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In a small planet, above the stars, a stubby blue figure with antenna's on its head was over-seeing one of his fine students in training, well, the only student so far because no one really comes to visit him that much he didn't know why though, it was just really annoying.

The trainee in question was an adult, 5' 9, spiky black hair that defied gravity, his face was oval and on each cheek rested three whisker marks. His outfit consisted of black baggy pants with a pair of black boots; he wore on his top a black long-sleeve open shirt with golden outlines and on the back of the shirt was the symbol for 'Kai' in a circle drawn in gold. Inside the shirt however, he wore a white muscle shirt with the famous Uzumaki swirl in the middle and on his arms, he had two golden bracelets on each with seals written on them and on his hip, a brown furry belt but if one were to look closely, you would notice it to be a tail wrapped around his waist. The student in question was Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze.

"All right Naruto, lets practice the Kaio-ken one more time" the master said forcing Naruto to turn to him.

"But sensei, do I really need to learn the skill, I'm strong enough as it is" Naruto whined making his sensei shake his head.

"If you want to finish learning the spirit bomb, yes you do" His sensei said.

Naruto grumbled and got into his horse stance wondering why he ended up here in the first place.

You see, Naruto wasn't born here per say, in fact, this area of the cosmos is mainly assessable to dead people only but what would cause Naruto to die at such a young age? The answer, war and betrayal. After the fourth shinobi war, people started to distance themselves from him and they thought he was too stupid to notice it but it was the exact opposite and what lead to his eventual death was the betrayal of one he would once call his 'brother'.

"Why?" A bloodied Naruto asked with blood coating in his mouth making it difficult to speak.

Uchiha Sasuke, the one that the question was directed to just looked at him with emotionless eyes as did the rest of his 'friends' that were around and answered, "You were too strong to contain, we wouldn't be able to defend ourselves if you decided to go rouge"

Naruto struggled to laugh and wondered why Kurama wasn't healing him "That's like the pot calling the kettle black" he managed to say until he was stomped on, hard and he looked to see Sakura glaring at him.

"Shut up Demon, it's your fault that this whole war started, maybe if we get rid of you, we would finally be able to leave our lives in peace without having to look over our shoulder." She said making the remainder of the rookies agree with her. It was then Shikamaru noticed something.

"Wasn't he always blonde?" he asked catching the attention of the audience there who just notice the hair starting to fade to black.

"What the hell is this?" Sasuke shouted spotting Naruto's eye flash red before flashing to green then to a dimming black.

"Looks like his appearance was under a Genjutsu" Hinata noted from her spot beside Kiba who was holding her.

"At least we won't have to deal with this now" Shino said as he watched Naruto's body loosing color. But what Sakura said caught the attention of the group.

"What if we salvage some of his blood for testing?" she suggested making the group look to her and she shrugged "I don't know, you'd think a clone of his under our control would make us feared across the nations" She added making some of them think it over.

"It does sound like a good idea" Kiba noted.

"Plus, he's from a wealthy clan, we could use his blood to get into his compound and steal the wealth there" Hinata said making Kiba and the rest of the rookies grin at the implication but then Shino looked back to Naruto.

"I don't think it's possible" He said catching the attention of the group and when they turned to him, he just pointed to Naruto's body and where it's supposed to be and saw it fading quickly making the group look in shock at this.

"What happened?" Ino stuttered out and a voice behind them answered them making them all pale at the sound.

"That's what we'd like to know" the voice said.

They turned around and saw the five Kages glaring at them from behind making Choji utter the one word that summed up the Rookies reaction.


Shit indeed.

Since then, he thought that he'd be taken straight to hell because of the fox that died along with him but what happened shocked him.

He appeared to what looked like a check in station standing in front of a Giant table and a giant figure answered his questions stating that that's where souls pass through to be judged but he's was a special case, he was given a second chance in life but he had to meet the one called King Kai and train before he was allowed to leave.

