Hi everyone, this my first Naruto and Robotech crossover and it will be a good story if I get it finished in time, I might need any help with ideas coming from you when you read and review the story. So, let me explain the reason why I am unable to finish my work, wanna know why? I wasn't able to, because I was on SUMMER VACATION FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! I will finish Transformers: Macarena catastrophy when I am able to. That means I will try to update both stories when I figure out a way to get the stories up and running. Now, I will probably make the story faithful to the Macross Saga Meaning Naruto won't have the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox inside him and Jiraya as the same age as Roy Fokker and sasuke as Captain Gloval, and I will let you write the script for the first chapter and you will follow my rules as I write them out:

Rule #1: Keep it at a good level. (Bad reviews and flames are not welcome because I won't like it if you have poor, horrible, or even terrible writing.)

Rule #2: Do not claim it as your own. (I repeat, DO NOT- AND I WILL REPEAT IT EVERY TIME I WILL WRITE SOME CHAPTERS - DO NOT CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN! 'Cause I will ban you if you go too far!)

Rule #3: you will have to adjust to the story as you continue to read it. (I'm only trying to be fair, that's because I don't want you to get the wrong idea. If you don't like it, then it's your problem, not mine. If you want to stop reading it, I understand. like I said, I'm only trying to be fair.)

Now there are some spoilers, but i won't reveal any after the whole series will be finished. However, these three announcements will not be spoilers, and they are:

#1: Sakura Haruno is cast as Lisa Hayes

#2: Hinata Hyuga is cast as Linn Minmei

#3: Tenten will be cast as which female character you want to vote as, because I have three in mind, these characters are:

Miriya Parina

Claudia Grant


For you Rock Lee fans out there, I will give him a role based how good he is and what character he best fits as.

and given the chance that I will do it alone won't work, I'd probably go insane.

for now, R&R please.