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Lee shut her journal and stared up in shock at Sirius. Though the emotion felt quite mutual; because he was also just staring at her. Merlin, how did he ever figure out a secret passage?

"What are you doing here?" they both accused each other at the same time.

"I was going up to detention-" He assured.

"And I was going-" She abruptly stopped. "Detention- As in, Mr. Widdi's detentions?"

"The very ones" He smirked.

Merlin, she was screwed.

"And, is today, our first night with him?"

Sirius nodded grimmly.

she let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding and opened to the back of her journal, where she wrote:

Note: Detentions every night with Sirius for the rest of the term

And looked back up at Sirius after shoving her journal in her bag. "How do you think we'll fair up there?"

Lee gave him a curious side glance, she didn't think he would be conversing with her. "Knowing Widdi, he'd probably use some mean of discipline that he uses with his Blast-Ended Skrewts." she said dryly.

He chuckled. He laughed at something she said. He laughed with her. Not at her. She felt a sense of accomplishment, maybe having a friend wasn't that hard.

"Actually, he owled me saying that he isn't able to supervise us this evening-" Lee inwardly cheered. "Instead, we'll be with Filch." Lee groaned and face palmed.

"What do you think he'll make us do?" She asked.

"What makes you think I would know?" He inquired.

"Knowing you, Sirius Black, school's best Pranker, misfit and marauder. You probably get detentions with Filch every other day, if any body can memorize Filch's detention system, it would be you."

"Nice to know you think so highly of me," He smirked - adorable. "But Remus' the brains behind it all and James and I carry out the executions. You should hang with us some time, maybe we can demonstrate how we come up with our marvelous ideas."

Lee just tried to ignore the invitation to sit with the marauders and asked, "What about Pettigrew?"

Sirius looked thoughtful for a few moments and admitted, "Well, He doesn't really contribute much to our process, but sometimes he volunteers to pretend to be the person getting pranked-"

"So he's like your test dummie?" Lee confirmed with an amused look.

Sirius laughed. His almost bark-like laughter echoed off the narrow walls of the secret passage and soon, the both of them were cackling like hyenas.

Having a friend was fun.

After the gruesome task of cleaning the Male Quidditch pitch locker rooms with Sirius Black, Lee was fit enough to say that she was freaking exhausted. She needed sleep, food, and some calm, relaxing time on a date with her journal.

Ah, her journal- one of the most prized possessions she owned, after her snake scale-rimmed glasses of course- those were mandatory.

Sirius and her had parted ways just directly after Filch released them from their detention (more like torture session inside a cave that stunk of male homosapien BO), claiming that he had something urgent he had to do, and his friends were counting on him.

Aw- adorable, he had a tight nit group of friends that he was so loyal and close to- Lucky bitch, save some friends for the rest of us, right?



Okay, Lee, let's not get all emotional now, it isn't even that time of the month yet, you have no excuse. Of course, she had the excuse of just being Lee; that crazy and lonely girl that sat at the back of the class, never paid attention and was always drawing something or another into her parchment or journals or whatnot.

Oh, yeah. Wasn't that the original topic of discussion in her head- her journal? She was seriously contemplating whether she had ADD or not... She'd have to look into that.

So, she slung her bag in front of her and her hand dug its way into the bottom of the filthy, in-need of cleaning, littered, bag and pulled out-

Her Charms notebook?

Didn't that go missing in 3rd year...?

Just another thing she'd have to look into. Maybe she should write these things down- as for to not forget them- her journal would be a perfect place to write that kind of useful information down. For some reason, it wouldn't show up. No worries, maybe it was just in the other pocket-


Okay, no need to panic. No need at all. Ha ha. Heh.

Now, maybe it was in her dorm. But that couldn't be right... last time she saw it... there was in her dorm room, before detention, locker room, Sirius' hand, never again...

WAIT! Hold up! Uh- huh... She was screwed. Panic! Panic! Panic! WHY? WAS. SHE. AN. IDIOT?!

She was charging down the hallways of the 4th floor, when she heard the familiar voice of Evans telling off a person for running down the corridor, being a prefect and all. So Lee halted in what she thought was a graceful manner but instead came tumbling down, sliding across the polished floor, and right in front of Evan's shoes.

