Till There Was You


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             Hermione tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear as she crossed the road in Diagon Alley. She hurried towards the shop and breathed out as she opened the door and the cool air from inside The Weaze surrounded her, relieving her from the heat of the harsh July sun.  Fred and George had finally opened a store for their joke business in December. They were constantly busy and had begun looking into opening another shop in Hogsmeade.

             She made her way towards the back of the store but was stopped when a tall red head with a striking resemblance to her fiancée.

             "Hermione!" he greeted her.

             "George!" she cooed back in response.

             "What are you doing here?" he said drawing out his words as if Hermione was a small child whom he had just caught sneaking about.

             "I need to see Fred," she responded.

             "Ah, ah, ah, you know the rules. The bride and groom cannot see each other for 24 hours before the wedding. Bad luck," George told Hermione as he grasped his soon to be sister-in-law by the shoulders and began guiding her back towards the front door of the shop.

             "I didn't see Ron the day before our wedding and it didn't exactly help us out."

             "I would say you were granted quite a bit of luck on your wedding day love. Now I'll see you back at the Burrow. And don't worry I won't tell mum about this little escapade," George teased.

             "But I…" Hermione began only to find her self shoved out of the store. "I really need to talk to Fred," she finished to herself as she found herself facing the door George had shut in her face.

             Hermione threw her bag on to the stair railing and made her way towards the kitchen. She wished George hadn't been the one to come out of the back to see who had entered the store. She desperately needed to speak with Fred.

             When she entered the kitchen she found Ginny there decorating the five-tier cake she had volunteered to make for the wedding.

             "Oh Ginny, it looks beautiful," Hermione admired the beautiful creation.

             Ginny's head jerked up as her friend spoke and she broke out into an excited grin.

             "So?" she prompted.

             "So?" Hermione replied. She couldn't however stop the grin that was sneaking across her face or the red tint appearing on her cheeks.

             "I knew it! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!" Ginny exclaimed.

             "Yeah well Fred would know it too if it wasn't for the stupid twin of his," Hermione rolled her eyes.

             Ginny's eyes widened. "You went to go see Fred?"


             "What if George hadn't been there to stop you? What if you had seen each other?"

             "Then I would have gotten to talk to my fiancé?" Hermione offered.

             "And the wedding that you've been planning for a year would have been ruined!" Ginny said.

             "What is it with this family and superstitions?"

             "I wouldn't test my luck if I were you Hermione. You've already tried to marry a Weasley once. You wouldn't want another wedding to go wrong."

             "Well, I'm going to go back to my apartment for a while. Maybe take a nap in my own bed. Fred's old bed is comfortable but his old roommate snores." Hermione had come to stay at the Burrow the previous evening, leaving Fred to stay at the apartment they had moved into together shortly before Ginny and Harry's wedding.

             Ginny's eyes filled with alarm again and she stood up as quickly as she could given her somewhat large stomach which was housing the world's next Potter.

             "What if Fred's there?"

             "Fred's at work remember? I was just there."

             "But you didn't see him. How are you sure he's there? He could be at home."

             "George wouldn't have kicked me out if Fred wasn't there. I'll be back soon Gin."

             Hermione turned to leave when she heard a sob come from Ginny.

             "Ginny….why are you crying?"

             "I'm just so worried you'll run into Fred and something will go wrong," Ginny said with tears running down her face. "And though I'm not sure I understand why of all people you want to marry Fred, I really want to be able to call you my sister. And here you are risking it all just to take a stupid nap! Can't you just nap here?"

             "Fine! I'll nap here," Hermione gave in not wanting to cause Ginny anymore stress.

             "Thanks," Ginny swabbed at her eyes with the back of her hand.

             Hermione shook her head and headed up to the attic to Fred's bed. As she left she didn't notice the sigh of relief Ginny let out as she chuckled to herself.

             The next morning Hermione woke up as the sun began the shine across her face. As soon as her eyes fluttered open and began adjusting to the light Hermione saw Ginny flitting above her.

             "You're awake! Finally! I've been waiting for you to get up for almost an hour now. We have lots to do. Now up!" Ginny said handing Hermione a mug of coffee.

             "Now the rest of the girls are downstairs eating breakfast. We'll go down in a minute. You're dress is already at the church. After breakfast we'll do you hair and make up and such. Then we'll go over to the church to get you changed. All the girls will get just get ready here. Ron is in charge of getting all the boys to the church at least an hour before show time. Colin will meet us at the church not long after we get there to take pictures of you and all of the bridesmaids and Fred and all of the groomsmen. After the ceremony he'll take pictures of you and Fred together and the entire wedding party. Then we'll go to the club for the reception. You're port key to your honeymoon destination will activate at exactly midnight."

             "I'm sorry Ginny, what?"

             Ginny sighed and threw up her hands.

             "I'll be downstairs eating breakfast."

Hermione held onto Fred's hand at the front of the church as the grand wizard spoke.

             "Should anyone object to the union of these two people speak now or forever hold your peace."

             An unnatural silence filled the church before nearly the entire room burst out in laughter. The grand wizard took a moment to get over his confusion to the laughter and continued on with the ceremony, which went on without a hitch.

