A/N: Yes, my obsession with Obi/Ani is now influencing my writing. I've been toying around with the idea of writing a modern setting fic and I finally got around to doing it! If you don't like Obi-Wan and Anakin as a couple, then please don't read it. I didn't force you to. It says slash in the summary as well…

POV: Obi-Wan Kenobi

I've been having many sleepless nights nowadays and it was partially because of the fact that I'm overworking myself with two jobs, but it was mainly because I was receiving frequent calls at very late hours into the night and early into the morning from my pregnant friend, Satine Kryze. She and I have been friends since I was young and she had a crush on me. Unfortunately, I already knew that I wasn't interested in her. Now that I'm thirty seven years old, I've come to terms with being the way I am. I've kept to myself even after moving several times to get away from past lives, past memories. I thought starting over in Coruscant, a very large industrial city, would do me some good, but I find myself even lonelier. I had plenty of good friends here, friends I'd not seen in a few years, but I still felt lonely.

My home city, Stewjon, was pleasant, but it held too much sadness for me. My father's friend, Qui-Gon Jinn, took me in after both of my parents died in a tragic fire, and he and I grew very close. He was probably around two or three times my age, and he'd waited until I was eighteen before admitting that he had feelings for me. I'd learned in high school that I was attracted to men, and I'd been attracted to Qui-Gon too. We had a romance during the first two years of my college experience, and then he was brutally murdered while trying to save some kids from a gunman.

That was when I decided I wanted to focus my studies on criminology. I still became a college professor like Qui-Gon encouraged me to because it was something I'd wanted since middle school, but I also became a cop. I was determined to find Qui-Gon's killer, but I never could. That was over a decade ago. To this day, I have not looked for romance of any sort. Love is too painful.

As soon as the phone rang, I already had it to my ear. "Yes, Satine?" I said with a sigh, rubbing the bridge of my nose with the other hand.

"Actually, Mister Kenobi, it's Ferus, from your literature class." My face burned bright red and I nodded, knowing he wouldn't see it. "You gave out your cell number to me earlier in the year because my mom said I needed extra tutoring."

"I know, Mister Olin," I whispered. I had the feeling that the boy had an attraction of some sort to me and I'd immediately attempted to discourage it as soon as I saw the signs. "Is there a reason as to why you've called me at," I shifted to look at the clock on my nightstand beside my bed, "three in the morning?"

He sounded nervous and I closed my eyes. "Well, I just wanted to hear your voice."

I grabbed my shoe from the floor and hit it against my nightstand a few times. "Mister Olin, I have a visitor. I'm afraid I have to leave. We'll speak in class." Before he could say another word, I hung up and put the phone back on the receiver, sighing. I laid back in bed and was about ready to shut off the lights in my apartment and a real knock hit the door. "I swear to the heavens that I will kill someone before the night is out," I grumbled, throwing the blanket back, my legs over the side of the bed, and stood, shuffling towards the door.

I opened it to see my very annoying best friend. "Obi!" he exclaimed. His arms were around me in a matter of seconds and I felt like the life was squeezed out of me.

"Son of a bitch, Quinlan. I was just getting ready to go to sleep. What the hell are you doing coming here at three in the morning?" He chuckled at my outburst. I normally wasn't one to use profanities, but I did when I was stressed and or tired. Right now, it was a bit of both. He waltzed into my apartment and I shut the door. He immediately made his way to my bed and plopped down on it. "Get out, Quin. Go home."

"Can't. Aayla kicked me out," he said nonchalantly.

"What'd you do this time?" I asked, rolling my eyes. He and Aayla Secura had a very rocky relationship, which is why I was deterred from relationships. They're a lot of work. "Let me guess," I said, drumming my fingers on my dresser. "You asked if you could invite me over for a threesome again, didn't you?" His silence was enough of an answer. "You're a twisted bastard, Quin. I hope you know that."

He burst into laughter, nearly crying in the process. I watched him, not amused. Whatever it was that he found funny, I didn't. I never found anything he did funny. "You love me for the twisted bastard that I am! If not for me, you'd have no social life whatsoever!"

"You're my partner at work, Quin."

"We've been friends since high school, Wan," he countered. "I've always brought you along to my parties. I brought you birthday presents every year for the last, what, twenty-two years?"

I sighed. "One night. That's it. Got it?" He did a small victory cry before getting under the blanket. He turned on his side so that he'd be facing away from me. That had been our pact since high school because he'd run away so much and crept into the home I shared with Qui-Gon. Quin and our mutual friend, Luminara, were the only two who knew I was a homosexual. Quin loved to tease me, but it was never meant to sound like he was ridiculing me for my sexuality. Despite my thinking he's an ass at times, he's always been there for me.

