Naruto pov

Danzo's forces were killing everything in sight including Nin and villagers. So our forces were torn in half trying to fight and trying to protect.

"Naruto were out numbered!" Sakura yells. I kill another anbu that was about to kill a villager. The villager looks at me surprised.

"I'm a Shinobi. I'll protect you." I tell her and she smiles and runs to safety.

"Naruto I'm calling a retreat!" Tsunade calls over to me but I glare at her.

"No I'm not going anywhere! I promised Hinata I would defend the village and that's what I am going to do! Believe it!" I yell and jump into the fight. Tsunade and the others call a retreat but only a few listen. Sasuke and Sakura join me and I smirk at them.

"We're a team Naruto and I'm not leaving you!" Sakura shouts at me.


We all stop fight to look up into the sky where a glowing red dragon and a blue lion fought in the sky like gods.

"Hinata…" I look at the worried expression on my best friends face.

"She can take him Sasuke. She gave us a job to do so lets do it!" I tell him but when he looks at me with a look of pure pain my breath catches. I knew he was in love with her but it wasn't till now he let me see did I truly understand how much.

"Tell her after this war. So make sure you survive and trust that she will to." Sasuke's sharingan burns brightly and together we take down all those who would hurt our village. I turn to check on Sakura and my heart stopped as I saw an anbu about to pierce her body with a sword. I tried to scream her name but it was stuck in my throat. I could only watch in slow motion as the sword got closer and closer.

"Not today anbu." I could have cried in relief as Neji stops the sword and kills the anbu.

"Thought you could use some back up." Neji smugly informs me as just Neji but other Hyuga's enter the battlefield. Relief and awe bubbled up and I started laughing. The anbu were strong but they were no match for the Hyuga. The white eyed nins tore through their ranks with graceful ease.

"You're going to leave all the work to us?" Neji yelled from the frontlines. I smirk and run to catch up.

"Hell no Hyuga! Watch and learn how a future Hokage does it!" I head straight back into the fray with all doubts of loss gone.

One moment I was fighting then the next a chakra wave threw everybody back a good 50 feet.

"Sakura? Sasuke? Neji?" I call to them to make sure their ok.

"What happened?" Sakura crawls to me and I hug her.
"They're getting stronger. At this rate their fight is going to take out the whole city." Neji told us as he helped up Sasuke.

I look behind Sakura to see that the army of anbu Nins that stood between us and Danzo had been vaporized by the chakra wave.

"We have to get out." Sarutobi told us.

"I'm not going to leave my cousin alone!" Neji was the fist one who angrily argued but the rest of us weren't far behind.

"Hinata is holding back because she's worrying about us. If we stay we are hindering her not helping her." Monk explains.

"You don't understand she's-" I'm cut off as Monk interrupts.

"Don't you think we want to stay? Do you think this any easier for us to watch the little girl I watched grow up fight? If I had the power I would take her spot in a second but I don't and neither do any of you. Staying here, you are only thinking about doing what's right for yourselves and not's what's best for Hinata." Monk scolded us for thinking selfishly. We followed silently till we reached the safe zone where villagers and Nin stood watching the fight.

"She's alone Naruto." Sakura states. I clench my fists tightly but a hand on my shoulder stops me from moving forward. I look to see Hinata and Neji's grandfather smile sadly down at me.

"Hinata is never alone dear boy. Kin and Gin are watching over her and she knows that." I nod in helplessness. Sakura takes my hand and I bump my shoulder with Sasuke. His eyes flicker to me. He acknowledges my comfort but I know that if Hinata dies today I'll lose not one but two friends.

Hinata's pov

I feel all living chakra is out of the village and I let out a breath of relief. All my focus is now on this fight and making sure Danzo never turns his dragon jutsu upon my loved ones. We were evenly matched as his dragon and my lion met in the sky lighting up the darkened night. Our power had grown to an alarming rate and I worried our fight would destroy everything.

"Do you see it Hinata? We are going to consume this god forsaken village once and for all!" He laughed maniacally and I shivered at the sound. I had to end this and I had to end it now.

