Chapter one

After a lot of celebration, Harry decided to head up to his old bed in Gryffindor tower to get some sleep, he was completely knackered. He spoke to Hermione and Ron, then Bill and Arthur Weasley, he also talked to professor McGonagall before heading up to his old bed. He stripped off his clothes and climbed into the old four poster bed and the moment his head hit the pillow, he crashed.

Ron was sitting with his family waiting for Kingsley and a few order members to finish taking down all the information on the people that died. The Weasley family were waiting to head home to the burrow. Arthur Weasley and Bill Weasley had gone to the Burrow to check and make sure it was safe, then Arthur went back to Hogwarts to be with his family, Bill went to do some things then he got Fleur and she came back to Hogwarts with her husband. Hermione was sitting with Ron, her head on his shoulder as she dozed off. Ginny was still sitting with her mother at the end of one of the house tables, she kept glancing around at everyone, some people she knew, some she didn't and some were friends, but the main person she wanted to see was Harry. But after Harry had spent some time sitting with the bodies of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks, he'd disappeared and she was really anxious to talk to him. Charlie and Percy were helping the staff of Hogwarts, going around the whole castle looking for injured people. They found a few that had been trapped under rubble, but they also found a lot more that had died, from both sides.

Neville Longbottom, after some rest, a cup of tea and something to eat, started to help the staff as well, along with his grandmother and the da that were still there. Just like with Harry, Ron and Hermione, people kept coming up to Neville, shaking his hand or patting him on the back.

The moment word had spread that Lord Voldemort was dead, and at the hand of Harry Potter, more people turned up at Hogwarts, but lots of reporters and photographers. They were taking pictures of everyone and everything, reporters asking questions, but for some reason they never went near Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, or Hermione Granger who at the time had been sitting together. It seemed they knew the golden trio as someone had called them, would not appreciate being disturbed. But the three friends did have a lot of pictures taken of them, some together, some separate. Kingsley Shacklebolt, the interim minister for magic spoke with the reporters, giving out the details of what had taken place over the last day before he left Hogwarts with trustworthy people to head to the ministry of magic to start working on getting Voldemort's people out of there. They were lucky with some, got them locked up before they heard the news of Voldemort's downfall, but some ran away the moment they heard that an all-out battle was going on at Hogwarts. Until all the untrustworthy people were gone, Kingsley appointed order of the phoenix members to his major staff so they could run the different departments. He gave Minerva McGonagall the position of headmistress of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry that way she would have unlimited access over everything to do with the ancient school. Until they could reform the governors of Hogwarts with people they knew were not in any way supporters of the dark arts, as minister Kingsley was able to take control of all decisions regarding Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, so he knew Minerva would be the best person to take control of the old school.

Parents of some of the students that stayed behind had turned up to fight alongside their children, some turned up after the fighting finished, not knowing their children had been involved. Horace Slughorn had gone to check on all the younger students that had been evacuated, to make sure they all got home safely. Hagrid with help from Grawp had been searching the grounds for the injured or dead. The dead from Harry Potter's side were placed at the end of the great hall, the injured went straight to the hospital wing to be treated by Poppy Pomfrey and two other healers that had turned up to help. The dead from Voldemort's side were placed in a room that held Voldemort's body, the injured were taken straight to holding cells at the ministry and were treated for their injuries there. The rest of the staff were searching the grounds or castle for any supporters of Voldemort that might be hiding, trying to find a way to escape and they found a far few. Filius Flitwick had started to take pictures of everything for the historical records. He took pictures of everyone that fought, the injured, even the dead as it needed to be done, and to the damage done to the old castle. Irma Pince, the librarian had gone around and taken down the names of everyone, also for the historical records. So like Filius, she wrote down the names of everyone that fought, the injured, along with the people that died, both sides. Draco Malfoy, who had still been huddled together with his parents, he offered to help, so he told the librarian the names of any of the death eaters, or snatchers that he knew. The younger Malfoy knew he was still going to Azkaban and he knew he deserved it, but he wanted to help now he didn't have a death threat from Voldemort hanging over his head. He had given his statement to an auror, told them everything he knew, just like his mother Narcissa Malfoy before those two were taken to the holding cells, where Lucius Malfoy, being a known death eater and a fierce supporter of Voldemort, was taken straight to Azkaban that the new minister had with the help of some aurors had placed strong enchantments around the old and ancient jail.

All this was happening within minutes of the fighting finishing, till late the following day. Before anyone could really celebrate or mourn, everything needed to be organised so the wizarding world could finally move forward after years of being under the dark clouds of danger and threat of death that Voldemort had brought to their world. But like everyone at Hogwarts and around the wizarding world, they were looking forward to a bright and safe future.