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She pushed past anyone who stood in her way. Away. She just had to run away. Away from the fan. Away from the Center.

Away from Drew.

If she heard shouts of someone calling her name, she ignored it. If someone she pushed by accident shot an angry look at her, she ignored.

She tried to ignore all, forget all, and just focus on running.

Her mind didn't even process where she was running. She could've been in the town or in a building, or even-

On the dirt road leading out of the town with forests surrounding it.

She collapsed at the base of a tree, her breaths short. Gasping for air, she tried to calm down. The cold breath that had entered her body made her shiver. The long run caused her heart to triple in tempo.

May sat looking in front of her yet not paying attention to what it was she was looking at. Her mind and body were trying to calm down from the sprint.

But, memories always come back. The memory of the kiss came back. Soon, with her knees brought up to her chest, hot tears threatened to fall from her face.

Why? Why was something so small, so insignificant, so simple, have such a big impact on her? It was just a kiss. Just a kiss. It didn't mean anything, it was nothing special, and people kissed all the time. But,

But why? Why was it affecting her this badly? Why did it make her want to cry? Why did it make her want to start bawling like a little girl?

Was it because it was her first kiss? Was it because she expected it to be different? Was it because she didn't want it to be with a random fan? Was it because she expected that…Drew would-?




She ran from Drew, didn't she? She didn't want to see Drew, didn't she? She felt like she couldn't see Drew….

Didn't she?

Trying to force the tears not to come out, she breathed deeply before raising a hand and rubbing at her mouth.

Why? Their lips only touched for a second yet why? Why was she feeling like this? Why did her face feel hot suddenly? Was she blushing? Was she embarrassed? Why was she upset? Was she upset that she blushed for someone other than Drew? Was she mad at herself for running away like a frightened Pokemon? Questions seemed to swirl through her mind as tears welled up in her eyes, threatening to fall.

She mustn't cry. She wouldn't cry. She wouldn't. It was just a kiss. It didn't mean anything, it wasn't important, it didn't count-

No. It did count, didn't it?

Her first kiss. The feeling of his lips where still lingering there, as if mocking her. She could still remember his hot breath against her face and those lips against hers….

May looked around. No one. She stood up and moved around the tree so that she was no longer facing the dirt road in front of her but the forest that had been behind her.

Only then, when she was sure that she was hidden from travelers who could be walking on the road, did she cry.

Hot tears poured down her face faster than she expected. She tried in vain to wipe them off, but they were only replaced. She shook her head.

"You're…y-you're blowing this…. o-out of p-proportion May." She said to herself quietly. "I-it was j-just a…a…" More tears were shed.

Kisses. A funny sort of thing. Simple as clapping your hands together, yet the deepest act of love.

Or in May's case, regret.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I-I'm sorry."


If it hadn't been for Brianna, Drew swore he would've done much worse to the fan. After he had delivered the first punch, the fan had fell to the floor.

"You bastard!" Was the only word that came to Drew's mind and was, therefore, the only word he said to express him emotions.

Something about seeing the fan kiss May had caused the usually calm Drew to be overcome by an unknown anger. Unknown, foreign, uncomfortable anger. An anger that led him to act before thinking over the situation. It was only when someone pulled him did he snap out of it.

"Calm down Drew!" Brianna's scream caused him to step back into to reality. He blinked. His hand was clenched into a fist. The fan was staring up at him, rubbing the side of his face. Drew blinked again.

Had he just…just…punched someone?

He stepped back, shocked at his own actions. He had. He had just punched someone, for May's sake. This fan, who was lying on the ground with a bruised cheek, had been punched by him. Drew. Pokemon Coordinator Drew. Calm and focused Drew. He had punched him. All because of what this fan did to May.

Drew just stood there.

The shook wore off though when the fan spoke to him.

"What in Arceus was that for?!" He yelled, anger obviously in his voice. Drew opened his mouth to speak but-

"You just kissed Drew's girlfriend you fool!" Brianna retorted, speaking up for Drew. "You're lucky I'm here or else Drew would've set Roserade on you!"

There was a slight pause as a look of confusion passed the fan's face.

"Huh? Girlfriend?" The clueless fan finally said. "I thought May said she was single?"

"Well she isn't!" Brianna yelled. "She's dating Drew and now you ruined everything!"

If this had been no less then twenty minutes ago, Drew would've blushed. But now, now he found himself agreeing to what Brianna said.

Yes. May was definitely his girlfriend. After this, he would make sure of it. No one would make her sad. No one would touch her like that again. A glare came onto his face, causing the male fan to gulp and stutter.

