Explorations: "Copper"

Before the storm...
They were alone and rightfully so, deserved of their isolation from the rest. To find peace within the chaos of their home was indeed an errand worth any sacrifice, and they now forced themselves behind a barrier of ironwood oak, hidden behind thick walls having seen massacre, celebration and death. Their bedroom a haven, their privacy assured, they could allow themselves whatever indulgence the world outside would dare deny them. They were lovers here, and unbound by prejudice and the predeterminalism of the human species to fear what is different.

Set adrift in white satin, she was a glorious prize awaiting any man with a dare in his heart. But she yearned for only one to win her, she would allow only a single creature, an evolutionary marvel both blessed and cursed with the form of beast, to lay claim to her and her most intimate of flesh and being. A contrast of bronze against the shimmering sea of bedded fabric, she lay content and quiet in the cool sheets, as a shadow bred life and movement above her, swooping tendrils of sable into her view.

A fire lit and fed by fumes opened the cavernous chamber into a gleam of wine ruby, of orange and mingling, muted yellow, and creating from the mire of that massive shadow an ample form and easily decipherable shape. Wings with a reaching span of more than twenty feet curled over the edges of the berth, and cloaked the woman in their warmth.

~My Elisa~ With the scent of sharp ambrosia laying heavy in the air, permeating the leviathan's senses to drown in her femininity, he lay beside her, vigilant that his great size would not encroach upon her comfort. He continued watching her, her body unspoiled and revealed openly to his gaze as the firelight played a melody across her skin soft and sweet and sensual, enticing in curve and slope exactingly perfect. ~You are my love~ Slender, lean and without any trace of bone spur or wing or any distinguishing feature of a gargoyle, she was indeed unadorned compared to the females of his youth. But her simplicity was exotic, her fusion of cultures and heritage striking, and ridding any desire for a gargoyle mate.

~My everything~ He wanted only her, and all others be damned. ~And my all~

She smiled at him, and even submerged beneath a dead sea of darkness, silence and solitude, longing looks and gestures all too subtle said more than any word could ever clarify. A wink, a curve to an upper lip, they spoke in motion, shrug, smile and nod, of scent and sight and each other's taste on the still, castle air. It was a language between lovers and best of friends, knowing each other intimately so much so as to create their own clandestine dialect.

And now, it was an invitation.

~I need her~ Unable to hold back from a treasure more valuable than any wealth or plunder, he reached out to her bare flesh, hungry to make contact. Goliath extended a hand towards the body sheathed by strands of loose satin bedsheet, only just barely slipped across the reclining nude of Elisa's form. ~I must have her~ The first touch, as always, was electric, an arc between them so gentle and yet so fierce as to make the woman beneath shudder in delight.

A creamy broth of caramel, her skin was like suede and velvet and his talon traced the delicate shape of her brow, gliding smoothly over skin obsessively nurtured and moisturized in the dry climate. He traveled down subtle cheekbones that narrowed to a pointed chin, raised and exaggerating large eyes, expressive and each ending in a tapered, Egyptian arch, where eyelashes fluttered lazily with even the most subtle of movement. They were pools of chocolate brown thick enough to drown within, a lake glassy, and reflective, mirrors that peered unto his soul. He admired them, her eyes. He both cherished and damned them. To make meek the strongest of creatures both man and beast and to use them as a weapon against him, a weapon he was often powerless against.

He continued down her cheek and rode the summit of her upper lip, and she reacted suddenly. She kissed the talon, suckling upon the tip to goad the gentle giant further, but he pulled away to her regret, each playing a game against the other to gain any upper hand.

Her eyes creased. ~She craves control~ She seemed slightly bothered by his domination indicative with a lopsided smirk, but the moment was fleeting, as his hand ever gently brushed her cheek and grabbed for the fields of raven alongside. ~And she yields only for me. She shows this side to me alone~

Into the midnight cloud of soft gentle curls littered across the pillows he journeyed astray, a sensation of silk and drifting like some dark fluid through his fingers, he found it a discovery worth the distraction. ~Her hair is glorious, a river of black unceasing~ Long, thick and straight, and consuming the soft light in the raven of her ancestry, he led the gathered mane to his nose and inhaled the scent of strawberry and soap. So delicious and intoxicating, he would consume her entirely if not afraid he would never again lay his eyes to the splendor of his mate.

From the tousled hairs laying over her neck, he continued the exploration of his single talon down her jaw-line and neck, over her throat and feeling beneath the skin a tremor when tickling her vocal cords, now strumming with voice and vibrancy. She bubbled with pleasant laughter, and when rewarded with such a bounty he concentrated his talons at her collarbone, the delicate cleft of flesh where the throat intersected with the chest. She laughed aloud, breaking the silence with a herald of enjoyment.

