Chapter 13

Quinn what's going on?"

"Soooo Sam has this Gucci Blazer right that has the Gucci symbol on the inside and his customized initials in it, ummmmm what is it doing here?" Quinn pointed on the side of Mercedes

Mercedes look down and wanted to Smack herself and Sam how could they leave his blazer out laid across the chair opened with The Gucci Symbol and initials showing right there in their face

"Ummmm well when you were in the Hampton's for the 4th I ran into Sam, at a bar he left his blazer behind so I took it home with me I just haven't got a chance to give it back to him I've been meaning to give it to you"

Quinn laughed
"Wow that's funny because I take all
of his clothes to the dry cleaners and pick them up,I just picked that blazer up 2 days ago from the dry-cleaning that's the only one he owns sooooo that's a lie,I'm going to ask you again what is it doing here?"


Quinn gave her that sinister smile again
"Is he here?"


"Is he here Mercedes!? Just move!"

Quinn pushed the door open slamming it into the wall and stormed in
"Sam! , Sam! Sam!"

"Quinn calm down you're going to disturb the neighbors"

"Fuck the neighbors Mercedes! Where is he? As a matter of fact I thought it was in my head but I smell his Gucci cologne, I know he's in here,Sam you fucker! Where are you?!"

She was storming around the apartment like a mad women
She walked towards the guest bedroom where Sam went into

"Quinn no!"

She kicked the door open and walked into the room she opened the closet, looked under the bed then went into the bathroom snatching the shower curtain open with no sign of Sam

She stormed back out with Mercedes on her heels she walked to the middle of the living room floor yelling Sam's name she turned to Mercedes
"Mercedes where is he I know you're hiding him in here"

"Quinn calm down please and let me explain"

"Mercedes where is Sam!"

Sam suddenly appeared in the living room out of nowhere startling Mercedes and Quinn

"I'm right here"

Quinn twirled around fast on her heels almost losing her balance and stormed to Sam
"You motherfucker"

She smacked him hard across the face cutting the side of his cheek with her engagement ring

He took his sleeve and wiped the dripping blood

"Quinn stop"

"Sam how could you! This the bitch you're cheating on me with, my best friend! How could you Sam!?"

She bawled her fist up and went to swing at his face but he caught her arm

"Quinn stop it!"

"How could you Sam, out of all the people!"

Mercedes spoke up
"Quinn you don't understand let us explain"

She turned and pointed to Mercedes
"You shut the hell up Mercedes!"

"Sam, I can't believe you, you act like you're this good rich, classy guy but you're not shit like the rest of them! You're just looks and money!"
I hate you!

Sam grabbed her arms
"Quinn calm down you're pregnant!"

Quinn grabbed her stomach like Sam words made her realize that she was in fact pregnant, she lowered her voice but was still loud enough for Sam and Mercedes to hear her

"Why Sam out of all people, why go for Mercedes why not cheat with someone else?"

Sam dropped his head talking low that they barely could hear him
"It's always been Mercedes Quinn from the beginning it has always been Mercedes"


"I said It has always been Mercedes"

Quinn turned to Mercedes confused
"Mercedes what is he talking about?"

"Quinn, Sam is my first love, he's my first everything, remember the mysterious boyfriend, well this is him"

Quinn covered her mouth
(She started walking backwards and rested against the wall like she could not stand up straight anymore)
You, it's been you all along it makes sense now

Quinn's head started spinning, everything started making sense at that moment, she started thinking back to everything, it all came flooding her mind
From the first time she met Sam and his father

I am Mr Evan's sweetie, come on in, my son the other Evan's is in the back arguing on the phone with that ex girlfriend of his"

To her calling Mercedes when she left the Evan's house

"Sorry Quinn, but my ex just called me on some bullshit, I have no clue how he got my number, we argued before I hung up in his face"

"Is this the mysterious ex boyfriend that I never met?"

"Yes, we broke up sophomore year of college almost 3 years later and he's calling me with the same shit"

"Wow he sounds like a stalker"

To Sam almost losing his balance when he first saw Mercedes, to Sam suddenly changing after meeting Mercedes it was all making perfect sense now they have been around each other all this time playing her like a fool, acting like they didn't know each, acting like they couldn't stand to be around each other, but the whole time they've been keeping this secret

She walked in Mercedes face
"Mercedes you knew the moment you laid eyes on him at the mix and mingle that he was your first love, why didn't you tell me?!"

