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The young Potter and Black Heir followed Professor McGonagall along the corridors, wondering just where was she leading him to.

"Not to her classroom or to Old Goat's office, that's for sure. She looks too excited for that", James said, looking at his old Head of the House's stern-yet-excited expression.

"I wonder why", Harry wondered to himself. Then he cringed as an exclaim rang in his ears:

"Prongslet! Anyone would be excited after seeing a flying performance like that, especially when it was done by someone in your House!"

"Was it really that amazing?"

"Do I really have to say it?" was said in an exasperated tone by the older Potter.


"Good, because-" He was cut off by McGonagall stopping in front of the door to a classroom. She poked her head in and asked:

"Excuse me, Professor Flitwick, could I borrow Wood for a moment?"

"Wood? I wonder who that is", James wondered, before his question was answered in the form of a burly fifth-year boy stepping out of the classroom, wearing a puzzled expression.

Before either of the two boys - or the ghost-man-thingy sitting inside the younger's head - could say anything, McGonagall led them all into a classroom. In there they saw Peeves writing naughty words on the blackboard, and the stern with shooed him off, threatening to call the Bloody Baron if he didn't leave.

She slammed the door shut after him, and turned to look at the two boys.

"Potter, this is Oliver Wood. Wood, this is Harry Potter, your new Seeker", she said, gesturing to each of them as she said their names.

Oliver looked at her in a delighted way.

"Are you serious?"

"Of course I am", the Professor responded, "I've never seen anything like it. He is a natural. Was that your first time on a broomstick, Mr Potter?"

"No. Sirius took me flying the day after me met during last summer", Harry answered truthfully, leaving out the part of his Dad being there too. No need for them to know.

If McGonagall was surprised that he had flown before, she didn't show it.

"He caught that Remembrall after a fifty-foot dive without even scratching himself", she told Oliver, "I doubt even Charlie Weasley could have done that. Especially not during his second time on a broom."

Wood looked like Christmas had come early.

"Ever seen a game of Quidditch, Potter?" he asked Harry, "Oh, I'm the Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, by the way."

Harry watched as Minnie shut her mouth again, having opened it to apparently say the same thing, and then he answered:

"No, I haven't. Though I know the rules."

Wood then started walking around Harry and staring at him, telling them how he had the perfect build for a Seeker.

"...I don't like the way he is looking at you. It's like he is checking you out", James growled as he glared at the fifth year.

"Oh, shut up, Dad. He isn't checking me out", Harry snapped at him and turned his attention to McGonagall, perfectly ignoring his Dad's reply. Honestly, he was being stupid. Why would Oliver Wood check him out? The guy was a fifth-year, for fucks sake!

"We should get him a decent broom, Professor. A Cleansweep or a Nimbus Two Thousand, perhaps-"

"I already have a broom - at home, that's it", Harry cut in. Of course, he wasn't about to tell Minnie that he had sneaked a broom to school without permission. He wasn't stupid, thank you very much.

Both Oliver and McGonagall looked surprised.

"You do? Which broom is it?" Oliver asked, staring at the boy before him.

"Nimbus Two Thousand. Got it as a birthday present from D-...Sirius."

McGonagall frowned a bit, clearly displeased that Harry had gotten a broom before - seemingly - having any flying lessons, conveniently forgetting that that had been exactly what she had been about to do.

"Well then, Mr Potter, I think you should write a letter to Mr Black and ask him if he could send your broom to you. It'd be best if you explained that you were chosen as the new Gryffindor Seeker, too. I'm sure he'll be delighted. Both he and your father were decent Quidditch players, themselves."

"...Excuse me? Did she just call me and Sirius DECENT Quidditch players? We were the best of our year! We both could have become professional players if we wanted to! She knows that!" James shouted, causing Harry to have to suppress a wince when it rang in his ears.

"I know you were, Dad, and I know that she knows that too. But could you PLEASE be a bit less loud? You're still inside my fucking head, you know."

"Oops. Sorry, Prongslet. Did I hurt your ears?"

"Yes", Harry deadpanned, before turning his attention back to the stern Professor. "I'll write to him as soon as I can, Professor."

"Good. Perhaps it'd be best if you wrote to your guardians, too. I hear that you live with your relatives, and I'm sure they'd be happy to hear about you joining the Quidditch team", McGonagall said, nodding.

"Oh, didn't you know? Sirius is my guardian, and I've been living with him since his trial. My relatives were deemed...unfit to raise me, and as my parents would have wanted me to live with him, he got my custody. But I don't think that has anything to do with this", Harry said, feigning surprise at the fact that the professor didn't know. Of course they hadn't informed the school that his guardian had been changed. If they had, old Dumbles would have heard about it. And that would have been no good for them.

