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Bonus Scene

"Why couldn't I have listened?" she mused out loud.

She blamed herself for what happened. She was hurt and she should've stayed down. She should've stayed there and been safe like he told her to. Maybe then, he wouldn't be where he was. Maybe he would be lying next to her, playing his Gameboy or sleeping on her lap or cuddling with her as he whispered sweetly in her ear. Maybe…

She should've known. She should've known to stay put. He always had a tendency to protect her before their relationship – when they were just friends. He was known to tackle or push off someone whenever they got too close to actually killing her. But when their relationship started to blossom so did his need to protect her. So she should've known that he would do it again.

She should've stayed.

Twiddling with the ring that hung from around her neck, she smiled sadly to herself with furrowed brows. She was never one to wear jewelry regularly until him.

"Hi…" he said hesitantly as he peered into her room.

Her only response was a huff at him and a flip of a page in her book. She wasn't about to satisfy him with a "Hi." No, he was going to have to suffer.

"Still mad at me, huh?" he sighed as he walked into her room and shutting the door behind him.

She lifted her eyebrow in response. She heard him give an exaggerated sigh.

"Would you please talk to me? I hate it when you do this silent treatment stuff."

She turned the next page in her book. That was the whole point of giving him silent treatment. She knew he hated it and therefore, it was his punishment.

What she didn't realize was how much he really, really hated it. Before she had time to think, he was over by the bed and he took the book in his hands. Snapping it shut, he threw it to the other side of the room.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" she shouted. If she wasn't mad before she was certainly mad now.

"If you're going to be mad at me, be mad at me! Stop it with the whole passive aggressive silent treatment bullshit and fucking talk to me!"

"Excuse me?!" she replied incredulously. She stood up from the bed she was lying on, "I will talk to you when I'm ready to talk to you. And right now, I'm not in the mood!"

"I don't care if you're in the mood or not!" he shouted back, "Hell, I'm not in the mood but here I am ready to talk to you."

"You may be ready but I'm not!" she fumed, "I'm still mad at you!"

He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her close "Then, be mad at me, Rae and let me know what the fuck is going on!"

He was met with a slap in the face. He let go and took a step back away. He rubbed his cheek at little, "Okay, that may have been too much."

"Well you deserved it after grabbing me and screaming in my face like that!" She began to pace around.

"Okay, now we're getting somewhere," he sighed as he watched her pace. "Now what's the problem?"

She stopped pacing and looked at him with a shocked look. How could he not know? "What's the problem? What's the problem?! Are you kidding me?!"

"No, I'm not. I don't know what I did wrong."

"You jumped in front of a gun for me – in front of the whole team! That's what you did!"

He stood there for a moment, his face twisted into one of confusion. "…That's what you're mad at me for?"


He scoffed, "I saved your life!"

"I had it under control! I would've been fine."

"No, you wouldn't have! He had a gun pointed at you -!"

"And I have superpowers! I would've been fine!"

"At your heart, Rae! He pointed it at your heart! If I hadn't gotten there in time, if he had pulled that trigger, you would've died in an instant!"

"I had enough time to knock the gun out of his hands!"

"Are you seriously mad at me for saving your life?"

"No! What I'm mad at is that you constantly do this!"

"Do what?"

"Protect me! You jump in whenever in almost every battle!"

"I do not! When have I ever-?"

"A two weeks ago when we were fighting the H.I.V.E. See-More was shooting one of his eye beams at me and I got hit. You stopped fighting Billy Numerous and attacked him."

"He was shooting eyebeams at you!"

"A week later when we were fighting Mumbo Jumbo."

"He had you tied up and you were about to plunge into piranha infested waters!"


"If he'd touched you he would've zapped you!"

"Dr. Light? When you know I'm the best one to take care of him. Before I even had the chance to try anything, you turned into a tyrannosaurus and grabbed him with your teeth."

"…Okay," his hand reached up to scratch the back of his neck, "Maybe I have been a bit over protective lately."