"Quinn how was I suppose to tell you that huh? And mess up your engagement, how was I suppose to tell my best friend that she's engaged to marry my first everything?"

"You should've put it all out there Cedes,Before the fucking wedding planning!"

"Quinn,How could I have spilled that to you, do you really think that you would have just accepted it and left Sam so I could be with him huh!?

"You know what maybe so because that's how much I valued our friendship, you're my sister Mercedes! My best friend we all could have sat down and talked about this! but you both were too chicken shit to tell me! I feel like a damn fool!

"I'm so sorry Quinn I didn't mean for it to get this far I really didn't I never wanted to mess your engagement up"

"Well guess what Mercedes you did you were so fucking d*ck whipped on Sam that you couldn't let me be happy"

"But Quinn you and Sam called it quits already your with Puck"

"It doesn't matter Mercedes it's the principle of the whole situation, you and Sam ain't shit!"

Sam tried to step in between them
"Quinn, we're sorry ok"

"You shut the fuck up Sam!"

"Quinn please"

"You fucking shut up too Mercedes you two were made for each other,
I hate you Mercedes and I never wanna see you again! Both of you!"

Quinn stormed out of the Apartment

Mercedes tried to run after her
"Quinn nooo!

Sam grabbed Mercedes to stop her
"Just let her go Mercedes"

Mercedes pushed his hands away
"Get off me!"

She ran to the window and watched Quinn jump in the truck with Puck

Meanwhile in Pucks truck

He leaned over to give Quinn a kiss
Don't fucking touch me!"

"Woah mama, What's wrong"


"What about Cedes?"

"Mercedes is who Sam was stepping out on me with,Mercedes is Sam's first Love shes been there since the beginning and they fooled me acting like they didn't know each other, they were together for 6 damn years! ain't shit moth*rfuckers"

Puck eyes got wide
"You gotta be kidding me, are you serious?"


"Wow Sam was hitting that for 6 years, nice"


"What Quinn?"

"Be serious for once damn"

"I mean like Quinn you did sleep with me your fiancé's best friend and you got knocked up sooo we all ain't shit"

"But that was after Sam started acting so weird I knew something was up"

"But two wrongs don't make a right, you should've called it off if you had a feeling he was cheating"

"Really Puck,Really! You're sitting here preaching to the Choir when you're the biggest ain't shit all them

"I know I'm not! But was I "ain't shit" when I was banging you into the headboard?!"

Quinn put her head in her hands and started sobbing

"I can't believe them"

Quinn calm down you're pregnant it's not good for the baby to stress, we all would work this out because I'm now part of this mess too

Quinn pulled her phone out and started dialing a number

"Quinn who are you calling?"


Puck threw his hands up
"What is up with y'all and Blaine, you don't have to call him to save or comfort you all the time he's not your damn dad,or boyfriend,as a matter of fact you should be talking to me I'm the one who knocked your ass up"

Quinn ignored him and continued to dial Blaine's number he instantly answered
"Quinn are you ok, have you talked to Sam"

Quinn started crying in the phone
"Blaine I need you, I'm so hurt I went over to Cedes house to talk to her and I discovered that Sam was hiding out over there I thought she was the one he was cheating with, he was, but guess what?! Sam is her first love you know the mysterious boyfriend? That we didn't know about? It's Sam!"

Quinn had no clue that Blaine already knew

"Blaine can you come home? Please I just need you right now"

"I'm coming to You, I'm going to try to get a flight to you right away I should be there tonight ok?"

"Ok Blaine"

Puck just shook his head
"You know I don't like him sometimes but Blaine's got his own life you guys can't keep depending on him like that, it's too needy he's not obligated to you or Cedes"

"Please don't say Mercedes name right now, let's just go"

"As you wish"

Puck looked up to see Sam up in the window staring down at them Puck nodded at him Sam nodded back it wasn't a What's up nod or a see you later nod it was a "we most definitely got shit to talk about nod"

Quinn looked up at Sam and gave him the middle finger salute
"Puck let's go! We're going to your Condo, then were going to get my things I can't stand to be in Sam's condo anymore"

Puck looked back up to Sam one last time then sped off

Meanwhile back in the apartment
Mercedes ran to her room crying her eyes out and wouldn't let Sam touch her let alone come in her room, Sam broke open Mercedes liquor stash and sat back on the couch he wasn't leaving Mercedes until she was ready to talk

