Hola! Here is chapter two :)

"Hey Winchester!" Dean heard familiar voice behind him. He turned around and saw his best friend, Jo running towards him

"Hey Jo! Whats up?" Dean asked from Jo and hugged her. Everybody stared of course, but they didn't really care. Jo have been Dean's best friend since they were seven. Dean always thinked Jo as his sister and he knew, that Jo thinked him as her brother.

"New student's!" Jo said happily. "In my class is guy named Gabriel and his sister Anna. I heard them talking, and they have big brother, Michael and uncle's named Raphael and Zachariah. They have two brother's and I guess they are in your class. Guy's names are Uriel and Castiel and... They have still one brother but he is a senior in high school, Lucifer" Dean watched Jo for a minute.

"So youre saying is that in my class is two new dude's, Castiel and Uriel, in your class is new dude and chick, Anna and Gabriel, They have a senior brother, Lucifer AND they have uncle's called Raphael and Zachariah, plus a working big brother, Michael?" Dean cleared his thoughts. Jo thinked for a second.

"Right!" Jo smirked. "How do you know all this stuff?" Dean asked "Little bird told me" Jo grinned and went to her class. Okay.. That was weird, Dean thought and shaked his head. Dean accidentally crashed into to someone. "Oh shit! I'm so sorry...-" Dean started to apologize, and noticed the world's most beautiful deep blue eyes. And just like that Dean Winchester fell in love.

"Bye Sammy" Sam heard his big brother shouted at him. Then Sam saw his girlfriend, Ruby walking towards him. " Hey sweetie" Ruby smiled at Sam. Sam leaned a little and kissed Ruby slightly. Ruby took his hand and they started walking to their school.

"Sam?" Sam heard voice behind him. Sam turned around and saw Jessica Moore behind him "What do you want, Jess?" Sam asked clearly bored "I need to speak with you" Jess said to him "Privately" "Ruby, can you wait a second?" Sam asked from his girlfriend, who just nodded. Jess took Sam's hand and pulled him away from Ruby. "You shouldn't be dating her" Jess blurted "What? Why?" Sam asked in puzzlement. "Because, you should date me! We would be the most popular couple in school!" Jess smiled to Sam. "No. Im dating Ruby. You had your chance. Now leave me alone. 'Kay?" Sam said coldly and walked to Ruby.

"Let's go" Sam said and took her hand. Jess just watched when Sam and Ruby walked to classroom.

"Dean? Dean!" Dean's friend Chuck was tryin' to get his friend attention. Dean didn't notice what his friend tried to do. He was in heaven. Dean was staring at that new student, Castiel's occipital.

*Fifteen minutes ago*

"Um, I'm really sorry, that i crashed to you like that." Dean said and watched this new student in curiosity.

"It's okay" he said and watched right onto Dean's eyes.

"Im Dean Winchester, by the way" Dean said

"My name is Castiel Novak and this is my brother, Uriel" Castiel said and his brother nodded to Dean. Dean nodded back and smiled.

"Well see you around Cas" Dean smirked

Castiel blinked few times (God his eyes are blue, Dean thought) before answering "I hope so"

Uriel and Cas walked to classroom and Dean just watched them going.

*Present moment*

"Is there a good reason why Mr. Winchester isn't following my education?" Mr. Geller asked loudly (their math-teacher)

"What" Dean asked and whole class started laughing. Cas grinned too, Dean noticed and smirked.

"Detention! Half hour today, after school. Got it?" Mr. Geller asked with his angry voice.

"Yes sir!" Dean said.

This isn't happening, Sam thought, but he was watching it at the time. Ruby was kissing some senior in highschool-guy. Oh god! I must get out of here, he thought and took his stuff's and walked to Impala. He decided, to wait Dean and figure out, what the hell should he do with Ruby. Sam climbed to sit in the hood, it was pretty day after all. Sun was shining and sky was clear blue. But Sam didn't notice any of that. He would of course break up with her...

"Hey kiddo!" Sam heard voice, wich was filled with amusement.

Sam watched down and saw guy with kinda brown eyes and honey colored hair staring at him and smirking, while eating a lollipop. "What?" Sam asked from this guy.

"Some guy's over there wanted me to ask, that are you aware that youre sitting on some Dean Winchester- dude's car?" Guy didn't take that serious, so Sam knew that he must be new student. Everybody else knew, that if you ever,even breath on Dean's precious Baby, you are SO dead.