He followed the instructions and went to meet this 'King Kai' but not before entering his mind scape to speak to Kurama which of course was a failure. He saw no one there but a note that stated,


I've had my fun in life and it was great getting to meet someone like you but I decided that it was time for me to leave but before I do that, I left with you a lot of gifts, like super strength, heightened senses, the ability to go into your golden chakra state, version 1 and 2. I also unlocked your dormant bloodlines and no I'm not going to tell you what they are that will spoil the surprise but I gave you instant regeneration because one of the blood line requires them or maybe both, I'm still not telling you what they are :P. I also had the liberty of adding water and earth to your chakra elemental types since you already had wind and a dormant lightening from your pesky father's side.

Take care of yourself.

PS. Try something other than ramen, you'll be surprised on how good other dishes taste.

P.P.S Congratulations, you now have centuries worth of jutsu in your disposal.

He still didn't know what special bloodlines he knew he had well maybe except the Uzumaki blood, but apart from that, he still couldn't count on any other. When he got to King Kai, the initial introduction was awkward. He started with an awful joke that he had to force himself to laugh at before he got into the training. He had to catch the chimp known as Bubbles under this world's heavy gravity without any enhancements meaning no chakra advantage what so ever which was difficult. Then he had to catch Gregory, the annoying little bug. After that, he started his training under King Kai and he learned about KI and how to access it. He also used this opportunity to fine tune himself in his old jutsu. He also used the info he got from Kurama to learn Jutsu on his new elements and from the battle info on Hashirama and Madera he learned different Mokuton Jutsu; he didn't learn that per say, he used his clones for that while he learned Ki from King Kai.

He learned about Kaio-ken and started to learn the spirit bomb but king Kai said that he had to learn the Kaio-ken before the spirit bomb. Why, he did not know but he had to do it and with his clones busy, he couldn't make them learn it. Ooh he could create more but what he had was enough because he would like to avoid the coming backlash.

"Kaio-Ken x 3!" Naruto yelled and his entire body turned red and he was surrounded with a red flame like aura. His clothes where a mix between red and black and his skin was red. He then formed a Rasengan in his left hand and brought it to his side, placed his right palm on top it and added Ki to it making the spinning blue orb turn a darker shade of blue and grew twice as large. He then pushed out and yelled the name of his Ki technique,

"Kajohameha! (Spiral destruction wave)"

A dark blue spiral beam shot out of his palms aiming for a mountain created by his clones and it destroyed it completely causing a small quake around the planet making King Kai stumble a bat.

"O-Kay" King Kai said "That's a successful effort" He ended.

"See, I told you I had the hang of it" Naruto boasted.

"Now time for a more difficult Technique" King Kai said with an evil grin but Naruto was so excited he ignored the grin that was on the Kai's face.

"Let's get rolling" Naruto said with his fist punching his hand.

For all my fans, I introduce an opening theme for this and some future chapters to get the blood pumping.




Genkidama ga hajike tobu ze Go Go Let's do it!

Ugomeku ayashii enajii (enajii)

yousha wa shinai ze miteru yo

Inochini kaete mo mamoru yo (mamoru yo)

Aisuru yuuki wo tsuyosani kaero

Yari nuku ki ai de PINCH wo koeteku

Tegowai yatsu hodo WAKU WAKU modekkai ze



Rakkii no kazeni BYUN BYUN note



Kotae wo mou tamashii wa shitte runosa


6 years later

DBZ World Age 761, Saiyan Saga

In a very small remote island, a small house stood in the middle; one could hear the voices inside and it sounded like they were a lively group.

"Wow Bulma, didn't know you had a kid" A male voice said to the female in the room who was smiling at the sight of her 5 year old boy who was a carbon copy of his father, except certain facial parts but he did have a tail like his dad and he was so humble, even at this young age.

Said young boy was the average height a 5 year old should be, but if one were to look at him closely, you would see him starting to some develop muscles around his neck area. Like his father, he had an oval shaped face but like his mother, his hair was green and he let it fall down but stopped at his shoulder. For his outfit, he had on a knee length blue long sleeve shirt with red outlines and white trousers along with blue sandals. His name was Namikaze Minato Jr. named after his grandfather, Minato Namikaze, the 4th Hokage.