Hours went by and Mercedes never came out Sam sat in the living room getting drunk off his ass and he wasn't even a drinker like that he only had watered down beers from time to time but right now he was drink hardcore liquor

Blaine made it to New York in about 6 and a half hours he went straight to Quinn to comfort her he wasn't ready to tell her that he already knew,she had enough on her plate she fell asleep in his arms and he left her to check on Mercedes

He decided to use his spare key that Mercedes gave him to her apartment that he never once used when he made it to her apartment he put the key in the door unlocked it and went in as he was opening the door he was faced with a drunk Sam and it was a sight to see

Sam was the most clean cut, neatest guy he ever met next to Blaine himself,
Sam was sitting on the couch with liquor all around him, his shirt was buttoned up wrong,he had one sock on, his hair was a mess, his eyes were red and he had dried up tears on his face Sam looked up at Blaine coming through the door

"What are you doing here?"

"Sam I don't have time for your drunk mess where is Cedes?"

"You have a key?"

"Yes Sam"

"Oh oh no no no"
He watched Sam try to get up but was to drunk to even stand up

"Mercedes gave me a key only to use for emergencies right now Mercedes needs me and I'm here to check on her"

"Why doesn't Quinn have a key?"

"She loss it and Mercedes never gave her another...why am I talking to you right now you're pissy drunk, where is Cedes?"

Sam waved him off
"In the room where I'm not invited"

Blaine went in the room to Mercedes balled up in her covers
"Mercedes you ok?"

Mercedes peeked from under the covers and jumped straight up
She fell in Blaine's arms

"I feel so stupid Blaine you were right I should've said something from the beginning,now Quinn hates me!"

"Mercedes she doesn't hate you she'll get over it, all of you were wrong in this situation, You,Sam,Puck and Quinn now you all gotta find a way to fix this mess, shit I was wrong in the situation too because I knew all along"

Mercedes hugged Blaine again
"Blaine I'm sooo sorry I put you in the mess made you obligated to keep this secret"

"It's ok Cedes it's nothing what can we can do now,you love Sam right?"

"Of course I do"

"Do you wanna be with him?


"Well you guys need to talk cause right now he's in there drunk as hell and looking like shit and it looks like he's been crying"

"Drunk he barely drinks"

"Well right now he's drunk off his ass"

They heard something fall then heard hard footsteps coming towards the room
"Oh boy here we go"
Mercedes laid back on the bed she could already feel it Sam was on his way to be an asshole to Blaine but Blaine could be an even bigger asshole she really wasn't feeling up to this mess

Sam pushed the door fully opened and stumbled in holding a closed bottle of vodka in one hand
"W-what's go-going on here?"

"We're talking Sam"

"Why-why do you get to talk to Cedes and I don't?"

"Maybe because she don't wanna talk to you Sam you're drunk"

"I know what you're trying to do, you tried to take my fiancé and my fiancé just like Puck"


"You tried to take Quinn and Mercedes"

"First of all Sam, Quinn is your Ex fiancé and you called quits on her,Mercedes never was you're fiancé"

"She's my fiancé in my head,why do you always have to be superman huh? As a matter of fact! Why do you always have to be batman to Mercedes huh? And I always gotta be Robinnnn!, and then there's Quinn she banged my best friend and got knocked up can you believe it!"

Blaine couldn't believe Sam right now he was actually making a fool out of himself he could barely stand up straight, his coordination was off, he thought he was pointing at Blaine but he was pointing crooked he looked like a hot mess

"Sam just calm down you're drunk, and you were sleeping with her best friend so what's the difference?"

"It is a difference, do you wanna know why!?, Mercedes and I were high school sweethearts we dated from the age of 14 to 20,6 years,Quinn just met Puck the day of the mix and mingle, Mercedes and I are each other's first Loves,Puck and Quinn barely know each other! Cedes and I only messed around twice and we used protection! Puck and Quinn didn't have the decency to use Protection and they slept together 10 times can you believe it?!"

"Well you do have a point, but you all were still wrong"

"No whatever,you Love Mercedes don't you, admit it, admit it"

"Yes I love Cedes"

"I mean like in a I would marry her way, I use to watch the way you looked at Mercedes, that's the way I look at Mercedes I see the way you hold her when she's upset that's the way I hold Mercedes, you're trying to take her from me aren't you?!"