"Yeah, he's my brother" Sam jumped down from the hood "Im Sam Winchester"

"My name is Gabriel Novak"Gabriel introduced him self.

"Are you doing anything now?" Sam asked little scared of answer.

"No" Gabriel said and smirked to Sam

"Then, would you like to have coffee with me?" Sam asked and smirked back.

"Why wouldn't i" Gabriel asked his voice full of fake-confusation. Sam laughed and wrote a note to Dean and left it between the glass and window wiper.

Hey Dean. Im at coffee shop with Gabe. Coming home later. Gabriel grinned at his shorthand. But he didn't say anything. Gabriel took his phone and wrote a message from his sister who was same class with him 'Going to go coffee shop with Sammy Winchester. Dont wait up ;)'

"You ready?" Sam asked from Gabe.

"I thought you never ask" Gabe smiled and then they walked away.

Dean and Chuck were walking into lunch room and they spotted Jo, of course, waving at was sitting with some chick with red hair. Dean sat down next to Jo and Chuck went sit in some other table, 'cause he's girlfriend, Becky, was in there.

"Dean this is Anna Novak. Her family just moved here. Jo said and smiled to Dean.

"Hey Anna! Im Dean Winchester" Dean introduced himself.

Anna watched Dean as she was trying to figure something out. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and watched latest messages. She saw Gabe's message and nodded, while she putted her phone back to pocket. "Is your brother name Sammy?" She asked from him.

"Its Sam, actually. How did you know?" Dean asked and watched Anna.

"Oh ,my brother send me a text message. He went coffee with 'Sammy Winchester' " Anna smiled.

"Ok, nice to know" Dean said and watched Anna, bit oddly.

"Is it okay if my other brothers would join us?" Anna asked from Dean and Jo.

"Of course it's okay!" Jo said before Dean had time to open his mouth. Dean forget to close his mouth after few second's, because he saw Cas coming towards them with Uriel. Cas sat down next to Anna and Uriel sat next to Cas.

"Hello Anna" Cas said

" Hey Castiel and Uriel" Anna said and nodded to them.

"So... When did you move here?" Jo asked from all three of them

"Just few days ago" Anna said .

"Why did you move here" Dean asked from Cas and looked right in his eyes.

"Our parents died" Cas said and Anna put her head down.

Dean and Jo started apologzing same time. But question 'How' rolled in his head.

"They were stabbed to death" Uriel said his voice full of power, but still his voice was quietly. Jo took Anna's hand in her's.

"So, Sammy why did you look so sad backthere?" Gabe asked from Sam

"Actually, i saw my girlfriend cheating on me" Sam said and looked his coffee cup sadly.

"Oh, im sorry" Gabe said and looked a bit uncomfortable.

"But, enough of me! Why did you and your family moved in here?" Sam asked and smiled a bit.

"Well, actually our parent's died" Gabe said and bite his lowerlip.

"Oh! Im really sorry!" Sam said and looked Gabriel with sad look on his face.

Gabriel took a photo from his pocket and gave it to Sam. Sam watched photo. There were two adults, both smiling.

"That photo was taken week before" Gabe said quietly. Sam noticed Gabe in the photo.

"You look like your father" Sam said and smiled. Because he really did. Both have samekind of smile and brown eyes and same colour hair. Sam gave photo back to Gabe.

"Um, Sammy?" Gabe asked "Would you like to go on a move with me? Tonight, maybe?" Sam noticed that Gabriel looked really uncomfortable this time.

"You mean, like on a date?" Sam asked

"Only if you want to" he answered

"I would love to" Sam smiled and stood up.

"Hey mom? Mom!" Sam shouted when he came home.

"What is it honey?" Mary came from kitchen and dryed her hand's. Mary watched boy who was standing next to her son. Mary's eyes expanded.

"Mom, this is my new friend, Gabriel. Im going to movies with him. Tonight, if it's ok" Sam asked and rubbed his neck.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Winchester" Gabe said politely and held out his hand. Mary took his hand and shook it a bit.

"It's always nice to meet Sam's friend's and please, call me Mary" Mary smiled to Gabe.

"Okay, well we must go now or we will be late" Sam said and took Gabe's hand and pulled him out of the house.

"Have a good time" Mary shouted from window. Sam and Gabe just waved to her.

Oh my god! Mary thought and went sit on a couch.

She started think. She thinked her last hunting trip and especially that man with honey-golden hair. This is so not over, Mary started shaking. What should I do? Mary thought and watched her hands. I cant kill children's!

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