Till There Was You

Chapter 1: It Must Have Been Mistletoe

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Author's Note:  This is the first fic I've ever posted so hopefully you'll like it!

It must have been the mistletoe, the lazy fire, the falling snow, the magic in the frosty air, that made me love you.
On Christmas Eve a wish come true, that night I fell in love with you.
It only took one kiss to know, it must have been
The mistletoe!

- It Must Have Been Mistletoe by ????


            Snow was falling on Christmas Eve outside the burrow. Inside, all seven Weasley children and their better halves were gathered together in the living room, with a fire roaring in the fireplace. The group watched, amused at the commotion in the center of the room. A tall boy with fiery red hair and a girl with chestnut locks falling in her face were entangled in an awkward position on the floor.

             "Left foot yellow," George Weasley called from the couch.

             "Ohh…." Hermione wavered twisting herself so she could follow his directions.

             "Don't complain Hermione. This was your idea," Ginny called commented from her spot snuggled next to Harry. They had been dating for the past four years, a year less than Ron and Hermione.

             "It was a little easier when I was six," Hermione admitted. "I was a little more flexible then I suppose."

             "I don't think I was ever flexible enough for this game," Fred was still attempting to find a comfortable place for his foot on a yellow circle.

             "Right foot blue!" George called the next move. Before Hermione could even lift her foot to move it, the 175-pound Weasley twin collapsed on to her.

             "Ow…." She groaned, still managing a small laugh. "I won," she grinned. Fred pulled himself off of Hermione. He helped her to her feet and there was a jingle of bells above their heads. At this sound Fred grinned mischievously. Hermione looked around and found the other twin shared the same look, and everyone but Ron, who had turned red and was scowling, was fighting of smiles.

             "What?' she questioned. "What does that sound mean?"  Fred continued grinning and pointed to the ceiling. Hermione looked up and saw mistletoe hanging above their heads. "But what…where?" she stammered. "That was NOT there before"

             "Magically Appearing Mistletoe," Ginny smiled, answering her questions.

             "Appears when a good situation presents itself." George added.

             "Well, are you going to do something about it Fred?" Bill pushed his younger brother. Fred grinned again before grabbing Hermione and dipping her. When he finally brought her back up she found herself very flustered.

            Harry and George howled out hoots and encouragement and Fred bowed for his performance. The rest of the room laughed at the red shade of the youngest brother's face.

             "Worried you've found some competition Ron?" Charlie teased. Hermione took her place next to Ron on the couch and he quickly put his arm around her.

             "Feeling a little threatened Ron? Think Fred might be moving in on your fiancée?" Ginny laughed, noticing Ron's protective motion. Ron scowled again.

             "Honestly Ron, I wouldn't worry." Percy couldn't help but commenting. "Do you honestly think an intelligent woman like Hermione could be attracted to that?' he glanced at Fred before smiling.

             "I don't know," Hermione now too joined in. "he is kind of cute." She felt Ron tense up next to her.

             "I'd have to agree, quite a looker, that Fred," George nodded in agreement. Ron finally gave it to the silliness of the situation and laughed, relaxing. Hermione shook her head at his antics, but spent the rest of the evening trying to forget the jolt of electricity she had felt when Fred Weasley kissed her.