"No I'm not Sam"

Mercedes watched how calm Blaine was she knew how vicious Blaine could be with his words and how much of an asshole he could be she was just waiting on him to snap and Mercedes wasn't going to say anything because Sam was being a a drunk ass right she just sat back and watched without saying a thing"

"You are, that's why you brought her that engagement right!"

"Sam it's a friendship ring"

"Why couldn't you get her a damn, bracelet or a necklace or a damn ring out of the bubblegum machine, not a damn frigagement ring!"

"What the hell is a frigagement ring?"

"A friend/engagement ring!"

"Well why the hell did you not say that instead of making up damn words, you know what I don't know how Mercedes deal with you, you're a obsessive, jealous, with too much money that you don't know what to do with it asshole! and I see you turn into a fucking 10 year old when you're mad and drunk!

"Admit that you love Mercedes I'm surprise you haven't professed your love to her already! Mercedes got you wrapped around her finger!"

Blaine looked at Mercedes and she shook her head Blaine most definitely professed to her..he promised himself not to bring it up again and here goes Sam drunk ass bringing it back up Blaine had enough he stood up and stepped in Sam's face, Sam was towering over him and he knew Sam had a mean streak but he was not stepping down, Sam was so drunk that he could probably take a finger and pushed Sam down
Mercedes grabbed the sleeve of his blazer

"Blaine don't"

Blaine snatched away from her
"No Mercedes he's being a immature asshole he needs a reality check right now"

Blaine stepped even closer to Sam Sam stumbled back and fell against the wall
"Listen here Sam,Yea I do love Mercedes that's why I'm here comforting her, while you're too drunk to even function!,you're so worried about me taking Mercedes and so fucking pu**y whipped over Mercedes that you're not even worried about the real situation here!
You left you're fiancé today, tofuckingday! And you sitting here arguing with me over beautiful Mercedes! When you have your beautiful ex fiancé! Crying her eyes out too,you act like you just weren't engaged yesterday! Did you even care about Quinn?!"

"Of course I did! Did she care about me huh!? Or about my looks and my wealth, I admit I never loved her like I loved Mercedes I know I fucked up but she did worst she got pregnant! So I am worried about her I just don't want to think about it right now!"

Blaine snatched the bottle of vodka out of Sam's hand and threw it to the floor
"You can't NOT think about it and drink yourself crazy! stop worrying about one woman worry about them both, you had two women Sam, Two women! fighting for your love, you're right Mercedes does have me wrapped around her finger! That's why I'm here I dropped Everything in LA and came to her and Quinn because you aren't man enough to make things better! Mercedes has you so wrapped around her finger that if she says jumped you will say how high! If she tells you to get on your knees and eat this, you will drop on all fours and eat her like it was your last meal on this green earth! Like a little hoe Man the fuck up! Stop being so blinded and whipped over Mercedes and get your shit together with your best friend and Ex fiancé! And after you work it out with them work it out with your future Mercedes,we're 27 years old we are not in high school anymore all the games need to stop! Put your business suit back on and stop being a bitch! Get your shit together Sam! In here drinking and behaving like a fucking alcoholic while Mercedes in the room crying her eyes out! This is not you Sam!"

"Mercedes won't talk to me!"

"Well make her talk!,stop being a pretty boy, immature, jealous,bitch and ..fuck..up Sam!"

Sam looked from Mercedes to Blaine and pushed him back with the little strength he had and stumbled out the room

Mercedes never seen Blaine that mad not even when him and Mercedes fell out, she couldn't even be mad at Blaine Sam needed to hear it

Blaine was furious he couldn't believe Sam he sat on the bed clenching and unclenching his fist Mercedes crawled over to him and hugged him from behind
"Are you ok?"

"I'm ok Cedes, I'm sorry I went off on your precious Sam"

"It's ok, he needed to hear it"

"I'm going back to LA bright and early tomorrow I just needed to check on you and Quinn, this is stressing me out this mess is like a soap opera"

"Indeed it is, you're not leaving me are you? Moving to LA"

"No I'm not New York is home, it's just good to be away for a min,no offense but I need to get away from you all for a min until everything blows over, I might stay in LA for a month, or so and come home before I'm scheduled to go back to work, I've been hanging with Santana a lot she have introduce me to a lot of people and opened me up to LA's fashion world I think my clothing line will do good there if I decide to start it"

"I'm happy for you Blaine I want you to get away, I Love you sooo much, if Sam wasn't in the picture you would be all mines baby,(she laughed and playfully pushed him) but you know my love runs too deep for Sam"

"I know I want you with that asshole,he takes good care of you"

"Thanks for always protecting me baby,whatever lady/Man you marry would be so lucky"

"Always Cedes, I've been keeping in touch with Kurt from work so let's see where that goes"

"So answer this are you Gay or just bicurious right now?"

