6. Snow

Spencer had been getting a bit worried about Meistrof. The mage had been staying in his room more often aside from doing his necessary duties of organizing the festival and teaching his apprentice.

...And this was really starting to bother the apprentice.

Ever since the village visit, the good mood just seemed to have plummeted. Spencer had no idea where Erebus and Leilah were, but he guessed they were too busy or didn't notice Meistrof's not-so-great mood. Most likely the latter, actually, but Leilah had apparently forbidden Erebus from seeing Meistrof, which sucked because it basically took away the only support Meistrof had other than maybe Zaira, if she counted in this situation as a friend of his.

So, one morning, Spencer decided to do something about it.

"Hey, Meistrof?" He knocked on the door (more of kicked it with his foot, because his hands were occupied with a tray full of breakfast items-Meistrof hadn't even eaten much, lately, which was worrying Princess Moon) as he spoke. "I've got breakfast. Do you want to open up?"

The apprentice heard the shuffling of movement, before a hoarse, muffled voice came from behind the door.

"...Just leave it at the door. I'll get it."

Spencer frowned a bit, before kicking the door more harshly. He heard the older man let out a groan inside the room.

"Stop it..."

"I'm not going to stop kicking your freaking door until you actually open it!" Spencer snapped back, getting a little impatient. "Look, I get the fact that you're upset about everyone still wanting to kill you and all from your home village, but you can't mope about it forever! You didn't mean to all that stuff! And, geez, how old are you-thirty!? Don't throw your life away because of it!"

That was when Meistrof opened the door, still dressed in his night attire-which consisted of a long, silk robe overtop a white cotton shirt and pants. Spencer couldn't tell whether the older man looked tired, angsty, or just plain annoyed that his stubborn apprentice was still in front of his door.

Most likely the latter of the three, but still.

"I'm twenty-eight years old, Spencer, for your information, and I do not intend on throwing away my life."

Spencer held out the tray. "Then eat. Unless you want to be a skeleton, that is."

Meistrof let out a reluctant sigh, before he let Spencer into his room, shutting the door behind them. It was usually a neatly organized place, but books and other things were strewn about everywhere. Spencer tried his best to clear some room on a desk, before setting the tray on it. He then turned towards Meistrof-

"I'm changing. Turn around."

-And he turned away, letting out a quiet breath as he glanced down at the food. Princess Moon had sent Meistrof some water, an pear, even some toasted bagels with jam and butter. It looked good-it looked appetizingly beautiful and Spencer had been so tempted to eat it, but he had restrained himself from doing so-this food was supposed to be all for Meistrof, after all, not Spencer.

Spencer swore that if Meistrof didn't eat all of it, he would force feed his master if he had to.

Thankfully, later on, Meistrof did eat everything. Spencer was grateful for this-he really didn't want to force-feed the guy he was apprenticed to. That would have not been fun for either of them, after all...

Spencer gave the empty tray and empty dishes on it to a maid outside the room before he glanced at Meistrof again. The older man now wore a long-sleeved white shirt, with matching-coloured trousers and shoes, making him look almost like a ghost. Of course, in response to Spencer's staring, Meistrof also stared back at him.

"What?" The older man finally asked after moments of silence. "Something wrong?"

Spencer just kept staring at him for another tense moment, before he finally spoke.

"...Your hair is all screwed up, you know. It's like you've got ten days' worth of bedhead. What were you doing last night...?"

Meistrof hesitated as Spencer grabbed a hairbrush from nearby and started trying to brush Meistrof's hair...but then he spoke.

"I was...trying to hide this from you, but I guess I'll have to let it out sooner or later. I might as well say it now." He made eye contact with the young apprentice. "Spencer...Zaira warned me that someone could be either making sure that Snowza will be sealed away, or that he or she is trying to resurrect her. I've been asked to watch out for this individual and either stop them or help them, depending on what they are doing..."

"And...what's the catch with that?"

"..." Meistrof hesitated, before speaking. "I know this is going to sound absolutely ludicrous of me, but I have a strong feeling that this person who will either try to revive Snowza or seal her away completely is...erm..."

Spencer leaned closer towards him. "Who?"


The apprentice stopped brushing Meistrof's hair, and kind-of stared at his mentor for a moment before speaking.


Meistrof bit his lower lip, averting his gaze from Spencer. "I know, it sounds ridiculous. But as I watched you being trained under Leilah and practicing your magic abilities, it just seemed to occur to me that your equal strength in both dark and light magic can do either of those things...and I'm worried about that. Because...if you end up trying to revive Snowza, I might have no choice to cut you down. And I don't want that to happen."

