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Cassidy gripped the handle and stared out at the robots. Then she turned the valve. A large whale sub dove down, disappearing under the water. Under normal conditions this would be weird, but Cassidy knew somewhere in the back of her mind this was a dream, and she knew what to do next.

She dove into the water and tried to make it away. She failed. The explosion hit, bit of rubble and Cassidy herself flying everywhere. Then there was darkness. Cassidy appeared in the darkness. She knew this wouldn't last long, because this was a dream.

Sure enough, a green, glowing, and shapeless monster showed up. Cassidy wasn't afraid of it though. "I don't know who you are, but you better get out of my dream." She ordered.

The monster laughed. "Oh but I am gone." He said. "I am gone, to make everyone happy, to make you happy." He was somehow spinning around her, even though he didn't have any legs. "So, are you happy Cassidy?"

Cassidy didn't reply. After all, this was just a dream.

The monster clearly wasn't happy about this though. He grabbed her in one of his tentacle like things. "Are you happy Cassidy?" He repeated. "Are you?!" He squeezed harder and harder. Cassidy kicked and struggled against it, but she couldn't make it let her go. "Very well. I will consume you."

Cassidy shut her eyes as its 'mouth' came close, but she wasn't afraid. This was a dream. She knew it was a dream, because she'd had it before.

Then she sat up forward and opened her eyes. It was still dark, but not the pitch black of her dream. She could hear Ricky nearby. Luckily, he was still asleep. That wasn't surprising really, he was a heavy sleeper.

Cassidy let the dream run through her head again. It didn't happen often, but it had happened enough she wondered what it meant.

'Are you happy Cassidy? Are you?' Cassidy thought about her life, her life with Ricky. Then she gave a small smile. Yes. I am actually. She thought.

Then she laid back down, and went into a dreamless sleep.