AUTHOR'S NOTE: Alright, here we are, another Destiel story. Three warnings for you right off the bat. 1) If you haven't seen season 8 or the finale, then this is laced with spoilers.

2) There is cursing, and violence. It's an M fic people, don't complain to me about Fucking blood and guts.

3) THERE WILL BE SMUT. I repeat. THERE WILL BE SMUT. Not now, but eventually. If you've read any of my previous fics you know how it works, if you haven't Welcome! I write a plot line and tie several smut scenes into it so that way you are provided with an independent storyline that leads up to sex. If you're impatient, then I recommend you wait a few weeks for me to get to that point, and read smut from some of the other fantastic writers on this site.

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"Fucking hell. Sammy? You gotta stay awake Sammy."

Dean Winchester was speeding down a two lane highway on the outskirts of Houston, Texas.


His brother was slumped over in the passenger seat his entire body shaking with pain and fear.

"Come on man. Don't give up on me now."

The events of the past few days had taken it's toll on the Winchesters, with the betrayal of Metatron, the falling of the angels and the coinciding disappearance of Castiel. Now here they were, one brother fighting for the survival of another, with a trussed up demon unconscious in the back seat.


Dean once again checked his brothers pulse to reassure himself that the man was still alive.

It had been two hours since he had dragged Sam into the Men of Letters bunker and found Kevin Tran unconscious inside. Twelve since the events of the previous day had come to a close. Sixteen since the eldest Winchester had last had contact with Castiel. And forty eight since things had been looking to be in their favor. Since he had allowed himself hope.

Now he was perched in a chair facing his dying brother, with no cue as to how his family would recover from the latest series of unfortunate events.

"Dean." The hunter turned to see the figure of the prophet slumped over against the doorframe, his head in his hands. "She got them both. Angel's, Demon's. Both of them. I'm sorry."

Dean simply nodded and hung his head, an exasperated sigh escaping his lips. "It's not your fault kevin. There was no way you could have know that she could get in here. Hell, I didn't even think that she could get in here."

Kevin trudged in and sat himself down on Sam's desk. "Was it really her then? Was it Abaddon?"

The hunter nodded and ran his hand over his face, attempting to wipe away the exhaustion that had settled there. "Yea. That was her alright. Are you ok? I mean, you're up and moving, but do you feel any sort of-"

"Post possession symptoms? No. My tattoo's in place, I've managed to escape every demon trap that's between the library and here, so I think I'm fine. Just one hell of a headache and, you know, the usual hit-by-a-bus feeling."

Dean nodded once more and again checked Sam's pulse. Kevin looked on curiously, continually awed by the depth of the brother's care for each other. He internally calculated the hunter's possible reactions to each of the questions that floated about in his thoughts. The only one that seemed safe at the moment was the one regarding their newest guest. "What's up with Crowley?"

Dean leaned back in the chair and crossed his arms. Inviting the prophet to further elaborate on the question. "I mean. I know that Sam was trying to purify him, or whatever, for the third trial, but where did he end up?"

The hunter shrugged. "Sam didn't get to finish it, is all I know. As soon as I got him loaded into the car he passed out. I blindfolded him just in case, but currently he is a resident in the trunk."

Kevin sighed, chewing his lip for a moment. He knew that his net question wouldn't be received well but he decided to ask anyway. "And Cas?"

Dean's jaw tightened and he tensed, with sorrow or anger the prophet could not tell. "He's dead."

The prophet umped, startled by the quake in the hunter's voice and the certainty of his words. "How do you-"

The hunter sighed and buried his head in his hands. "The angel's fell from Heaven. Cas is-was- an Angel. I can do the math."

Keven's eyes flew wide and his nearly jumped. "The angel's fell from- God then I was right. Metatron cast them out."

dean's brow furrowed. " You were right?"

"I was on my way to try and find you when Abaddon attacked. The spell for closing the gates of heaven was entirely different from the one Cas had told you.

Fury seeped into every inch of the hunter's features as he came to his feet. "Cas lied to me. Again. That sonofa-"

Kevin too, was on his feet, facing the hunter with his hands outstretched as if to placate him. "Dean, I don't think he knew either. I'm almost positive that Metron tricked him just like he did you."

Another sudden shift in Dean's posture as he began pacing the room, his fury no longer directed at Cas. "Metatron I swear to whatever the fuck is out there I will hunt you down and rip your feather ass to shreds." He was shouting, and Kevin was staring at him as if he had lost his mind.

"Dean who are you-"

"He's the only angel left in heaven, right?" Kevin nodded, still not understanding why that constituted the hunter's shouting. "That means that he's the only one who can hear prayers. And damnit if i won't be praying to him until the moment I sever his head from his body."

"Dean, that's all well and good but there's something that I think I need to tell you about-"

A groan from the bed in the center of the room stopped the prophet mid sentence.

"Sammy?" Dean rushed back to his brother's bedside and smoothed the hair from his forehead. "Kevin, go get a glass of water, will ya? And the Ibuprofen in the kitchen."

The prophet nodded and made his way to retrieve the supplies, leaving the brothers alone.

"Sammy. Sammy can you hear me?" Another groan followed by the the slightest of fluttering of his eyelashes. Dean felt the hand he was holding tighten its grip slightly before going limp once more, Sam's head falling slack against the pillow.

"Shit. Sammy? Sam! No. Stay with me man." He checked his pulse and found that it was still steady. He had simply fallen unconscious once more. Kevin came skidding into the room with water sloshed down the front of his shirt.

"I heard yelling." He let his eyes rest on the completely still form before him. "Is he-"

Dean shook his head. "Just unconscious again. sorry for startling you."

Kevin visibly relaxed. "Why don't you take two of those and head to bed yourself. You need the rest." Kevin nodded and popped open the pill bottle, downing the two pills dry before setting both the half empty glass and the pill bottle on Sam's nightstand. "Don't let me sleep through anything, alright?"

Dean nodded and turned his attention back to his brother. Keeping watch through the night.


Castiel tripped over a root that was concealed in the darkness, tears welling in his eyes at the sudden pain that tore through his leg. His whole body hurt. It was the most intense sensation he felt, bar the feeling of emptiness that consumed him.

As he laid there, sprawled face down in the dirt and the muck in the middle of a wood, he willed himself to die. To end the suffering and anguish that filled him and release him from the litany of sins he had committed.

But no.

That would be too easy of a way out.

He had wrought so much pain and suffering, to die now would be a gift. A pleasent release that he did not deserve.


He must repent for his transgressions and atone for all that he has done.

As he pushed himself up and wiped the mud and tears from his eyes, he did so with new resolve.

He would not allow himself the luxury of death until he had at the very least discovered the fate of his brethren.

And apologized to those he cared for most.