Spencer's eyes widened a little at this, and he immediately spoke up.

"Look, hey...look at me." The older man looked up at him as he kept speaking. "Do you seriously think that I have the capacity to go and revive Snowza? I never met her or anything, or anyone associated with her, but I know that she's a totally evil person whose reign needed to end. And I would rather have her permanently gone than come back to life, personally-I don't really like it when winter goes on forever, you know..."

The other hesitated, before speaking again.

"I don't think you would..."

"Then I'd probably be the one to seal her away, right? Since I dislike her all that much."

"Arguably, you have a point, but even those that despise her-"

"Look," The apprentice made eye contact with him again. "I'm trying to tell you that you need to seriously relax. Calm down. Worrying doesn't really help anything-I've learned that tons of times." Spencer grinned a bit. "You need to live your life-if you spend it worrying, you're going to really be sorry in the future. Okay?"

The other nodded, letting his apprentice finish brushing his hair before he spoke again.

"...Thank you."

Spencer blinked, looking up after he put the brush away. "For what?"

"For helping me." The other responded, standing. Spencer also stood quietly as he continued. "I'm happy that you came to help me. I really appreciate it..."

Spencer grinned back a bit. "You're welcome. Want to go outside? It's snowing-"

He stopped speaking as soon as he saw the older man pale a bit.

Snow. Snowza. Ice. Right...

Spencer cringed a bit at that. Winter itself must bring up some traumatic memories of battling Snowza-if it hadn't been for Azuzu and the Loquat going against Snowza, poor Meistrof might have still been frozen-perhaps frozen to death, even...

Meistrof's voice cut into Spencer's thoughts. "I can try to handle it...though why is it snowing? It's supposed to be spring..."

Spencer shrugged. "Dunno. Maybe Mother Nature wanted to mess with people for the heck of it."

Meistrof didn't respond for a moment, as he went to the closet and took out a coat. "Let's go."


"Walking. Outside. Get a coat, Spencer."

Spencer blinked a bit in surprise. He thought with it being so cold that Meistrof would rather stay inside-especially if winter gave him bad memories of his old enemy. "Why?"

The older man gave him a small smile. "For the heck of it."

Spencer shivered a bit as a faint cold breeze whisked past him and Meistrof as they walked through the courtyard.

"I told you to bring a coat." The older man chastised him lightly with a small smirk on his face. Meistrof looked like he was improving already, emotionally and perhaps physically, but this also meant it brought back some of those little traits of teasing and mocking that were parts of him, too.

Spencer shrugged a bit, trying to be manly and cool as he spoke. "I'll be fine. I can totally handle-BRRRR!" That came from an even harsher, cold wind. Meistrof chuckled a little at this as they kept walking.

"You really should get a coat-unless you want to get pneumonia, of course..."

Spencer paused, before picking up a handful of snow and shaping it into a sphere shape. "Maybe I should give you pneumonia, too."


Spencer threw the snowball at Meistrof, hitting him in the face. "Snowball fight!"

Meistrof just stared at Spencer in shock as he wiped the snow off his face, before he started picking up a handful of snow. Spencer's eyes widened at this, and he backed away-

-which didn't really help him from preventing being hit in the face with a snowball. As soon as the apprentice rubbed the snow out of his eyes, Meistrof had already made two more snowballs.

Oh crap.

A frenzy of snowball-fighting began, the two screaming incoherent war cries as they continued assaulting each other with spheres of fluffy white snow. They even started blasting each other with light spells and other spells they knew (nothing lethal, of course, just the more harmless ones) as soon as their hands got too cold to grab any snow. The fight seemed endless, so full of fun...and then they both finally collapsed onto the snowy ground, the two both laughing a bit as they tried to regain their energy.

"...I'm really bad at these snowball fights..." Meistrof trailed off quietly, chuckling a bit.

Spencer grinned a bit. "Hey, maybe we should invite Zaira and Erebus and Leilah. They might like snowball fights."

Meistrof frowned slightly at this. "I don't know if Zaira is alright with the cold, and Leilah still hasn't un-forbidden Erebus from seeing me, so.."

"Hey, maybe we can persuade them or something. I thought you had powers of persuasion."

"When working with people that are younger than me, yes. The same age as me or older? No..."

Spencer shrugged a bit. "Ah well, we'll figure something out. I'm sure of it."

"...I guess so..."

Author note: It's been a while since I updated this fic-and now it's back! XD Thanks for your patience, and hopefully this fic will be updated sooner next time. XD