McGonagall looked shocked, but then seemed to compose herself enough to say:

"I see. I want to hear you're training hard, Potter, or I might decide that a punishment was in order after all. Now, have a good day."

With that, she dismissed both of the boys, and they walked out of the room together, with Oliver looking really confused by how the conversation had ended. Somehow he had a feeling that he would later end up hearing a lot about the matter. He didn't know how or why, he just that kind of feeling in his gut. In the end, though, he decided to just let it be for the time being, and worry about it when and if something happened to make him think about it again. No use getting himself a headache for thinking too much.

Harry, for his part, was humming happily. He could hardly wait to tell his friends about this new turn of events. Oh, Draco would be sooo jealous!


They were all outside of Hospital Wing where Neville had gotten his hand fixed. Draco and Neville were staring at their best friend with their mouths open, while Harry was laughing his ass of at the looks on their faces.

"Are you kidding us? McGonagall made you the new Seeker of the team after you BROKE THE RULES?" Neville asked, looking like he couldn't believe his ears.

"More importantly, you have permission to have your own broom at school during first year?!" Draco cut in.

"Yup! I'm the youngest Seeker in the century. Awesome, isn't it?" Harry answered brightly, making his blonde best friend pout and moan:

"I want to get on the team too!"

"What team?" Came from behind them, and as they turned around, they saw Cedric standing there, looking quizzically at them. "What are you guys talking about?"

"Oh, nothing, I just became the youngest Seeker in the century. No biggie", was the sarcastic answer from the young raven haired Gryffindor, which made Cedric first stare at him, and then exclaim:

"WHAT?! How did that happen?!"

"By being awesome, how else?" Harry joked, before Draco decided to cut in:

"The idiotic git named Ron decided to steal Nev's Remembrall, after Nev had been taken to Hospital Wing - his broom didn't work properly and he fell down and broke his hand - and then thought it was a good idea to take of on one of the brooms to the air. Obviously the idiot didn't think that Harry would follow and threaten to drop him off his broom. Then the coward threw the ball away, this dummy here", he pointed to Harry, "decided to dive after it - it was a fifty-foot dive, by the way - and caught it without getting a scratch on himself. McGonagall saw it, and apparently was so amazed that she dragged Harry to see the Captain of the Gryffindor team right then and there. Didn't even punish him for not listening to Hooch."

Cedric gaped at Harry, and then said:

"That's bloody amazing. Though now we have to play against each other, since I'm the Hufflepuff Seeker…"

"It's unfair. I want to get on the team too…" Draco muttered, and then proceeded to pout cutely - though he'd hex anyone who called him cute. When Cedric saw his expression, he hugged the blonde boy with a smile on his face.

"Awww, don't pout Drakey. You can get on the team next year."

Draco glared at him, but didn't push him away, choosing to just cross his hands and glare at his best friends, who were trying to stifle their laughter.

"Awww, wittle Drakey and Ceddy are hugging!"

"What have we missed?"

Everyone turned to look at the speakers, and saw the twins walking towards them with grins on their faces.

"Don't call me Drakey! And I'm not little!" Draco shouted at them, his face turning scarlet.

"Awww, don't worry Drakey, we love you even if you're little", Cedric said, only to yelp when Draco stepped on his foot painfully. This caused him to loosen his hug on the blonde boy, who huffed and stepped away from him, daring anyone to say anything with his glare.

Of course, everyone else were too busy laughing their asses off at them to make any kind of comment. It took them five minutes to calm down enough for Fred to ask:

"So, how did your lesson go?"

This was then followed by Draco and Harry telling everything that happened to them, and the twins shaking their heads at their so-called little brother's stupidity. Honestly, how the hell were they related to such an idiot again?

"-and then McGonagall brought me to see Oliver Wood, and appointed me the new Seeker of the Gryffindor team", Harry finished his tale.

"Oh, we heard about that from Oliver", Fred said.

"Yeah. He was almost skipping when he told us. So we knew that you had to be good for him to act like that", George agreed.

"But damn, fifty-foot dive without a scratch? You're a natural, Harry. And fucking crazy", they added as one. Harry just shrugged.

"What can I say? I'm just awesome like that."

"Sure you are. Anyway, did you know that the idiot aka Ronald didn't have a fucking idea of how to properly hold a broom while flying?" Draco said.

The twins stared at him.

"Seriously? Oh, wait until Charlie-",

"-hears about this."

"He'll be so fucking angry at Ron for endangering his precious broom."

"Well, shouldn't we go to write him a letter about it, then?" Neville asked, raising his eyebrow.

Everyone agreed with him, and soon the group was making its way towards the Gryffindor common room to write that letter.

Next morning one red-headed man's breakfast was interrupted by a loud tapping noise coming from his window. When he turned to look towards it, he saw that the noise was caused by a Snowy Owl, who was knocking at the glass with a letter in its peak.

