Chapter 9: Back Home

"Everyone's together now! Everyone's together!" Spike gently pulled her into a tight hug, smiling like the Cheshire Cat, unable to believe his luck. Drusilla smiled back and kissed Spike on the cheek before turning around to meet the stares of the rest of her family. "Don't be upset daddy. Tis what Master likes."

"Master!" Darla echoed incredulously. "Full of power, full of teeth." Drusilla sang making large gnashing sounds as she ended. "Who pet?" Spike asked, confusion clouding his elation at seeing her again. Instead of answering, she looked past the vampires she knew so well and squealed in joy. The others turned around upon hearing the thumps of feet and stared suspiciously.

Out of the darkness emerged a rather intimidating demon. Penn and Angelus instantly switched to their vampiric visage, using their demon eyes to try and spot any others that might be lurking around. Neither were able to spot anything, however and focus was soon all on the newly arrived demon. He was big, no getting around that, and surprisingly handsome for a demon with horns protruding from his lower jaw. Was this master?

"Gnar trugh gook." Angelus and Darla looked quickly at each other, but poor Penn and Spike stood staring dumbly, his speech completely uncomprehensible to them. Drusilla whimpered sadly at the order but obediently moved away slowly and stood by her master. Spike stared at his love incredulously, looking in shock at the possessive hand that grabbed her by the sleeve to force her to stand next to him. They were all expecting Drusilla to hiss or scratch the demon, but instead she stood their dumbly as the hand moved to encircle Drusilla's hip. Who did this guy think he was?

"Drusilla. Here, now." Angelus' voice came out in a growl, his golden eyes fixated on Drusilla promising high retribution if she didn't obey. No one touched what was his like that except him. There was an overwhelming feeling of possessiveness flowing through him, and he doubted there would be any mercy for those that stopped him from claiming what was his. At first nothing seemed to happen, and then Drusilla began to weep a bit. She looked torn, staring back and forth at the two angry demons, before moving a foot tentatively back towards Angelus.

Instantly, the horned demon snatched the back of the dress and growled at her angrily. She looked up with wide eyes, pitifully simpering at her master. Apparently this creature was thinking along the same lines as Angelus, and that Drusilla had better listen to him or there would be dire consequences. Yet despite his displeasure with her, the demon abandoned the notion of immediately punishing Drusilla, opting instead to glare at his challenger. "Who are you to question my authority!" The horned one spoke in a booming voice, the question directed entirely at an irate Angelus.

"He's Daddy." Drusilla answered helpfully and Angelus only growled in confirmation. "Daddy?" The demon questioned, finding the answer unexpected and strange. "Your breed does not father children." He reasoned, waiting for a more acceptable response.

"I do." Angelus growled and then proceeded to grin widely. "I'm special you see. Best damn vampire you'll ever meet. Not only do I have 'er but two sturdy lads. Meet m'bairn. William, Penn, and Drusilla; you know the lass that's slipped away to obey me?" Here the horned demon glanced away from Angelus to stare stupidly at his empty hand, and then over to Drusilla who was shying away from Darla who was trying to get the rags off of her.

The demon looked confused and angry, so naturally Angelus had to escalate the situation by continuing to talk. "I know what you're thinking. She's been so nice and complying. She's put up with everything I've done to her; don't think I can't smell the dried blood on her. Sorry, but you were just the substitute. I made them and I'm the one they listen to. Bottom line laddie, they're mine and I don't share."

Angelus smiled as the demon's pride was dented. He growled and stampeded towards Angelus, who for his part met the attack with a song in his heart. The fight lasted a while, William and Penn joining in to help while Darla forcibly tried to shut Drusilla up, until finally the demon was pinned to the pavement, the car hood separating his head from his body.

The three men grinned victoriously but Darla stood frowning, Drusilla staring up at the stars by her side. Though having been distraught throughout the fight, now that it was over she seemed perfectly happy to accept that her master was dead. It was a good thing too because Angelus was angry enough with her already. He knew she was simple minded, but god damn it she had let that thing try and take his place. He was a second from going over and bashing Dru's head in but was interrupted by his own sire's voice.

