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Sherlock nodded a bit, he was so glad John was letting them talk, it would be awful if he'd just stormed away angrily.

"So.. You're going to London? Is that why you dyed your hair blonde and changed your clothes style?" John looked Sherlock up and down, it suited him actually.

"Yep" The thin boy looked down at himself "It's very different."

The short boy went closer to Sherlock, he swallowed a little before gently laying a hand on his chest, he felt his heartbeat, and looked into his eyes. "Would you take me with you?"

Sherlock looked back, he nodded "Of course I would, I love you." He really meant it, he loved John more than anyone and that was never going to change.

John swallowed a bit and nodded back "I love you too," he paused for a moment "Take me with you."

Dan cut in, his emotions finally getting the better of him "John! You can't just do that!"

The boy took his hand away and turned to face Dan, he frowned "Why not?"

"You can't just go running off to London with a boy that's supposed to be dead!" Dan pointed at Sherlock "D'you not remember what he did to you?!"

Sherlock swallowed as John looked back at him silently, he watched John's face and eyes flick with different emotions and thoughts.

The red headed boy moved closer "John d'you remember?" He shook his head "He lied to you, he made you watch him jump, he left. He made you depressed, he made you angry, he made you lonely. He did. For god's sake, you even texted me sometimes when you were going to join him and you wanted to die! And if you can forgive him so easily, and just fuck off to London, then I don't understand you John."

The sandy haired boy looked at Sherlock, everything Dan said was true, it made him stop to think. Sherlock had done all this to him, he'd put him through the hell of watching the boy you love jump from a building, and then left him to deal with the repercussions and consequences.

Sherlock watched quietly before finally speaking softly to John "I know I did those things. I'm sorry, I really am sorry. I don't expect you to forgive me easily, or do what I ask, but I'm sorry."

The short boy sniffed "Everything he said is true though" he took his phone out and found his texts to Dan, he showed them to Sherlock "Look there they are, 'Dan I want to join him.' 'Would you miss me if I did it?' 'I don't want to be like this anymore Dan.' 'I want it to end.'"

Sherlock read some of the texts as his eyes began to sting and leak tears, he read some of Dan's replies too 'You can't join him. We need you here, please don't do it John, please' 'Of course I'd miss you!' 'You won't always be like this, I promise, it'll get better with time' 'But it doesn't have to end like that John, please'

The short boy put his phone back "And you did that Sherlock." He blinked a bit as he looked at his ex boyfriend "And even after all that, I love you, I still love you."

Sherlock nodded "I love you too, I really do" he sniffed "I don't know what else I can do, I can't stay here. I have to go to London, and I either go alone or you come with me."

John looked at Dan, he didn't really know why to be honest, it's not as if he needed his permission. He assumed it must be him looking for guidance, or confirmation, but then again would John even act upon it?

The red head looked back evenly, not sad, not happy, not any particular emotion really. He walked over to John and Sherlock, he went up to the latter and looked up at him. He spoke seriously, but there was also a hint of emotion in his voice "He's going to go with you, Sherlock. He always will, he'd follow you anywhere you want and do what you want, because he loves you, and he will always love you. He can't love anyone else, not properly, because they're not you."

Sherlock looked back, he knew it was true, John would go with him anywhere.

Dan carried on "But you, you have to take good care of him, ok? Because he fucking deserves it. He deserves so much, and if you don't give that to him, you don't deserve him. I don't know John as well as you do, but I do know what he's been like while you weren't here, and I never want him to be like that again, ok?"

The curly haired boy nodded, as John watched, tears forming in his eyes. He never knew this would happen.

Dan swallowed "Don't hurt him again." That sentence hit Sherlock hard, because it was true, he'd hurt John, and that made him feel sick and awful.

Dan turned to John "Now I want you to go.. Go pack your bags and uhm, go with him." He took a breath "And you know what? I'll always be here to help if you need me."

The short boy smiled through his tears "Thank you Dan." He took the other boy in a tight hug "I'll keep in touch, I promise."

"Thanks" Dan let go "I'll leave you two alone now" He managed a small smile at Sherlock "You're lucky."

The blonde haired Sherlock nodded back "I know." He stood beside John as they watched Dan walk away.

The short teenager turned to his ex-boyfriend, he squeezed his eyes closed and threw himself around him in a right hug, breathing in his smell and feeling the curves of his body, he'd missed them so much.

Sherlock gently put his arms around John, he closed his eyes and let John do what he liked.

"What time is the train?" John mumbled into Sherlock's chest as they continued the hug.

"Not for another few hours." Sherlock stroked down John's back, causing the boy to shiver a little from the touch.

"We can stay here for a while then?" John let go a bit and looked up at the taller boy, his eyes looked tired and worn, his face sharper, but there was still that glimmer of the old Sherlock there, one that John hoped would regrow.

"If you want" Sherlock took John's hand "Sit with me" He led them to the ledge and sat down "D'you mind if I smoke?"

Normally, John would have been annoyed and told Sherlock off, and he wouldn't have smoked. But this time, it was different. He missed Sherlock, and the smells he had with him, cigarette smoke was one of Sherlock's smells, and more than anything, John wanted Sherlock to be Sherlock. He didn't want him to change to fit John, or constantly be trying to please him to apologise and make up for what he'd done. He sat next to Sherlock and leant his head sideways on the boy's arm "It's fine."