The redheaded man, named Charlie Weasley, stood up and opened the window, watching as the owl flew to his table, dropped the letter to his plate and landed next to his newspaper, which a Prophet owl had brought him earlier. So he walked back to his table, handed a piece of bacon to the owl - he guessed that it was a girl - and took the letter to his hand.

Charlie Weasley

Dragon Reserve


Was written at the front in the pretty neat handwriting that he recognized as George's, and, wondering what could possibly have made them suddenly write to him, he opened it.

Dear Charlie,

How are you doing? It's your favorite little brothers writing to you about something we thought you'd want to know! You see, our new friends Harry, Draco and Neville - who are all first year Gryffindors and sitting right next to us - had a flying class with Ronniekins today, and something very interesting happened.

Did you know that Ron had taken your old broom and went to flying in the past without your permission? He was bragging about it to everyone the whole morning, and about how he had almost hit a hang-glider with it. Of course, the story is probably bullshit, since we doubt the idiot even knows what a hang-glider is. Still, he DID take your broom, which I'm sure you're not so happy about, as no-one had taught him how to fly properly.

Anyway, Harry and Draco told us that they found something out during their flying lesson: Ron didn't know how to hold a broom properly when flying. According to Harry, Ronniekins "had no fucking idea how to fly properly - he could barely dodge in the air".

How does he know this, you ask?

Well, as I'm sure you know, the school brooms really suck. And Neville apparently got one of the worst ones, and ended up falling down and breaking his hand. Hooch took him to Hospital Wing, and as soon as they were gone, Ron started laughing at Neville and picked his Remembrall - which Nev had gotten from his Gran - from the ground. He then started going on about how he should hid in the roof or something, and Harry and Draco got angry and tried to get it back. Ronniekins insulted them, and it ended with him taking to the air with Harry following him.

Har threatened to make him fall off his broom if he didn't, and then flew straight towards him, making Ron just barely be able to dodge. He even said that he had purposely flown in a way that would be easy to dodge if you knew how to fly. The thing ended with Ronnie throwing the Remembrall away and Harry catching it after a fifty-foot dive without a scratch, and McGonagall making him the youngest Seeker in the century.

Yes, dearest brother, he is a better flyer than you.

The point is that we've come to the conclusion that Ronnie has no fucking idea how to fly properly on a broom, and that he could have smashed to something when he took your broom without permission. Which would have resulted in it breaking. We thought you wanted to know.

Oh, and we also befriended this one Hufflepuff from our year named Cedric Diggory. And we're doing good. We haven't blown up the toilet yet.

See you!

George & Fred
Your dearest and most awesome brothers

Charlie stared at the letter with his mouth agape, trying to wrap his brain around what he had just read. Oh, he could understand that a first year had become the new Gryffindor Seeker as the youngest Seeker in the last century. That wasn't the problem. What he couldn't believe was that Ron had taken his precious broom without permission when he couldn't even fly properly. No, actually, he could. Ronald had always done things like that because he thought he could do anything without consequences. And because he was a git. All of his older brothers - except Percy, most likely - knew this fact. However, they normally just ignored it or, in Fred and George's case, pranked him in an attempt to make him less gittish. Not that it usually worked.

This time the boy had gone too far. Everyone in the family knew how precious Charlie's old broom was to him - after all, he had had it since he was a kid and had used through his school years, all the way until he became started his work at the Reserve. Then he had gotten a fireproof broom, not wanting his old one to accidentally get destroyed. He still flow it, though, whenever he was forced to visit his childhood home and had to make a quick escape from his Mother's rants - the only reason he even went to Burrow was the twins and his Dad, as Bill often visited him at the Reserve and so could see him pretty much whenever he wanted to.

He knew that he had made it pretty damn clear that no-one was to touch his broom without his permission. Ever. Especially if you didn't know how to fly. Heck, he had even threatened to not come to Burrow at all anymore if his Mother tried to give his broom to one of the twins or to Ron. So he would have thought that Ron would have gotten to his thick head that it was a very bad idea to take his precious broom. But no. OF COURSE he still had to fly it and risk it getting broken. Which the red headed Dragon Keeper didn't like. Not in the least.

And so, he decided that it was time to teach Ron exactly why it was a good idea to listen to him when he told him "No". Maybe it'd teach him to not act like an idiotic git, too. It was doubtful, but hey, a man can always hope, right?

It just so happened that the first Quidditch match of the year was coming soon at Hogwarts. It'd be a perfect reason for him to go there and find Ron. He would not let his youngest brother get away with what he had done. Maybe he could get the Twins and their new friends to prank him a bit, too.

Oh, how he loved having two pranksters for little brothers.

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