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I already said in the summary that Harry will be a prankster, as well as more than a bit OOC. I've done this on purpose, and I have perfectly logical reasons for that. While some of them you'll discover later, I think the main one, James living inside Harry's head, is pretty obvious to everyone. So please, no whining about his OOCness when I've already made it very clear that he'll be like that.
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When James Potter saw the green light shoot from the Dark Lord's wand towards him, knowing he'd die, he didn't know what to expect of death. Would it be eternal darkness or light? Or maybe he would meet his dead loved ones? He didn't know. However, what he certainly hadn't expected was to wake up to the sound of footsteps and quiet murmuring.
At first, he thought he was hearing things. He was dead. There was no way that what he was hearing was real. Then he realized that he could feel something hard under him. Weird. He was pretty sure that dead people couldn't feel anything, since at least ghosts and paintings couldn't. So he opened his eyes, only to have to blink rapidly from the bright light.
When his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw that he laying the floor of an empty room that was painted completely white. The only speck of color was a black door to his left, which, when he looked at it properly, seemed to be slightly ajar. The noise was coming from there.

Deciding that just laying there would do him no good, James stood up with surprised ease, considering that he'd just died, and walked quietly to the door, taking a look in. Inside was a brightly lit, large room colored in red, gold, black and silver, with many what seemed like curtains in the walls. In the opposite side of the room was a wall filled with what seemed to be like images from all around the world - both Muggle and Wizarding. On the front of it was a large black sofa facing said wall. The most eye-catching and interesting thing in the room, however, was a woman pacing in circles in the middle of it, muttering things quietly to herself. The woman had long wavy hair that seemed to be changing between different shades of red, along with constantly color changing eyes that were currently shadowed with fury. Her ageless yet god-like beautiful face was frowning in anger, as she continued pacing, her clothing changing from type, color and time period to another. James couldn't hear everything she was muttering, but what he what he could sounded something like: "That... manipulative...Old Goat...messing with my plans...pay...give him hell...that girl...kill her...touch him...get in the way of my pairings...they'll pay..."

James wasn't sure what she was talking about, but he started thinking that maybe making her notice him wouldn't be a good idea. Before he could back away, however, the woman suddenly stopped her pacing and turned her eyes to him.

"Ah, I see that you're awake. Come in. We have a lot to discuss", the woman said, as she walked to the sofa and snapped her fingers, making it change to a desk with two chairs, one on either side. She sat on the one with its back to the wall, and gestured him closer. Not seeing any other choice and wanting answers to his inner questions, James walked to her and sat on the chair in the opposite side of the desk.

"Okay, I know that you have a lot of questions, but first things first. I am The Great Lady Fate, also known as Destiny, Moíra Kyría, Bitch and other crap like that. I'd prefer it if you called me Kyría, as the other names are far too bothersome. I am the one who decides the fates of mortals, gods and world alike. Tough I usually don't bother with the mortals, unless I happen to like them. Which is the case now. That's also pretty much the reason you're here", the woman, now known as Kyría, said in a blank tone as if she was commenting the weather and not telling him that yes, Fate exists, and he's currently in front of it.

"Wait, what the heck are you talking about? Aren't I dead?" James asked feeling extremely puzzled. He had no idea of what was going on. If the woman before him really was the Fate, what had he to do with anything she just said? Why was he here?

Kyría, however, just rolled her eyes and said: "Yeah, you're dead. And didn't I just tell you that I have happened to take liking your little son and I want you to change the way things are going because that Old Goat dared to mess with my plans?"

"Err...No?" Was his answer, as he looked at the woman, wondering if she was actually sane. The woman seemed to ignore his answer as she continued:

"Anyway, I'm going to give you are quick once over of the situation. Firstly, I can say that everything that's happening can be blamed on Dumbledore, also known as Old Goat. The bastard-"

"Dumbledore's a great man! Don't insult him!" James exclaimed, glaring at the being sitting before him angrily. To his surprise she just looked at him for a second before starting to laugh heartily, slapping her hand to the desk while holding her stomach.

"Dumbledore...a good man...What a joke...Oh, my stomach...!" She managed to say between her laughter, before she finally calmed down - after five minutes of laughter - to cough and say:

"James, say, just what exactly has the Old Goat done for you to call him a good man?"

"Well... he defeated Grindelwald and he's the only one Voldemort is afraid of. And he protected us by warning us about the prophecy and-..."