Danzo's body was slowly getting use to the channelling of such large amount of chakra. The longer this fight went on the more his body was adapting to it.

I pulled my lion back and I put everything into it and Danzo did the same to his dragon.

"Is this it then? So be it Hinata! Our beasts will meet for one last fight to see who truly is a god!" I smiled and it was seconds as our beasts charged at each other only at the last second I moved mine to dodge the dragon and hit Danzo who absorbed it.

A second later I looked into the eyes of the red chakra dragon right before it tore me apart from the outside in.

Sasuke's pov

Naruto's presence was comforting but it still didn't take away that I was watching the only woman I ever loved battle a crazy old man.

"What is that?" Tsunade asks as the Red dragon and blue lion meet for another attack,

"The reason Hinata stopped your invasion. That is the Kage dragons Jutsu. It is the nation's most powerful jutsu and the reason Danzo has been untouchable. If Danzo were to have unleashed that upon you then you would have all been killed." Monk tries to explain calmly but I could hear his disdain for the Kages.

"She never betrayed us." The Cloud Kage seemed relieved as did the Sand Kage.

"What is Hinata doing? How is she creating that lion? It seems just as powerful as the dragon." Sakura asked the monk who smiled with pride.

"A technique I helped show her last night." I whip my head around to stare at the monk in surprise.

"You mean she is performing a technique that she hasn't mastered? If she loses focus for a split second the chakra could turn on her." I angrily inform the monk.

"Why do you think I told you to leave so she could focus?" I was about to reply when the beasts let out an awful roar. I turned back to the fight to see the beasts had returned to their masters and were starting to glow and grow even more.

"This is it. The last attack to decide our fate." Monk said to the quiet awe struck crowd.

"Hinata…" Her name slips through my lips like a prayer. The only thing I can do is watch as the lion fails to block the attack from the dragon and gets absorbed by Danzo.

"Hinata!" Naruto screams her name as the dragon obliterates my Hinata. My world spins and my legs are no longer able to hold me up as I collapse to my knees.

"No, not her, god please not my Hinata." I beg over and over again. Someone grabs me from behind and tries to console me but its no use. I can't breathe, I can't think and I can't seem to care.

"Sasuke, look." Naruto tells me. I look up to see Danzo explode in chakra that creates a dust and chakra storm.

"The lion didn't miss. She used it to over stimulate Danzo. It was too much power for him to take. She found a way to kill him." Sarutobi smiled sadly.

"At what cost?" Monk angrily asks. It was him who held me together.

"She knew the price. She did was best in the end and made up for her past mistakes." Tsunade pipes up and I wanted nothing more to rip her throat out so she could never speak again.

"Her mistakes? It was yours that got us into the war in the first place! How dare you criticize my daughter's life? You arrogant Nin!" Hinata's mother yelled. That was all it took for a verbal screaming match to start between the older adults.

"Enough" a command broke through the noise and all quieted. I look up and I see Hinata limp through the dust and chakra cloud. I pushed forward and tripped to get up and stumble toward her. She looked shocked as I wrapped myself around her and held like I never would get the chance again.

"You're alive." Naruto stated shocked and then he yelled it out happily before he too joined in the hug dragging along Sakura. Soon others joined but it didn't matter as long as I had this strong and brave woman in my arms.

"Break it up! If Danzo didn't kill her, you crushing her will!" Monk exclaimed happily. We all untangled ourselves from her but I took her hand and she flinched. I guilty dropped it and stepped back.

"Sasuke!" Hinata whispered fiercely to me. I looked down to where she nodded to and I saw her chakra burnt hands. She flinched because of the pain and not because of me. I sighed in relief and stepped closer to her again and instead of wrapping my hand around hers I just stayed in close contact.

She smiled at me and limped toward a broken building where Naruto and I helped her stand up top to address everyone.

"Danzo is dead." She announced the obvious but as soon as she said it there was a collective breath none the less.

