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The Truth About Tragedy


"There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love." - Washington Irving

She woke with a start. A commercial was on, something about knives that cut through everything. The guy kept shouting like he was a ninja as the knife sliced through tomatoes, onions, steel, and even a rock. It must have been what woke her up. She was still on the couch where she had been waiting for her parents to come home. The clock above the TV told her it was 1:34 am. Moving to a sitting position, her neck screamed in agony. Apparently, it wanted to stay where it was, as a crick in her neck had formed from the sleeping position she had taken on the couch. The house was dark, lit by the moon and the flashing on the TV. She must have fell asleep and when her parents came home, they must have left her. "Gee, thanks", she mumbled as she turned off the annoying man off and stumbled up to bed. She feel back to sleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow but she still had dreams of rocks crying beside their loved ones who were now severed in two.

Her eyes fluttered open from some unknown cause. The sun wasn't even up so she knew it wasn't her alarm. She turned onto her side to find her fuzzy, black companion still sawing logs. So it wasn't Luna that woke her up, maybe it was just a dream. As soon as her eye lids fluttered shut again, she heard it again. This time she was conscious enough to recognize the sound of an object pounding on the front door. She groaned and pulled the covers over her head, hoping her mother would answer the door soon before sleep was impossible. No such luck. The pounding continued and grew in insistence. Throwing the covers to the floor and startling the fur ball, she stomped down the stairs. If she was going to have to wake up and deal with whom ever was at the door, darn it if everyone else wasn't going to suffer with her. She yanked the door open in agitation, noting that neither her mother or father were in sight. They must have gotten in later than she thought. It was just a PTA meeting. How enthralling could it have been? She was about to yell "Go away", to the intruders of her sleep when she noted the dark uniforms and ridiculous hats. They were policemen. No matter what time it was, she knew better than to yell at a cop. They could throw her in the back of their car and drive her around for hours till she begged for mercy.

"Is this the Tsukino residence."

She swallowed in slight fear. Had she done something that she forgot? Or were they after someone else in the family? She knew Shingo could prove to be a problem, he was such a trouble maker.

"Yes...sir...it is."

"Are you a Usagi Tsukino?"

Crap. They were here for her. But she didn't do anything...did she? Maybe they had figured out her secret identity? The public loved Sailor Moon and the Senshi, but the authorities still considered them vigilantes and to be placed under arrest no matter how many butts they saved. She swallowed again.


The two introduced themselves, telling her their names. But due to her heart thumping loudly in her ears, she didn't quite catch them.

"We need you to come with us miss."

Suddenly brave, she had the nerve to ask "Why?"

"It's better if we talk about this down at the station."

"But...I have school. And it looks like I will need to get my brother ready too. My parents were out late last night and they are sleeping in."

The cops' face turned from indifference, 'this is business' to what could have been pity. Pity is good, I can work with pity. Pity the poor little teenager who got sucked into the position of protector of Tokyo.

"There is someone else here with you?"

"Um...yeah. My parents and my little brother. Oh, and my cat."

The two officers mumbled a discussion a little ways from the door while she glanced back into the house to see Shingo sluggishly coming down the stairs with his little fist rubbing his eyes. The officers returned and upon seeing Shingo, their whole demeanor changed. The younger looking officer looked at Shingo, the usually raucous seven year old, as he hid a little behind his big sister. She wanted to tell him, "Don't worry. Their here to take Sis to the slammer for saving the city too many times and making them look bad", but she decided against it.

"Why don't you get your brother ready for school, get dressed yourself, and once your ready we will take your brother to school? Would you like that? We can even turn on the sirens if you want. What do you say little man."

Too shy to speak, Shingo nodded his head and went upstairs to dress.

"We will be right here when your ready Miss. Tsukino."

She quickly followed Shingo up the stairs and dived into her room to have two yellow eyes staring at her from the bed.

"Luna", she whispered, "Luna, they are here to take me!"

"Who is here to take you?"

"The cops! Luna, they must have found out who I am. Their gonna throw me in jail!"

"Usagi, calm down. Don't be ridiculous, how could they possibly know who you are?"

"I don't know. How long do think it will take till my parents find out I've been arrested?"

"Don't they have to talk to your parents? Your still a minor after all."

