Are both not equally guilty of blasphemy against themselves? Are both not equally contradictory?

Yet what would be life without the struggle of light and darkness it would be like a lyre without a tune a world without a struggle a sea without waves. And in the end are not all occurrences and shifts in balance the will of the Force?

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