Three yr old Hinata

I was sleeping peacefully in my room but something woke me up. I sat up and rubbed my eyes and tried to see in the dark. While I was distracted I was grabbed by a man and I felt a prick in my neck before I lost consciousness. This time when I woke up I wasn't at home in my bed and I saw strange nin looking at me.

"she's awake." I tried to ask them where my mommy and daddy were but I ran into glass.

"Good morning little Hinata." A man with a long white beard and a dark tan smiled smugly at me.

"I want to go home…please?" I asked them as I backed away from the glass.

"Hinata my sweet heart you are home. Your parents didn't want you anymore so they gave you to me." I shook my head and started crying.

"Crying will get you no where. Hinata my name Mitsu and I will be taking care of you now. Look I even brought you a gift. I have some scrolls here I want you to read, they are all about your pretty white eyes. I'll leave them here with you and you are going to read them or I will have to punish you." I watched frightened as he pulled a metal handle and put the scrolls in before slamming it shut. I winced at the noise and I watched him leave. I looked at the scrolls that now littered my bare room that held only a bed and a potty. I curled into my bed and cried myself to sleep.

The man who had talked to me earlier was banging on my walls of my room so I scrambled to hide behind my bed.

"You didn't read the scrolls sweet heart and now I have to punish you." He sighed as he grabbed me and took me to a room where another bigger and dirty man strapped me down to a metal table. I started crying and screaming but they ignored as me as the dirty man pulled a lever and they started electrocuting me. I screamed for my parents but no one came for me.

"Hush sweet heart I'm here for you." The man named Mitsu unbuckled me and pulled me into a cold embrace. He felt nothing like my parents and I hated him for it. I was in too much pain to struggle so I just cried as he carried me into my room.

"I do hate to punish you sweet heart but you left with me with no choice. Now you get some rest and when I return you better have read those scrolls or I will have to punish you again." He stroked my head softly and I curled away from him. He left and this time I didn't cry myself to sleep, this time I crawled over to the scrolls and started reading them as best I could. So when he returned he smiled at me and brought me to another room.

"This room was specifically designed for you sweet heart. Here I'm going to teach you about your pretty white eyes." I looked up in fear and I wished my daddy was here.

"Now I want you to activate your eyes." I looked up at him surprised.

"I can't." He smiled.

"Oh but you will." They look in his eyes made me shiver. All day I tried but no matter what I couldn't do it.

"Well how about we go see the medic, maybe your defective." The man picked me up and took me to the room with the metal table. I started to thrash about in fear but I was backhanded by mitsu.

"Look at what you made me do! Silly girl come to mitsu." He bent down and I shook my head in fear.

"You come here and I won't punish you or I come over there and…well you know." I sobbed as I crawled slowly toward the man. He scooped me up and cuffed me to the table. This time a woman with bright blonde eyes and an indifferent look came in. After she was done taking samples and doing her test I wish I had taken the punishment instead.

"She's fine and her eyes are in prefect condition." The man smiled and picked up my pain racked body and put me to bed.

"Good night sweet heart." Once again I cried and I screamed for my parents, for anybody but no one came. I closed my eyes believing that they will come for me; I just had to hold on.

Five years later~~hinata is 8

I stared out at the staff around me with a bored expression. I was in my glass tube about 5 meters in diameter with everyone mulling about around me. Today was test day and Mitsu's boss was coming in to see my progress. The lightning kage was a power hungry maniac and the look in his eyes when he stared at me gave me the creeps.

"You ready to perform sweet heart?" Mitsu was smiling at me with his fake sugary smile and I wanted to puke. I nod knowing that when I disobeyed there would be hell to pay and he would make me visit that dirty Ginta. That man who tried to eat me up when Mitsu wasn't looking. Mitsu got really angry and almost killed him but my medic Chizuru stopped him. I still don't know what is worse, Ginta's punishments or Chizuru's experiments.

"such pretty white eyes you have sweet heart. I can't wait to show Raikage-sama how strong you are. Eight years old and already as strong as a full grown Hyuga. Make sure you are on your best behaviour." I nod and keep my head down. I hated that man. Everything was normal and my gut turned at the thought of seeing the Raikage. So when I heard the first explosion I stood up and watched everyone panic. Nothing was ever out of the ordinary here so I waited as everyone either ran out, hid or prepared to fight.

"YO!" I backed up as two men one with silver and the other with gold hair came in easily. They quickly defeated the guards and the only thing that stood between me and them was Mitsu and the glass.

"I found the prize bro." The silver haired man grinned at me and I backed up activating my eyes.