"Idk only time will tell if this goes further with Kurt, but if you ever leave Sam just know it's on baby"
He smiled at her

"You're so silly Blaine"

"I'm just playing but let me get out of here I'm going to go to my condo and get some rest,then leave for LA early tomorrow morning"

Mercedes walked him to the door they heard the shower going in the guest bathroom, hopefully Sam listened to Blaine
Mercedes hugged Blaine
"I'm going to miss you if you stay in LA for a month what am I going to do without my right hand"

"You will be alright shorty,you got crazy Sam, he will most definitely entertain you, see you Cedes Love you"

"Love you too Blaine call me when you make it to LA tomorrow"

"I sure will bye Cedes"

"Bye Blaine"

Mercedes went back into her room and crawled back in the bed she took her phone out to see if maybe Quinn called or texted her she had no call nor text from Quinn

She wrapped up in the covers and drifted off to sleep, she was woking up by a noise coming from the living room, she looked at the time it read 2am, she got up to see where the noise was coming from she was shocked to see that Sam was still there, he was sitting back in the living room,eating Chinese food watching tv shirtless, with boxers on, his face looked freshly shaved and she could smell her body wash that he probably used,,Mercedes must've startled him he jumped and looked up at her he studied her face for a min like he wasn't sure if he should say anything but Mercedes spoke first

"Sam are you ok?"

"I'm fine Mercy I ordered some Chinese food yours is in the fridge"

"Thanks Sam, she went into the kitchen took out the Chinese food and warmed some up in the microwave she grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge for her and Sam and went to sit next to him, she handed him his bottle of water and folded her legs up under her and started to eat Sam was all into Scandal, that was one of Mercedes favorite shows so she zoomed in on it too, they not ate in awkward silence scared to say anything Sam broke the ice

"Hey they remind me of us Fitz and Olivia, they know it's wrong but they can't stay away from each other,that is so us"

Mercedes swallowed hard she was not in the mood to talk at that moment Sam noticed her mood change


"It's ok"

She grabbed their plates and empty water bottles and took everything to the kitchen, she straightened up and went into the bathroom to shower when she got out Sam was still in his Same spot he looked up at her with puppy dogs eyes like he was desperate for her to say something to him she kinda felt bad for him

She walked up to him grabbed the remote out of his hand shut off the tv then she grabbed his hand
"Baby come on"

She led him to her room turning off all the lights in the process and walked them into her darkroom
"Sam I don't want us to be mad at each other were going to work this out ok, but right now you need to sleep"

Sam didn't protest he climb in the bed and gestured for Mercedes to Climb in too, she snuggled up to him and laid on his chest,she laid to soft pecks on his bare chest
"I'm sorry sexy, I was being a bitch towards you I was just upset, you was upset to but I was only worried about me"

"That's ok Babe I'm sorry too I was being an ass, you know Blaine was right, I'm going to talk to Quinn and Puck tomorrow so we all can come to an understanding"

"Quinn probably don't want to talk to me"

"She'll come around trust me it'll just take sometime"

"I hope, so what are you going to do about the house you brought?"

"I'm going to get rid of my Condo you're going to get out of your apartment lease and we're moving in it I know we just can't up and start our relationship like nothing happened but we can make it work, we're going to be ok baby I promise, no more games, no more lies, just us baby"

*********4 months later***************

Sam and Mercedes were living in their home working on their relationship, Sam talked it out with Puck and Quinn and they all decided to be cordial well at least Puck agreed,Him and Blaine also got back on good terms Sam gained more respect for him after he cut into Sam, Sam's father finally accepted that Mercedes and Sam were destined to be together and apologized to her and Sam...Quinn was living with Puck and still was not talking to Mercedes and she still didn't know that Blaine knew all along sugar moved on from Blaine and got her a man...Blaine was traveling back and forth from New York to LA and spending a lot of time with Kurt and Santana,every chance he got off work he would go stay in LA, Mercedes even traveled to LA with him a couple of times and hung out with him and Santana,