"Wipe those insipid grins off your faces. You three have just completely wrecked our car and sunrise is in what? An hour, hour and a half?" Will and Penn immediately stopped smiling and stared at the car as if only just now realizing that it wouldn't run. "The stars are singing grandmummy. They say head to the fair where the monkeys laugh." Angelus, Penn, and Darla stared at her blankly, but Spike perked right up. "The fair? Oi Angelus, this A ultranza place a bar?" "Aye." "Well come on then, don't stand there like a bunch of ninnies." Drusilla waltzed around in circles but allowed herself to be pulled down the road by Spike, so the rest followed. Darla was pretty nervous since the bar was at least two hours walking distance, but it seemed William knew what he was talking about so she went along.

An hour down the road, when the vampires were all buzzing with the feeling that signals sunrise is soon, a cottage a little off the road appeared. Feral grins adorned the demonic family's faces and Angelus raced to knock on the door. A sleepy farmer opened the door and with a few rushed words of Spanish the farmer reluctantly let them in to use the phone to call for help with their broken down car. Needless to say, none of them had any intention of using the telephone.

Penn grabbed the farmer from the back, clamped a hand over his mouth, and bit down on his neck hard. The rest spread out through the small house searching for any sleeping family. Drusilla screeched with delight as she found a wrinkled grandma, who woke with a scream, opening her eyes to be faced with an irate vampire. "Shush! Dollies don't scream in bed." The old woman stared at Drusilla fearfully, as Drusilla attempted to order her about in English. The other three raced around, hoping the scream hadn't alerted anybody, and eventually found only a young woman sleeping soundly.

Angelus stared at the other two vampires and grinned. "Will m'boy." He said gaily, swinging an arm around his shoulders. "Yes?" Taking his other hand, he swung and punched Spike in the stomach, pushing him out into the hallway when Spike hunched over from the impact. He shut the door in the blonde's face and said loudly "Next time you free one of my victims, you'll do more than starve." With that, he smiled at Darla lovingly, kissing her lavishly before they both bent down to suck the young peasant dry. The fangs woke her up in a hurry, but she only got the chance to scream in pain for a few moments before she was dead. The poor girl hadn't even gotten a chance to realize what was happening to her.

Listening to the other two eat, Spike glared at the door, the punishment all the more bitter because he had thought Angelus had forgotten about that incident. His stomach growled and he stormed back to Drusilla hoping she hadn't killed the old lady yet and would be willing to share. Angelus would go off the deep end if he realized Spike was trying to get around his punishment, but Spike was counting on the fact his sire would want a good after meal shag with Darla.

Entering the old lady's room he found he was out of luck. Instead of finding Dru in a generous mood as he had hoped, she seemed a bit annoyed. Dru glared at his intrusion, standing defiantly between Spike and her very much alive dolly. "Dru love." He greeted with what he hoped was a charming and disarming smile. "Care to share?" She smiled and giggled, while Spike smiled uncertainly in return. "So, that a yeah then?" She stopped giggling, and still smiling, she gently pulled him in. "You can nibble, but no telling. Angelus wouldn't be happy and then all would tip and whirl and we'd be lost without a map." Nodding gratefully, he went to bite but Drusilla yanked him back by his arm. "Not yet!" She reprimanded and Spike groaned. He wanted blood.

"First we must all shake hands and hang our coats." He waited by the wall, watching with a small smile as his princess found joy in tormenting the crying woman. Just looking at her made his heart soar, even as she played with the woman and refused to let him feed. Unfortunately for him, she seemed to be in a very playful mood. He had a gut feeling that master she had attached herself to had never let her play with her victims like she wanted to. Unless you understood her, it was a bit odd and annoying. She even managed to find a tea cup on the bedside table, which upon discovery she gave an excited squeal, twirling as she held the cup above her head. She then dumped the nails she had ripped off the woman earlier, and handed it to the woman with a smile as if expecting her to drink it.

Spike laughed outright at the human's expression, basking in the joy of being with his love again. His happiness was soon wiped away though. The party was interrupted by Angelus yanking the door open and staring around the room, honing in on Spike with an expression that was very telling. He wasn't happy with either of them, but Angelus reigned in his temper wanting to see Spike squirm a bit at least.

He laughed as he caught sight of the poor old woman and joined Spike by the wall, making Spike very nervous just as he knew it would. Drusilla did not appear to have noticed his entrance, and he watched amused as Drusilla continued with her strange brand of torture. It was a few moments later when Drusilla turned around and dragged her dolly over to the men and smiled. She pushed the woman forward towards Spike and he looked uncertainly towards Angelus. Apparently he stared too long for Drusilla got impatient. "Spike! Here! You said you wanted to share and she's all groomed and wrapped. Drink now!"