"Midget" Minato said as he pointed to the short man with bald hair whom twitched at that being pointed out to him. The others laughed at what he said to said Midget.

"That's a good boy" His mother said cooing him and she asked "Now who's he?" pointing to the old man in the room and Minato looked at him and pointed,

"Ero-Sennin" he said making everyone laugh at said perverted turtle sage.

"Well at least he didn't notice me" Said a pig that was trying to hide from said boy before he was insulted by him but it was not meant to be as he saw said boy in his face wearing an evil grin holding a two pointed fork and a big knife.

"Lunch" He said and the pig did the one thing in his mind; he ran for his life around the house but Minato wont yield because he was hungry so he started the chase around the house trying to catch the pig.

"Geez Bulma, your kid has a lot of energy" The midget said from his side watching the boy chase the pig.

"I know Krillin, he's just like his father, and it's so cute" She said. Bulma was a 25 year old woman with shoulder length green hair. She had on a green knee length sleeve less blouse and white trousers, both with orange lining, the clothes she wore brought out her hour glass figure nicely. She had on a smaller size of her husband's blue shinobi sandals.

"Besides, you never told me" Krillin said "Who's his father?" he asked but Bulma's answer was interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Who's who's father?" the voice said from the door causing the occupants to look at the door of the house and see their longtime friend, Son Goku.

"Goku!" Krillin shouted, excited that his friend came to visit.

"Hi Guys! I brought someone here to see you" He said then he urged a small figure hiding behind him to come out. "It's okay Gohan, they won't bite" he said and he gently pushed his son forward who shyly stood and hid his face.

"Who's the tyke?" Roshi asked making Minato stop chasing a tired Oolong.

"Pig fast" Minato said, not tired at all then he looked to his mother and looked to where she was looking and spotted two figures at the door and the small one looked like a friend.

He appeared in front of Gohan starling both him and Goku who was surprised at his speed and when he looked closely, he saw a tail swishing from the boys shirt and looked to Bulma who shrugged and smiled.

"Introduce yourself Jr." Bulma said and Minato smiled and held out his hand in front of Gohan and did as his mother said.

"Hi I'm Minato Namikaze Briefs Jr." He said making Goku look at Bulma in surprise "What's your name?" he asked Gohan.

"I'm Son Gohan" Gohan introduced boldly after seeing someone as young as him introduce himself freely.

Minato held out a bat that popped out of nowhere making Bulma smile at his use of sealing and he gave the bat to Gohan "Wanna catch lunch?" He asked and pointed to a sneaking Oolong who was at the door ready to make a break for it. Gohan looked at Oolong and his stomach grumbled making the pig freeze and shakily look at the evil little boy who just found a partner who wore a similar grin as his current tormentor.

Bulma looked at her and Goku's son becoming friends with a smile and Goku looked at Bulma.

"Since when did you have a son?" he asked.

"A year after the Martial Arts tournaments 6 years ago" She replied "What about you?" she asked.

"Two years after the tournament" Goku said "I never knew you got married"

"Well, I met my husband for the first time, I knew I met the right guy" Bulma said with a dreamy sigh "he was just so handsome, smart, charming" she continued ticking off all the good things about her husband "and he's so strong, even stronger than you" she ended.

"Hmm, he sounds nice" Goku commented "Is he that strong?"

"Yup, and he has a tail like you did" she said "I think he's the same as you, I never did ask what he was though it didn't border me because I know that no matter what he looks like, I'd still love him"

"Hmm, glad you were able to find someone you-"he tried to say but was interrupted by a shout.

"Let Him Go!" Goku looked at Krillin who had an equal set of serious look. Bulma ran outside to see a strange man holding her son's friend.

The man's appearance consists of extremely long, spiky black hair, brown and black colored Battle Armor, with boots, armored gloves, and a blue scouter. Additionally, he wears two accessory bands that are white in the manga and red in the anime: one is tightened around his left arm, and the other on his left leg.

"Annoying pest" the man said and he punched Minato in the stomach sending him flying into the house and crashing through.

"MINATO!" Bulma cried as she saw her son crash through the house. She rushed in to help him as quick as she could.