Mercedes took on the role as Sam's new fiancé Sam technically didn't proposed to her yet, but they were practically engaged he promised her that when the time was right and everyone was back on good terms he would propose to her when she least expect

One particular day Sam and Mercedes decided to meet up on their breaks for lunch, Sam waited on a bench for her eating his hot dog while Mercedes walked over to the near by dry cleaners to pick up his things

As she was walking back towards Sam she ran into Quinn, they both stopped and stared at each other for a min, Mercedes took in Quinn's appearance, her hair grew out longer and she was dressed in a floral dress that flared out at the bottom with her favorite Tan Christian Louboutin heels with the very low heel,she looked beautiful she was now 6 months with a small baby bump

Quinn smiled at her
"Hey Mercedes"

"Hey Quinn"

She looked at Sam's clothes in Mercedes arms
"Picking up Sam's dry cleaning?


She smiled
"I use to pick his dry cleaning up on the same day"

"How are you Quinn?"

"I'm happy, how are you and Sam"

"We're happy"

"That's good Mercedes, well I have to go meet Puck up the street for lunch and my doctors appointment, see you around Cedes"

She gave Mercedes a hug
"See you around Quinn take care of yourself"

"I will Mercedes and you do the same bye"

She waved at Mercedes and walked away Mercedes smiled and watched her walk away she started walking back towards Sam but Quinn called her name and stopped her


"Yes Quinn?"

"I really am happy"
She rubbed her stomach

Mercedes smiled and nodded her head at her
"That's good Quinn I'm happy for you"

"Bye Mercedes"

"Bye Quinn"

Mercedes walked back to Sam and sat beside him, she laid her head on his shoulder
"Mercy you ok baby?"

She smiled and thought about Quinn
"I'm great handsome"

A week later in LA
Blaine was standing outside having a very animated conversation with Santana and a few others at the table Blaine was standing up while Santana and the others were sitting down looking and laughing at him

Blaine thought he heard his name being called but blew it off it continued to talk until he heard it again getting closer and closer
Santana much have heard it too cause she stopped laughing and looked at Blaine
"The fuck?"

Blaine shrugged at her
Blaine!, Blaine,Blaine!

He looked up and threw his hands up
"Omg! What the hell is she doing here how did she find me!"

"There was Quinn dressed like she just stepped out of a episode of "sex in the city" she had big shades on and luggage on top of luggage dragging it with her

When she got to him she hugged him not paying attention to the others at the table, the others got up and walked away but Santana sat there smirking
"Quinn what are you doing here in LA?"

"I needed to get away"

"And come to LA, why couldn't you go somewhere else? And how did you find me?"

"Well I remember you told me where you were staying and usually hang out at, so I tested me Luck and I found you!"

"Omg Quinn I was trying to get away from the drama for a min I've been enjoying myself in LA I'm not in the mood to babysit you!"

"You don't have to silly"

"Omg I thought I was away from the drama!"

"The drama is over everything is good"

Quinn lied she did finally accept that Sam and Mercedes will always be together, but she still wasn't fully over everything seeing how happy Sam and Mercedes were when she ran into them that day made her a little bitter, Puck still haven't grew up she thought that maybe him finding out that he was getting ready to become a father would change him but it didn't, and she just needed to get away from him for a min

Blaine whined

"Blaine it's only going to be for a few days and I will get out of your hair"
Quinn heard a voice behind her

"Quinn you're pathetic"

"Excuse me?"

She turned on her heels to see Santana
"Santana what are you doing here?"

"I live here"

Santana face formed a devious smile she stood up and walked in Quinn's face folding her arms, Santana was Quinn's biggest frenemy in high school one minute they would hate each other the next min that were friends it was always back and forth with them and Blaine or Mercedes would end up in the middle of it

"So Quinn I heard, Sam left you for pretty Mercedes, awww how sad and you slept with his best friend Puck and got knocked up wow I knew you were a slut"

"How do you know that?"

"Blaine told me everything"

Quinn looked at Blaine

Blaine shrugged
"I'm sorry Quinn I had no one to talk to about it but her"

Quinn turned back to Santana
"How do you know Sam?"