"Yes they do don't they. Oh, Luna, I don't know what to do. I can either tell my parents or go with the officers. If I tell my parents then they can get me out of this but have them be really mad and probably ground me. But if I go with the cops they will throw me in jail and I'll have a record and my parents will find out anyways and..."

"Isn't it a no brainer Usagi-chan?" Luna sighed, exasperated.

Luna was annoyed and a bit snobbish about it, but she was also right and Usagi knew it. Being grounded was much better than jail. She tip toed out of her room to the door of her parent's room. She knocked softly. No answer. She knocked a little louder. She feared the cops would hear her and stop her from hiding behind her parents. There was still no answer. Finally she just decided to go for broke and pushed the door open...only to find an empty bed. She walked over to the abyss of pillows and sheets. It looked like mom had already made the bed that morning. Then where were her parents? Did they go out this morning? It's a school day and a work day. Where would they have gone on a day that they needed to be home? The voice of one of the cops called up from the living room.

"Uh, Miss. Tsukino? I wouldn't worry about school today. You won't be making it I'm afraid."

Crap. She was going to jail. She was going to jail and her parents were off getting breakfast together without her and Shingo. Shingo passed her in the hall dressed for school. For the first time in her life she was jealous of him because he got to go to school and she didn't. She went back into her room and pulled on some jeans and an oversized sweater that fell past her butt. If she was going to the slammer she wanted to look as...homely as possible. She would be someone's bitch by the end of the day for sure. Sleep still hung deep in her shoulders and brain. It was still really early for her, so to say she struggled with the mental acuity to do her usual hair style was an understatement. She would probably have to take it down anyways since they would have to de-lice her. The bobby pins would be confiscated so she couldn't make a shiv. The lopsided buns portrayed her current emotional status anyways. She gave a fleeting and silent plea to Luna who only gave her a wide eyed shrug. Clearly her furry adviser didn't know how to fix this one.

"Don't worry Usagi. Whatever it is, the Senshi and I will figure something out."

That gave her a little hope. Her friends couldn't leave her locked up. After all, she was their leader, they needed her...Right?

She shoved five dollars of her own allowance into Shingo's hand.

"For lunch, Okay?!"

"But mom always makes my lunch!"

"Well she isn't today okay? You are running late, mom and dad are off somewhere, and these cops want to take you to school so it's cafe food today."

He put his arms across his chest and huffed his way out to the waiting policemen. She pulled on some old lace up boots figuring if anything happen to them she would care the least as compared to her other prized foot wear. She grabbed her's and Shingo's forgotten coat, took a deep breath, and walked out to face her doom.

At least one of them was having a good time. Shingo's peers clumped together to gawk at the police car. They acted like thy had never seen a black and white before. The policemen let Shingo say a few words through the intercom on their car to which all the waiting children thought made him a God. As he strut away into the throngs of new fans, her head swam in the up coming events. If she was a wanted vigilante, then why bring her brother to school? Maybe these cops didn't agree with the arrest? Maybe they were secret Sailor Mon fans?! Course at their age, it would be a little creepy and were the hell were her parents?! She really needed them right now and they still hadn't called or anything. Had they not noticed that both her and Shingo had left when they got there? They must have figured we went to school, but since they knew her very well it was hard for her to believe that they thought she got up early and went to school. Her arresting friends weren't up for much conversation. The only noise in the car after Shingo got out was the warbling of their radio. While she was in the car an armed robbery and a hit and run occurred, but the two didn't so much as flinch either of them. This fact sealed her fate for her, she was a much bigger fish than the guys with guns and a psycho at the wheel.

The older cop opened the door for her, and even though she kept waiting for them to "slap the cuffs" on her, they seemed polite and nice. Maybe they wanted her to make a break for it, being secret Sailor Moon fans? They stopped to collect some paper work from the first desk she saw. It had a pleasant looking older man behind it and when the cops murmured the paper request, the old cop looked at her with such sadness. He was a secret Sailor Moon fan too and hated to see her life ending so quickly. The younger cop ushered her into what looked like a small waiting room and asked her to have a seat. It had a few, very uncomfortable chairs on a dingy vinyl floor. The walls had framed Miranda Rights and a big cork board with "Most Wanted" pics posted all over it. This was too weird. They clearly were not going to arrest her. Unless the crime shows she watched really exaggerated everything. It wasn't very long till a woman in jeans and a blazer with a badge swinging at her neck entered the room. Usagi had seen enough crime shows to know that this woman was a detective. She walked right over to her and sat next to her.