"Waaaaa!" Gohan cried at being held by his tail and pulled up.

"Gohan!" Goku cried and rushed to save his son but the man was faster. He gave Goku a punch in the stomach sending him flying backwards.

"Goku!" Krillin cried and Roshi rushed outside and asked the question on everyone's mind.

"Hey!" He shouted "Who are you?" The man turned and saw the old man asking him the question. He activated his scouter and scoffed at the power level displayed.

"A power level of 160?" The man asked slightly impressed "Not bad for an old man" he commented then asked his own question "Where is Kakarot?"

"Hey! He asked you the question first" Krillin said as he helped Goku up.

The man amused them with his name" My name is Raditz, and I'm looking for my brother, Kakarot" He said then activated his scouter and looked at the power level of the fallen victims.

"We don't know any Kakarot!" Goku said, his voice strained from the attack but Krillin noticed something that got Goku's and the now arriving Bulma's attention.

"He has a tail" Krillin yelled.

"You mean a tail like the one Goku had before it got cut off?" Bulma asked holding an injured Minato to her chest.

"Come to think of it, it does kind of look like the one I had" Goku said.

"So that means he's related to you and your son?" Roshi asked.

While this was going on, Raditz was done with his scouter and found out something interesting hmm, Kakarot's power level should be the strongest amongst these weaklings, that's what my scouter picked up and from what I just read, the midget has a level of 206, slightly larger than the old man's and the one that looks like my pathetic father has a level of 334, the strongest on this planet so far but something has me confused he looked at Gohan who ran to his father's side then at Goku and read Gohan's power level they both have a striking resemblance and the kid does have a tail plus judging by the low power level at this age and if I remember the one Kakarot had, I'd say that he is Kakarot's son but he was interrupted by the beeping on his scouter and looked to the direction his scouter pointed and his eyes were wide Impossible! Who the hell is this brat? His power level is over 500, apart from vegeta, that should be highly unlikely for someone his age. I'll just put that info somewhere for now.

"So tell me Kakarot! Why haven't you destroyed this planet yet? That was your mission once you landed here" Raditz said talking to Goku who looked confused.

"What are you talking about? What mission?" Goku asked confused "And my name is Goku! Do well to remember that!"

"What are you talking about? Do you mean you forgot; what kind of Sayian are you? Did you hit your head when you were a baby or something?" Raditz asked a number of questions and caught the wince Goku made when he asked the last question.

"So what if I hit my head, I'm glad I did if not I wouldn't have made friends and lived the way I did" Goku said making Bulma and Krillin smile "besides what do you want me for, I'm not a planet destroyer, I am human through and through" then he thought about his tail "Well slightly different but human"

"Let's start with what you are" Raditz said "You're a full blooded Saiyan of the planet Vegeta destroyed by a large comet that crossed our path."

"What's a Saiyan?" Bulma asked with Minato listening in on the conversation while with his mother I could take this back to dad, he'll know what to do with it he thought.

"Saiyan's are planet brokers that transform once the full moon arrives" He explained then he went on to what clients they sell the planets to and how they 'cleanse' each planet before it's sold then about how Sayian babies are given missions to destroy planet.

As he was explaining this, Goku found out he was disgusted with this and voiced out his opinion "Well I'm glad that I forgot my memory then, I wouldn't want to end up as a monster like the rest of the Saiyan's" He said.

"Yeah! Besides Goku cut of his tail, it's a sign that he's more human than the rest of you freaks" Krillin said then remembered the two boys "No offence to Minato and Gohan of course"

"You idiot! Our tail is what helps us reach our potential, why did you cut it off?" Raditz said "Without it, were a disgrace to the race; perhaps its best for you because you were a failure just like our father" He said then he looked at Gohan and Minato "Perhaps you may be a disgrace but I can see two ways to rectify the situation"

Goku seemed to have caught on to his train of thought but was too late because Raditz was already in his face and gave him a blow to the face that sent Goku flying to the tree and grabbed Gohan then knocked him out with a chop. Minato saw this and tried to help his friend but he was too slow but Raditz didn't care so he appeared in front of Bulma and backhanded her that sent her flying into the house and knocked out the second child as well. Roshi went inside to help Bulma up and Krillin was by the recovering Goku's side helping him up.