Spike grimaced as Angelus' hand shot out gripping his wrist and squeezing hard. "William's all full Drusilla. In'nit that right boy?" Spike nodded in reluctant agreement, feeling even worse as Drusilla pouted sadly at him and her bottom lip quivered. "You lied?" Spike wanted more than anything to wrench free and deny it, but Angelus beat him to it saying. "Aye lass. He did at that." In a huff, Drusilla turned and stormed away with her doll, leaving Angelus to pull Spike out of the room and into the young woman's bedroom. Her corpse had been shoved into the corner leaving plenty of empty room for Angelus to take out his anger on Spike.

"You really ought to know better b' now. I let you off easy but apparently y' have absolutely no appreciation of the fact." Spike now remembered that Angelus had promised to torture him in place of Cordelia and Wesley, and suddenly understood a skipped meal could have been much worse. From Drusilla's room they heard desperate prayers in Spanish, giving Drusilla a reason to scream, shouting "Stop it stop it stop it! You're ruining everything! Now you have to be squashed and made all over again!"

Angelus grinned at Spike and grabbed him by the back of his neck. "Coul' nought have put it better meself. Y' ruined everything lad, and now y' haf ta be squashed." Angelus pushed Spike onto his knees and struck him across the face a few times until both of his cheeks felt numb. "Did y' relly think I wouldn't find out if y' fed?" He questioned and Spike stared up with an expression Angelus couldn't read.

He was about to hit or punch him some more, when Spike shocked him by reaching out and undoing his zipper, latching onto his limp cock as a baby would latch onto a bottle. Angelus scowled, deeming William's attempt to get out of punishment pathetic, but didn't stop the lad from doing what he wanted. William began sucking and before Angelus knew it, he was hardening and maneuvering so he could lean against a wall. Spike's head bobbed up and down as he sucked and licked, and Angelus thought distractedly that Spike was doing a fantastic job given that his face had just been slapped around.

After cumming, he felt Spike trying to keep the softening cock in his mouth and frowned. What was he doing? Pushing his childe away, he stared down at the wanting face and understood. His childe had no motives. He just really needed contact and this was all he could think to do. Spike felt out of control. He needed to touch, he needed to feel. Despite that, all he could do was kneel staring up helplessly as his fingers twitched with need. Being the reclaimed childe, the need for contact was great but he couldn't do anything that could constitute as him being the dominate one. Angelus had to take the lead.

Angelus grabbed Spike's duster and threw him onto the bed, crawling on top of the needy vampire. "Please sire." Spike whimpered unable to hold it in. Angelus hadn't touched his newly reclaimed childe for over a day, and Spike was feeling the affects severely. It was a bit ironic. He had just given that great speech about owning all his childer to that stupid demon who had dared to try and control Drusilla, while at the same time neglecting the neediest of his childer. Leaning down he kissed Spike, pushing his tongue into his mouth with relish.

While kissing, Angelus shifted around to remove clothing, until he finally broke their connection long enough to remove the pants. Flipping Spike around, he quickly pushed a pillow under the vampire's hips and dug his fingers into the boy. The muscles stretched and contracted splendidly, so that when Angelus rammed his cock in, Spike grunted in satisfaction and not just pain. Angelus kept the rhythm slow, knowing he should prolong this as long as possible. Bracing himself above Spike, he pulled in and out trying to make sure he hit Spike's prostate which if moans and groans were any indication, he was doing a good job of doing.

By the time he came, Spike had already spilled his seed soiling the cheap sheets. Readjusting themselves, they got Spike lying on his back again and Angelus worked his way down his childe's body kissing as many parts as he could. Lord the boy was beautiful. They eventually feel asleep there, Angelus spooning Spike into his chest both sated and content.

Out in the main room, the day was spent lounging in the shadows. Penn and Darla sprawled themselves on the ratty couch, recovering from their plane ride. With Darla lying partially on top of Penn's stomach and partially on the edge of the couch, the two fell in and out of sleep as they listened in on Drusilla playing with her new dolly. It was an extremely lazy day, but neither of them seemed to mind. Finally a few hours past midday, a 'bad dolly!' was followed by a thud, and then the noise of Drusilla sucking blood. At that point, Darla untangled herself from Penn walking into the bedroom to make sure Drusilla was going to get some sleep before sundown.

After Drusilla snuggled up on the bed, holding the corpse of the old lady to her chest as a toddler would a teddy bear, Darla wandered back out where she found Penn oddly absent. Going on instinct, she found him standing morosely in the doorway of the other bedroom. Coming in behind him, she looked where he was and sighed. It was a good thing Angelus was in almost constant want of sex since he lived with four other vampires who craved his touch.