"But he was right about something; this is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Living at odds with each other will destroy us. We have to learn to live together again. Not the way it was but we have to find a new way, a way where a lord and Kage can exist and rule a nation together." There were cheers and Hinata laid her weight heavily against me. She coughed violently and I had to take her down where Sakura and other medic Nin started healing her.

"A wise Nin once gave me some advice and now it's time I give it to you. We have to stop following the path those before us have carved out and start creating our own." Naruto took over for Hinata while we rushed her to the hospital using Neji as a guide in the cloud of Chakra and dust.

Hinata pov

When I awoke I felt weak and tired but the cool breeze on my face was priceless. I was a live thanks to Kin and Gin. I swear I felt them beside me as I channelled the dragon's chakra into the sky.

"Thank god." I open my eyes and I have to blink at the brightness of the sun covered room.

Sakura hovered at my bed checking me over.

"I was worried you wouldn't wake up after channelling that much chakra but I guess monk was right." She smiled at me warmly and handed me some water.

"It was close." I agree.

"Too fucking close." I can't help the smile that adorns my face as Sasuke stood in the doorway taking up the entire space. Sakura gets a goofy smirk on her face.

"Well that's my queue to leave." She leaves and shuts the door on her way out. Sasuke comes and sits down and he takes my hand and before I get a chance to say anything he starts talking.

"I should have told you the truth that night but I was scared you would reject me, even worse that you would walk away. I was wrong and I almost lost my chance to tell you that I'm still in love with you. It doesn't matter if you run because I will chase you where ever you go Hinata. I'm not letting you go ever again so you are going to have to deal with me here beside you." He firmly states.

"Ok." I simply say and I think we're both shocked at my reply.

"Really?" He asks suspicious of me.

"Yeah. I had a lot of time to myself and one of my biggest regrets was leaving you behind. I don't want to run anymore." With my admission he soundly kisses me.

"About time!" Naruto barges in and Sasuke sits back and glares at his friend.

"I told you not to interrupt Naruto!" Sakura scolds him but Naruto is too excited.

"There was a vote and I've been made the new Hokage! I was recommended by monk and your grandfather!" He proudly states. More people walk in including Neji, Mother, grandfather, monk, Sarutobi, Chiyo, Kurenai, asuma and their son.

"Well I did ask Hinata who she would choose." My grandfather and mother hugged me tightly.

"Eh? You said I would make a good Hokage Hinata? Really?" Naruto turned to stare at me wide eyed.

"I knew that you wouldn't loose sight of what was really important. You have grown into a man that I would be honoured to follow." Naruto starts to tear up and he goes to hug me but Sasuke hit him in the head. We all laughed and we all talked till one by one they left leaving just me, Sasuke and Kurenai.

"It's ok." I tell an overly protective Sasuke.

"Fine. I will go downstairs and get us some cafeteria food for lunch." He kisses me on the forehead and leaves me and my former sensei alone.

"If I had known what they were planning I would have never put you in danger Hinata. I care about you." Kurenai pleaded with me.

"I know Sensei. I forgive you." With a watery smile she went to leave with Asuma but he stopped and asked his question.

"Did you help me escape from your grandfather's mansion?" Asuma's curiosity had gotten the better of him.

"Yes." He chuckled and thanked me before closing the door. It opens a minute later and I look up thinking its Sasuke but its Gaara instead.

He comes in the door and shuts it but doesn't come any closer.

"Thank you." I nod not saying anything.

"Did you ever love me?" He asks quietly.

"When I met you I didn't know how to. Whatever I felt for you I refused to acknowledge it not because it was you but because I wasn't ready." I say truthfully.

"And now?" He asks still hopefully.

"I fell in love with another man who taught me what love feels like. I'm sorry Gaara." He nodded and left with out a word. I didn't have time to grieve as Temari came right in afterwards.

"After you left Chiyo explained a lot of things to me and it turns out I'm a complete bitch." Temari loudly points out and I can't help but laugh.

"Whatever happened in the past was the past Temari. I almost died and because of that I can't seem to hold a grudge anymore. I don't want to waste time hating or being angry at anyone." I simply tell her.