"The silver and gold brothers, I should have guessed." Mitsu was glaring at them but he stepped aside. My eyes widened in surprise as Mitsu backed down and willingly let himself get knocked unconscious by the gold haired man. I jumped as the glass around me shattered and I was grabbed by the silver man. I hung on to the man as they quickly escaped with me in their clutches. We stopped a couple hours away and the put me down.

"That fucking snake never told us she was a damn kid bro. Look I'm down for anything and you know that but this doesn't feel right. You saw the shit they were doing." The man with the silver haired started talking to his brother.

"Ya but its one hell of a pay day. Don't know why this kid is worth so much though…" The silver one was now examining me but I kept my head down.

"Did my parents send you to get me? Do I get to go home now?" I asked them hopefully.

"Ya sure kid we'll take you home. I never liked that fucking snake anyway." The silver haired brother rubbed my head while the gold haired one groaned.

"Damn it Ginkaku. All that fucking work to play babysitter! Now we have to lay low till the heat dies down." So the silver haired one is Ginkaku. Ginkaku knelt down to be eye level.

"so what's your name babe and where are your parents?" I hesitated and told them.

"Hinata Hyuga and my parents are in Konoha." I told them as I let them see my activated eyes.

"Holy fucking hell Kinkaku. She's a fucking honest to Kami Hyuga. Fuck me! I thought they were all dead! No wonder that fucking snake was paying us so much to get his hands on the kid!" Ginkaku freaked out but his words rang in my heard.

"Dead? I understand now." I smiled to myself.

"Yo babe I just told you all your family was dead and you're smiling?" Ginkaku looked at me strangely.

"Mitsu told me they didn't want me but now I know he lied. They didn't come for me because there was no one to come." The Silver haired man swore and messed up my hair.

"That's fucked up bro. What do we do?" Kinkaku looked at me then started walking.

"The snake will be coming for her. You take her to the safe house and I will tell him that she was dead when we arrived." Ginkaku gathered me up in his arms and took off in the opposite direction of his brother. We arrived at and old (Japanese style) house and Ginkaku put me down.

"We have no food here so were going to have to go fishing. You up for some fishing babe?" I looked confused at the man before me.

"Fishing?" Ginkaku shook his head and led me down a path till he got to a wide river.

"How the hell do you not know what fishing is? Here take this and when you feel I tug let me know." He handed me the rod and I sat down on the rocky bank.

"I've been with Mitsu for five years and I never went outside." I told him and sighed sadly.

He laid down on the grass and watched me from afar. I silently enjoyed watching all the fishes swim about me and I was so wrapped up with it that the tug on the fishing pole scared me. Ginkaku came up and wrapped his large hands around mine and helped me reel it in. My face hurt so much from the smile I wore but I didn't care as we caught our first fish.

"look Ginkaku! We caught a fish!" I told him as I laughed and squealed as the fish wriggled in my grasp. He laughed to as he took the fish from me and taught me how to skin it. I caught three more and he showed me how to cook them. That is how Kinkaku found us.

"Told the snake we found ya dead and eye less so we can drop you off with the Konoha survivors." Kinkaku told me and I felt kind of disappointed that I wouldn't get to stay with Ginkaku.

"How about you go play with fishes babe." I smiled happily at Ginkaku before I took off to the stream splashing and giggling.

"What makes you think they won't sell her? You and I both know how desperate these times make everyone. Who is going to see her as a kid and not a weapon?" Ginkaku asked his brother as he stared fondly at Hinata.

"I leave you for four fucking hours and you're already attached to the thing. Look it's not our problem bro and this is what's best for her." Kinkaku tried to explain.

"Five fucking years she spent in that lab bro. That fucks a kid up; she didn't even know what fishing was!" Ginkaku said.

"And staying with us will fuck her up even more." Kinkaku sharply told him before getting up and calling the kid over.

"Come on kid lets get you to your own people, well to what's left of them." Kinkaku called me over and I happily bounced over to them. They started to walk and I was having a hard time trying to keep up with them. I fell and cut my palm open and I sat there staring at my own blood transfixed. Then large hands took my palm and roughly bandaged it up. I looked up at Ginkaku who was focused on fixing my wound. I put my small hand on his arm.

"Thank you." I was thanking him for helping me and for rescuing me. He froze as he stared at me eyes but he then quickly broke out of his trance to stand and pick me up. He swung me over on to his back.

"sorry kid, not use to little people ya know?" He told me gruffly and I wrapped my arms around his neck and dug my cold body into his fluffy hair.

this is the 1st chapter of the story i promised didoune24. Probably gonna give a oneshot to my fav reviewers at the end!

I know its a little confusing at first but i will explain it all in time.