"I was planning to spend tomorrow with him, but if you want I'll let you spend the day with him instead." Penn snorted. "Except he's going to spend it with Will." Darla looked at the two on the bed and nodded. "Oh right, the reclaiming." With so much happening, she had almost forgotten about Angel reclaiming William. Personally, she didn't think it had been necessary, but he had always been one that needed complete control over things. Well, whether it had been necessary or not, it was done and there wasn't much she could do about it.

She patted Penn's back in sympathy but then grabbed a handful of his shirt to pull him away. He twisted quickly so she would let go of him, but he had understood her message. It went something along the lines of 'don't stand there like a simpering fool. Now get back to the livingroom before you do anything stupid.'

The two left to go play a game of cards, after searching for a deck for about ten minutes, both wallowing in the fact for better or worse William would most likely be stealing quite a bit of Angelus' time for the next month. Will was the next one to wake up, wandering out to join in the game, followed soon by Angelus, and lastly Drusilla. By that time it was a few minutes past sundown and the family all left the house, heading down the road to A ultranza where Penn was hoping to find some quality ale and Spike was hoping for a nice good meal. Entering the small, smokey place, Drusilla pulled Spike towards the dancers, while Darla pulled Angelus over to some Gethu demons, leaving Penn to escape to the bar where he bought a few pints despite not having a cent on him.

In the middle of a dance Spike sensed a man walking past the building and snuck out to get a snack leaving Dru spinning around, a danger to any idiot who dared get in her way.

On the other side of the bar Darla and Angelus were bartering their deck of cards for some cash, an endeavor which seemed doomed to fail until Angelus got fed up and shoved the demon against the wall, an arm pressing against his windpipe. Suddenly a lot of babbling from the demon commenced, ending with Darla stuffing a wad of bills into her bosom and Angelus clapping the fearful demon on the shoulder with a friendly smile. 'Nice doin' business with yeh."

"'Nother m' good man." Penn slurred and the bartender stood tapping his claws against the counter. "Not until you pay." Penn glared, but sort of ruined the effect by almost tipping out of his chair, only catching himself at the last minute. "M' insulted. Course I'll pay." The bartender raised an eyebrow waiting impatiently as Penn fumbled around in his pockets. "Ah! Here it is!" Taking his hand out, the bartender waited for the outstretched fist to open so he could take the money, but instead it came up and hit his chin. "Hey!" Looking up at his customer outraged, he blinked in confusion as the glazed expression of a drunken man disappeared to be replaced by clear golden eyes.

The vampire jumped up onto the bar counter and kicked the bartender right in the forehead before tuning and fleeing out into the dark. Angelus and Darla watched Penn's display from across the bar shocked. As soon as Penn flew through the doors, however Angelus rushed forward, knocking the bar's security guards out as he went and continued out through the door. He was momentarily distracted by seeing Will standing just outside the doors gulping blood out of a man, but decided he could deal with that later. He had to catch Penn first.

Running down the road he found Penn lying to the side on top of grass, tears on his cheeks. Sitting down, he pulled Penn into his lap, the younger vampire providing no resistance. "I miss Europe." Penn confessed without any prompting. "There I knew people, had friends." Angelus kissed the top of his head and stared at the stars in front of them as Penn was doing. "I miss it too lad." The two sat in silence for a long time, the silence comforting.

"Darla wanted to go back to California and kill the Slayer, but maybe we ought to head to England eh?" Penn nodded and Angelus let his hand drop to Penn's zipper. He felt Penn tense in surprise but continued none the less. He unzipped the pants and grabbed Penn's manhood, stoking it gently. "I miss the soggy weather. Remember the really stormy days where we went out in the middle of the day? Can't do that in California."

Angelus continued to muse as Penn leaned into him, moaning gently and Angelus smiled. Increasing his pace, he got Penn to come and lifted him up off of the ground. The two walked back in companionable silence, Darla, Drusilla, and Spike all hanging outside the bar waiting for them. "Darla, I think we need to get back to Europe." Darla frowned and was just about to protest when she saw the weary look on Penn's face. She looked around and saw the hopeful smile on William's face, as well as the happy giggle escaping Drusilla, and relented. The Slayer would soon be dead. Right now her family needed rest and recuperation. They all needed to go home.

