Title: Broadfield Is An Excellent School

Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Harry Watson, Jim Moriarty

Rating: T

Warnings/Triggers: Some strong language use and some homophobia.

Spoilers: No spoilers for the real episodes.

Pairings: Sherlock/John

Summary: It's a new school year and another new school for Sherlock. Will Broadfield be the answer to his problems? Or one of the students there? Teen!lock.

Author's notes: So I wanted to write some teen!lock, then some people said I should post it. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it and I'll carry it on if people like it, so let me know in a review please?

Sir Conan Doyle created all the wonderful characters, and the BBC gave them their good looks. We only created the story; the rest belongs to them.



Sherlock sighed, another new school year, another new school. All the others just couldn't stand him, his 'arrogance', 'offensiveness' and 'sociopathy' well to be honest Sherlock labelled himself as a sociopath, he didn't mind that. He walked into the school and looked around, ugh, usual groups of chattering girls and play fighting boys. Great.

The bell rang for the first period and Sherlock walked down to N0 for history with Mr Hike. He walked in and glared at the rows of full seats, he turned to the teacher.

"Oh, new kid, new kid, new kid hold on I have a seating plan somewhere..." He searched through his desk, it was only the first day and it already looked like a bomb had hit it. He discovered the paper "Ah! Sherlock? Hmm oh back left corner next to John."

John looked up at Sherlock and smiled and waved. The dark haired boy stalked to the back of the room and sat down.

"Are you new?" John attempted to make conversation as Mr Hike tried to organise his lesson.

"Obviously." Sherlock watched the teacher with a look of disdain, seriously, it was the first lesson of the first day, he /had/ to be more organised than this!

"Mhmm... So... Why new school?" John wasn't put off by the coldness of the boy.

"Old one got sick of me." Sherlock said it matter-of-factly, there was no point lying.

"Oh ok... Why Broadfield then?" John was still trying.

"No others would take me." Sherlock actually looked at John for the first time properly, he was quite ordinary really.

"Oh... You know, Mr Hike is like super hyped about conspiracy theories, 9/11 and that kind of stuff, it's weird."

"Lovely." The taller boy looked back at the teacher as he finally loaded his stupid PowerPoint and got on with the lesson.

The bell rang for period 2 and Sherlock stood up, he gathered his things and walked out with the crowd, avoiding Mr Hike before he realised Sherlock had 'borrowed' his interactive whiteboard pen.

John walked up to Sherlock "Hey can you here Hike? He's lost his pen thingy already!"

Sherlock smirked and rolled his eyes as he took the pen out of his pocket and twirled it between his index and middle finger.

"Sherlock! You can't take that, he needs it!" John was wide eyed.

"Oh he was annoying. And I'm doing the school a favour, he can't use it for anymore of those stupid PowerPoints." He chuckled and slipped the pen back into his pocket.

"You're crazy... Hey are you going to science?" John asked as they walked through the C block.

"Yes. Mrs Pates?" Sherlock frowned.

"Yeah! Wow I think we're in all of our lessons together, hey we can stick together and stuff." John was quietly eager to make friends, he'd lost his others... And no one else wanted to be his new one, so, the new kid would be good. Hopefully.

"Mhmm" Sherlock rolled his eyes, yeah right you'll realise you don't want to be anywhere near me soon.

The pair walked in Mrs Pates' room and sat on the back row together. The teacher started the class a lot more organised and the lesson passed quickly.

The boy frowned as the bell rang and everyone wandered off to 'Form period' Sherlock went obediently with the crowd to his form, B-GB apparently. John was in D-JB so they weren't together, not that Sherlock needed the boy.

Mrs Bolt was organising the new Y7's, she didn't even notice Sherlock sat at the back until the near end of form. "Oh! I forgot about you! Oh I'm sorry" she laughed "Sherlock... Sherlock, that's an unusual name isn't it?"

"Mhmm." Sherlock rolled his eyes.

"Oh I need to have a word with you actually Sherlock, come outside for a second please?" She stood up "You guys be good ok?" She walked outside the door, waiting for Sherlock to join.

The boy joined her outside and she closed the door "So... We know about your.. History, Sherlock. And we just want you to know Broadfield is an excellent school, and as long as you behave and stuff, you'll be fine. Ok?"

"Yes." Sherlock nodded, just agree, and she'll leave you alone.

"Have you made any friends?" She looked up encouragingly.

"Mhmm." The boy nodded.

"Who?" She smiled over brightly.

"John Watson." Sherlock sighed a little, come on bell ring for break.

"Oh that's good!" She smiled, oh good, two.. Well, 'loners' matching up for a pair. Excellent.

