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When The World Comes Tumbling Down

Ch.1 Baby

Pan-22 Trunks-32 Goten-31 Bra-21 Vegeta-70 -but is still looking damn fine- Original characters: Marissa-21 Julie-22 Travis-23 Jarrod-22 Connor (Conney sometimes)-7

Pan sat in the doctors office awaiting news from her pregnancy test she had taken a few days before. After a few minutes one of the nurses opened the door.

"Pan Son!" She said. Pan picked up her purse and followed to the small privet room down the hall. "I'm going to have to ask you a few questions before anything."

"Alright." Pan said sitting on the bed.


"June eighteenth."



"Date of your last period?"

"February fourteenth."

"Have you been using birth control? If yes what kind?"

"The pill."

"Okay the doctor will be with you in just minute." The nurse left. Pan picked up an older issue of Working Mother and began to flip through the pages.

"Healthy weight gain by the end of your pregnancy is thirty pounds. Damn I weighed that when I was five." Pan muttered as her doctor entered the room.

"Hello Pan I have your test results rights here."


"Well I ran your test twice and you are as you have expected."

"I'm pregnant?" Pan said excitedly.

"It seems so." The doctor opened her notebook planner and turned it to April. "Now I nee to see you for monthly checkups. How about April twenty- eighth?"

"Sounds good to me. Do you have any idea when I'm due?"

"Well from your last period date I'd say you conceived February twenty- eighth so I expect you to deliver sometime close to Halloween."

**An hour later at CC**

Trunks sat back in his chair and rubbed his eyes. It was after two which meant that in three hours he could be on his way home where he would anxiously await Pan to arrive. He and Pan had been dating secretly for over a year hiding their relationship from Gohan who would be more than happy to tear him limb from limb for 'dating his little girl.' It had been a month since they had first made their love official.

"Mister Briefs?" Came his secretary Karen's voice.

"What?" Trunks growled.

"Pan is here she says it is urgent."

"Send her in." Pan came in a few seconds later. "Hey baby." She said striding over and kissing him.

"Hey honey." Trunks said. Pan took a seat on the edge of his desk.

"Bad day?"

"Very bad. You?"

"Well I found out some amazing news just an hour ago."

"Please Tell me Goten quit his bouncer job to come work for me." Trunks joked.

"No, I'm pregnant, I'm due in October."

"Please tell me that you are joking."

"Why would I joke about something like that?"

"Pan, this just is not a good time to have a baby."

"What?" Pan said getting up and backing away.

"Is it too late to end the pregnancy?"

"Trunks I could never do that to my child!"

"Please Pan. I cannot mix family with my career now."

"Well then I guess you're a lost cause because my baby comes first."

"Well then I guess that we are over."

"Fine by me," Pan said opening the door to leave, "asshole!" After that she slammed the door.

~"Great! Father is going to kill me when he finds out about the baby."~ Trunks told himself.


Well, I have loads more to cover with Monsieur Briefs. If you haven't already seen Triple X you need to see it. SuperK, SS-Mars, and I went to see it and it kicks some major ass and Vin Diesel is so HOT!!