The blond haired teenager smiled a little "Thanks" He took a cigarette and lit up, he smoked elegantly, making sure to blow the smoke away from John.

"Hello?" John went back in his house, Sherlock following quietly "Anyone there?"

"In the lounge! It's just me" Harry called from the living room, not looking up from her laptop.

The sandy haired boy nodded at Sherlock a bit, before he took his hand and led him into the lounge "Hi Harry."

The sister didn't look up "You ok?" She frowned at the screen as a pop-up appeared "Hey d'you kn-" she looked up and stared.

Blonde Sherlock looked back, his grip on John's hand tensing "Harry."

Harry swallowed and squeezed her eyes closed before opening them again and looking between John and Sherlock "John is that.." She trailed off.

"Sherlock. Yes." John nodded at her "He's not dead Harry, he's here. He's back ok look he's back."

Harry shook her head quickly, she put her laptop down and jumped up. "No!" She grabbed her younger brother and dragged him away, breaking the hand he held with Sherlock. "No! You can't just do that!"

John tried to get away "Harry listen! We're going to London ok and we love each other and it's going to be ok!"

"No John, you listen!" She grabbed him by the shoulders and looked at him sternly "That boy is dangerous."

"No Harry please listen to me. He's fine and I'm fine and it's ok. We're going to go to London, and live there. He's not a murderer or anything I promise." John hugged her "It's ok."

After what felt like a lifetime of silence, the sister looked at Sherlock, who was just stood there the whole time "He hurt you John.."

"I know, and he knows too." The short teenager sighed "But he won't anymore." He pulled away "Can you do something for me?"

"Depends." The girl sniffed as Sherlock watched her, an unspoken apology written all over his face.

"We have to get the train soon. So I need to go quickly, and I need you to tell mum and dad I'm out with Dan, just until I can call them from London and explain. Ok?" John raised his eyebrows at her "Please. It would mean so much, just one thing"

Harry bit her lip "Fine. But after that I'm not being involved. If mum and dad go down there to bring you back, I won't stop them."

"Ok" John smiled "Thank you Harry. I love you" He hugged her tight again "Let me get my things." He let go and ran off upstairs.

The older sibling looked icily at Sherlock, she took a breath "If you hurt him again, I will kill you."

Sherlock nodded "Thank you Harry." He took his bag and went to wait outside.

Sherlock sat opposite John on the train down to London, it was late and the other boy had fallen asleep.

He looked over John, taking in all the details he'd missed while he'd been away, he noticed how John's face had gotten a little sterner.

John's phone on the table buzzed as he received a notification, but he didn't wake up. Instead, Sherlock carefully took it, oh it was just a stupid game or something. He frowned a little, the phone was unlocked. He tapped the photos app, he wanted to see the ones John had taken with Sherlock.

He smiled softly as he looked through them, but his smile dropped when he reached a video. A video of Sherlock jumping. He didn't click play, he just instantly deleted it. John didn't need to see that ever again.

The blonde haired boy looked around the train carriage, it was empty except them, they'd taken a train that no one else really took because it was cheaper. He bit his lip a little before opening the camera and starting a new video, he pointed it at himself.

Sherlock began to whisper so as not to wake John "Hey John. We're on the train to London, our new life." He smiled a bit "And d'you know what? I'm excited. And I thought we might want to remember this moment.. So I'm making a video."

He ruffled a hand through his blonde hair "So this is me at the moment, blonde, but it'll go back. And here's you-" He turned the camera to John "You're sleeping, and I love it."

He turned the camera back to himself "And John-" he sighed a little "I'm sorry. I love you and I'm sorry. And thank you so much for doing this. It means the world to me."

John opened his eyes and looked at Sherlock, was he making a video? He didn't move, just listened and watched.

Sherlock frowned at what he'd just said "No that's wrong. You, mean the world to me John." He finished recording and put the phone back, he noticed John's opened eyes "Oh.. How much did you see?"

"Only the last line" The shorter boy sat up properly "I'll watch the rest in London."

John raises his eyebrows as he looked at where Sherlock had taken them too, Baker Street "Well, this is a prime spot. Must be expensive"

Sherlock looked at John and smiled a little "Oh, Mrs Hudson, the landlady, she's giving me a special deal. Owes me a favour. Her husband got himself sentenced to death in Florida. I was able to help out." Sherlock remembered the case, one he'd particularly liked.

The sandy haired boy frowned "You stopped her husband being executed?"

The blonde boy smirked "Oh, no. I ensured it." He watched John blink in surprise before the door opened and Mrs Hudson grinned at them.

"Sherlock! Hello" Mrs Hudson hugged the young boy "You've dyed your hair sweetie, it looks nice."

The tall boy hugged back "Yeah" he pulled away and gestured to John "Mrs Hudson, John Watson."

"Hello honey" The kind lady smiled softly at the boy "Come in boys, come in." She disappeared upstairs into the flat.

Sherlock took John's hand, glad that he didn't pull away. He led them upstairs to follow Mrs Hudson and went into 221b.

John looked around the flat, a smile creeping onto his face "This is great Sherlock." And he was right, this is where they belonged.

This is home now.

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