"Yes oh definitely." Sherlock smirked as he talked casually "The once popular rugby player, had loads of friends didn't he? Theeeen he was caught, kissing a boy in the park or something one day wasn't he? So now all the boys are paranoid about him, thinking he's getting an erection whenever he looks at them. Why do they think they're all so /delightful/? It's why he sits alone in class, why no one walks near him and why you're so happy I'm with him. Am I right?"

The woman stared with wide eyes as she nodded slowly "How-" she was cut off as the bell rang and Sherlock waved sarcastically and walked off.

John looked around eagerly, he'd arranged to meet Sherlock outside N-1. He swallowed as a few people gave him the usual looks as they avoided him. He spotted the tall dark haired boy and shouted "Sherlock!"

Sherlock heard his name, spotted John and walked over "How's the rugby?"

"What? I didn't tell you I play rugby..." John frowned up at the boy.

"Oh never mind how I know just answer." Sherlock batted his hand dismissively.

"Oh well... Not that good..." John frowned.

"Mhmm ok rugby chat over." Sherlock started walking towards an out of bounds area.

"Hey you can't go there!" John stopped.

"Can't go here, can't go there, hey guess what, I don't care." Sherlock took his bag and took out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter.

"Sherlock!" John hissed "You can't smoke!"

Sherlock spoke with a singsong voice "I don't caaaaare" he lit up and started to puff on the cigarette.

"You are so gonna get in trouble..." John sat on a bench in the 'It's ok to be here' section.

"Oh good. Some excitement." Sherlock was taking deep drags and blowing the smoke into the September air.

"So... Got a girlfriend?" John smiled awkwardly.


"Boyfriend?" He kept the awkward smile.


"Not that it's not ok, it's perfectly ok!" John panicked a bit.

"I know it is." Sherlock raised an eyebrow.

"Right. That's ok then..." John licked his lips.

Sherlock puffed more "Thank you for your offer but I'm not really looking-"

"Oh no, I'm not asking!" John shook his head. But then again... No John. He's new and he's still with you, don't fuck this up.

"Right, ok." The smoking boy put out his stub.

"Come back to the good side now?" John smiled.

Sherlock smirked and spoke with his deepest tone "Maybe I want to be baaaaad..."

John stared. Dear god that voice was just an eargasm.

The dark haired boy hopped up and walked back to John "Come on then. Lesson time, yaaay Citizenship with Mr Michael."

John stood up "Oh yeah, he's a bit hyper you know..." They started walking inside.

"Oh great." Sherlock frowned as people gave them looks as they walked in.

They reached N1 and went to the room, again, they sat at the back together. Half way through a boring speech John whispered to the taller boy "Sherlock?"

"Mm?" Sherlock looked down at his shorter friend.

"How did you know I play rugby? Did you ask someone?" John frowned.

Sherlock whispered back "Tan lines on your ankles, you've been outside playing a game with long socks on. You threw a text book to someone in history and you threw it sideways. Mud trapped under your nails. You play rugby."

John stared "Oh. Didn't ask anyone then?"

"No, no need to." Sherlock smirked "Deduced it all, I do it all the time."

"Oh ok... What did you deduce about me?" John frowned and licked his lips nervously.

"Private deductions. I don't tell them very often and only when I choose to, so, no I won't tell you." Sherlock frowned as Mr Michael excitedly handed out work books.

"Oh... Ok.." John sighed.

Period 4 of RE with Mrs Weed passed slowly and boringly. Sherlock mocked the woman when she turned away and John laughed, he was happier than he had been for a while.

Lunch came and John dragged Sherlock out onto the field "What food you got?"

"None." Sherlock looked around the green countryside and frowned, all so quiet and peaceful, how hateful.

"Aren't you hungry?" John frowned as he sat them down under a tree and took out some sandwiches and crisps.

"No." The taller boy watched the other kids milling around.

"Oh ok.." John sat and ate his food in silence.

"Hey fag got a new fuck buddy?!" A boy shouted at the pair and laughed with his friends.

John blushed bright red and squirmed a bit uncomfortably. Sherlock looked up and glared at the boy, he spoke with his scariest voice as he stood up "What?"

The boy stood his ground "You know he's gay right?"

"Yes I do as a matter of fact." Sherlock glanced at John who was blushing.

"Why you with him then? He's probably thinking about where he's gonna fuck you. Oh unless you're gay too!" The boy laughed more.

Sherlock shrugged "So what if I am?" He glanced at John who looked up inquisitively.

"Oh great another faggot for the school! Well see you later queens!" The boys ran off to play football as Sherlock sat back down.

John smiled awkwardly "Thanks for that... Hey... are you gay?"

"It's ok." Sherlock ignored the second question.

"Mhmm.. And the question?" John was asking carefully, he didn't want to scare the boy away "I'm not forcing myself on you or anything!"

"I know you're not." Sherlock nodded.

"So...?" John licked his lips, if he was honest, Sherlock was bloody gorgeous. His slender figure, beautiful hair and perfect Cupid's bow. And oh my god those cheekbones...