~Her voice is ageless~ It swooned and rose and breathed against the towering ceiling as if a waft of smoke, and Goliath watched her painted lips leak the sound of pure joy. She washed the layers of sheet across her body, like wings fluttering in an invisible breeze as she squirmed against her husband's touch. ~Her form an angel's~

~I wonder if she even comprehends just how beautiful she is~ His thoughts wandered and strayed much like his desirous stare, watching the fit of laughter roll throughout her entire body and eventually calm. ~I wonder if she is aware of what she stirs within my very soul~

Downwards he continued on, until met with a blemish on her skin, an impediment in his journey so abrupt he stopped. His fingers pulled away as if scalded, and he stared at this simple little thing almost unnoticed against the glowing bronze. ~Whenever I see this, I pause~ The scar, from the bullet that nearly took her life years ago, a simple machination of fate that could have robbed him of this woman, and the memory so vivid and bitter suddenly flashed through his mind. ~Whenever I am reminded of that night and all others like it, I almost break~ He winced with the wound, a tiny blight on a gilded path, and Elisa noticed the pain evident in the crestfallen line sutured across his mouth. ~I almost lost you~

A reassuring slight to her lips, she encouraged him, and assured to him with a gleam arced across her eyes with a flicker of echoed fire, that this, like all he had touched, was a part of her. She wore it with pride as all warriors then and now, a visible badge of obligation. Nothing more.

~How do you do that?~ A smile appeared under a darkened visage. ~Make everything right once more~ With her oath, he then teased around the imperfection, and she flinched. He prodded, she giggled. He trailed fire around the patch of skin having sewn itself together as a scar from duty, and she enjoyed the sensation like nirvana. Bliss by a touch of hard enamel, she writhed atop the waves of satin and silk, moaning in pleasure as the talons moved and dared to explore lower and further than the small scar.

Now wedded and mated through gold, uninhibited and free with their bond, they were free to roam and explore beyond old, rigid boundaries, and they were absolute in their touch. Deliberate caresses brought more than smiles and paths of rippled, goose bumping flesh, they were a bridge between souls. ~Can you somehow hear my thoughts?~ A bond transcending their mortal guise, of devotion unto another so powerful a connection it united their thoughts into one. ~I need not speak, you understand everything about me~

He moved downwards, between the soft mounds of her breasts. He roamed underneath and carved himself an erratic trail to surprise her. Firm and supple, they were a bounty of taste and sensation, and he leaned in to press wanton kisses between the moistened vale leading a small rivulet of sweat.

His talons raked across the taught surface of her stomach, toned by rigid exercise, and sloping towards the middle of her thighs, narrowing into an intimate place that gave life to a miracle of their blood. He looped around the cleft that fell into darkness from a swelled ridge, her belly button a foreign trait he enjoyed the simple shape of. He wandered the expanse of supple flesh clenching in ecstasy almost painful, each talon etching a reddened groove across her skin, and Elisa bit her lip to keep from screaming. ~Don't hold back your passion~

Goliath passed alongside where an enticing aroma flowered from betwixt her thighs, but resumed his journey, intent on sating what drove his searching hand. Her breath was wont to catch in ecstatic gasps, interrupting the quickening shallow rhythm. And through her hard breaths muffled by pursed lips, she tilted her pelvis to allow him better passage along the flaring diameter sweep of her right leg, his fire with but a hand reaching into the receptive tissues on the inner thigh. A sound escaped and was quickly silenced by her teeth catching her bottom lip. ~Scream, and cry in elation~

She pulled on the sheets in her hands, her nails gritted into the fabric with the powerful stimulation, a burst of electrical current to each and every nerve ending. So close, and yet so damnably far. His well-intentioned torment served to kindle and feed an inferno in her belly, her body blushing crimson against the sheath of copper and weeping the heat of passion. She was quickly being pushed beyond her limits.

~You tremble as if cold~ Goliath could discern with his heightened senses the skin quiver in anticipation under his gentle stroke, a tremor passing through his talons and hand. She glistened, a hot, feverish sheen to her entire body, and grew restless with the need for fulfillment, for gratification. ~Yet your passion burns~ Cupping his hand to her opposite leg, he rose back towards her, making haste to cover what he had yet to touch. ~I have teased you far too long~ His hand swerved to her side, and with the other, lifted her from the sheets with her impatience worn on trembling lips and daring eyes. Her breathing grew short, pressed against him while seated into his lap, her back to his chest, the juxtaposition of man to woman a perfect fit. Her arms raised and reached to the stars as she danced atop him, the gargoyle running his mouth across her bare shoulder.

~You crave completion, my Elisa~ He devoured the sloping flesh of her neck, tasting her, feeding upon tangible sunlight and gold, the only nourishment that sustained his soul. He was losing himself in the addiction of flavor and scent and smell overwhelming his senses. His fangs came so close to tearing open what pulsed beneath her skin, he could smell her blood, and he had to censure the animal within to protect her fragile form. But the pounding of his heart led every action of a man starved. ~You wish to make us one~ He kissed down her neck into the small of her back, heatedly sweeping from his path the intruding strands of ebony adhering to the perspiration. His talons would nearly draw blood against the well-toned musculature of the woman heaving for breath entangled against his chest, craze and delight run wild between them. ~As do I~

It was a game between them neither could win, each a slave to desire, and thus, he joined his lips to hers in expectation, slanting his mouth to slake a great thirst. She wrapped her arms around his neck and Goliath prepared for entrance between her legs. They coupled in a sudden movement and a gasp seeping from Elisa's rapid breath, they linked and united form to form, becoming a fusion of the other. ~We are one~

In the cradle of fire against ancient stone, they descended into the ocean of white satin and brought the world to its knees in their passion. ~Now and forever~