This was the exact reason she didn't sit next to Fred Weasley at dinner time. It wasn't his table manners or anything like that. It was what happened under the table.

He'd always start off by sidling up to her along the bench as yet more and more Gryffindors turned up, wanting to sit beside him. He refused to leave her side, so they'd always end up too close together.

Then he'd whisper something in her ear that made her cheeks go red and her legs feel weak. He knew the way to get to her, and he could get her hot and bothered in one quick remark. Today was no different. "You know Granger, I could always bite your lip for you. You don't have to do it yourself..." he murmured, knowing full well no one else could hear. As per usual the telltale blush flooded her usually pale cheeks. He grinned. Apparently he liked to make her feel uncomfortable. Damn you, Fred Weasley.

The next step was to make sure their legs touched under the table. The first time she thought it was an accident. The second, she knew he meant to do it. This time, she looked into his blue eyes with her chocolate ones to find them filled with mirth. "Feeling alright, Hermione?" he asked, his voice amused.

And then he completed the final step. "Well Granger, it was lovely to eat with you, don't forget what I said about that lip, I'd be happy to sort it out for you." He actually had the nerve to wink at her as he left, leaving her flushed and embarrassed as she usually was by his antics.

Only Fred Weasley could leave Hermione Granger speechless.

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