"You've changed. You use to always have a motive behind everything you did, you were almost too cold but now you're different." She examines me and I don't flinch under her stare.

"Is that a bad thing?" I ask.

"Yes and no. I like this Hinata but this Hinata is going to get herself hurt." She looks at me almost pitifully.

"I'm more vulnerable now but I'm not worried Temari. I'm not alone anymore." I smile at Sasuke who came in behind an unaware Temari.

"I hope so Hinata." Temari sighs and jumps as she notices a slightly glaring Sasuke.

"Hinata needs to eat now." I hold back a laugh as Sasuke kicks a scowling Temari out.

"You don't like her do you?" I chuckle at him. He rolls his eyes and sets down our food.

"No. I talked to Sakura and she says I can take you home tomorrow if I make sure you stay in bed." Sasuke grins to himself at the thought. I blush and ignore his perverted nature all together.

Two months later

The morning light wakes me up and I roll over and out of bed slowly. I frown as I stare at the cold empty spot beside me.

"Sasuke had to leave early as per Hokage-sama's request." My mother smiles at me warmly from the window.

"Is it that day already?" I ask groggily. My mother's musical laugh fills the room.

"Yes Hinata now get up and get ready." I groan and stumble to my bathroom where I do as my mother tells me.

After I'm dressed I head downstairs expecting to at least see Neji but it was only mother.

"Neji and your grandfather were also called early." I nod and sit down listening to my mother prattle on about today's events.

"Miss hinata your friend Suigetsu is here." My mother's butler arrives and announces this only seconds before he walks right in.

"Come on were late!" Suigetsu grabs me and drags me out of the house while I tried to finish my toast.

We make our way through the crowded streets to the Hokage tower and join the other Shinobi and villagers waiting around.

"This so exciting!" The people around us gossiped.

"Mangetsu left this morning." I look up at a smiling Suigetsu.

"You're staying?" I asked slightly shocked.

"Hell yeah I am. My friends are here. I love my brother but the nation isn't big enough for him and Sasuke." I sheepishly put my head down and he just laughs.

"Don't worry about it Hinata. What you and Sasuke have is the real thing so don't feel guilty ok? The past is the past and it's time to move on right?" He chuckles and I join him.

"Couldn't agree more." I tell him. Then suddenly the crowd hushes and we all look up to the balcony to see Naruto, Grandfather, Neji, Sasuke and monk.

"The documents have been signed and Konoha is now ruled by Hokage and fire Lord!" Cheers became deafening and the crowd became a massive ball of movement but I ignored it all.

I stepped forward past the villagers and Nin who stopped and all stared at me. I looked up at all my important people and I smiled. I kneeled before my Kage and my lord with humbled respect. Like a wave all those behind me kneeled as well in meaningful silence.

"Upon my honour as a nin I vow to protect my village and follow my Kage and lord." I loudly pledge, the Nins behind me repeat my vow and Naruto transports before us.

"As your Hokage I promise to protect all of you nin and villager alike till my last breath so stand and from now on let us fight together!" Naruto pulls me up and swings me sideways into Sasuke's arms. Shouts of joy and happiness ring out in the village.

"You didn't have to kneel for him Hinata." Sasuke whispered in my ear.

"I wanted to." I can't explain it but I had always secretly wanted to serve under a Kage.

"So I bought a house and I can finally move out of your mother's mansion." He hugs me from behind as we stare out into the celebration.

"So know instead of sneaking into my room you're going to have to sneak into my house as well?" I laugh at the thought.

"I had another plan in mind." His hot breath tickles my ear.

"Oh? Like what?" I ask curiously. He turns me around and kneels before me.

"I was thinking you would live with me as my wife Hinata. Marry me?" His voice was confident but I could see the nervousness in his eyes. I on the other hand was absolutely speechless and the only thing I could do was nod. He picks me up and kisses me passionately.

"WOOO about time!" Naruto announced but Sasuke and I were in our own world. I was raised to be a weapon that would wipe these lands clear but Kin and Gin gave me a second chance and like hell was I going to waste it. I would decided my own future and be the weapon that would protect my village and my loved ones.

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