"You have 24 hours to kill one hundred people on this planet before I kill the children" Raditz said to the shocked Goku and he tried to get up to save his and Bulma's son but his body was in pain from the punch so he saw Raditz put the two bows on both shoulders and start to float on the air "I'll be waiting" He said. Then he took off with Goku cursing his existence.

Bulma came out of the house looking completely healed and Roshi went over to Goku's side to give him a Senzu bean. She looked around trying to find Minato and started to panic because he wasn't around. Krillin saw this and tried to calm Bulma down but it wasn't working.

"Calm down, calm DOWN?! That monster has my son and if nothing's done soon he might die! I don't want my baby boy to die at such a young age!" Bulma exclaimed then she started to fiddle with her fingers looking for her wedding ring and when she found it, she activated the seal and waited.

"Man I haven't seen Bulma this panicked in a while" Krillin commented.

"But she's right we need to get Gohan and Minato back before he does anything to both of them"

"But Goku! You saw how strong he was, you can't take him on by yourself" Roshi cried out but as Goku was about to reply, he started to sweat as he felt the pressure around the island turn darker and laced with killer intent.

Krillin and Roshi noticed it as well and started to shake on their feet at the power that was being leaked out by a new threat and all three turned to see a man in a black long-sleeved open jacket with golden trimmings and a white muscle shirt with the Uzumaki swirl in the middle. He had red slit eyes and his black hair was moving around like a wave in a scary way and his tail was turning red but if that wasn't enough, his aura was completely red and scary like someone was about to kill them if they didn't thread carefully.

Naruto eyed the area and spotted a distraught Bulma then got a feel of the entire island feeling the familiar energy of his son fading away then he looked to the three men, two that were scared and one calm on the outside but worried on the inside at the sudden appearance of what seemed like was going to be his toughest foe yet.

"Can someone please explain to me why my wife is upset and why my son's energy seems to be fading away" Naruto asked calmly but the people knew otherwise.

Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze-Briefs was pissed!


I think I did a good job in introducing this story as my testament to good writing seeing as my previous stories have plot holes except blue lightening of course.

This is the introduction of Saiyan blood, a story that starts after the fourth shinobi war where the rookies killed Naruto out of greed and fear and Kurama sacrificed his soul for Naruto's in the check-out station, that's why he has another chance at life but before he left, he gave Naruto a few gifts.

Naruto after his training with king Kai met Bulma just after the World Martial Arts tournament and they got married and had a kid named Minato, after his grandfather, Minato Namikaze something Goku has in common with him. Another thing they have in common is that they both have had adventures while growing up to get as strong as they are now but Naruto's was more deadly thus making him stronger than Goku.

Naruto is a Saiyan in this story. Minato was a full blooded Saiyan that was orphaned and never reached his full potential. The same could be said to Kushina but she was blood adopted into the Uzumaki clan suppressing her Saiyan side but after they both died, they found out that they were Saiyan's in the afterlife and trained for the other world tournament while praying for Naruto.

I hope that gives you all a brief satisfactory intake on Naruto's Saiyan heritage.

Here are the power level for the Saiyan saga.

Goku Weights – 334

Goku healed with Senzu - 668

Goku healed without weights – 900

Minato – 50

Minato without suppressing his energy after training with his father – 200

Minato instant regeneration heal from Raditz attack – 400

Gohan – 2

Krillin – 206

Roshi – 160

Naruto base – 6, 000

Naruto Charged - 9, 000

No tailed Biju mode – 80, 000

Naruto Sage Mode – N/A?

Naruto Kaio-Ken x 10 – 90, 000

Naruto Kaio-Ken x 20 – 120, 000

That's all the modes of Naruto that was in this chapter, you'll get more numbers later on but remember, Naruto fought in a more gruesome war than Goku and he was healed from his near death experience. I'm not making Naruto a God in this story but he might be the legendary super Saiyan, you never know :P.

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