Two days later found the vampires back at the airport in Buenos Aires where each clutched a fake passport and tickets bought with the money they had gotten from bartering their cards. Drusilla had been like a kid while in the airport, pointing at any and every electric sign in glee, and everyone was in a rather good mood. Then they stepped on the aeroplane and Drusilla took a turn for the worse.

"I'm trapped! I'm trapped!" "Shush!" Darla reprimanded but Dru would not be quieted. Spike pulled her hastily into his chest trying to speak comforting words, but she was still blubbering. They got more than a few odd glances but no one seemed brave enough to approach the group with the insane young lady. Eventually an attendant timidly approached, asking wether they could take their seats. Spike reluctantly let go of Drusilla so they could sit down, but Drusilla soon began sobbing and clawing at her seatbelt although Spike put his hand firmly around the fastener so she couldn't get at it.

She eventually stuffed her dress in her mouth which seemed to work. She remained silent throughout the flight, dress in her mouth and staring curiously at all the other passengers as if they were the ones not acting normally. Spike quickly turned on the telly in front of him, only to chuckle as the Spanish movie came on. Angelus had completely forgotten about having him brush up on his Spanish, not that he ended up needing to. Maybe his sire was getting old. He seemed to be forgetting about things a lot.

Angelus stared at the blind that was firmly pulled down over his window, lost in thought. He'd like to believe that Angel was not a part of him, that Angel was a separate creature now fully gone from his body, but it didn't seem so. That red energy had stolen the soul from his body, which he would be forever grateful for, but there was still something different. He should have thoroughly beaten Spike for releasing Angel's friends and punished Penn for drawing such unwanted attention to himself in that bar, but he didn't.

Darla spent the entire flight watching her childe out of the corner of her eyes, tying to understand what he was feeling. Though he probably didn't want to admit it to himself, she had noticed the changes in him as well. He had more patience with them all, and seemed much more empathetic when it came to them. Though he was obviously back to his unsouled state, the last century had apparently had an impact on him.

Penn was engrossed in watching the tiny screen, but just as the credits began he tensed and his fists clenched on reflex. He quickly relaxed as he realized it was only Angelus' arm around his shoulders, and then blinked in confusion. Had he done something? Looking over at his sire he was met with a warm gaze and smiled back. He didn't quite understand the soul / no soul deal, but whatever had changed in Angelus, he liked it.

As the plane went to land the five vampires shared a gaze, even Drusilla's gaze looking quite coherent. As the plane ran along the runway, Drusilla finally let her dress fall from her mouth to reveal a child's smile. The plane stopped and as the pilot waited to drive the plane to a gate, in one swift motion the vampires were all out of their seats and fell onto the unsuspecting.

They made no secret of it, grabbing passengers left and right tearing messily into their necks. Screams surrounded them and as a group of four sprinted towards the safety of the restroom, Darla went for the chase. A father with his toddler in his hands was pounding on the plane's door, but of course it wasn't opening. Angelus scooped up a five year old girl whose mother was flopped across a seat, and gave her a mock frown as she cried. "Sh, it'll all be over soon lass. 'til then," Angelus used his massive paw and smothered her. Her flailing was no match for his brute strength, and eventually her breathing stopped, eyes still wide and wet from the terror of dying from suffocation.

Drusilla went around counting all the flight attendants strewn about and called out over the panic that they had all grown angel wings and were flying towards the sun to burn. Ensconced in the pilot's room, Harold Terry dared not venture out, but rather shut off all communication and drove around aimlessly looking for the first unoccupied gate. As soon as he got the plane parked, he didn't even bother to make an announcement, but quickly raced out, breathing heavily as he sprinted down the ramp and into the airport.

Back on the plane there were few still breathing, and the five looked around in satisfaction. "Can you hear the cheers daddy? Such a lovely welcome home." "Aye, I can darlin'." "We're finally home, think England missed us?" " 'Couse they did Penn. We're the life of the party." Ripping the door open, the five stared at the ramp and set off towards baggage claim. Standing by the rotating circle, they systematically packed suitcases onto luggage racks and ignored the strange looks they were receiving. "Such pretty goody bags!" "Drusilla, we'll unpack at home." Darla snapped, yanking the zipper from Drusilla's hands. "Lets go." Penn said sharply as he spied security guards on their walkie talkies looking their way.

And even as they ran quickly out of the airport, dragging heavy luggage racks behind them being chased by security guards, they were all smiling as if they had just trounced fate itself.