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Chapter 1: Essence

Hiccup couldn't stop thinking what was it that seems to be bothering Astrid's mind. After seeing off Heather and her family at the docks, Astrid called Hiccup over to her home. Apparently to talk with him about something. Her face was dead serious. As far as Hiccup remembers, Astrid was not in a good mood when she was making that face. And a bad mood Astrid was just… bad. Hiccup rarely get a chance to come inside Astrid's home before because he was scared of breaking into her privacy. And now she called him over to her home for a reason that is obviously not going to make him happy, at least that is what he thought to prepare for the worst case scenario. When they went inside, Astrid gestured Hiccup over to sit near the dining table. Astrid constant silence all this time didn't really help much with Hiccup's nervousness written all over his face.

Astrid went into her kitchen to make something, drinks perhaps. Hiccup reflects back the event that recently just happened. All the fight with Alvin on the Outcast Island and the story about Heather, Hiccup couldn't come up with anything that might give reason for Astrid to choke him to death. Maybe Hiccup has yet to apologize properly to Astrid for not putting his trust in her before. Yes, that must be it. He was too deep in thought he didn't realized that Astrid had came out from the kitchen holding two mugs of fresh water. Hiccup nearly jumped, startled when Astrid was handing him one of the mugs.

"Th..Thank You," he said nervously. Astrid sat herself down in a chair next to Hiccup. Glaring at him while they're taking a sip on their drink. Obviously Hiccup noticed her glare and this only add more heavy air to his already uncomfortable situation. Hiccup was sweating from the tension but try his best to remain calm. Still trying to remain calm, "Is..Is it about Heather?" And failed.

"Wow, surprisingly you still remember her name," said Astrid. Hiccup was utterly confused with what she just said. What? We just left her only a few hours ago .However, Hiccup only leave it to himself. What did she mean? "She must be really such a beauty for her to remain intact in your mind," she said. Now brushing Hiccup's bangs playfully with her left hand. Her face remains serious. He was surprised with this remark. He was confused and quickly makes a rush through his mind trying to find what to say to Astrid. Even though he was still confused he can't afford to say out wrong word to her right now. Hiccup knows that.

"I…I'm sorry," he said apologetically. Oh god, she is angry. She is in a bad mood. What do I do now? What do I do now?

"Why are you apologizing? I'm not angry," she said and looking at his face with such a full concentration as if to read his mind. Hiccup was still feeling uneasy and unconvinced especially when she said that with a not-so-happy look and touching with his bangs playfully, no, it was as if to threaten him to spit out the truth. But Hiccup didn't know what she wants. She continued, "There is nothing wrong with remembering someone's name, is it? ESPECIALLY when that someone is so pretty and innocent, "with her eyes spelling his death. Crap, it's a trap. Now Hiccup was very sure that Astrid was definitely angry right now.

Out of the blue, Astrid did something very opposite to what her current mood showed to Hiccup. She leaned her face close to his and kiss his cheek softly. ? Now why would she do that? As much as Hiccup loves Astrid kissing him, he was still frightened and bewildered with what Astrid was trying to do now. He can only sit still in his place. "Did you two did something behind my back," muttered Astrid.

"What?! No, no, no. I.. I swear Astrid. I wouldn't do that. I..I mean I wouldn't cheat on you. I was just trying to help her." This is getting dangerous.

"Of course, of course. You're the son of the chief. Of course, you have to help her." Once again, Astrid was kissing him. This time on his lips. God, what is she trying to do? Hiccup looked bewildered right now and Astrid knows she was enjoying every minute of this but she tried her best to remain expressionless. She took the mug from Hiccup's hand and placed both their mugs away on the table. Then, she did another thing that was confusing him. She stands from her seat and moved to straddle on his lap. Settling directly on his crotch. Hiccup was aroused by this yet scared at the same time. He was really not going to be happy with her next question, "So, what did you help her with?"

"I…I.. She was hungry. So I.."

"Gives her your 'service'?"

"What?!" Crap, another trap. "No, no. I just gives her something to eat.."

"She's eating SOMETHING? SOMETHING to her mouth?" said Astrid.

"I..I mean like fish stew," Hiccup was shocked by this. God, what is she thinking? He was getting tired and frustrated with her trap.

Hiccup did his best to give out the best answers. However Astrid was not finished with him yet. She was nibbling along his neck before she asks him the next question, "Where did the two of you sleep?" Not again. Hiccup thought for a moment before answering this. With Astrid nibbling along his neck and Hiccup can smell her sweet scent at close, Hiccup can't think properly. God this is not helping. However he made no move to stop her.

"Heather was sleeping in my bed but I sleep downstairs on the floor and you've seen it," Hiccup explained. For a moment he felt a bit proud with his honesty. He was pretty sure he almost wins this interrogation when it proved him wrong by her next question.

"And where do you sleep today?"

"In my..!" He choked. Hiccup realized where she was going from this. "Oh no, no, no, no," he muttered to himself.

"Where she just slept in?" Tilting her head to the side. "You're a real creep," teased Astrid.

" What?"

"Are you trying to bask yourself in her essence?" asked Astrid while kissing his jaw line, "her smell" and kissed again.

"No, no, no. Oh God, no," he said defiantly. Astrid was literally driving him crazy with what she was doing right now. Making him feel so good yet bad at the same time.

He was about to say something when Astrid stop him holding her hand in front of his lips. "Shall I sleep in your bed tonight?" whispered Astrid close to his ear. Hiccup gaped hearing this. He wondered why she was acting this sexy with him. First, she looks angry and now she act like this. He may be a genius Viking but it was still hard for him to figure out what Astrid was thinking. Just like that night when she first kissed him at the cove.. "I want you to bask in my essence only," continued Astrid, breaking him from his thought. Hiccup was literally smiling and blushes at her words. So, that was it.

"She slept for three days, right? Well, I'm gonna sleep in your bed for five, no, six days just to make sure I can get rid of her essence from your room," smiled Astrid. Hiccup knows now that he was going to be the most happy and lucky guy that night.


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