Rebirth and The choice

Chapter 2:

Arrival of the Kages and an unexpected Summons

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Story Start:

Kushina knew what her grandfather said was horrifying, robbing people of there free will just so there would be no pain and suffering. But on the other hand she always wondered why Hiruzen never sent forces to help one of the co-founders of there village.

She had a family to protect and this Madara Uchiha was trying to get to her precious daughter along with her own grandfather." Jiji these people are trying to hurt our family though, they want to extract the Kyuubi from Natsumi which will result in her death!" she screamed at him.

Naruto's face remained stoic "I understand that and I want allow her to die" he said, everyone started to hope he would join there side after that announcement but the thought was crushed when he said "But we need the Kyuubi and I will keep her alive during the extraction" he said with a sigh

Kushina took more steps back towards her group and whispered words that would shatter Naruto's heart "You aren't the same kind and caring grandfather I loved" while tears spilled out of her eyes.

Naruto stepped forward with his hand outstretched with a look of hurt on his face, but Madara grabbed him by the shoulder and kept him from advancing further " She has made her choice Naruto, herself and Natsumi will not be killed but the other will be" he said to his friend

Naruto nodded before a flash appeared right beside the Kages revealing the Mizukage surrounded by the Hokage's bodyguards. Mei smiled at the Kages and waved with her head tilted before she looked toward Madara with a serious expression but when she saw Naruto flirtascious smile appeared on her face" Who's the handsome red head over there Kushina-san?" she asked.

Kushina grit her teeth at the Mizukage and said" That's my grandfather MEI!" Mei looked stunned for a second and regained her composure quickly "You mean Naruto Uzumaki?" she questioned. "Who else would I be talking about?!" Kushina growled out.

Naruto however was chuckling at them before he stopped when Madara stepped forward "This is perfect" he said and then continued" This will make my test worthwhile" Tsunade began to heal Gaara and Onoki and ordered Mei and Ay to buy her some time. Naruto disappeared from Madara's side and appeared in front of ay and sent a knee into his stomach that bent him over and stepped back and round house kicked him away. Naruto with a wave of his hand bought up a chakra barrier when he heard the Mizukage shout her technique.

"Lava style: Lava monster Jutsu!" Lava sprayed out of her mouth and hit his barrier in which steam began to rise. From out of know where ay appeared covered in his lightning armour and sent a chop covered in lightning at the barrier which made him sink a little deeper into the ground.

Ay and Mei jumped back when Naruto drew his Katanas and dropped the barrier however Mist started to appear due to the Mizukages technique and he jumped back to Madara while Mu landed in the spot he was just in.

The Tsuchikage was on the Raikages back when they quickly shot off at incredible speeds and punched Mu into the air before speeding towards Sasunoo and threw a powerful punch that broke right through Madara's Sasunoo sending it back with a surprised Madara.

Naruto walked towards Madara who was getting up slowly and whistled while chuckling "They broke through your Impenetrable defence!" he laughed. Madara scowled at Naruto "Naruto be quiet and lets go confront them" Madara said with gritted teeth.

Naruto stifled a laugh before following Madara with his Katana in there usual stance.

He had just felt Natsumi's clone disappear and knew the Kages were going to try and handle them.

He appeared before Minato and sent a downward slash at him which he blocked with his Kunai. Minato threw a Kunai behind Naruto and flashed to it with a Rasengan in hand and swiftly turned around to try and slam it into Naruto.

Naruto saw this and put up a Barrier of Chakra but was still pushed back due to the power behind the attack. Naruto dropped the barrier and went through hand seals" Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet!" he took in a deep breath and pounded on his stomach to release a huge air bullet.

Minato's eye's widened at the power behind the attack and quickly threw a kunai skywards where he teleported to it. The Jutsu hit where he once was and exploded making dust and debris fly everywhere.

Naruto quickly drew his Katanas again and blocked a slash from behind. He looked behind and saw Kushina with his cloak on and two blades similar to his. He dodged another slash and flipped back a few meters.

Minato appeared beside Kushina in a flash and threw Kunai all over the area. Naruto calmly waited for there time to move when suddenly the Raikage flew through there battle and into a boulder while Gaara was sending sand at Madara and Onoki using Dust release to blast Madara to bit's.

Minato and Kushina used that chance to attack Naruto. Kushina sent Chakra chains at Naruto who dodged and sent Chakra chains of his own to counter them. Minato came in close engaged Naruto in close combat. Minato sent a kick to Naruto's rib's which Naruto would dodge and then Minato attempted a knee to the stomach which was blocked by Naruto's hand.

This continued for a few seconds before Naruto grabbed Minato's arm and bent it back and snapped it which produced a strong grunt from the man. Naruto then leg sweeped him and threw him over his shoulder before spin kicking him away and into Kushina's arms.

Naruto was then put of the defensive when Lava Globs were sent flying at him from Mei. "I love a man that doesn't melt" Mei said while Naruto smiled and replied "Sorry Beautiful but my Wife would kill me if I cheated on her" and shivered just from the thought.