"Tsukino, Usagi?"


"Hi, I'm Detective Misha."


"I realize that all of this may be a bit overwhelming for you. We are trying to contact someone to come be with you. Do you have any relatives that live near here?"

"My parents live here."

"...someone, besides them."

"My Aunt. She lives just outside city limits."

Usagi pulled out her phone and gave her Aunt Yukio's number. Detective Misha stood to leave, saying she would go give her a call, but Usagi grabbed her wrist.

"Please. I'm really tired. Can't you just tell me what's wrong? I want to go home."

The Detective slowly sat back down and took Usagi's hand in hers. Even though it was a very personal move, Usagi was never one to pull away from others.

"Miss. Tsukino...Usagi, we found two bodies last night that we believe are your parents."

Usagi was in shock. What did she just say? That can't be right, her parents were young and healthy. Moms and Dads didn't die, they were immortal. They can't be dead, it doesn't make sense!

"I'm so sorry honey."

"What happened."

"...I think maybe we should wait. Till someone can be here with you,"

"Tell me!"

"Well..we...we aren't too sure yet. We are still collecting information. First we really need someone to identify the bodies which we should wait for your Aunt to do..."

"Identify? So you could be wrong, they could be someone else, someone who isn't my parents?"

"...it is a small chance honey."

"I'll do it."

"Excuse me?"

"I'll identify the bodies."

"Honey, I really think we should wait..."

"I can do it!"

There was still a chance. If they needed her to identify the bodies then their was a chance that they weren't her parents after all. She could just chop it up to a big misunderstanding and then go home and laugh about it to her parents. Her friends would get a kick out about her fear of her arrest. Detective Misha hesitated, but Usagi stood her ground. She was going to gt to the bottom of this, prove it wasn't her parents. The Detective led her to a smaller room a few levels down the elevator from where they began. The room had a small window with curtains that were on the other side of the glass giving them no access to them. The room was cold and dark. It had a small dim light in the center hanging from the ceiling. It smelled dusty and Earthy like they were underground, like a grave. Detective Misha asked her once again if she was sure she wanted to do this. She wavered for a second. Does she? I mean, even though it won't be her parents, it's still two dead bodies. She had never seen a dead body before and now she was pushing to see two? But she had to. She had to see for herself that it wasn't her parents, that they were wrong. She gave the detective a nod then she pressed the intercom on the wall, telling the void on the other side that we were ready. The curtains split in two slowly revealing the scene behind them like a long anticipated play. The room across the window was much brighter and full of fluorescent lights. Everything was white and gray, it looked so...sterile. Two human sized lumps laid under crisp white sheets. She knew those were the bodies, anyone would. A man in hospital scrubs stood in between the two bodies and looked at her with such sadness. It seems that even the medical professional thought these two lumps were her family. But he was wrong, he had to be. He waited for her cue and like a choreographed move he lifted and pulled back the sheets to reveal two faces. To ashen, lifeless faces. The two faces of her parents.

The next five hours were a blur. Detective after Detective and Cop after Cop came and asked her questions and how she was doing. So many faces, unknown to her. They were friendly but she didn't know them. There was no solace for her in their words. She felt like her heart had been ripped out of her chest, a pain like no other surged deep within her all the way to her soul. Yet, she couldn't cry. The numerous pains she received in battle from the yomas didn't compare to the pain she felt now. She had cried then, what was so different now? She felt numb, only the pain kept her from slipping into oblivion. She answered their questions as politely as possible till one of the Detectives, Anderson was his name maybe, asked if my father would drink and drive.

"My father would never! He doesn't even drink!"

"Are you sure?"

"Can I leave?"

"We are still waiting for your Aunt to show to take custody of you."

"I'm 16, I don't need her to take custody!"

"You are barely 16..."

"But I am still 16. I want to go. I have to go, I need to get out of here."

