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Chapter 11

The entire Death Eater legion had showed up for the trial of the American wizard. Turkish Death Eaters, Greek Death Eaters, Russian Death Eaters, French Death Consumers( They wanted to be different ), and other Death Eaters from different countries and colonies came for this trial. Apparently it was a big deal when the Dark Lord's consort was nearly raped on a global level. The network of Death Eaters had paid homage in a way to both the Dark Lord and to Draco. He was sitting next to Voldemort in the great hall where the makeshift courtroom was to take place. The werewolves had come as well and were seated on the left side away from the Death Eaters on the right.

Severus pulled James forward to the middle of the Great Hall. He had cuts and bruises over his body and Draco nearly pitied him. Nearly, though.

He felt Voldemort's hand come into his own and give a small squeeze which made him smile a little bit. His Lord was trying to be more loving and was improving every day. Just last night was the first night that Draco didn't feel used like a napkin by Voldemort. Draco saw their future, and it looked bright and wonderful. Severus forced James to kneel and bow his head. The American wizards were seated to one side of Voldemort and facing James. Scarlet was crying silently as Larry was trying to console her. Marvin stared hard at the beaten body of his comrade.

"Make him look at me." Voldemort demanded. Severus wove his calloused fingers in the American wizard's greasy and bloody hair and pulled his head roughly up. James made a sound of pain and surprise. His eyes were trained onto the Dark Lord.

Voldemort leaned forward, letting go of Draco's hand to clasp his own hands together. "James of America, do you know the reason for this trial?"

James looked at Voldemort defiantly. "Because I tried to give you bitch the best ride of his life and he freaked out?" Voldemort calmly leaned back and grabbed his wand.

"Crucio!" He yelled at James. James began to twitch violently and scream inconsolably. Draco saw Scarlet squeeze Larry's hand tighter as her brother suffered. Draco sympathized with her so he placed a hand on Voldemort's shoulder.

"Stop." He didn't. Draco begged. "Can't you see it's hurting her? Stop it." Voldemort gazed over at his consort and Draco hoped he would stop. Finally he did and James was panting on the floor. Draco felt Scarlet send a thankful glance over to him and he gave her an assuring smile.

"You," Voldemort began again. "Assaulted my mate. Keep in mind that had it been that I was not in the area and you raped him, you would be dead on the spot. But I am a fair ruler to those who follow my rules." He stood and walked over to James' body on the floor. "And Draco was worried for your sister's welfare."

James' eyes darted to his sister and Draco saw the same look that Fenrir had for Harry, the same look a mother looks after her child, the same look that made vulnerable people feel safe a secure; the fire in a person's eyes when their loved one is hurt. It was in that moment that Draco realized the nature of James and Scarlet's relationship. She was probably the youngest between them and James was told from an early age to look after her. He stood from his seat.

"My Lord, may I speak to him?"

Voldemort looked unwilling, but let him. Draco walked over to meet with Voldemort at James' body. "I don't condone your actions against me. I find you to be the cruelest, most self-centered bastard I have ever laid eyes on. If I was cruel I would kill you right here in front of your sister." He looked over to Scarlet's teary eyes before turning back to James. "But, I know what it is like to be separated from family and I don't wish that upon your sister. If you thought I was cruel, then you are sadly mistaken." He gazed up at his love. "Don't vote for death. There has been enough heartbreak." Draco went back to his seat and saw he had stunned a majority of the Death Eaters ( the Consumers were dabbing their eyes with their embroidered handkerchiefs). Harry and Neville both gave him thumbs-up and he nodded in their way. He hoped to have appeared strong in the presence of all these people and that Voldemort would choose wisely.

Voldemort didn't sentence James to death. Instead, he was forbidden to practice magic, broke his wand, and sent him to become a servant in the German Death Eater headquarters mansion. Draco felt he could relax a bit as soon as the trial was over. Scarlet had come up to him and hugged him so tight that he had bruises where her arms were. She thanked him for sparing her brother's life. Marvin and Larry told him that Voldemort had held up his side of the patronage and now American wizards were being recruited for the Death Eaters.

He was in his and Voldemort's room when a knock on the door brought him into the present. He opened the door to see Kate.

"Kate! Come in!" He invited. She shook her head.

"Your aunt is waiting for me." She smiled.

Draco was stunned. "You two are together now?"

Kate nodded enthusiastically. "Today after breakfast she told me to meet her in her room and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I think she wants me now!"

Draco hugged her. "I'm so happy for you."

"Thank you." She mumbled into his shoulder. "I had to tell you. It was bubbling inside me and I needed to tell you."

Draco beamed down at her. "Well, go. My aunt isn't one for waiting." Kate left and bumped into Voldemort.

"My apologies, my Lord. I did not see you." She bowed low.

Voldemort looked down at her bemused. "Don't let it happen again."

"Yes, sir." She bowed again and left with a small smile on her face.

Voldemort approached Draco and bent down for a kiss. Draco smiled and wrapped his arms around Voldemort's neck and deepened the kiss. His love's hand travelled down his small frame and ended at his butt. Slowly he kneaded the flesh there and Draco moaned. They pulled away and Draco placed his head on Voldemort's shoulder.

"How is Scarlet?" He asked.

"Better." Voldemort said. "She requested a position in the German headquarters to be closer to her brother."

"And you are going to grant her request?"

Voldemort smiled. "Yes. She'll be fine. She might even find a guy. The German Death Eaters are very attractive." Draco raised and eyebrow at him and Voldemort laughed. "No worries, my love, none of them are as beautiful as you." He swooped down to Draco's pale neck and attacked it with plenty of kisses. Draco tugged onto Voldemort's brown tresses as he groaned from all the attention.

Soon, they were on the bed and making out like two teenagers. Voldemort pulled away and stroked Draco's blond hair lovingly.

"This experience has taught me to pay more attention to the ones I love. So tell me, what would you say if I told you that we are going on a trip?"

Draco was excited. "A romantic getaway?" He wanted to do something since their bonding honeymoon, but lately he had been busy.

"Whatever you want and however long you want it. Just make sure that it is reasonable because your mother would kill me if I let you be the downfall of the Death Eaters."

Draco smiled and leaned up to give his Lord a kiss. "I love you." He whispered.

Voldemort flashed him a smile. "I love you, too. Now, *kiss* do you want to *kiss* discuss *bite,kiss* travel plans?"

"How about a round right now, some lunch, minor plans, then another round for afternoon tea?"

"Only if you wear that silk wrap I bought for you. And only that."

Draco sometimes hated how his body could react to Voldemort just by a few words. "Is that all?"

Voldemort leaned in. "No underwear or I will make you beg."

"You can't make me beg." Draco said indignantly.

"Twice." a hot whisper caressed his ear and he shuddered. Voldemort laughed as Draco shot out of the bed to rummage through their belongings and pulled out the silk wrap. Draco went to the bathroom and divested himself of his clothes and wrapped the wrap all around his body. He adjusted it to where it was just below the Malfoy jewels and one side of the wrap fell off his shoulder. When he exited, Voldemort was waiting for him in a pair of pajama bottoms and shirtless. Draco all but pranced sexily to his lover and sat down on his lap.

"Is this what you wanted?" Draco asked, knowing full well that it was. Voldemort growled and tackled Draco playfully back on the bed.

Draco was happy here. No if's, and's or but's. Just pure happiness oozed out of him.