By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: A Duck's Doubts

In another time, when loons and quacks were the talk of the town, the Looney Tunes reigned supreme, bringing joy and laughter to all the children of the world.

The icon of this prestigious age was the famous Bugs Bunny, born likeable, but hated by those considered beneath him.

Daffy Duck had to be the one holding the most hatred.

He and Bugs had been partnered for years, and yet Daffy hardly saw a cent or a glimmer of respect. However, fame seemed like a short-lived dream with all the disasters springing about.

First there was that chubby alien who wanted to turn them all into his theme park slaves. Then there was that whole scandal of Daffy getting fired, and some of the Tunes going rouge to a monkey-brained madman.

And now it was the Looney Tunes Show, where Daffy had to act dumber than he usually was.

"Uh" mumbled Daffy to himself " I'm sick of playing second fiddle to that rabbit. There's got to be something I can do to get people to notice me,"

"Hey Daffy!" yelled a young voice, running up to the black duck " You going to come by the graduation later today?"

Daffy looked down at his little, green-feathered pupil, a young Tiny Toon by the name of Plucky Duck.

Daffy, and many of the other Looney Tunes had gotten the chance to teach at Acme Looniversity, preparing the Tiny Toons for their moment on the big screen.

Daffy had surprisingly taught many classes while there; Spotlight Stealing, Wild Takes Advanced, Heroism, Trick Gags, and Greedy Fingers were his specialties.

Plucky duck was the most eager to please Daffy, and practiced hard to honor his mentor's skills. It had all paid off in the end, and now Plucky, along with his other classmates, would all be graduating from Acme Loon.

"Sure I'll be there," said Daffy, then walked away to get back to his thoughts.

He stopped when he saw Tina and Lola chatting away in the distance.

Tina was new to the Looney Tunes scene, starring as Daffy's girlfriend in the Looney Tunes Show. Lola had been with them since Space Jam, but then had to go into rehab 'till they dumbed down her personality.

Even Daffy had to admit to himself that he was smarter than Lola now.

"The world really has gone nuts," thought Daffy in his mind.

"Oh, Hey Daffy!" screamed Lola, making Tina take notice " you excited about the Tiny Toons graduation? Babs was one of my best students you know. I hope he does okay,"

"Its she" said Daffy " Babs is a girl. And you didn't even teach at Acme Looniversity,"

"Wait, she's a girl?" said Lola, shocked " I thought she was a rabbit?"

"Uh" said Daffy, resisting the urge to smack himself in the head " She's a girl and a rabbit. She's a girl rabbit,"

"Ooohh" said Lola, then blurted out " Then why is she blue?"

Daffy couldn't resist the urge anymore, he palmed himself in the head.

"I think we have to go," said Tina, walking the black duck away from Lola.

"Talk to you later!" yelled Lola.

"You okay Daffy?" asked Tina, pulling her boyfriend aside " You don't seem to be in your usual mood today,"

"Depends what you mean by usual" said Daffy " The second banana, the comic relief, or the dummy,"

"Ah, come on" said Tina " you're being to hard on yourself. There's got to be something positive right?"

"Yeah you, and a few of my own storylines" said Daffy " plus teaching the runts wasn't to bad. But I always end up looking like a low class entertainer,"

In his mind, Daffy recalled that one moment he had shared these exact feelings to Bugs.


"I'm telling you Daffy" said Bugs " I heard the Warner Brothers say you were their best duck,"

"Flattered though I may be" said Daffy " flattened I will not, in order for you to get the laugh. It's all hoo-hoo, yuck-yuck, and then bam, wham, blam!"

"And your tail is on fire," said Bugs.

"Exactly my point" said Daffy " you see…,"

"No really, your tail's on fire," said Bugs.

Daffy looked down at his tail, and then instantly ran around screaming to put the flame out. Bugs just sat there and laughed.

"Daff you're accident prone,"

"Uh" said Daffy, pinching out the fire " Why am I talking to you anyway? All you have to do is munch on a carrot, and people love you,"

Daffy cried himself to sleep, while Bugs chewed on his carrot solemnly.

(End FlashBack)

It looked like things would have gotten better after that time, but Daffy still found himself playing second fiddle. All his talents wasted for the sake of the more popular long ears.

"I don't know how much more I can take Tina" said Daffy " just once I wish that I was the star. Away from any mention of that darn rabbit Bugs. Free to live my own life, and be the hero I truly am,"

Little did Daffy know, that a short time later, Fate would grant his wish.

After sharing a quick calm down dinner with Tina, Daffy found himself trudging back to his trailer which was parked right next to Bugs.