Mei's face hardened hearing that and blocked a kick from Naruto when he got to close. The power behind the kick sent her skidding back and before she could recover a Chakra dragon was sent at her from Naruto's palms.

Mei dodged the dragon but it quickly turned and headed straight for her again, Mei kept her self calm and went through head seals "Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique!" and spewed out Lava that covered the dragon and made it fall to the ground because the Lava hardened on contact.

Naruto nodded to himself and quickly went through hand seals "Kuchiyose no Jutsu". Before them appeared a Huge black dragon slightly taller than the boss toad summon.

The dragon roared and blew fire out of its nose" Onaga it's been a while since we last met" Naruto said while the dragon blew fire out of its nose in reply. Naruto sighed "You were never talkative anyway, Onaga lets go through a combination attack" Naruto said as he jumped atop of his summons head and went through hand signs as Onaga blew out a large stream of fire" Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!" Naruto shouted as it combined with the stream of fire making it bigger and faster.

Kushina, Mei and Minato's eye's widened due to how far the fire jutsu spanned. Minato quickly grabbed both women and flashed to a kunai he had earlier thrown.

They all breathed out a breath of relief, but there moment of relief was cut short when Madara appeared before them with his Gunbai and sent them away with a powerful gust of wind. Madara quickly ducked under a hand covered in lightning and rolled away but quickly placed his Gunbai in front of him to cushion a chakra covered punch that sent him deep into the ground and tore up the ground.

Across the battlefield you could find Naruto sitting on a large rock with one leg hanging off the side. "Never in my day would the Kages have come together to stop a threat such as this, the pride we all had would have stopped us" Naruto said aloud to himself.

"Madara's plan involves enslaving the world, but it already seems the start of the war has brought some sought of peace between nations, does he really need to free the Juubi?" he thought to himself.

Naruto heard the sound of an explosion and quickly raced over there. Once he arrived he threw his Katana at Tsunade making her stop her pounding of Madara's Gunbai and jump back to the other Kages and Kushina.

Naruto appeared by Madara and calmly picked up his Katana and drew his other Katana. Madara calmly stood up from underneath his Gunbai like nothing had happened. Naruto and Madara's eyes became purple with a ripple pattern with a small black dot which drew gasps and one single word from Kushina's mouth after being told about the legendary eyes when she was five by her grandmother. "Rinnegan" she whispered making the other Kages nod.

Naruto gave a goofy smile and bowed to the people in front of him which made there eye's twitch and Madara scowl. "Umm where is that Dragon we were fighting gone" Mei said and as soon as she said that a huge dragon came up of the sky and landed behind them with a loud roar.

Ay activated his lightning armour and grabbed the dragon summons left hand to stop it from flattening them while Tsunade stopped the other from doing the same. The rest of the Kages and Kushina quickly moved which allowed ay and Tsunade to drop the summons hands a jump away.

Naruto chuckled while Madara stayed emotionless and saluted the dragon that blew fire out of its nose and blew up in a puff of smoke. Naruto cracked his knuckles and disappeared from his position and swung his sword at Kushina who blocked it, he quickly twisted his body mid air and sent a kick at Minato who stepped back avoiding it.

Naruto dropped to his feet and flipped back avoiding an earth spear from Onoki. Naruto was put on the defensive when Chakra chains were sent at him while Minato scattered more Kunai across the ground. The assault stopped when Minato flashed to his various Kunai attacking him from all sides with two kunai in hand.

Naruto would side step a slash and block a lunge; he quickly ducked under a sweeping kick and jumped backwards where he was instantly attack from above by Onoki whose fist was covered in rock.

Naruto's eye widened but managed to avoid it by rolling away. He was caught in the blast though and sent flying away. He twisted his body mid air and landed on all fours. He got up quickly and sped towards the trio and hand stand kicked Kushina and span both legs hitting Minato. He quickly flipped back onto his legs and parried a slash sent at him by Kushina. Naruto continued to block and attack Kushina with his swords, Kushina sent a overhead slash at Naruto which forced him to block with both swords.

Kushina smirked and applied more pressure. When Minato appeared in a flash behind naruto with a Rasengan in hand, Minato thrust his hand forward and was confident it would hit its mark when Naruto shouted a Jutsu that blew both him and Kushina away. "Shinra tensei"

Naruto grimaced when he saw Kushina being thrown back harshly from his jutsu. He had lowered its power so as to not blow her body apart, but he could still tell it hurt her.

Naruto sighed and sheathed his swords. He looked over to Madara to see him jumping from rock to rock avoiding Lava jutsu sent at him by Mei.

Madara landed on a rock and went through hand seals "Fire style: Great Fire Ball jutsu!" Madara shouted while blowing out a huge ball of fire at Mei who jumped to a higher rock to avoid the fire ball.

Mei however wasn't quick enough to notice the form of the of Madara sasunoo's sword coming down on her.

End story

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