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Ch. 16 The kiss and the Wedding

'I'm going under

I'm drowning in you

I'm falling forever

I've got to breakthrough

I'm going under.'

"Going Under"- Evanescence

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned into months and that very special day had finally arrived. Three months, one week and six days had passed to be precise. There was loads of hustle and bustle on this particular day however. Today was the day of Marissa's wedding to Jarrod.

Pan struggled to get her black satin bridesmaid gown smoothed down over her belly button. The baby had been unusually active all morning and sometimes Pan felt a sharp and painful twinge in her lower back. She dismissed these pains as normal third trimester back pains and continued.

Pan wasn't the only one who had gained weight in the last few months. After Marissa's baby sister Anastasia was married she began to show her own true saiyan side. Now she was paying the price trying to zip up her own bridesmaid gown. Suspician played at Pan's mind as the dress had only been fitted to Anastasia 10 days before the wedding date and should fit perfectly. Pan decided to help her.

"Maybe you should have gotten the dress a little bigger to give the baby room to grow?" Pan said once the zipper was up.

Anastasia's jaw dropped. The bathroom door had opened and Android 18 peeped her head out asking for crackers and saying that Marissa was a bit nervous. Andrea, an old friend of Marissa's from high school was feeling naturally queasey as she was 7 weeks pregnant herself and always carried crackers.

Julie was currantly playing with her own wedding ring that she recieved from Travis on her wedding day a month before hand. Her wedding was supossed to be in January had their supeirior not threatend to transfer Travis to Russia. It was their own little scandal.

Around ten minutes later all bridesmaids had exited passing a certain lavender haired man unnoticed. Thirty minutes until nuptials would be swapped and he would lose her forever.

"So where are you two hunnymooning?" 18's voice asked.

"We're going to St. Petersburg," Marissa's voice paused, "don't worry I'll be back in time to deliver your baby!"

That last part came as a shock as Marissa opened the door wearing her spaghetti strapped wedding gown.

"What are you doing in here Trunks?" Marissa demanded. "Can we have a few minutes 18?"

18 left reluctantly. Trunks starred at Marissa wishing that he was swapping nuptials with her.

"Pleases say something."

"I love you." He whispered.

He had said it. There it was out in the open for the mother of his first child and the love of his life. Maybe he wouldn't lose her to the love of her life. Perhaps she would change her mind. No, he had her young lust and Jarrod had her soul as he always had.

"No, Trunks, you don't love me," she said softly, "You don't want to get mixed up with someone like me. I'm really screwed up."

"I don't care," he put her hand over his heart. "Feel that?"

She jerked her hand from hers.

"No, Trunks, I don't love you! You don't love me!" Her heart was pounding beneath her bodice. "I love Jarrod! You love Pan! That is how it is supposed to be! We were never meant to be together."

Pain struck Trunks. He felt that cupid had struck him forcefully in the heart millions of times with blunt and venomous arrows. He was intoxicated by the soon to be married woman and she didn't love him.

"Please," he pleaded upon bended knee. "You have no clue what would happen if you left him."

"I do know Trunks and I don't want to put myself through that."

"What about our-"

"He doesn't need you and probably never will."

Another arrow struck him. This time it struck harder.

"If you don't love me, then prove it to me." He begged. "Prove to me that you do not love for me. Kill what little I have left to love you and I shall leave you to your choice."

With the request she kissed him. He returned the kiss, but he felt no warmth from her end. She wasn't lying. She didn't love him. The love he felt died when she pulled away from him.

"I'm getting married today and whether or not you give me your blessing is completely up to you." Marissa exited.

*In the middle of the wedding*

'I tried to kill the pain

But only brought more

I lay dying

And I'm pouring crimson regret

And betrayal

I'm dying



and Screaming

Am I to lost to be saved?

Am I to lost?'

"Tourniquet"- Evanescence

Trunks watched helplessly as rings were exchanged and promises were exchanged. There was no hope now as they had arrived at their vows.

"Jarrod Liam, I have always loved you and I have believed that we would one day be doing this. That faith in us was questioned twice with the birth of my son, then was questioned with the birth of your daughter. I tried to stop loving you, but I couldn't do it and now we are here. We are here because we were meant to be togther."

They were announced as man and wife and kissed. Cheers errupted from everyone, but Trunks. It was all over. No hope. No chance.

That evening during the reception, Pan went into labor.


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