"B-but she said-"

Brianna narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms. The fan gulped again.

"I'll take care of this guy." She half whispered to Drew. "You go and find May."

Drew, who had been standing there looking down the unmoving fan, moved his gaze to Brianna. Brianna gave him a wink.

"Teach her what a kiss really feels like." She said.

A blush stained Drew's cheeks but he nodded.

"Thanks Brianna." He said before rushing out of the Center.

"Don't mention it."


Her eyes were surely puffy now was what May thought as she rubbed them. Her tears had stopped, but the awful feeling of regret still was draped over her. Every time she would think back, she would cringe and bury her face in her knees. She felt terrible, absolutely terrible. What she was feeling was indescribable. She hated it. Hated feeling like this. Hated that she hadn't acted faster. If she were faster, than maybe she wouldn't have been kissed. She would never have had to run away. She wouldn't be sitting on the ground hiding from the travelers who were walking on the road.

She had tried to calm herself down, telling herself it was just a kiss, but…. a kiss meant so much to her. She wanted her first kiss to be with someone she loved. She wanted it to be with…him.


That's whom she wanted to kiss. Not a fan that liked her only for her Coordinating, but Drew who liked, no, loved her for being her. Just May. She wanted to kiss Drew, not any other man.

"I-I love him." She whispered to herself. Gulping she tried again, this time trying to say it more steadily.

"I love Drew." It was louder this time. She placed both hands on the ground.

"I love him." She shakily stood up.

She should've said it sooner. Not wasted time going around it. No, she knew her feelings for him. After all the time they spent together, no matter how short or long, May felt sure of herself.

No more going around it. She didn't want to waste another second not being able to be more with him. No, she wanted to be more. More than rivals and more than friends. She wanted to love him. That was at least one thing she learned from that fan kiss. She wasn't going to mask her feelings behind fear. If a fan could be that straight forward with her, she could be straightforward with Drew. Her hand clenched, she took a deep breath before yelling,



He had been walking around the town for an hour, yet no trace of May. Asking people if they had seen her didn't help either. He sighed.

Where could she have gone? He had searched everywhere yet he couldn't find her. His gaze soon went off to the road leading out of the town. Another wave of questions entered his mind.

Did she run out of the town? Was she out there on the road? In the forest? Was she lost? He clenched his hands.

Why didn't he move faster? Why did he waste his time with that fan when it was really May he should've been worried about? Why didn't he chase after her right away? He would've caught her if he did.

Last time May had ran away, her Skitty had brought them together. But May's Pokemon were back at the Center, still healing from the earlier Contest. His eyes widened.

Did she run into the forest without her Pokemon? Without protection? What if she really was lost? What if she needed to defend herself but couldn't?

Panic seemed to course through his body. Without thinking (again) he sprinted to the road leading out.

"May!" He called. "May! Are you out here?" He called out, his voice straining. "May!" He yelled again. He ran forward, still calling her name. He looked around frantically, seeing nothing but road and trees.

"Drew!" That's when Drew stopped in his tracks.

There it was. May's voice. Only it was soft, almost faraway sounding. How far had May ran?

It didn't matter though. He began to run in the direction of her voice.


May's throat hurt after she had called out Drew's name. She was unsure herself why she had done it, but it had calmed her down a little. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out from behind the tree back to the road.

She would walk back, find Drew, and tell him. No more "maybes," just the truth. She closed her eyes and raised her face to the sun in the-


May opened her eyes. Heavy dark clouds were covering the once peaceful sky. The single drop of rain that she had felt soon turned into to two drops on her head. May's eyes widened. Quickly she lowered her head and began to run. Too late though.

The rain was already pelting down.


"Bad. Bad, bad, bad!" Was what echoed through Drew's mind as the rain began pouring down. He cursed Kyogre for having it rain now, of all times. Oh why did it have to rain now?

What if…what if there was thunder? He stopped in his tracks, fear soon griping him.

Thunder. He couldn't handle thunder, or even lightening at that matter. It was what he hated about himself. Thunder booming and lightning making everything an eerie flash of light scared him to death. He trembled as the rain began to soak through his clothes to his skin.

"Please." He muttered. "Please let there be no thunder. Please." His voice shook. He couldn't do this. Being out in a storm, he couldn't. No, he wouldn't. He wouldn't!


But what about-


May was out here. He needed to find her. He had too. He had to tell her. Had to let her know. He had to bring her back.

Taking a deep breath, Drew began walking again his heart beating rapidly. He could do this…he could do this.

The lightning ripped through the sky and the thunder drummed down on the earth. Drew fell to the wet ground, clutching his ears. Terrified, he shook all over.