The dingy, lifeless walls were crushing her. Sucking the air out of her lungs as they moved in on her. She pushed past the rude Detective and fled past the other officers before any of them could stop her. Maybe she was being rude herself, most of them had been really nice. But she didn't care, she could take another strange face asking her questions or comforting her about her parents. Her brain was flooded with a sea of faces as she slowly drown.

She had no idea what time it was. She felt like she had been in the police station for days. She was numb every where except for the one place she needed to be. She watched the pavement pass under her feet as she wondered to where ever her feet were taking her. Her hair painfully dragged the ground but she didn't care, she couldn't register the pain from it any ways. Bodies passed her and whispered words but she was both unseeing and un-hearing. The familiar ding and hum as she entered The Crown filtered through her void. Her feet had taken her to the arcade without asking. She hadn't even realized she was cold till she stood inside the warm walls. She stood at the door, listening to the happy chatter that rose up from the few customers inside. It must still be early, there was no one there really, but still one voice stood out.

"Wow, dumpling head is early for once. Did you skip school or just your detention?"

The voice took her out of her revery and for the first time noticed where she was. She looked around for her friends, anyone that was familiar. She couldn't handle any more strange faces today.

"Hey...Earth to dumpling head...hello."

She follow the voice to see Mamoru, her enemy. The man that had tortured her for last few years. Even though he was her nemesis, she had never been so happy to see his face. She knew his face. Her feet led her over to him like a zombie. She stopped at his stool, standing right in front of him. The look on his face was of confusion and fear mixed together. Suddenly, there were tears, she could feel them cascading down her cheeks. One look into his eyes and the walls came crumbling down. She was sure she had never cried in front of him on purpose, but this time he wasn't the cause of her tears. Her heart stretched and pulled as the reality of her day came crashing down. She looked into his familiar eyes until hers were so clouded with tears she couldn't see anything any more. Then collapsed into his arms as sob after sob wracked her body. Warms arms circled her, holding her up as her knees collapsed from the weight of her sorrow. Her fist balled up in his shirt in a futile attempt to gain some control over the pain and held tight to his collar. His shirt was soaked with her tears but she didn't care and he didn't push her away. He just stroked her back and held her tight.

Her sobs eventually turned into a gentle flow of silent tears but she was catatonic. Mamoru still held on to her but at some point Motoki had shown up. She wasn't sure when but she could hear him talking to Mamoru while she kept her face buried in his chest.

"What did you do this time? I've never seen her like this."

"Motoki, you should have seen her when she walked in. I think she is in shock."

"Did you ask her what was wrong?"

"No. As soon as she saw me she just walked up and broke down. She has been sobbing for 10 minutes. My shirt is soaking wet!"

"Well, ask her now!"

"Dump..I mean Usagi, what's wrong."


Motoki gave it a try, "Come on Usagi, it can't be that bad. Maybe we can help."

She gave a short, defeated laugh. Help? How could they help? Inside, she knew they meant well but their attempts to cheer her up were futile.

"If some guy did this, I'm going to find them and kill them."

"Whoa, calm down Mamoru. School will be out soon, maybe the girls can help pry it out of her."

"Yeah well they may have to pry her off of me too. She is latched on tight."

School was going to be out soon...Shingo. She had to get Shingo from school. She didn't want those cops picking him up and taking him to the station to deliver the news. She released her hold and turned to head towards the door but something stopped her. She pulled on it but whatever it was it wouldn't let go of her wrist. She turned back to see Mamoru holding on to her. If it hurt, she couldn't tell but the look in his eyes seemed to be that of concern. It was a bit confusing, having him look at her like that.

"I have to go get Shingo. I need to be the one..."

"Be the one to what Usagi."

She looked at Motoki and saw that he was concerned too. I guess I look pretty scary. She lifted a hand to feel the condition of her hair then her cheeks. What did it matter anyways? Nothing. She knew she should tell them, explain herself but the words just wouldn't come out of her mouth. She couldn't tell them, it would make it real. Besides, the first person she should say it to should be Shingo.

"I have to go, I have to tell Shingo..."

They looked at each other then back at me. I must sound crazy. It doesn't matter. It hurts too much for me to care.

"Okay, but let me drive you. We can go together to get Shingo, then you can tell him."

I didn't have the strength to protest as Mamoru gently pushed me towards the door. He said one last thing to Motoki, something about shock and being back soon.