They were quite pretty.

The journal she was stressing about long forgotten.


Lee looked up sheepishly, "Oh, hello, Lily." Then a pregnant pause followed and she said, "I like your shoes."

Awkward silence.

"Can- can I go now...?" The midget first year Evans was scolding said.

Lily sighed and gestured for him to go and he gladly left, as Lee picked herself off the floor.

"So, Ashley-"

"Just Lee, please." She tried to sound nonchalant and brushed off her trousers.

"Sorry, Lee, erm... well, Alice and I have been feeling terribly sorry about this whole ordeal with falsely accusing you as being one of You-Know-Who's minions, and so, we'd like to apologise and maybe become friends, say, we could sit with each other during our free times more often and maybe you could move back into the dorm... That we are so sorry about kicking you out of... so, erm, wha-what do you say?" Evans looked at her hopefully and smiled.

Lee then returned the grin and said, "Apology accepted, Lily- Oh and also Alice."

Yay! She was miking friends!

Lily and Lee were on their way returning back to the Gryffindor common rooms, when running footsteps could be heard, and a guy shouted "LEE! LEE FRICKING BERMUDA DO YOU COPY?!"

The girl in question, along with Lily, swiveled around to face Louis, bounding up the hallway like a rhino charging at something with its horn.

Rhino's are like unicorns. Muggle unicorns. Poor muggles, they cant experience the majestic creature.

Lily bid her goodnight and said that she was expecting to be seeing her tomorrow for a nice friendly chat.

"YEAH?!" She hollered back.

Louis didn't reply until he got closer and caught his breath. "I *gasp* need to *gasp* ask you for a *gasp* favor."

"Which is...?"

"Wait woman, can't you see I'm struggling to keep my lungs in tact?"

"You're on the bloody quidditch team, dumbass."

"Yeah, but we fly, with brooms, and I'm a seeker, which basically means i don't even use my arms until I spot the snitch."

"Good point, anyway, its not like I'm in position to judge on who exercises and who doesn't."

"That lazy, huh?" Lee confirmed that by nodding her head. "Well, I hope you're not lazy enough to reject this favour..."

"Which is?"

"Do my Herbology homework?"

Lee choked on her spit and laughed. "And what makes you think I'm smart enough, I'd get you a T on the assignment!"

"I just need you to draw a plant for me! I'm going to do all the writing! It's just, I'm failing the subject and I want to boost my scores up a little, and I thought, maybe if I made a really cool poster-"

"Sure, which plant?"

"You're agreeing to this?" He spluttered.

"Do you want me to disagree...?" She asked unsure.

"NO! I mean- thanks! Thanks Lee, you won't regret this!" He shook her hand and beamed adorably. "Oh- and it's a Flounder's Fungus root, please, and um- if you could also colour it..."

"No problem, Lou."

"Did you just call me 'Lou'?"

"Yep. Problem?"


"Well, too bad, cuz there's noting you can do about it-"

"Except this-" He attacked, ticking her sides and tummy, as her howls of laughter jump off the walls of the castle.

"HOGSMEAD!" Alice announced to Lily and Lee, who were innocently enjoying their lunches.

Lily and Lee got along quite well, after they found out that they had a mutual obsession with a classical magical book series "Hoarder's Key" by Finnard Glacier, and had been discussing and gushing over it the whole day together.

Lily rolled her eyes at Alice and Lee smiled. "Thats's hardly something to be happy about, Damned Potter is just going to be pestering me double time."

"Uh, hello, you could just give him a chance and go out with the poor bloke." Alice put in. Lily looked like she was having a heart attack. "Aaanyway, we can go stalk Frank! Remember how much we learned about him last time?"

"Frank Longbottom?" Lee asked. Alice nodded shyly. "He's a nice bloke, saw him helping a bunch of firsties get around the castle a few weeks ago, but, turns out he has a horrible sense of direction, because they kept going in circles and coming back to the same place."

Alice and Lily giggled. "He ran into Alice once, and they tumbled down onto each other, its was so adorable."