             "I know pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

             Fred grinned at his new wife before wrapping his arms around his new wife and dipped her down dramatically, kissing her exactly the same way he had the first time when he had, unbeknownst to both of them and the time, stolen her heart.

             At the reception everyone was seated at tables as the food was served. Once everyone had his or her plates in front of them George grinned and stood up clinking his glass to get everyone's attention.

             "Well," he grinned as he began. "I always knew Hermione would end up with my brother, but up until a year or so ago Fred isn't the brother I would have put my money on." Some laughs sounded as Hermione blushed a little. "But you can't really blame her can you? Who could resist a handsome face like Fred's? But really, no two people have ever proven more that opposites attract. Any of you who knew Mione and Fred at Hogwarts know exactly what I'm talking about. And no two people I've ever met have ever been more perfect for each other. Except for maybe Gin and Harry, but I'm still not convinced that she didn't cast some type of voodoo love spell on him. So here's to Mione and Fred. May your life be filled with love, happiness, and wealth, 'cause if Fred's getting richer then I'm getting richer. Fred and Hermione!" George raised his glass before taking a sip.

             People then began to eat and talked at their own tables. After a while people slowly began making their way to the dance floor.

             "Care to dance Mrs. Weasley?" Fred whispered into his wife's ear.

             "I'd love to," she replied.

             The duo quickly made their way down to the dance floor they had danced upon so many times before.

             As they got onto the dance floor a familiar song came on and Fred grinned.

             "It's our song!"

             Hermione laughed. "You know normal couples have their first dance to a slow love song that describes their feeling about one another."

             "Hey this song describes you! 'Soft spoken with a wild side…" Fred suggested.

             Hermione laughed and was about to begin moving to the beat when the music stopped and everything was silence. She looked around to see what had happened when she realized that everyone else was still moving as if the song was still playing.

             Fred smiled at her and pulled her towards him, placing her arms around his neck before placing his own around her waist. Before Hermione could ask what he was doing she felt Fred begin to sway his lips brush against her ear as he softly began to sing.

"There was love all around but I never heard it singing. No, I never heard it at all

Till there was you."

             Hermione grinned and looked up at Fred.

             "I love you Fred."

             "I love you too Mione."

             "Hermione I sort of got you a wedding present…I just…I'm not sure how you're going to like it." Fred said as he lay next to Hermione on the bed in their honeymoon suite.

             "Fred I'm sure I'll love it."

             "I don't know. You might be mad."

             "I won't be. What is it? Some kind of dirty lingerie?" Hermione grinned.

             Fred raised his eyebrows in surprise and grinned as he let out a laugh at where Hermione's mind had taken her. "No," he replied. "But that wouldn't have been such a bad idea now that you mention it."

             "Well? What is it then?"

             "Iboughtahouse." Fred mumbled out as fast as possible, looking away from his wife.

             "What?" she exclaimed.

             Fred winced and shut his eyes, waiting for her to explode.

             "Fred! Fred look at me!"

             Fred reluctantly pried his eyes open to find his wife beaming at him.

             "You not mad?" he asked.

             "Mad? I'm ecstatic! I've been getting so cramped in that apartment. It just isn't homey enough. Especially after living in the Burrow for so long."

             "I know you didn't like it. That's why I went looking for a house."

             "Oh Fred! When do we get to move in? As soon as we get home?"

             "We sort of…already have moved in. When you left to stay at the burrow all of my brothers and Harry helped me move our stuff."

             Hermione was silent for a moment before she burst out laughing.

             "That sister of your's is quite an actress," she shook her head. "So, tell me about it."

             "Well its big. A little bit of a fixer upper, but I've already done most of it. We can redecorate of course to you liking. It's homey like the burrow, but not as cluttered. It had five bedrooms, but I've only fixed up one of them. We can do the rest together. It's close to everyone so we won't be too far away. You'll love it. I know you will. That's why I bought it. For some reason it reminded me of us."

             "It sounds wonderful Fred. It's the best present you could have ever given me."

             "I know," Fred replied. "So what'd you get me?"

             Hermione laughed and simply snuggled up closer to her husband.

             "Fred?" she asked after a few minutes of silence.


             "Do you think you can have a second bedroom fixed up in nine months?"

             "Yeah…. why?"

             "Because we're going to need it," she answered trying to make him figure things out.         

             "Do you have family coming in?"

             "You could say that," Hermione grinned as she closed her eyes, pretending to be going to sleep as she waited for Fred to understand what she was insinuating.

             She didn't have to wait long.

             Suddenly she felt Fred sit upright.

             "Hermione are you…. are we…" he attempted to spit it out.

             Hermione sat up and smiled at him.

             Fred burst out into the biggest grin she had ever seen on his face and pulled her into a tight embrace.

             "When did you find out?"

             "Yesterday. I tried to come tell you, but George wouldn't let me see you."

             "Oh am I going to get him," Fred said though unable to reduce his grin.

             "We're having a baby Mione!" he said in awe.

             "We're having a baby," she confirmed.

             Fred pulled Hermione back into the firm embrace and she rested her head on his shoulder. She sighed in happiness as she realized she was just beginning a life far greater than one she had ever dared imagine. A life filled with passion and romance and comfort and joy. A life filled with love.

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