It was a rundown wreck compared to the palace next door. Yet another way the Warner Brothers had to display the rabbit's popularity.

Groaning his way inside, Daffy plopped down on the couch, and flicked on the T.V. The first channel that came up displayed nothing but Disney cartoons.

In fact, it was one of their newer cartoon series named Darkwing Duck.

A surge of jealously shuddered through Daffy's feathers as he watched the main character go accomplish his heroic deeds.

"Maybe I should have worked for Disney" thought Daffy, in his mind " ducks have more star quality there. They never have to play second string,"

Well, maybe that's not true. There was one duck Daffy knew from Disney that did play second fiddle. A popular icon by the name of Donald Duck.

Daffy had had a piano duel with the duck just a few months ago, where the little cheat had won by bringing a cannon to the party.

There were a few choice words after that, but during that brief conflict, the two realized just how much they had in common.

Donald had been Disney's top character, until the geniuses up in management decided to place him as a sidekick to Mickey Mouse.

Even though he had a strong friendship with Mickey, there were times when Donald would still get jealous and hungry for the riches he had lost.

Both Daffy and Donald shared doubts about their careers, but Daffy was still sure that the white duck had it better.

At least he was still popular, Daffy had to live in a slum.

"There's got to be something positive right?" echoed Tina's voice through Daffy's mind.

"Positive hmph!" said Daffy " I used to think so, but now I'm not to sure,"

The alarm clock suddenly rang out at seven o'clock, warning Daffy that graduation at Acme Looniversity would begin in about an hour.

"Better get going" said Daffy, walking out of his trailer " they can't start things without me,"

Suddenly, a hard hit struck Daffy straight in the head, making the duck see stars and fall flat on the ground.

His pained eyes struggled to see what happened before they closed, and an evil laugh lulled him to sleep.

Graduation was fastly approaching at Acme Looniversity, and excitement filled the air.

All of the Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons sat crowded in the auditorium, waiting for Bugs to step out and start the ceremony. All of the mentors were waiting impatiently backstage to give the diplomas to their students.

However, there was one problem. One of the mentor's still had yet to arrive.

"Where is he?" asked Plucky, looking around for Daffy " He said he would come,"

"I don't know kid" said Bugs Bunny " Maybe he got delayed. Although it's not like Daffy to show up late for a show,"

"Everyone's going to graduate except me," said Plucky.

"Now that won't happen" said Bugs " you just watch. I bet Daffy will be coming through that door any minute now,"

But the minutes passed, and Daffy still wasn't there.

In the crowd, Tina, like the other toons, were getting restless. It was past eight o'clock, and the ceremony still hadn't started yet.

"What's taking so long?" thought Tina.

"Psst, Tina!" whispered Bugs voice from backstage, attracting the duck's attention " Where's Daffy? We have to start,"

"I don't know" said Tina " I thought he left with you. You're neighbors after all,"

" I wasn't at the trailer today" said Bugs " I was busy here, setting things up for the graduation. And Plucky can't graduate unless Daffy shows to give him his diploma,"

"Okay, I'll look for him" said Tina " just stall on Plucky's graduation until I get Daffy back,"

"Right" said Bugs " I'll save him for last. Good luck Tina, and hurry!"

With that said, Tina dashed out of the school while Bugs strutted out onstage ready to start the ceremony. He had his fingers crossed, hoping that Tina would make it back in time.

"Sorry for the delay folks" said Bugs " now, let the graduation begin!"

Tina quickly made her way over to the studio parking lot, and headed in the direction where Daffy's and Bugs trailer were parked, only to see that someone had already beaten her to the scene.

Sirens wailed as fire trucks poured water onto one of the trailers, damping down its flames. Tina immediately recognized it as Daffy's, and ran worriedly to the scene.

"Was Daffy in there?" she asked frantically " is he alright?"

"No one inside" said one of the firemen " just charred remains. I'm afraid Daffy Duck has been napped,"

"And now here's our last graduate Plucky Duck!" announced Bugs " pupil to the amazing Daffy Duck,"

Plucky strutted out onstage, while Bugs sweated tears. He had stalled for time as long as he could, where was Tina and Daffy?

Opening his eyes, Plucky stopped in tracks, noticing his mentor was nowhere to be found. He looked up at Bugs with curious eyes.


Slam! The door to auditorium opened with a loud bang, turning everyone's attention to a lone, yellow duck with tears in her eyes.

Bugs only had to look once in those eyes, then he knew. Daffy Duck was gone.