I crawled in beside him and laid on my back. I smiled up at the ceiling at the thought of how we'd become friends. It had been in our gym class. A couple of the junior guys thought it would be funny to mess with the gay guy, and Quin got tired of them. He saw them follow me to the locker room where they'd beaten me up. I wasn't much of a fighter, but Quin certainly was. From the moment he got those boys off of me and held his hand out for me, introducing himself as Vos, he'd become my best friend.

"Hey, Obi?" he asked after I turned off the light.

"Yes, Quin?"

"You seriously need a love life." I sighed and rolled onto my side, facing away from him. "I'm not kidding. All you do now is work, work, grade some papers, sleep if you can, and then begin the cycle again. You haven't gotten laid since the night you got drunk and went home to your guardian."

"Shut up and go to sleep, Quin."

He chuckled in the dark. "You still as gay as you were in high school?"


He paused and that worried me. "You're a teacher. You teach legal aged boys. One of 'em has to have the hots for you, Mister Kenobi." I rolled over and smacked his arm. "When we go out on watch tomorrow night, we're stalking some kids from your class."

"I'd rather not…"

"We had a deal to alternate driving the car. Tomorrow is my night to drive, so I can drive where I want to drive, Obi." I rolled over again and huffed, crossing my arms over my chest, choosing to ignore him. He was definitely a good friend, but there were times when he needed to not interfere in my life. He knew about Qui-Gon, and he understood my aversion to love as a result of it. Every time he came over, he pushed the love issue because I was very lacking in the sex department. "See you in the morning, Obi."

I mumbled a good night to him and that was where the conversation ended for the night. I was so thankful for that.

Later that day.

I spent the entire afternoon teaching my literature class and I felt like we were finally getting somewhere while discussing Shakespeare. Some of the shy students began to speak up. Yes, the year had just begun, but these freshman were with people their own age and most of them already knew each other. "Professor Kenobi?"

That damn voice. I didn't understand why Ferus kept wanting to talk to me. I knew he liked me, but I wished he would take a hint. I didn't return his feelings, nor did I intend on it. I sighed and glanced over in his direction. "Yes, Mister Olin?"

"For our assignment, does the essay need to be done on Shakespeare personally or on his works? I know you want us to relate to our lives and our thoughts about the future, but I'm confused about the other part."

Again, I sighed. "I wrote specifically that it was to relate any one of his works to your life now and in the future." He nodded and thanked me and I continued the discussion from where we'd left off. Barriss Offee was certainly feeling more comfortable with the current atmosphere. This was the most I'd heard her speak in the last few weeks. When I'd called her name the first day, her voice had been barely above a whisper and now she spoke with quite a bit of authority and passion. I could tell that she, like myself, enjoyed Shakespeare.

I glanced at my watch half an hour later, moments before the bell rang. "Thank God," one of Ferus' friends whispered as he stood up, his books and such already collected. He sprinted to the door and was on his way to his next class.

"You're all dismissed," I said to the other students who were still in the classroom. "Remember that your essays are due in two classes." Everyone nodded as they packed up and left. This was my lunch break and I was grateful for it. Luminara worked here with me and it was always pleasant to share lunch with someone I was familiar with, someone who I could talk to about anything other than weather and classes.

Ferus, my normal straggler, stood slowly and wandered over to my desk just as Luminara walked through the doorway. She always had impeccable timing and I smiled at her. "Lunch date?" she asked, raising her lunch bag with a small smile.

"Of course." I moved towards my desk, leaning to grab my own pack. I was able to avoid Ferus and his attraction to me as I left with her. She knew he stayed after for me. He assumed that I would give him a better grade if he slept with me, but I would not and could not do that. Quin would encourage me to just so I could get into bed with someone, but I was entirely against that. If I were to bring anyone into bed with me, it would be someone I loved, and that was very unlikely.

"Did Quinlan get to you again last night? You have bags under your eyes, my dear." She, though a few years younger than me, always seemed like a mother figure to me. I met her in my senior year while she was a freshman and she, like Quinlan, stuck around with me. "Was he pressuring you to sleep with someone again?"

I sighed and nodded. "We're patrolling the city tonight. He said we're going to stalk some kids from my class." She rolled her eyes and smiled, her hair falling out of its ponytail. "He and Aayla are having issues again, so he's pushing love in my direction."

She shook her head. "He's been as worried about you as I have been, Obi-Wan. You haven't been the same since, well, since Qui-Gon." I nodded slowly as we walked towards our lounge. "I think it would be good for you to go out with someone. I know you're not one for one night stands and such, but you should play the field and look for someone, don't you think? You've been alone for almost twenty years, sweetie. That can't be a happy life."

I shrugged. "I've lived thus far. I have a few boys who have taken some interest in me. I'm just not looking for love right now." She tugged on my wrist, making me stop to face her. I sighed and bowed my head. "I miss him and I feel like I'll betray him if I'm with someone else. I made a life commitment to him. It wasn't marriage, but I told him I was his."