"A bit?!"

"Yeah, a bit."

She crossed her arms over her chest, "Try very over protective and we'll be scratching the surface."

"So what? It's not a big deal."

"Yes it is a big deal!"

"No it isn't!"

"Yes it is!"

"Why? What's the big deal about wanting to protect you?

"Because it's our job, Gar!" she yelled, "It's our job to lay our lives out on the line. It's our job to protect the people of Jump city and you prevent me from doing that every time you step in!"

"He had a gun at you!"

"You still shouldn't have st-!"

"Don't you dare tell me that I shouldn't have stepped in. That I shouldn't have protected you!"

"I can protect myself, Gar!"

"I don't care!" his voice boomed. He was shaking now and his jaw was tight, "No one points a gun at my wife! And I'll be damned if I…"

His words faded off into the distance. Her jaw dropped at him and her eyes grew wide. He was ranting now – his arms failing all over the place as he spoke. But she didn't hear the words anymore.

Did he say that? Did he really call her… his wife?


"I'm sorry that you're mad but-,"


"I'm not going to apologize for protecting you. And if you think I am-!"


He stopped, "What?"

She stared at him for a moment, unsure of what to say. "Did you…did you just call me your wife?"

She watched him pause, thinking about her question. She watched his face go from recollection to realization. He gave a long sigh into the air, "I did, didn't I?"

A silence fell upon them. Both unnerved and unsure of what to say next. It was one of those moments where you knew something major was going to happen but you didn't know exactly how it was going to turn out.

"What..." she started again. Her voice sounded so strange to her, "W-why did you call me that?"

He stared for a minute as if she he couldn't understand her. Then, he laughed breathlessly his hand covering his mouth. He looked back to her again and smiled before he walked passed her and to his side of the bed. She watched nervously as he reached into the drawer of her night stand. Standing back up, he pulled out something small in his hand. It looked like a little black box.

She looked back up to his face with a confused look. She saw that his smile ran from ear to ear.

"Cause," he played with the box in his hands a little before looking back up at her, "I wanna marry you."

Her eyes widened, flabbergasted at his words, "What?"

He began to walk back over to her with a smirk on his face, "For the past 3 weeks, I've been planning on proposing to you. Obviously not like this but since I let the cat out of the bag…"

"B-but…" she tried to speak, her words failing her miserably.

"I refer to you as my wife in my head to get rid of the lingering doubt that you'll say no," he stopped in front of her.

His eyes were sparkling as he gazed upon her. So much love laid behind those eyes for her. She felt her heart beat a mile a minute and her head felt dizzy. Was this all real?

"So, Rae," he whispered as he opened the box but her eyes never left his, "Will you be my wife?"

This was a dream. It had to be. It was all too good to be true. She never ever, ever thought that, in life, she would be loved – that she would have friends that were like her family. That she would be understood. That she would meet the man of her dreams and then, have that said man love her as much as she loved him. And since she was supposed to die at sixteen, she never thought that she would get married.

And now here she was with friends who loved her like family. Here she was alive at the age of twenty-three. And here she was with the man of her dreams who understood her, loved her inside and out, and now was proposing marriage.

Her lip shook as a tear ran down her cheek.

"Oh no, don't cry. Please don't cry, Rae," he said as he wiped the liquid from her cheek.

"I'm not crying because I'm sad…" She sniffed as a small smile spread across her lips, "I'm crying because I'm happy."

He smiled at her with hope in his eyes, "So… is that a yes?"

Giving him a breathy giggle, she looked down at the ring. It was set in silver with one big oval sapphire with two smaller onyx gems to the side of it. Simple but elegant.

She looked back up to him and said, "You have to let me fight my own battles. You have to let me serve my purpose on the team. If it starts looking like I'm going to go down, then fine, step in but I don't want you fighting my battles for me. I won't tolerate it."

"Rae," he called her attention. She could feel his anxiousness, "Will you marry me?"

With all the love she had in her heart, she answered, "Yes."

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