Naughty Kittens:

By: Oona 4

SM owns all. This is my "What If" story. If you are under 18, have triggers for spanking, violence, lemons please do not read. My vamps don't sparkle, can eat rare meats, eggs, and drink whiskey and coffee, along with animal blood. The males are all Alpha's and practice Domestic Discipline within their marriages. I hope you like this story. Please no flames if you don't. Thanks for reading. Again there is spanking in this story, don't like don't read.

Summary: After years as dutiful sons and brothers, the four Cullen boys strike out on their own. Ending up at a mid-sized college in Alaska, they each obtained a degree in something they had never taken. For five years they have not lived at home. In Alaska they met four sisters, their senior year, freshmen just starting out, also on their own learning to live without family other than each other. Afraid the girls wouldn't want them after all, they never told them they were their mates. Hunting two days after graduation deep in the forest, they realize they had let their one chance of happiness slip through their fingers. What do they do and how do they fix it?

Chapter One:


After a really needed hunt, we were gathered around the cozy fire Peter had built. Talking about what we should do next.

"I think we should find some land, then build or restore an old house, maybe the one in Montana then contact the folks. Mom is probably devastated we have not come home in years" I stated staring at the flames as they danced in the night air.

"Your right Edward, mom is barely able to control her tears Dad is not much better" Jasper piped up.

"Yes, we really should include them again, I miss them after all" Emmett stated and everyone agreed.

"Edward, when are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?" Peter asked.

Sighing I nodded.

"Okay brothers what do we do? I think we are all pretty sure we felt the pull or something like it this last year. Those little kittens are they ours, or are we just so damn lonely we can't tell anymore?" I sadly added as I sat there numb from the pain I was feeling at leaving Isabella behind.

"I know she is mine Edward, you do too if you are honest with yourself. We were just afraid they would say no, then when Rose hinted they were all spoken for, well I still feel like someone ripped out my heart" Emmet replied.

"Boys if we could meet them again, do we make a claim or let them stay human? Live their lives etc." I asked my brothers.

'Edward" Jasper began, "Can you honestly tell us, you could go on with your life, knowing she was out there, and you didn't try?"

'No Jazz, I'll admit I'm still afraid of rejection. Not one of us has ever been with a human woman, what if we hurt them? I don't know, for once, I wish dad was right here" we all agreed on that.

Letting it grow silent again, we then slipped into a resting period, a time between sleep and waking; just letting their minds settle for a few hours.

Sometime later we could hear crying, then arguing in the distance.


"What the hell is that?" I cried out.

The four of us jumped up, and then ran as silently as possible to the noise. Imagine our surprise when we see our four "kittens", as Edward calls them, fighting like demons around a very poorly made campfire.

"I mean it stop fighting! It's no one's fault we blew two tires!" Charlotte was yelling at the other three.

"We will get going as soon as we figure out how to get the car back on the road!" Rose was yelling as well, and grabbing at Alice, who was trying to punch Bella.

Charlotte was in the middle with her arms out screaming "Stop it!" "Stop it!" over and over.

We were within two feet of them and they had no idea. Finally Edward whistled loudly making them all freeze where they were standing.

"What in hell is going on here?" he yelled. They looked like they had seen a ghost.

"What are you doing here in the woods boys" Rose stammered out.


"I think our naughty kittens, I could ask the same of you!" man I was angry, not really sure why, but I could see we all four were.

Then it hit me mates, our mates were in danger, acting like shrews, and here near us; well hell no, they do not, nor will they ever act like this again. I thought as I stood there fuming.

Confusing to say the least, sex was the last thing on my mind. By the look on my brother's faces they were feeling the same thing.

"I feel the need to claim and dominate these naughty darling kittens, we discovered last year" This I said so fast they couldn't hear me, but my boys did, to a man they gasped then nodded.

"Young ladies stop this right now!"

They pulled apart, muddy, hair all wild, eyes huge like jewels in the firelight.

"Now Rose, tell us calmly what is going on and why you are in these woods at two am? When we were led to believe you were all going home to boyfriends, yesterday?"

This I said with my daddy voice one, I had never used before in my life, making Rose gulp.

"Um Edward, we lied about that" She stammered.

'What!" we all four said at once. By now we had their fire going like it should have been, and they were standing near it getting warmer.

"Explain" was all I said. Emmett had dragged logs near the fire to sit on, so I made the girls sit while we listened.


I could have fainted when they were suddenly standing there, looking like Hero's from another age. For some reason they were very angry with us. Not sure why, but it made a shiver go down my back when I looked at Emmet.

Edward was very angry; still he never really stopped looking at Bella, like he had been for the last year at school, and now he seems to be the leader. Oh he's waiting for me to explain.

"See boys, our parents were killed in a very odd way; oh what the hell, I don't care if you believe it or not, but vampires killed our parents". I swear I heard growling, but it stopped so I went on.

"We grew up in a small town in Washington State near a Reservation. They have legends of Were-Wolves and Vampires we all thought was just a bunch of talk." I continued when he nodded they were with us so far.

"One year ago, mom and dad were on their yearly fishing camp out with friends from the Reservation. When they were set upon by five vampires, one man managed to get back and alert the tribe. Boys began to phase into wolves, they caught two of them killing them, but the other three keep coming, killing now and then, but act like they are looking for something and that something is us I fear."

I looked expecting them to burst out laughing. Instead I see them looking at each other. Jasper makes a hand signal and Emmett takes off like a rocket coming back in seconds, "No they have not been here I only smell us and them" was his answer to Jasper.

Edward stands up taller than I have ever seen him, "Ladies we are going to continue this talk in a few minutes elsewhere, but right now I want to know what you are doing out here tonight!"

He said that in a voice that made me want to cover my bottom, silly but true I see all four of us did that at the same time.

'Um, we didn't have anywhere to go, we are almost out of money, so we decided to camp for a couple of days, then call home see if they had been spotted again. Before we try to hide somewhere else; one of the vamps wants Bella, guess she smells extra good or something like that. Then we blew two tires, so we are stuck right now" I finished looking at Edward.

With that statement our lives changed forever.

Edward let out a feral growl, turning around he knocked over a tree! Then faster than we could see, our fire was out, our car was packed and I was tossed into the back seat with Emmett.

Peter grabbed Charlotte, jumped into the front seat. Bella was over Edward's shoulder, Alice over Jasper's, as they took off running, we drove after them. 'What is going on?" I yelled but no one answered.