"Love will come to you when you least expect it, but you must open yourself up, sweetie."

"No thanks," I murmured, walking past her to enter the lounge. I sat in my seat and she joined me a few moments later. We each pulled our sandwiches and drinks out, eating in silence. The tension between us was tangible. She knew how Quinlan annoyed me by constantly pestering me with the lack of sex and love in my life and she knew how much it bothered me to get some insight from her on the subject as well. Her love life was perfect. She'd met a good man in high school. Kit Fisto treated her with as much respect and love as she deserved and they married roughly five years ago after many years of dating.

My cell phone rang in my pocket and I cursed under my breath. "It's got to be Quinlan," she added quietly before I answered.


"Hey, cutie."

I put my hand over the receiver. "Yes, it's Quin." She smiled as I moved my hand. "What is it, Quin?"

"Awe. No cute pet name for me?" I rolled my eyes. "Actually, I'm calling about our case. That woman we were going to interrogate today was shot three times in the chest. I'm not sure who the hell did it, but they stormed the office and took out a few men. Mace is pissed."

That was the most…maturity Quinlan had ever displayed. "Do you need me to come in?"

"Are your classes done?"

"Yes. Luminara and I are eating lunch. I can come in afterwards. All I was going to do for the rest of the day was grade papers for my class tomorrow."

"Boring!" he whined. All the maturity in his voice was gone and I sighed. "Tell Lumi I say hello! I'll see you after your lunch break then?"

"Quin says hello," I said to her. She nodded and said it in return. He could hear her through the phone, so I continued on with our conversation. "Yes. I'll be there right after lunch. Keep me posted on activity at the station. We just brought a brute in the other night. If he escapes, we're screwed."

"Grievous isn't going anywhere, Obi. He's been our priority since I was called in. I've got several men posted outside of his cell. I'll call you if anything happens before you get here. Drive safely, sleepyhead."

I laughed softly. "I'll drive safely and see you soon. You be careful. He's deadly."

"Awe. I'm pleased to see your concern for me!"

"Shut up or I'll let him out and say it was a tragic accident." He chuckled and we said our goodbyes. We went back to eating in silence and it was comfortable rather than tense. I was concerned, however. The case Quin and I have been working on may involve a serial killer of some sort and we have yet to find links between the victims. It wasn't even like the sex and age of the victims were the same. The youngest was a seventeen year old girl, the oldest being a sixty year old man. The variations were too different to pinpoint a similarity. Age, race, and gender were out of the question. Some notes were being left at the scene of the crime though, and it appeared that maybe our killer held a grudge against some of the victims.

"You look preoccupied. What's going on at the station?"

I set my drink back down before I could sip from it. "We lost a potential witness as well as some other officers." Her eyes widened. "Quin and I will find out what's going on tonight. He was able to get some information from the woman last week. It may prove useful now, but that's hard to know at this moment."

She rested her hand above mine and stared at me sadly. "Don't let this wear you out, dear." I nodded and she continued. "I worry about you a lot. You've been looking deathly ill since you received this case. I've almost asked Quin to get you taken off of it because I'm afraid of something happening to you."

I smiled warmly and rested my other hand above hers. "I'll be all right. I've got Quinlan to cover me." We both laughed quietly after that statement. "He'll take care of me. He always has." She nodded and lifted my hand to kiss my knuckles.

"I want you both to be safe. You aren't gods, though I'm sure Quinlan likes thinking of himself as one."

I smirked. I was grateful to have her on my side in regards to a lot of things about Quin. A lot of the officers at the station thought he was insane, but they respected and adored him. They respected me, but I wasn't as adorable as Quin. I wasn't flirtatious, so no one paid much attention to me unless they needed me to help them with a case. "We'll be okay. If I don't make it in by tomorrow morning, tell Mundi I'm ill."

"Do try to sleep tonight, all right?"

I nodded and finished off my drink, putting the remnants of my lunch back into my pack. "If I get home before midnight, I'll call you and let you know that I'll be into work tomorrow. If I don't call, I'm more than likely not going to show up."

We both stood at the same time and she came closer to embrace me, something she did almost on a daily basis. I wasn't much for physical affections, but I did appreciate having her there to show me she cared and worried. "Take care of yourself. I expect to hear from you either tonight or tomorrow morning. I have a free period first period, so call me if you don't come to work just so my mind is at ease."

I chuckled and nodded, rubbing her back. "I'll be sure to call you, dear." With that, we parted. She returned to her classroom and I went to mine, picking up my bag. I put my books into it and carried it out to my white Corsica, throwing the bag down onto the passenger seat before backing out of the lot to head down to the station.