Sherlock waited for a bit "Not gay." But inside he was fighting. Half said he wasn't gay, he was asexual and he wanted to stay that way. The other half said boys like John were good, nice even, and it'd be an excellent thing to try at least.

"Oh ok" John didn't let his disappointment show. Well at least Sherlock was a friend. "Well now it's spread that you're gay..."

"Oh well, let them talk, at least they'll leave me alone, which is what I want. I can just ignore any insults and bullying." Sherlock shrugged nonchalantly.

"Oh ok, so... You only want to be with me?" John smiled like a little kid.

"Yeah I guess" The dark haired boy smiled back a little.

"Oh good" John faltered "I mean, cool?" He winced at his awkwardness.

Sherlock nodded, if he was honest, John was pretty cute.

"Double maths with Miss Penn next. She's alright actually, probably the best maths teacher." John smiled and played with the grass.

Sherlock took a book and some fags from his bag and started to read as he laid down and lit up. He puffed and read as he replied "Mhmm."

"What're you reading?" John frowned, was it a text book he should have? He looked at Sherlock's long legs, he had his right crossed over his bent left one. God they were so long and lovely.

"Different tobacco ashes and how to identify them." Sherlock turned the page then took another drag.

"Oh... Exciting." John shook his head a little, weird book taste. "Can I read too?"

"If you want." Sherlock looked over the book at John.

The shorter boy smiled "Thanks" he laid down and shuffled up close to Sherlock so he could read with him. He screwed up his nose as a bit of smoke went in his face.

"Sorry" Sherlock directed his smoke up to the sky instead.

"Thanks." John started reading, god this book was boring, but laying next to Sherlock was lovely, over riding the smoke smell was /his/ smell. A safe smell of old pine and shampoo.

As they read and Sherlock smoked there were some shouts from passing kids, "Oh look they're getting it off already!" "Get a room you two!" "Ew they'll stain the field!" the boys ignored them.

"Hey can I have your number?" John smiled.

"07221687371." Sherlock spoke quickly as he turned the page again.

"Oh wait wait..." John took his phone and made a new contact, he added it to his contact list of all his old friends, ones he didn't dare to talk to anymore "What was it?"

The dark haired boy rolled his eyes and spoke patronisingly slow "0... 7... 2... 2... 1... 6... 8... 7... 3... 7... 1. Got... That?"

"Mhmm" John smiled and put his phone away.

The bell rang and the boys went back inside for maths.

John sighed as he threw his bag down and flopped onto the sofa. His over protective mother bustled in "Hi deary! How was the first day back? Have those boys left you alone yet?" She knew about John's sexuality, they all did, she also knew how cruel the boys had been, it only made her even more protective.

John decided to lie "Yeah they've forgotten about it."

"Oh good!" She sat down next to him.

"I made a better friend today anyway." John smiled as he thought of Sherlock.

"Oh lovely, what's their name?" She smiled encouragingly.

"Sherlock Holmes." John beamed proudly.

"Oh that's an exotic name, what's he like?" She hoped he would stick with her son, she knew how lonely he'd been and it broke her heart.

"Oh he's clever, tall, bit mischievous I guess..." John started to day dream about the perfect boy.

"Oh lovely. Well lasagne for dinner" The mother stood up and went in the kitchen.

After dinner John was sat in his room about to play his Xbox. His sister Harry came in with a cheeky smile. "So, I've heard you've found a new boyfriend. Come on, you tell me everything so spill!" She laughed as she turned the Xbox off.

"Hey!" John smiled, he always told Harry stuff "He's not my boyfriend."

"Aaaaw what?" She stuck out her bottom lip.

"He's new and he's just a friend." John shuffled up as she sat next to him.

"Ugh fine, but d'you like him? Is he good looking? What's he like?" She always got super excited about things like this.

"Calm down Harry!" John laughed "Ok I like him, he's god damn good looking, he's tall with thick dark hair, oh he has lovely legs, he's quite pale, perfect lips and Cupid's bow... Hmm.. Oh he's really clever, his eyes are amazing, and oh. My. God. You should see his cheekbones. He's like a god basically." John could feel something stirring in his groin at the mere thought of the boy.

Harry laughed "God he does sound like a God! I want to see him to see if this is all true."

"Oh... Well he might have Facebook? I'll google him." John took his laptop.

"Oh my god stalker! No I'm just kidding google away." She peered at the screen.

John typed him into google and his eyes widened at the results.

'Teenager solves murder case'

'Teenage boy astounds with crime solving skills'

'16 year old boy solves unsolvable case'

'Sherlock Holmes beats Scotland Yard'

'Sherlock Holmes- The Science of Deduction'

Harry turned to John "Who the hell just appeared at your school?"

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