Ch.10: Ball Chaos!

Back on Planet Blanc, King Tweetums glitzy alliance ball was now in full swing. Strobing lights danced from above, while large tables filled with delicious food lay nearly in every corner of the room.

Although a little embarrassed to be seen here wearing his ' trick-or-treat' outfit, Duck had to admit that the pint-sized, yellow sparrow really knew how to throw a party.

Looking around the room , Duck could see his teammates either busy chatting with each other or the alien guests that arrived. As Tweetums official knight, Duck already had the pleasure of meeting all the aliens when they entered the ball.

Some of them seemed okay, but the Queen of Mars definitely had some issues if she hauling bodyguards around. And then there was that duck filling in for his master Rasvim, Plucky.

Duck didn't know exactly what it was, but something about the green duck disturbed him. By the way they shook hands, it was almost if Plucky were trying to see straight through Duck's soul. Danger knew that he would have keep an extra close eye on this guest.

Taking whatever buffet they had gathered to the main table, everyone sat down, eating in silence, until Tweetums tapped his glass for attention.

"My friends" said Tweetums " as ruler of Planet Blanc I would like thank you all for coming to our annual alliance ball. I hope you enjoy yourselves, and that our bond will continue to go on for another thousand years,"

"Here, here!" said the guests, proposing a toast.

"Always a way with words King Tweetums" said Plucky " you've achieved quite a lot for yourself. Super hero allies, and a new knight. You must be proud,"

"Oh, I am!" said Tweetums "It's wonderful to have so many friends,"

"But I'm curious" said Plucky "Whatever happened to Grannicus? She was the ruler before you took the throne,"

"That fossil?!" said Duck " She tried to eliminate Tweety here beforeā€¦,"

"Duck!" Zadavia scolded.

"What?" Duck asked.

"I see" said Plucky " so that's why. Even someone with such noble stature as a Queen could stoop so low. It's surprising how much evil can survive in the world. That's why you need allies to defend against it. It's not like this is Duck Dodgers time,"

"Duck who?" asked Ace, confused.

Everyone looked at Ace as if he had just said the dumbest thing in the universe. Normally the rabbit wasn't used to feeling so foolish, that was Duck's category, but this time he couldn't help but feel that he said the wrong thing.

"I'm surprised that you have never heard about him" said Plucky stunned " He has quite a history against Mars,"

" Well" said Ace, blushing " I always thought he was a myth,"

"What are you talking about?!" yelled Duck " Duck Dodgers is the greatest hero the universe has ever seen,"

"Duck!" shouted Zadavia, making the mallard quiet down.

"I studied a lot of history" said Lexi " including the 24th century. Was he really as heroic as they say?"

"That" swooned the Queen of Mars " and much more. I could tell you tales greater than the history books about his valor, his charm, and even his past,"

"His past?" asked Tech, lifting an eyebrow. There was something the Queen was hiding there.

But before the coyote could even think to press the Queen for answer, chaos broke loose as an excited ball of white fur suddenly crashed into the room, chocolate pudding covering nearly every inch of her face.

"Kim!" shouted the Loonatics at once, recognizing the young wolf.

"Kim?" responded the guests.

"Oh boy" said Duck to himself, and then aloud " I'll handle this one,"

With that said, Duck quacked himself down where Kim was, and picked up the wolf cub in his arms. Kim giggled happily as she turned her innocent eyes towards Duck, full of joy and mischief.

" Who is she?" asked Lady Vixen, looking towards the Loonatics.

"A kid we picked up during our last mission" said Ace " Her folks were killed, so we're keeping her until we find a new home,"

"Looks like someone has been in the chocolate pudding," said Tech.

"I guess that means no dessert," said Lexi.

"And no Plucky" said Duck, looking around " Where did that guy go?"

"His communicator rang" said Zadavia "and he went out to answer it. My brother has gone out as well, for different reasons,"

"Those different reasons don't happen to involve me by any chance?" suddenly spoke out a dark voice, making everyone look up towards the rafters.

