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May sat outside the Pokemon Center, letting the soft rays of sunshine hit her face. It was a beautiful day and she had taken off her bandana so the gentle breeze could move her hair. She was trying to clear her mind of the incident that had occurred to her yesterday.





"I love you! Please go out with me!"



"W-who are you?"

It was the first time she was acknowledged by a male fan. Actually the only other time she got acknowledged by a fan was when Brianna had sent her a note and a rose. It was a shock though. May had never really thought about love or dating or any type of affection towards the opposite sex. She didn't talk to many people ever since she started journeying alone, so the confession had caught her off guard.

"What is love?" May thought to herself. Of course she knew what love was. She loved her family, her friends, and her Pokemon. But exactly was love? What did it feel like? She had seen her mother and father act all "lovely-dovey" whenever they saw each other, but what did it feel like?

"Well I wanna know if you like Drew!"

May remembered the conversation she had with Brianna in the locker room of the red head's first contest. May remembered at that exact moment her pulse quickening and her face growing red.

"To be honest I haven't given it much thought."

She had pushed the conversation out of her mind, but it was now coming back to her, bugging her. May crossed her arms and pouted. "Why is Drew suddenly coming into my mind?" May asked herself. She thought about Drew. His green hair, his green eyes, the way he liked to tease her, and that look on his face whenever he gave her a rose. May shook her head back and forth, trying to shake away the blush she had just created on herself. "I shouldn't be thinking of this," she told herself. "I don't love Drew." May stopped herself. When Brianna was questioning her at the contest, she had asked if she had liked Drew. Then why had May just told herself she didn't love Drew. Shouldn't she have just told herself she didn't like Drew, or had she subconsciously?

"No, no May just stop." She scolded herself. She went back to thinking about the confession yesterday.

"Please May go out with me!"

"B-but I don't know you…"

"Well I know you! I watched every contest of yours! I cheered for you!"

"W-well that's very kind but I'm not looking for a relationship right now."


May touched the spot on her arm where her fan had grabbed her. It stung a little at the touch and felt a little sore, but other than that it felt fine. She had tried to get away from the male fan, but he had grabbed her, hard and kept on asking her to go out with him. With every "no thank you" she had said, the grip on her arm had tightened. She would have lost all blood circulation had it not been for her Skitty, who popped out of her Pokeball and began to run away. This caught both her and her fan by surprise, but May quickly seized the opportunity of escape and chased after her Skitty, leaving her fan with his mouth slightly agape.

"Is that what love is?" May thought to herself. "Hurting someone so you can get what you want?"

"What is love?" May asked to no one in particular.

She glanced to her left side at her Skitty, curled up with her head resting on her paws. May had been training Skitty hard, wanting to improve her moves other than Assist, and now the pink Pokemon was getting a well-deserved rest.

"Is it because I love Skitty that I'm hurting her with all this training?"

"I'm sorry," she muttered under her breath.

"To whom are you apologizing to?"

May's head shot up and she brought her hand to her belt, resting it on top of Blaziken's ball. However, after seeing who had called her, she immediately lowered her hand.

"Drew?" May asked, a little shocked.

Drew smiled and cocked his head, "The one and only."

May's expression turned into a happier one. "How strange" she whispered to herself.

"What is June?"

May narrowed her eyes but decided to let it pass. "I was just thinking of you, and here you are."

"Were they good thoughts?"

May chuckled. "Didn't we have this conversation before?"

"Well you started it."

May rolled her eyes, "Of course they were good thoughts."

"Were you thinking about how we are rivals?"

May shook her head. "I was actually thinking about-"

May stopped herself. She had been thinking about Drew, but not in a rival kind of way. She had been thinking about him in a different way. An embarrassing way.

"May? What's wrong? Can't remember or did your Skitty catch your tongue?"

May closed her mouth and looked to the side. "I can't remember what I was thinking about." She could feel her face turn red. She prayed to Arceus he didn't notice.

He did

"Can you not remember because my sheer present is causing your mind to melt?"

"Yes. I mean, oh Arceus what is happening to me? It's because of that stupid conversation. Oh curse you Brianna!"

May turned to look at Drew, a denial about to pass her lips. They locked eyes, blue to green, green to blue. The blush on her cheeks grew. May looked at her feet and quickly sat back down.

"What is wrong with me? Why is it when I look at Drew, Brianna's conversation keeps coming up. I don't like Drew, he's my rival. He's my rival, and rivals are only supposed to like each other in the rival type of way. Their feelings are only those of competition.

…...Or can they be more?"

"May? May? Earth to May?"

May looked up, but Drew was gone. "Where did he-?" She began.

"Right next to you clumsy."

May jumped a little. "When did you-?"

"While you were spacing out."

"Oh," May sheepishly rubbed the back of her head. "Stupid me-"

"Please don't call yourself stupid."


"I don't like it when you call yourself stupid."

May looked at Drew, puzzled.

"But you criticize me all the time."

"But I never call you stupid. Clumsy, ungraceful, happy-go-lucky yes. But never stupid."

May started intently Drew's side profile. He was staring at something ahead of him, refusing to meet his gaze.

"Wait is he-? No, probably not."

"Why do you care what I call myself?" May whispered. Drew turned his head. Their eyes locked again.

"Because the one thing that destroys confidence is negative thoughts on oneself."


They looked at each other, both getting lost in the others eyes. At the same time the same word passed by both coordinators minds.

"Beautiful." They both said out loud. Their eye widened. Awkward coughs and hair tugging ensured. May then remembered something.

"Hey Drew?"


"You get a lot of confessions right? From you fans?"

Drew sighed, "I guess you can say that." He said, turning his face away from May's

"Has anyone of your fans ever hurt you?" May asked softly.

Drew turned his head back to face May. "What happened?" Was all he asked.

May's hand went to her injured arm. Drew saw this motion.

"There? Did the person grab you there?"

May nodded.

"What else did he do?" Drew asked quietly.

"He just told me he loved me and grabbed my arm when I tried to get away. It kind of scared me. Every time I tried to move, his grip got tighter."

"Oh May." Drew slouched on the bench they were sitting on. "This is why you have to do this you idiot," he mumbled, speaking more to himself than to May.

"What? Do what?" May asked.

Drew took a deep breath, got up and faced May.

"I want you to travel with me because I'm afraid that with your type of personality you're going to end up hurt."

May stared at him. Had Drew just ask her to travel with him? "Wait a minute, are you saying you want to travel with me because of my type of personality?"

Drew smirked. "Yes May I literally just said that, you don't have to go repeating it. Also I said I want you to travel with me. Not me traveling with you."

"It's basically the same thing."

"Yes, but when I put it my way it sounds like you're following me. If I followed you, that would be strange."

"Oh, and why is that strange?" May asked, feeling peeved.

"Because," Drew said flicking his bangs, "I'm a natural born leader and you're more of a follower."

"Excuse me!?" May yelled.

"Yes?" Drew said innocently.

"You, you are, you are the most." May spluttered.

"Handsome man you ever set eyes on?"

May's face turned red and she looked down, "No." She mumbled.

"Why am I suddenly embarrassed? Oh Arceus what is wrong with me."

"So will you May?"


"Will you travel with me?"

May looked at Drew. It must had been the sun beating down on his face, but May thought, just thought, she saw his cheeks a little pink.

"To be honest, I haven't given it much thought."

Maybe traveling with Drew could clear all this confusion in her head. Maybe he could somehow help her with her coordinating. Maybe,

…he could help sort out this confusion about the line between rival and,

…. rival and maybe, just maybe



"I would love to travel with you."

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