"Did he really? I seriously doubt that. Tell me, why didn't you hide in the Potter Manor? Correct me if I'm wrong, but last time I checked your Manor has some of the strongest wards in the Wizarding World, and surely you could have put Fidelius Charm on that, instead? Why is it that even while knowing that you still hid in Godric's Hollow?" Kyríe interrupted him, raising her eyebrow while looking at him pointedly.

"Because Dumbledore told us...to..." As James spoke, realization suddenly hit him and his eyes widened. "Don't tell me...Dumbledore knew that Voldemort would find our hiding place? He planned for us to die? Why?"

"Yes, he did. And if you'd allow me to continue and stop interrupting me, I'd answer that question." Was the answer he got, which made him blush a bit as he muttered "Sorry".

"Now, as I was saying, Dumbledore sat everything up. And I mean everything. Jamie, didn't it ever seem suspicious that a so-called Seer, who has never had a single vision in her life, happens to get see the Great Prophecy just when she was in a job interview in Dumbledore's office? And that Voldemort's spy - also known as Severus Snape - just coincidentally happened to hear the first part of it, which just as coincidentally was the part that would no doubt make the Dark Lord come after Harry - who is alive and who everyone think destroyed Voldemort and now call him The Boy-Who-Lived, by the way. Wasn't it also Dumbledore who told you and Lily to get married even though you and Sirius were together and later told you not to tell anyone that it wasn't Lily's child?" Lady Fate then continued, speaking in a tone that made her dislike towards Dumbledore very clear. As he listened to her speak, James first became shocked, but it soon changed to anger which grew the more he heard about the Old Goat's manipulations. He was furious at the idea that Dumbledore had manipulated them even since they joined the Order. In fact he was so angry that he at first didn't hear the woman's question. Only after she snapped her fingers before his nose he blinked, and then nodded, saying:

"Yeah. He said that the family would need a Lady Potter, and when Lily agreed to give birth to our son for us he told us that it'd be safer for Harry for people to not know that he was the Heir of both Potter and Black. But anyway, you still haven't told me where the hell I am. And what happened to Harry? Is he alright? What about Lily and Sirius?" James asked, suddenly growing dreadful when he remembered that Harry and Lily had been in the house when Voldemort came. And Sirius would have come there after the wards fell.

Fate, however, just rolled her eyes again exasperatedly and said:

"Jamie, I JUST told you that Harry is alive, defeated Voldemort 'cause of those protections that you placed on him, is called The-Boy-Who-Lived by the wizarding world and got dumped to the doorstep of the Dursleys - you know, those pigs who're related to Lily - by that idiotic Old Goat aka Dumbledore. Speaking of Lily, she kinda went dead when Voldemort aka Jerk-Ass shot the killing curse at her when she refused to let him kill Harry. My condolences and so on. As for Sirius, he went after that cursed rat, who had set him a trap and made him look like a murderer by supposedly blowing himself up with some Muggles, shouting something like "How could you" and cut his finger of. Then he just turned to a rat and ran away. Then the idiots who call themselves the Ministry seemed it fit to decide that Sirius was the Secret Keeper without, you know, CHECKING IT from your will or by using that veritaseum-thingy or whatever, and shipped Sirius to Azkaban without giving him a trial. Of course the Old Goat didn't stop them, as he was the one who made sure that Sirius didn't get that damn trial and he wanted Sirius to be locked away in Azkaban so that he could put Harry with the Dursleys and nicely manipulate him to be his pawn/weapon."

It took awhile for her words to sink in to James' head, and when they did, his face turned furious as he started shouting:

"THEY DID WHAT?! WHY THE BLOODY HELL THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO CHECK IF HE ACTUALLY WAS THE SECRET KEEPER?! And more importantly, WHY THE MERLIN IS HARRY WITH THE DURSLEYS?! We made it very clear in our will that he should be put ANYWHERE BUT WITH THEM OR SOME DEATH EATER! AND HOW DOES DUMBLEDORE DARE TO TRY TO USE HARRY AS A WEAPON?! HE'S NOT GETTING AWAY WITH THIS!" His little shouting left James panting for air, and his face was slightly red, both from anger and from shouting so much without taking a breath. Fate, however seemed completely uncaring about his shouting, as she continued:

"Indeed, they're not getting away with this. That's the reason why you're here. As you can see, Dumbledore just fucked everything up. Should I let things be as they are, Harry would grow up not knowing that he was a wizard, feel grateful to Dumbledore for getting him out of Dursleys to Hogwarts, be completely under his thumb, get two so-called friends - a git and a know-it-all - who're actually reporting everything to Dumbledore and just be fuckingly shitty friends, and get together with a fangirling bitch who just wants his money and fame, not to mention all the other shit he'd have to go through. Meaning that he'd be completely miserable and all my plans would be ruined. Which will not do. So I'm going to send you back there, where you'll basically live inside Harry's head and tell him everything about the wizarding world and its customs and whatever shit you parents usually do, and warn him about Dumbledore, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley - those two are his so called "friends" - Cho Chang and Ginny Weasley - those two are the bitches who're after his love -, and Molly Weasley - you know, the Weasley Matriarch who apparently wants Harry's fortune by having him mysteriously die after him and Ginny would get married, which you better not let happen, by the way. And make sure he lives up to Marauder name. It's amusing to watch people being pranked. Got it?"

James just looked at the woman before him like she'd gone crazy and, after going over her rant in his head, said:

"So let me get this straight. You want me to live inside my son's head, teaching him pretty much everything I know, and make sure he doesn't trust Dumbledore, befriend those two people who'd otherwise be his so-called friends, not let those to girls anywhere near him and not let him become a part of Dumbledore or Molly Weasley's plans. Right. Would be just a bit easier if, you know, I actually knew what those people looked like, what exactly those people have done to Harry to make you hate them so much and WHAT EXACTLY THOSE PLANS ARE?"

"Now why should I do that? It'd be too easy for you. But I guess that I'll have to give you some kind of idea of what's going on. Or more like what'd have happened if I hadn't interfered. But since it'd take way too long for me to explain it all, I'll just let you watch some of those things", Fate said while snapping her fingers two times, making one of the images in the wall to glow and grow bigger, starting then to show images of Dumbledore, Molly Weasley, a bushy haired girl, a red-haired girl and a boy with the same hair color, among other people, as well as let them hear what they were saying.

After the "image wall" had shown pretty much all of the screw-ups the people in the images had done, its glow and site returned to normal and James just sat there, trying to wrap his mind around all he had seen. Which was pretty hard considering that pretty much everything he'd thought he'd known about Dumbledore or Molly Weasley had been false and the more what they were planning to do to Harry sank in, the angrier he became. How dare they try to use his baby boy as a weapon against Voldemort! He could not let this slide. They had messed with his family, and he'd be damned if he didn't make them pay for it. Because no-one, and I mean no-one, messes with a Potter and gets away with it.

Lady Fate aka Kyria watched James Potter get a furious, but also determined look on his face, and smirked. Obviously he wasn't pleased with the Old Goat and his minions, and that meant that they'd be in for hell once he got his hands on them. And that he'd make sure they wouldn't get anywhere near poor little Harry with their evil plans. Which was all the better for her own plans. Yes, this would turn extremely interesting. Oh, the fun of the mortals.

"James", she then said, making said man's attention turn to her, "before you go, I want you to know that Ginny Weasley will most likely try to use love potion on Harry. Make sure that Harry is careful around her and doesn't eat anything that has been near her. Especially if it's a so-called "gift" from her. Same with that Cho-bitch. I don't want anyone to force him to love them. That just wouldn't do. Also, I want you to change the Wizarding World to the better. How you do that or what that means, I don't care. Just show them what happens when they try to put the responsibility of saving their world on the shoulders of a young boy. I happen to not like that."

At her words, James nodded surprisingly seriously considering his personality, which made Fate to continue: "Now, if you're ready, I think it's time you go. Make sure to do everything I told you to. It shouldn't be so hard, now that you've seen what they've done." Again, James nodded to her, not risking to speak. He didn't think that she'd listen to what he said anyway.

"Oh yeah, one more thing. It would you good to not dislike or judge someone just because they're in Slytherin or they've been raised to act like their parent for their childhood. Considering what family your lover belongs to, I think you understand why. Now, off you go." After saying this, Fate clapped her hands, and a bright light enclosed James, making him fade away.

As The Great Lady Fate sat in her now empty room, a smirk found its way to her face before she burst into laughter. Soon those who had meddled with her plans would feel what the wrath of the Fate itself felt like. They had offended her, and soon, they would pay.

Yes, things would soon be very interesting, indeed.

The Wizarding World would never know what hit them.

And there you have the Prologue of Changing The World - Marauder Style. Hope you enjoyed it.

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