There, standing proud on top one of the beams, was man-sized figure in a heavily, armored black suit, with green highlights, and red visor for eyes. A powerful gun lay strapped to his hip, ready to fire.

Kim growled in Duck's arms, her eyes glued to the figure, as he pulled out his gun and aimed, straight for the Martian Queen. The Queen's guards immediately moved towards her defense.

Shielding Tyra'nee with their spears, the guards managed to block the blast, but they couldn't block the net right after, snaring them from above. With the guards now trapped on the floor, the whole room went into panic, and Zadavia immediately got up to duel the assassin.

Unleashing her rainbow, light waves Zadavia aimed them directly towards the dark figure, intending to do damage. Her hopes were shot however as her attack split against the assassin's dark, black armor, and he moved in to deliver a shattering kick.

"Heh, sorry" said the assassin as Zadavia went down " but that trick won't work on me,"

Turning his red visor towards the Martian Queen, the assassin held up his weapon and was about to blow her away when an laser blast suddenly knocked the gun out of his hand.

"Forget about us pal?" said Ace, he and the rest of the Loonatics standing ready.

"Nah" said the assassin " How could I forget you?"

With that said, he pulled something round and dark out of one of his pockets and threw it towards the Loonatics.


Thinking it was a grenade, most of the Loonatics jumped or quacked out of the way, but Tech, Lexi, and Slam were still in range when the orb went off, trapping them all within a violet force field with apparently no way out.

"Guys!" shouted Ace, at seeing his friends trapped.

"Look!" shouted Rev, directing the rabbit's attention back to what was happening above.

Somehow, while the assassin had been busy messing with the Loonatics, the Queen of Mars managed to stun her attacker and make her way towards safer ground. Growling in frustration, the assassin was soon after her, only to be stopped in his tracks by Lady Vixen who was using all of her magical concentration to keep the enemy still.

"Now would be a good time," said Lady Vixen, to the Loonatics.

"Got ya!" said Ace " Rev, you and me will help her out! Duck, go save the Queen,"

"You got it!" said Duck, quacking over to rescue the Queen while his friends ran over to beat the assassin. The Queen was a little surprised when Duck suddenly appeared, but had little time to register as she was teleported away from the fight.

Optimatus reentered the room right that moment, still a little queasy because of the rest stop he had to make, when his eyes landed upon the beaten form of his sister and all the chaos happening in the room.

"What's going on here?" he asked.

As if to answer, the assassin's body suddenly flew by, crashing hard into a wall, leaving a big dent in it's surface. A groan of pain seemed to escape from him as the heroes he had challenged came to take him down from the wall.

"It's over Doc" said Ace " Looks like you lost,"

"Hahaha!" laughed the assassin " I haven't lost anything rabbit. In fact, a victory has been gained,"

With that said, the red highlights on his suit suddenly lit up and released out a strong wave of energy that knocked out everyone within range. When the blast ceased, the assassin pulled himself out from the wall, and made his way around the unconscious forms around him, heading straight towards a now helpless Martian Queen.

Pulling out a spare gun, the assassin pointed the weapon straight towards the black beauty.

"Say goodbye Queenie," he stated, ready to fire.

"Oh no you don't!" shouted out a voice, making the assassin turn around to see Danger Duck still standing, his knight armor off, and a power egg in hand.

Throwing with the grace of a baseball pitcher, Duck slammed the power egg hard into the assassin's chest, nearly toppling the creep over. His ridiculous knight costume had provided him enough padding to survive the assassin's blast, and with the rest of his conscious teammates still trapped in a bubble, Duck knew that he was the only who could stop this jerk now.

"Good move" said the assassin, grinning under his mask " but you're no match for me,"

Charging in suddenly with ferocious speed, the assassin struck at Duck quickly and precisely with a number of punches and blows. Duck barely had the time to quack to safety or form a counter attack, as he quickly realized that he picked a fight he couldn't win.

Whoever this assassin was, he was to strong, and that final kick to chest proved it, as Duck felt himself land hard on the floor, pinned by a boot.

"Any last words?" the assassin asked Duck.

"You're despicable," said Duck, and then blacked out into darkness.