"What? Oh you don't know, I guess you're the only one that's in the dark about everything, my dear Sam attended country day high school with my ex girlfriend Brittney, Brittney was his best friend, I was at their engagement party"

"What? Engagement party"

"Wow you really were in the dark,Sam proposed to Mercedes twice but she turned him down both times, I was there the second time Sam went all out he threw a engagement party he brought her expensive gifts and proposed with a beautiful ring, yea I was there, with Britts, along with Blaine, Mercedes hid Sam from only you so you wouldn't steal her man but looked she turned around and took her man back,wow"

Quinn looked at Blaine with wide eyes
"Is that true Blaine you knew all along?"

Blaine dropped his head
"Well yea, I didn't tell you but I had my reasons"

She looked back at Santana
"What do you want Santana why are you being a bitch I thought you changed I guess not!"

"I'm moving my catering business back home to New York"

Blaine cut her off
"You are?"

"Yes Blaine, and when I move it back Quinn I'm taking my best friend back!"



Quinn stepped closer to her
"She's my best friend, she's been from the beginning,you were a some timing best friend, one min you were her best friend the next min you weren't, I have always been there so you're not taking shit! She's mine!"

"Do someone have a little girl crush on her best friend she's not yours!
Plus I thought you weren't talking to her at the moment, I can ease right on in! I might have to take Blaine to, don't worry you're use to it"

"You're not taking Blaine or Mercedes you bitch!"

Blaine was so over their argument that after awhile he tuned them out staring in to space

"I am!, I'm going to get my best friend back, I can't wait to see her and Sam when I get back home"

"You bitch" Whack
Quinn smacked her

Santana Smacked her back

"Whack Quinn smacked her again

That smack brought Blaine out of the daze he was in he looked with wide eyes

Santana smacked her back knocking her into the table

Blaine screeched and jumped up grabbing Quinn
"Santana she's pregnant!"

"Her face not!"

Santana went to smack her again and Blaine caught her arm mid smack

"Stop the bullshit! Santana why are you being a bitch, I thought the old Santana was long gone!"

Quinn straighten herself self up smooth her dress out and fixed her hair, she straighten her shoulders and smiled at Santana
"Nice to see you Santana"

Santana smiled back
"Nice to see you too Quinn"

They hugged each other, Quinn grabbed her luggage and started walking away,
"Blaine you coming? I got a bone to pick with you anyway,let's go, your hotel is down this way right, (she pointed down the street) come on"

Blaine looked from Quinn to Santana with his mouth open
"What the hell just happened?"

Santana rubbed her cheek
Ouch,That bitch is a epic smacker"

"Blaine come on!"

Blaine looked at Santana
"Call you later Santana"

He then ran to catch up with Quinn grabbing her Luggage and chanting
"The bitch is back, the bitch is back, Santana is back, Santana is back!"

"Shut up Blaine"

Quinn was not letting Santana take anything she knew that Santana would stick to her word so she was going to do everything in her power to get back on track with Mercedes Santana wasn't going to take a damn thing,she couldn't even be mad about Sam proposing to Mercedes twice or Blaine knowing all along,she knew that he was just protecting Mercedes, but Santana was most definitely going to start some drama if or when she moves back to New York

Back in New York
Mercedes was sitting on Sam's back giving him a massaged after his long day handling business with his dad she received a text she stopped massaging him and grabbed her phone

Her face lit up when she saw that it was from Quinn
"You will always be a part of my heart Mercedes, can't wait until we get back on track ;-)"

Sam noticed that she stopped
"You ok up there baby?"

She kissed his back
"I'm good babes"


The end

The reason why I ended it this way is because I'm going to do part two Santana is going to be introduced as a main character in the story she is in fact moving back to New York and she's going to reek havoc like she always does I was skeptical about the ending but I hope you guys enjoyed the story :-)

I wouldn't mind pointers or ideas for part two :-) , I really don't know what direction I wanna go with it, other then Santana being a troublemaker when she comes back home, Sam and Mercedes will get engaged, not sure if Quinn or Puck will work out ect... But what I do know is other characters will be in the story Kurt as a love interest for Blaine, Brittney as of course Santana's ex, I didn't mention Mike anymore in the story so Mike will be back in the story maybe engaged or happily married to Tina.. Maybe or it could go in a whole different direction I don't know

My next story I'm working on is titled
"A Sample of Mercy" I think everyone will enjoy it :-) I will be posting two chapters maybe tomorrow and if it seems likable I will keep going with it :-)