"He is pretty clumsy..." Alice admitted, her face turning the colour of Lily's hair.

The next morning, two nights after her detention with Sirius, the Marauders were once again, started showing up places, because the day before, they had seemed to vanish off campus completely.

Lee was strolling down and entered the Great Hall for breakfast, wearing a short skirt.

It's not like she wanted it to be that way, it was just that she never bought skirts, and this one was kept since 3rd year, and her trousers were currently un-wearable.

Thank Merlin she knew shaving charms.

She also knew instant hair brushing charms, and copying charms. Where would she be without her wand?

She sat down and started stuffing her face with bacon, and drawing on the napkins, when Sirius bounced into the space next to her.

"Moooorning." He smiled. Lee tried to reply but her face was stuffed with deliciousness, so she just waved and wiggled her fingers, knocking her fork down under the table in the process. "I'll get that." Sirius said and reached down, his head ducking out of view.

A moment passed and Lee was starting to think something was wrong with Sirius when he didn't come up.

So she swallowed her food and said, "What's taking you so long?"

"Your legs and mini skirt-" She could literally hear his smirk.

She immediately blushed and reached down to cover herself and thwack Sirius on the head, ("Owch!") when the rest of his friends appeared and stood next to him,

"Padfoot?" Peter said.

The stupid nicknames they called each other always gotten her confused.

"Yes?" He grinned and showed his smirking face to Lee.

"Why are you under the table?"

"I was admir-" The bloody fool started but then,

"He was humping the floor" Lee said quickly. And all eyes turned to her, a moment of silence aaaand they just all in complete sync, starting laughing.

Potter and the rest sat down in front of Lee and Sirius sat back into his seat. Potter wiped his eyes with his tie and sighed. "Good one- Bermuda, but, mate, seriously?"

"I was not humping the floor in any way, shape or form, dear Lee hear just dropped her fork and-"

"Sirius.." Lee warned.

"I look down and see-"

"Sirius..." She said more urgently.

"The most stunning pair of legs-"

"Oh Merlin..." She groaned and hit her head on the table. repeatedly.

After the laughter died down, she tried to ignore Pettigrew trying to sneak glance under the table while maintaining a conversation about the Shrieking Shack or some bull with Lupin, while Sirius and James continued to tease her and be the insufferable boys they were.

Oh, Merlin, help me.

The call for help was answered, when Louis snuck up on her and whispered 'boo' in her ear, the single word sent her flying in her seat and back down again, while in the corner of her eye, she saw Sirius smirk down at her skirt again.

"You, bloody idiot! Do not do that again!"

"Sure, sure." He waved her off. "How's your secret mission been going?"

The Marauders ear perked up at the word 'secret'.

"You mean your project?" She said with an amused smile.

"The very one. The project that may as well change my life, forever." He sighed melodramatically and put his hand over his heart.

"I've finished it, it's tossed somewhere in my bag," She shoved it into his arms. "Look for it yourself, and just be careful not to squash it or something, cuz I shrank it." And continued to shove bacon down her throat.

Alas, the lovable idiot found it, took out his wand, and returned it to it's natural size. He held it for a few moments with his mouth slightly agape. "This," He said softly. "Is, wonderful, thank you." and he set it on the table and gave her an unexpected hug, the left Lee wide eyed and awkwardly patting him on the back.

"I told you guys she was awesome!" Sirius said, pointing to the poster, attracting the attention of some other Gryffindors who were at the breakfast table.

Lee couldn't remember much next, but all she could channel through her head was all the compliments she got.

"Wow, Lee, did you draw that?"

"Hey, Lee could you draw me?"

"Draw my homework next, Lee!"

All she could hear was her name as she awkwardly stood there and smiled at them.

"Ashley Bermuda?" A little girl said, "This is from Professor Mcgonagall." Then handed her a letter.

She backed away from the crowd and open the letter, while Sirius slid next to her, "What does it say?" He asked, a crease formed between his eyebrows, concerned.

"She'd like to see me in her office to discuss recent events concerning me... this evening."

"That sounds... Dangerous..." Sirius said cautiously.

"Yeah." She gulped.

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