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It was a normal quiet day in Jump City where you'd see five Teen heroes sitting in their T shaped tower. Everyone was in the common room where Robin was sitting with Starfire at the dining table, she was talking to him about something from her home planet, he was just smiling and nodding pretending to be listening while actually he was just staring at her beauty. Cyborg and Beastboy were cooking food and arguing about meat and tofu. And finally, Raven was sitting on the couch drinking herbal tea and reading a book… or trying to but is not able duo to Cyborg and Beastboy's argument.

"Nobody likes your tofu crap! Why don't you just drop it?!" said Cyborg. "Well, how would you feel if we were eating metal? I don't think you'll like it!" Beastboy replied to his half robot friend. "I don't care, BB. If you wanna eat metal, eat it! I-don't-care!" "Fine! Maybe I will!" said Beastboy angry after Cyborg's comment. "Great! I'll help ya out, here's a soda can, EAT IT!" said Cyborg right before the alarm went off.

"Trouble! Sorry guys, looks like you're argument's gonna have to wait." Said The leader of the Titans in his serious tone as he quickly typed something on the main computer and the screen turned on to reveal Mumbo Jumpo at the Local Bank stealing whatever his hands gets on. "It's Mumbo. Titans, Go!" shouted Robin as he dashed to the garage to get his R-cycle while the others followed.

When they arrived at the bank, Robin on his motorcycle, Cyborg in the T-car and the others flying, they found Mumbo stealing money from a safe in the bank with half the workers tied while the other half was too scared to move.

"Show's over, Mumbo." Said Robin. Mumbo turned around to see the Titans. "Oh, goody. The Titans are here! Just in time for the big finale!" said Mumbo before laughing maniacally . then he took out his magic wand " Hocus Pocus". Suddenly, the chairs started fighting the Titans while he tried to make a run for it.

Robin got his staff out and hit 3 chairs that were around him breaking them. Starfire shot fire bolts at two chairs the were in front of her, then turned to the other two that were behind her and shot laser beam from her eyes at them. Cyborg shot his Sonic Cannon at the chairs that were surrounding him from all directions. Beastboy flew up in the form of an eagle then morphed into a dinosaur and smashed all the chairs that were attacking him. Raven held all the chairs that were around her with her powers and crashed them all together breaking them.

Mumbo was running out looking behind him at the Titans who were fighting his chairs when suddenly he pumped into something. He looked up to see none other than the Boy Wonder. "And just where do you think you're going?" said Robin with a confident smile on his face.

Mumbo looked terrified for a moment before he jumped back and held out his hat "Alakazam" he said when hundreds of pigeons flew out of his hat and covered Robin. "Hahahaha! You actually thought my tricks were over?! Well, think again Robin, or should I call you pigeon! Hahahaha!".

He began running away again as the door locked in front of him with black magic. "Maybe you're tricks are not over, but neither are mine! Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven said as one of the desks behind her flew and hit Mumbo knocking him away.

He got up a few seconds later and said "Dear Raven, what did I tell you before? Your magic is boring! I'll show you the real trick!" he said with a mischievous smile on his face and got his magic wand out "Abracadabra!" he said when an ATM machine started throwing money at her at top speed. He ran away laughing. Raven got covered with money as she blew out one of them out her face "Great, I just got attacked by money." She said in sarcasm.

Starfire ran to Robin's side to see if he's alright while Beastboy went to check on Raven and make sure she's alright. Mumbo was finally out of the bank when 'boom' he was hit by the Sonic Cannon and flew away leaving his wand where he was.

"Oh looks like you forgot your toys lying around everywhere, careful someone may accidently step on them." Cyborg said while stepping on the magic wand and breaking it. "No! My wand! My powers!" Mumbo cried out as he transformed into a regular old man. "Boo-ya!" shouted Cyborg smiling.

"Well, Mumbo looks like it's time to go to jail" said Robin as he was out from the pigeons with Starfire standing beside him. Raven was just getting up with Beastboy supporting her. "Thanks, Beastboy." Said Raven with a small smile. Beastboy just smiled at her.

"Well, guys. Who's in a mood for a little celebration after this victory?" asked Cyborg excitedly.

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