"No." he whimpered. "No."

He couldn't. He couldn't. But….

He would.

Clenching his hands, he got back up and began to walk again. The sky was soon attacked again, only this time Drew did not fall. He kept walking, ignoring the fear that was creeping all over his body. It didn't matter right now. It didn't matter if he was scared,

Nothing was more terrifying than losing May.

He walked with staggered, slowed steps. His green hair was wet and covering his eyes. He lifted his bangs to see out into the wet world around him. He looked for anything that was green and orange, anything that resembled May's outfit.


His throat, already feeling chocked due to fear, barely made any noise. He tried again.

"M-May." He said, trying to make his voice go louder. He looked around. Still nothing but the wet world around him.

Gathering whatever courage he had and closing his eyes, for the first time in along time Drew actually yelled with every fiber of his being.


His voice echoed off everything. His voice scared sheltering Pokemon. His voice-

Reached May's ears.

May turned. She had been walking one way but now looked behind her. She heard him. She recognized his voice. Her eyes widened.

He was out here in a storm like this? Why? Drew was terrified of storms so why?

Was he…. was he looking for her? Overcoming his fears, for her?

She walked towards the source of the sound. Her walk turned into a jog. The jog turned into a run. The run turned into a sprint.

There, over there, she could see him.

"Drew!" She yelled. She ran towards him. He was standing in the middle of the road his face facing down and his fists balled. She saw his head go up. Saw him brush the wet hair out of his eyes.

"May." He whispered. She stopped sprinting, slowing to a walk as she approached him.

"Drew." She said. She smiled. "Drew."

Slowly, she wrapped her arms around him. After a slight pause, she felt him return the gesture.

"May I-"

May shushed him softly. Pulling away she looked up into his eyes. Sapphires met Emeralds. May took a deep breath.

Now or never. If she didn't do it now…. no. She was going to do it now. She took another deep breath.

"To be honest I've given it much thought." She said. She paused, unsure of what to say next. Choosing her words carefully, she continued. "And I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart," Her heart was actually pounding now. But she wasn't scared. No. She wasn't. She closed her eyes.

"I love you Drew."

She felt the arms around her tense before relaxing. The rain pouring around them soaked her skin.

"May." He whispered her name again. "Open your eyes."

She did as she was told and was greeted by a red faced Drew. She giggled a little. Drew just looked intently at her face.

"May, have you been crying?" He asked softly. It was now May's turn to blush. Not that she wasn't already red from her…. confession.

"Yeah," she answered truthfully. "I'm sorry if I'm not looking my best right now because I-"

"May," Drew's voice stopped her. "We're both standing in the middle of a storm, I don't think even I can look my best in a storm." He gave her small, cocky, Drew-like grin.

Explosions were going off in his chest when May said those words. Those simple powerful words. Words that he thought he would never associate himself with ever again. Happy, joyful, wonderful explosions filled him. He looked down at May.

Now it was his turn to make her feel those feelings too.

"I love you too May." Drew said quietly. He cleared his throat. "I'm sorry if you were expecting more, if you wanted me to say more, but believe me when I say that I loved you from the minute I saw you." He brushed a hand over her cheek. "That's the truth."

"From the minute you saw me?" May asked. Drew nodded.

"At the time, I don't think I knew it was love, but now I do know. I love you May."

Gladness. The smile that appeared on May's face made Drew feel even happier. Here, in the middle of a storm, something wonderful had happened.

May was in ecstasy now. Whatever fears she had melted. They both knew now. There were no more walls. No more fears. Just them, together,

In love.

"Emeralds." May suddenly said. She leaned into the hand that was pressed against her cheek. "I think I told you before that emeralds were pretty stones."

"Emeralds are pretty," he muttered, agreeing with her. He leaned in closer. "But I think I told you before that I always liked sapphires better."

Drew and May gazed at each other, smiles both on their face. It was hard to explain the joy they both felt. But it was a great joy. A wonderful joy. A shared joy.

"May." Drew said. He took a deep breath. "May…may I kiss you?"

May blushed. "I-I…. well…. I-I guess…. so." Her voice fell to a soft whisper. Drew nodded. As he leaned in further, May closed her eyes.

Drew though, didn't close his until he was sure his lips were pressed against hers.

Lightning. That was what the kiss felt like. The best lightning in the world. They kissed. They kissed under the rain. Their lips connected, their eyes closed, and they kissed under the rain. Only one though passed through both of their minds. Only one word.


"I love you girlfriend." Was the first word Drew whispered after they pulled apart.

"I love you too…. boyfriend."

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