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Chapter 2 Setting: Angel, season 1: episode 11: Somnambulist.

Chapter 2 (Or Chapter 1) : Penn's Words

Angel stared at Penn, completely ignoring Kate. What was he going to do? Penn had to be stopped, he had to be killed right? But something in him rebelled. For some reason it felt wrong, it felt...like Darla. He couldn't do that again. He couldn't go through with it, God what was he going to do?

"Well, you were right about one thing, Angelus. The last 200 years has been about me sticking it to my father. But I've come to realize something – it's you!" Jumping up Penn kicked Angel in the stomach. "You made me! You taught me! You approved of me in ways my mortal father never did! You are my real father, Angelus." Penn yelled at him, now on Angel's back. To any onlooker it looked like Penn just may be winning this one-sided fight.

But Angel was still stronger. He got up and held Penn up above his head. The words finally clicked into place but Angel could hardly contemplate them now. His mind grasping some concept of father, he suddenly knew what he wanted to do. "Fine! You're grounded." Angel yelled slamming him into the ground. Keeping him pinned to the ground, he bashed Penn's head in and growled. Penn thrashed under him and Angel landed a hard smack on his arse. " I think you've forgotten what that means boy." Admittedly he had been younger when he sired Penn, and always treated him more of a comrade than he had Spike or Dru, but he had still been controlling.

Penn was panicking. Angel could feel it. Penn didn't know if this was really Angelus demanding to be obeyed like he had 200 years ago, or if he was really going to be staked by his sire. Then he saw the policewoman pick up a board, wooden. Penn gasped and Angel let go of Penn to knock the board out of Kate's hands. She looked terrified at the vampires as she realized Angel was going to protect this murderer. She held Angel's gaze for a few long seconds before making a mad dash for the wood. Darting up, Angel grabbed it first and tossed it as far away down the sewers as he could.

"Neither him nor I am going to hurt you Kate. Just go back to work. I swear he wont be killing anyone else in LA." Penn sat up and looked at Angel with unbelieving eyes but Angel was focused on Kate. 'Please just leave!' Angel thought furiously and was relieved as she turned and fled. They would be hearing more from her, he was sure. But for now he had more immediate issues to deal with.

While Kate fled, Penn jumped up and snorted. Walking away he thought of what an idiot Angel was if Angel really thought he wasn't going to kill anyone else. Angel fumed as he saw Penn walking away. Did he not just tell him he was grounded? What was wrong with him that made Spike and Penn think they could just walk away from him like that? They never did it back in the day, they knew their place. Well, yes, perhaps they had aged. As master vampires they had a right to pursue their own lives, but he still wanted respect. He was still as powerful as Angelus had been wasn't he? Of course, and as their sire his childer should show him respect no matter how old they got. If they weren't going to give it to him willingly, he would demand it.

Undoing his belt he caught up with Penn and kicked him in the back, sending him onto the ground. Not pausing for a second, he lifted the strap and smacked it down hard. Penn gasped in surprise and rolled away taking off his own belt. Flinging it at Angel it hit his arm and Angel was truly confused. "Afraid to get your fists dirty now too? Fine we'll fight with belts if you insist." Penn snapped and Angel's mind went numb. Penn hadn't even recognized the action as a lashing. His attempt at disciplining Penn turned into a fight and Angel did his part mindlessly.

He had no sense of time but focused on his snarling opponent all the while seeing the fledgling he had once been. As Penn kicked, a flash of teaching it to him flickered into Angel's memories. As Penn punched, Angel realized it was a move Penn had picked up on his own and felt an odd sort of pride and sadness. It moved through the sewers and then Angel saw the board. This was it, he was ending their fight. Picking it up, he slammed it into Penn's shoulder and he fell down. Penn was down and out. Blinking, he put his bloody belt back on and picked Penn up. He felt drained, he just wanted to sleep and forget about everything.

He distinctly remembered not even two years ago, becoming Angelus and being in control the instant he stepped into Spike and Drusilla's factory. He hadn't seen them for decades, but his old authority was still there. He never imagined Penn not bending to his will. If there was going to be any fighting from his childer he was sure it would have come from Spike, and Spike only. He didn't like this, he couldn't even begin to accept it. Soul or no soul there was one thing he was not giving up. He would never give up his power, especially his power over the vampires he made and trained. And if that meant bringing out some torture implements he still had stashed away, he would.

Penn woke up dreary and in pain. Looking around cautiously, he was surprised to find himself on a couch. Turning around he was met with the angry eyes of Angelus, or no, now he was 'Angel'. Oh shit. Penn dropped back down, his eyes wide. Attempting to sit up he felt pain rip through his shoulder. A little bit away from his heart was a big piece of wood sticking through him. Turning his head he stared at 'Angel' silently begging for help. If the other vampire wanted him dead, he would be already. So why wasn't Angel moving? The larger vampire endured Penn's confused face for a minute before turning around and going up the stairs.

Penn felt another type of stab in the heart and was horrified for a full three minutes as he recognized it. It was the feeling a childe gets when being abandoned by their sire. Penn let out a loud line of curses, something extremely rare for him. He thought he was over the whole childe thing! He hadn't felt like a childe for over a century, what was going on? Maybe he had some weird relapse when he fell after being stabbed, or maybe he was under some spell. Frowning he decided to concentrate on his wound instead. Carefully he pulled the wood out inch by inch, and the insane thought of praying to live crossed his mind. Finally it was out and Penn felt utterly relieved.

As he closed his eyes, thoughts of his latest trip to LA passed through his mind, and he started to frown again. It wasn't a relapse. He had been feeling something off of Angel ever since he arrived, he had just been brushing it off. The whole childe and sire thing had started to fade after two centuries of being apart, but now it was intensifying again. It had never gone away. As he came to his realization he felt his eyes watering. How could he still care one way or another about his sire? How could Angel be his sire? And why did he have to realize this when Angel was obviously going to continue to hate him? He cared more about that stupid Kate woman and those other two humans than him.

