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Obi Wan awoke in a cell, its walls a shimmering pink static. He groaned forcing himself to sit up. Cuffs? Wonderful. His head was pounding incessantly. How many meds had he been pumped with? He felt like a husk. He had drained himself on that world and entering the force would prove fatal and hurt a lot. Across from him sitting in lotus position was a familiar face, the boy's nose scrunched up in distaste as he looked upon the denizen of the containment field.

"You don't look so good." The accusing voice demanded.

"I don't feel so good." He deadpanned rubbing the back of his sore neck Obi Wan studied his surroundings. The temple's prison quarters? Well he should be thankful that he wasn't taken to the temple's lower levels. Rumor had it the walls were made of blocks of pure thanatosine preventing all access to the force leaving the users bereft of their natural talents and causing immeasurable discomfort to force users. The perfect prison for the orders fallen. That only begged the question of why it was they had left him here rather than there. Did they know? Or did they simply not see him as a threat?

"Aren't you hurt? Why did the Jedi put you in here?"

"I am must be very dangerous if they did so Anakin." He had a charade to keep up after all.

"You don't look very dangerous to me." The boy pouted.

Obi Wan chuckled trying to ignore the growing pain behind his eyes. "Then you are very deluded my very young friend. A Jedi any Jedi is always susceptible to becoming a danger to the order."

"What do you mean? How?" The young boy's mind was like an open book ready to soak in anything and everything but frankly Obi Wan was simply too exhausted to play this game. That and the looming possibility of the Jedi watching him through the temple's security cams made the playing field more discouraging. He had to be exceedingly careful with his wording.

He leaned his head against the back wall of the static eyes closing against his will. He hated the Jedi and their karking problem with him but he could be thankful for small mercies as they could have placed the field to stun on contact. "We'll continue this later Anakin. You need to pay more attention in your classes. If you did you would have the answers to your question."

The boy frowned. "But there so dull!" He whined. Obi Wan sighed but he could sense that the boy had come for another reason. "If you're here to complain I believe you have a master for that. I would continue the next installment of battlefront but I'm need to rest if I am to heal. I suggest you scram before your master has my head."

"I'm not here for a story." Anakin hughed. "It's about mom."

Obi Wan raised an expectant eyebrow. "Oh?"

"I keep having these dreams about her an I think she's in real trouble."

"Dreams pass in time Anakin." Kriff it he needed more meds. Why go halfway? If he couldn't use the force to assail his pain they might as well leave him some more meds to keep his fever down. Did he have a fever? He wasn't sure but it was getting karking hot.

"Not this one." The boy's hands were on his hips as he rose and stared Obi Wan down. "It was real."

Obi Wan's eyes flickered open as he motioned to the static field with his hands cuffed before him. "I'm a bit tied up at the moment."

"But can't you talk to the Jedi? They'd listen to you! They would!"

"Anakin, even if I wasn't cuffed or imprisoned I doubt I could do much, other than check on your mother myself. And even then that would only be possible if I were dispatched into a nearby star system. The Jedi code strictly forbids attachment."

"But what if she's in trouble?" The boy yelled. "You're a Jedi you're supposed to help people!"

Obi Wan had the boy now. If he wasn't hurting so much he would laugh. He allowed an amount of grimness to leak into his voice. "Look Anakin there's nothing I can do about it. The most I could do were I to defy the council would be to steal a cruiser and travel to wherever your mother is. But the council would not look kindly upon it and I'm already on the council's watch list so no Anakin my hands are literally tied."

Anakin was about to respond hotly but the door at the far end of the wall opened with a hiss.

"Anakin! Why did miss your classes today?" The blue twi'llek master bustled into the room hands on her hips. Her eyes widened when she saw who Anakin was speaking to. And then narrowing no doubt having sensed his latest release of discontent into the force.

"I came to see Obi Wan! Master why isn't he in the halls of healing?" The boy's pout grew as he looked between his Master and Obi Wan. His anger was still palpable in the air.

"Anakin, I'm here because the Jedi council must have seen it fit to place me here. Do you really think they would leave me here if they thought I was in any danger of dying?"

Anakin's frown grew but his anger began dissipating. "But your hurt I can tell! Why is everyone always lying to me?"

Master Nas sighed. "I've been looking all over the temple for you, what did I say about suppressing your signature?"

Anakin's force signature dampened and he drooped. "Sorry master." Slightly taken aback by his sudden change in demeanor the master's face softened. "Come let's go. And don't think you're getting of that easy." She gave Obi Wan another cursory glance. "No master." Anakin meekly followed her but Obi Wan did not miss a smirk which played on Anakin's lips as he looked back at Obi Wan. Tired, beaten, imprisoned and still he had won. It seemed all his time with the boy had paid off. Perhaps the boy would bustle up some problems for the Jedi when he went back to Naboo. Yes it was good when the force was on your side.

It was an hour later when Vokara Che chief healer of the halls of healing made her way into the temple's containment hall followed by the Korun master. It was about time.

Obi Wan cracked his eyes open and after a brief struggle sat up. "Masters?"

Mace Windu frowned down at him. "How are you feeling son?"

"Not very well it seems." The twi'llek master interrupted giving the stoic master a pointed glare as she pressed for the field release.

"Nothing some sleep can't handle." The last thing he needed was for someone else to go tearing through his shields. At this rate he doubted he could keep cover for much longer. Obi Wan struggled to rise but the healer just pushed him back down.

"Hold still and let me get a reading on you." She commanded. He tried to push her hand away but she slapped it down with more force than he had thought possible for a healer and placed a hand on his forehead. "Force Mace, why didn't you bring him straight to me? I swear Kenobi you seem to have a knack for getting yourself into the most difficult of diagnosis."

"We live to serve?" He offered. She clicked her tongue in disdain. "He won't be coming before the council today I won't allow it!"

Mace frowned at the statement. He himself was not averse to the idea if not for the sole fact that the council needed answers now. He felt for the boy but duty and the safety of the temple came first but Master Che was a force to reckon with so he relented.

"Easy padawan." Master Windu braced Obi Wan into a stand. Three hours master and then the council shall see him. She tutted but sighed in agreement.

Time dragged on step after agonizing step. He didn't remember much of the walk only that when he entered the halls of healing he was dumped on a medbay by his Master who left stating he had a council meeting. A familiar figure suddenly assailed him.

"Kenobi? Obi Wan Kenobi?"

"Force Bant stop that!" Master Che who was now bustling with more meds for him looked on rather amused as her patient was taken half lifted of the cot by the red Jedi knight who was hugging Obi Wan with a ferocity of a long lost friend.

"Bant it hurts stop it." He groaned.

"I don't care!" She sobbed into his shoulder. "How could you! I thought you were dead! I heard you were dead? And now you drop in like you've never been gone? How could you do this to me."

"Bant please." He vision was swimming. Kriff it all. Why now? Everything was going dark. "Obi Wan? Force I'm so sorry. Hold on you'll be fine. You got that? " Then everything went dark.

Note: Obi Wan does not know where Anakin is from so he assumed he's from Naboo. As that's the planet Qui Gon was sent to. Not many know about the detour as it was mostly uneventful since Maul never attacked Qui Gon there so in the eyes of the Jedi it's not an important planet.

I was debating whether I should put Siri into this chapter instead of Bant but Bant is a healer hence she would be in the halls of healing. As to why Kenobi hadn't bumped into her before? Well this is his first real visit and Bant heard about him being back but he never dropped by to say hi. Pairing Obi Wan with Siri... Hmmm will there be a full romance? Doubtful. But I might do a bit between them. Not sure yet exactly what it will be, your thoughts? Till next time.