"Yuki, what are you doing?" Luka's voice surprised me, making me turn sharply to face him.

"Uuuhm..." I felt myself blush at being caught doing something so childish, "...building a snowman..." It used to be my favorite part of winter at the orphanage.

Luka slightly tilted his head, a soft smile gracing his mouth and making my heart skip, "Aren't your hands getting cold?"

I glanced down at my hands that were already turning red since I hadn't put on gloves, "A little I supposed." Luka's hands took mine, what power those hands of his had, but yet they were incredibly gentle. I met his metallic eyes, feeling all soft and squishy inside as he brought my hands to his lips, kissing my cold fingertips, then, after kissing each finger, he put my hands on the sides of his neck. How was it that no matter how cold it was, Luka's skin was nice and warm? "Isn't that making you cold?" I inquired, my fingers were starting to get feeling back.

"It matters little if it warms you." He responded, brushing the backs of my hands with his thumbs.

"Thank you Luka." I told him with a smile, stepping into him and turning my head up. He kissed me as I asked for it, sliding his hands across my arms, over my shoulder blades, and down my back. I melted against his incredibly warm body, running my hands up into his velvet hair as he kissed me soft and slow.

I closed my eyes, always amazed by how breathless Luka's kisses made me feel, "Shall we go inside or do you wish to finish building your snowman?" He asked. Good question. I would like to finish the snowman, since it was practically done, but any ability I had to articulate my thoughts had left with my sense since Luka had kissed me, "Yuki?" Was it just me or did his voice always seem to purr out my name?

"Snowman...then inside to warm up." I finally managed to say, untangling my fingers from his hair. He smiled once more, removing his arms from around me, and instead taking my hand. I pulled him back with me to the snowman, sticking the rocks I had collected into the face, giving it a happy smile. Then took the old scarf I had found just for this, and wrapped it around the snowman-Luka helping me tie it since I refused to release his hand and was foolishly trying to do it one-handed, "What do you think?" I asked, eyeing my creation with happiness.

"Very nice." He pulled me back into him, "Shall I take you in now?" I nodded, letting him guide me back into the mansion.

You know, I hate admitting it, but I couldn't even make it past the inner keep of the back door before I had to have Luka; his subtle touch to my lower back had set my blood on fire and then I lost it. He grabbed under my thighs, picking me up, leaning me against the wall as we kissed, over and over until the heat from each kiss followed into the next. I wrapped my legs around his lean hips, lacing my fingers through his hair, and savoring the easy way Luka made me hot.
It always surprised me when he ran his hand right down my back, cupping my bottom, sliding his long fingers between my cheeks; I always jolted, letting out a mewl of pleasure and embarrassment. He whispered my name comfortingly, continuing his gentle love-making.
I couldn't figure out what exactly to focus on, my senses all jumbled as Luka stirred the lust that I didn't even know I posessed. Should I focus on his lips that traced flames down my chest? His soft hand that pumped me in equal turns slow and hard? His voice that never ceased to warm me? His hardness that I could feel grinding against me?

"Aaahn!" It was certainly a shock when his fingers teased my opening, pleasure spiking through me. I moaned into his mouth as his fingers stroked deep, instantly finding my sweet spot that made my body seize. How had I never experienced this sort of bliss before? It was so addicting...so fulfilling...

"Yuki, may I?" Luka asked as usual, and as usual it delighted me to no end.

"Please." I nodded my head, trying to relax my body that was already shaking in anticipation. He entered me quickly, his heat finding my core with one stroke, making me writhe pleasurously. I whispered his name, my voice breaking, my breath becoming harsher as he brought me closer to climax with each solid thrust in and out, "Uuuhn." So close, I was so close to orgasming, just... I shifted, arching my back, "Ahhn!" Luka slid home, letting out his own sexy groan as I clenched around him, my body wracked with the bliss of release, "I really love you Luka..." I said, my voice a whimper between each pant.

"I love you with everything I have and more." Luka responded, that smile of his making me melt all over again. I could only smile, feeling completely happy with his words, holding onto him, wanting to never let go.

"Luka, make love to me more..."

"Anything you ask of me."

The End! Merry Christmas to all!

Author's note: Yup this was my seasonal story! A christmas present for all my lovely readers! Hope you enjoyed it! ;) Please review!