In a fit of anger he jumped off the couch and threw it at the wall. His shoulder bursted with fresh pain at the action and he slumped to the floor moaning.

Angel opened the door to his office wholly absorbed in his thoughts. How could he get Penn back under control, and not scare off Cordelia or Wesley? "Angel!" Cordy yelled in alarm and Angel looked up surprised. He had almost forgotten they were going to be there. Giving the brunette a questioning stare she gave a sheepish half smile and Angel momentarily forgot about Penn. It felt good to be cared about. "Sorry. Battle with Penn, so duh scratches, just woah.." He looked down frowning deeply as he suddenly realized the amount of damage Penn had been able to inflict on him.

"Speaking of which, I take it Penn has been killed?" Wesley interjected and Angel took to shifting around a bit. "I staked him, but it went through his shoulder, not his heart" Angel said looking distressed about how to tell them not killing Penn was intentional. While Wesley looked shocked and then morphed into contemplating, Cordelia got a knowing look on her face, seeing the distressed vampire.

"Angel, now don't go all broody. So you didn't kill him. You got a stake through him, that's something! We all have our bad days. We'll just get you some nice warm pig's blood, a lot of rest, and come tonight we'll make short work of him." Cordelia comforted enthusiastically. "Yes, yes. We'll just keep a look out for murder repots with crosses on the victims cheeks, we'll have him in no time." Wesley said coming out of his musings. Angel swallowed and was just about to try and explain Penn was downstairs when Wesley saved him from doing so. "Maybe we should call that police woman and warn her he's still loose, yes? What was her number again?"

"Ah, I don't think so Wesley. She probably doesn't want to hear from us right now. She was there while I was fighting Penn. I vamped out during the fight and I think, well um she's a bit scared of me right now." Wesley dropped the phone softly with a small 'oh' while Cordelia was a bit more vocal and harumphed. "Well, talk about narrow-minded. Vampire prejudices, don't let it get to you. I didn't like her much any ways." "Cordelia did you even know her?" "Wesley, it was a feeling okay. I can sense things." As Wesley and Angel looked unbelievably at her she took an offended air. "I have visions. I can sense things, it comes with the package." The two stared at her before she finally gave it up and they all laughed. Relieved to finally be laughing, they were cut short by a loud crash from downstairs.

"Angel, you didn't get a really big friendly dog or something while you were out did you?" Cordelia asked knowing that it wouldn't happen but still hoping. "Sort of." Angel answered shortly running down the stairs leaving behind a shocked Wesley and Cordelia. "What did he mean sort of?"

Angel rushed down and took in the sight of a broken couch, a hole in his wall, and a bleeding Penn. Was he ever going to get some peace? Staring at Penn he felt the barrier between them and was suddenly unsure of himself. This was his boy, but he didn't know him. Penn wasn't one for outbursts and random destruction, that was Spike territory. Penn wasn't very original, but he thought before doing things. This could only mean something dramatic had happened.

"Oh my god." Cordy gasped and Penn whipped around, his eyes gleaming gold. "Cordy, Wes, go back upstairs." They both hesitated and then ran. Walking over carefully he stood in front of Penn and waited. "I hate you." Penn growled and Angel was relieved. He wasn't going to fight back, at least not for now. Penn hissed as Angel reached for his wound and then settled for hateful glaring under his sire's stern look. Angel helped pull him up and lead him to the sink, where Penn stood sullenly as Angel cleaned up his shoulder.

"So what happened?" Angel asked casually and Penn gave him a confused stare. What was his trick? He distinctly remembered breaking a piece of Angelus's furniture long ago and getting a horrible beating for it. It was a chair, wooden he was pretty sure. Oh yeah, defiantly wooden. Angelus was outraged Penn had accidently made a pile of deadly stakes. He shivered from the memory and the cold water being poured on him. Penn kept his lips shut tight, testing this 'Angel's' patience, as well as being reluctant to share his discovery about sire/childer relationships. Angel kept an eye trained on him as he wrapped up his childe's wound carefully.

"Angel!" Cordy screamed from upstairs. Looking back and forth from Penn to the stairs he eventually frowned as he came to his decision. "Don't move." Penn watched Angel fly up the stairs blankly. Flexing his arm he decided it felt better. Straining his ears, he heard something about a vision and three pairs of footsteps leaving. He stared around the room and eventually made it to the fridge. Ugh, pig's blood. The humans Angel seemed protective of flashed through his mind and he felt empty.

Now that he knew he still had a connection with his sire, everything hurt. He didn't belong in Angelus's world anymore, he was the enemy. Anger wormed it's way back and Penn took one last sniff of his sire's scent before fleeing. He could ignore these stupid feelings again; he would break away; he'd start new traditions. Navigating through the sewers he could only hope he wouldn't bump into Angel. He wanted to forget the name, the face, absolutely everything about him. He wanted a new name, a new identity. He wanted Penn gone, dead. He'd be a new vampire, one without a sire.

Feeling triumphant Angel walked back to his home. Cordy and Wes had gone home for the night, and they had just saved a woman. He was on an adrenaline rush and feeling very optimistic about making headway with Penn. Before midnight hit he would figure out why his couch got broken, and if all went well by morning Penn would be under control again. Looking through his room his smile abruptly turned into a scowl. He was gone. Anger and impatience surged through him, and all his optimistic feelings vanished. Whenever he found Penn again, Angelus was going to be very happy. Walking over to his chests he tested his nine tails and nodded. Still sharp.